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Living Superfood Recipes Vol 2Living Superfood Recipes Vol 2: My latest collection of raw, vegan and superfood recipes is guaranteed to be a big hit with your friends, families and fellow vegans. In the seven years since converting to this lifestyle and releasing Recipes Vol 1, I've come to really master this specific culinary artistry as well as perfect my system of disease prevention and clinical nutrition. These recipes include juicing, smoothies, snacks & appetizers, entrees, side dishes, breads, dressings & condiments, and incredibly tasty desserts as well. I can't wait to hear your reaction to this new collection. As much now as ever before: Food is Nature's most PERFECT medicine!

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Kujichagulia Villages Book Kujichagulia Villages Book 2017 - Just re-released with major updates, new sections and reformatted with new cover art. Never before has there been a time when we are called forward to a new level of practical leadership. We need these villages as soon as possible to get through the extremely tough seasons immediately ahead. Check out the super discount and bonus materials. We have been blessed as a people with many valuable talents and resources. Yet, mismanagement of our resources has put our group at an historical peril. Through the construction of these culturally based agri-economies, we can restore a sense of Self-Determination to the mass of our people.

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  The Falcon Forum Vol 551 - Topics today include: Trump's "shithole" condemnation of Black nations; what do we do about it - are we only reactive?; the suppressed ideology of racist isolation is rising to the surface; plan to get out of the fascist country before it's too late; dismal conditions produce outward migration; America's cold war policies that drained developing nations; what can be done to solve the outrageous wealth gap?; prosecuting the uber rich who are ripping off the nation; America's moral and ethical decline; stabilizing the middle class; the military industrial fiscal drain on the national budget; the complexity of governance & prosperity in Trump America; defending trump by all means, whatever he does; how many black males voted for Trump is debatable; making Blacks more responsible for their own prosperity; Trump would never insult Jews, Israel or AIPAC; taking initiative to create our solutions to problems & challenges; massive mudslides in California kill dozens after record fire and rain; opening up offshore drilling and the Dem-Rep united backlash; hip hop industry dominates 2018 Grammies; entertainment and black careers; the Human Development Index Rankings puts Norway first; and more. (LIBMP3-3966)    
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  Success Stories from African Entrepreneurs Pt 2 - We pick up the dialog from the previous day with success stories from across the African continent with repatriates who have launched successful enterprises. Using some of our favorite online research sites as well as extensive info from my upcoming book, we inspire the audience to want to invest and engage. We showcase 12 tech startups who are competing in Europe for funding, a responsibility that black investors must realize if we are to ever compete against Europeans, Asians and others on our own continent. We also discuss the ideal locations in Africa for startups. How can we compete in media and technology around the world when we are not even players on the front line of a rapidly changing game? We can do so by using various investment platforms like impact investing, conscious capitalism and building social businesses. What are the best countries to compete within in the new global economy? What is happening in Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Mauritius, Ghana, Mozambique and South Africa? This is where you get the right answers. (LIBMP3-3962) Impact Investing, Renewable Energy and Biofuels Production for the African Future - Today we go deep into defining the FDI environment in Africa and across the spectrum of emerging markets. Many SME enterprises are using various investment platforms like impact investing, conscious capitalism and building social businesses. Our articular focus for this investing is in renewable energy, biofuels, biomass and other future technology trends. The model we discuss is creating an investment pool, buying land and growing palm trees for producing palm oil-derived biodiesel. We look at the critical factor of rainforest depletion that is happening in Asia and South America toward the aim of avoiding the same mistake on the African continent. The little know story of Afro-Latinos in Columbia, the third highest population of Blacks outside of the continent, who are being stressed as their coastal lands are being confiscated to grow palm oil plantations. What are we doing to help our global family retain their land, keep if from being spoiled and creating broad-based sustainable enterprises that will last generations? (LIBMP3-3963) Stabilize and Grow Business with Continuity Revenue - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi This is another great and revealing classroom presentation by our own in-house master marketer. The big secret today is that you (and I) can create steady cash flow from our unique and trusted customer base. The technique here is call "continuity programs" wherein we go to great lengths to not only retain our loyal customers but convince them to see it in their absolute best interest to contribute to our continuity revenue on a monthly basis for years. Models are shared such as utility companies, subscriptions and others. These businesses amass millions or billions of dollars annually by creating a high value product without which our lives would not be nearly as rich and rewarding. As usual, this goes back to the fundamentals of value creation, customer retention and being able to lead the relationship. For Black businesses in America, the situation might look rather bleak at times yet this is a strategy that has the potential to completely change our entrepreneurial destiny. (LIBMP3-3964) Commemorating the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad with Pianky & Keidi - On this anniversary I am joined by a bold young Lion who has, to a great extent, patterned many aspects of his unfolding African-centered consciousness on powerful and influential scholars, leaders and role models. Today is the birth anniversary of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad. The impact of Dr. Khalid is still widely appreciated and felt throughout the Pan African and Black Nationalist community. Our examination of his life, scholarship, media presence, political struggles and extraordinarily warm human side is a complex story. I am able to relate a number of personal stories as well because of over 10 years of personal acquaintance and interactivity. Some of the stories we relate are the consequence of conflict within our own culturally conscious movement. Khalid Muhammad was not the type of man to back away from controversy, ignore rot from within our own midst or be afraid to poke his head up above safety. We relate little-known details about the attempted murder of Khalid at a SoCal college and much more. (LIBMP3-3965)
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  How To Turn Words Into Money - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Today is another dynamic contribution to the "Alchemy Essentials" toolkit. The program emphasizes the importance of words, images, symbols that attempt to create powerful and motivating pictures with words. Making our words evoke deliberate responses is priority number 1. Aunkh shares a formula: A.I.D.A. with specifics on how we learn to use specific tools to get attention, captivate interest, create intense desire and calls to action with our audiences. Of these desire becomes paramount as well as our need to connect and the deepest level of trust with our listeners. Yet, there are contradictions and paradoxes to be careful because the audience has grown up within a culture where mere truth is not sufficient to motivate them to action. Mandatory toward making these processes work is to create compelling stories of believability. Myth, fable, allegory, parable and symbolism all are important tools for the successful market to master. As well, there is a spectrum of new media to carry our messages of value-addition forward. (LIBMP3-3958)
Quantifying Africa's Upward Trends in Global Economics - The facts are in that across the economic world, it is those businesses who are able to act across borders that will be the most successful. To the contrary, too many Afri-Amer business are making their plans to only operate in small geographic areas, with many of those in depressed municipalities. We start local and build global. Within the U.S. the middle class is shrinking and we prove this to be so. To the contrary, across Sub-Saharan Africa the middle class is growing and a number of data indicators show that it is expected to expand for the century ahead. Our research strives to practically place our best entrepreneurs into position to make their way into global economic success. We also go into a number of urbanization trends and why growing cities means for a dynamic young labor force, creative innovation and greater national systems for support of the public welfare. Major challenges still will exist such as a need to improve health infrastructure across Africa. We show dozens of areas where our efforts are needed. (LIBMP3-3959)
Falcon Forum Vol 550 - Topics today include: a new book FIRE AND FURY exposes the chaos in Trump's White House; the take down of # 45; a long debate on governance and individualism; collectivized development; Trump antagonizes Pakistan and Palestine; China empire rising as the US empire shrinks; creating responsive governance; feds come down on marijuana legalization; economic benefits of pot cultivation; global leadership in industrial hemp; Jamaica and the future of hemp; government policies that hurt Blacks; Black Africa by Dr. Diop; Object-Oriented Development by Masaba; complexity of land reform in Zimbabwe; upcoming Black Panther movie and SADC reality; liberal media coverage of Africa; Netflix and the future of film-making; cryptocurrency, blockchain and African Free Trade zones; preparing for large-scale trade policies; creating new investment tools; Blacks competing for the lowest economic status in the U.S.; impact of Brain Drain on global tribes; creating online businesses that go global; African National Chambers of Commerce and industry; is the Congressional Black Caucus "real leadership?"; and more. (LIBMP3-3960) Success Stories from African Entrepreneurs Pt 1 - Some people still think that Africa is a backwards place with swollen-belly babies, violence-ridden and locked in dire poverty. Today we use a spectrum of research to prove that many investors and entrepreneurs are rushing there to take part in the next global economic gold rush. Using data from two of our favorite African economics and business reporting web locations, we prove that there is not only great reason to believe in the future for continental business development, but that we would be absolutely foolish to not position ourselves, our enterprises and our wealthy future to take advantage of what is going on. We mention the best places to build businesses, how different sectors of economies are exploding, name some entrepreneurs who have returned home to launch incredibly successful businesses, and how a new generation of young technology innovators is rising to became another generation of rapidly rising economic leadership. What is your favorite African country to want to build a future in? You will get great schooling today. (LIBMP3-3961)
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  Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 11 Impact on Society and Individual - The author informs us that "Scientific advancement, commercialization and the diffusion of innovation are social processes that unfold as people develop and exchange ideas, values, interests and social norms in a variety of contexts." This become an introduction to how societies can expect to change because of the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution around the world. People can be overwhelmed with change and whole communities, because of their cultural practices, can move forward or become stagnant within such major transformation of society. One of the major areas of concern is the growing wealth and income gap, inequality within society and the health of a nation's middle class. Similar impact occur within the notion of community, rising numbers of dis-empowered citizens, the impact of digital media on our personal lives and values and other critical areas. How all of these are expected to impact individual and group identity, morality and ethical behavior are all critical lessons of today's study session. (LIBMP3899K) China to Build Huge Innovation City, Africans are Building Silicon Savannahs - We begin today's program with a major technology story coming out of northern China with the beginning of construction of a city committed to technology innovation that will be three times the size of New York City. The Chinese President Xi Jinping is unquestionably the most brilliant and authoritative leader today. The creation of this high-tech infrastructure guarantees that China will soon surpass the U.S. as the worlds major economy and tech innovator. Following this visionary model of future development, we then turn our attention to similar developments taking place on the African continent. Kenya is leading this Sub-Saharan movement as its "Silicon Savannahs" are arising along with those of other nations such as Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mozambique and others. I turn to significant portions of my upcoming book FUTURENOMIC$ to provide a cutting edge update to this phenomenon. Ultimately, we in the Diaspora have a tremendous amount of valued tech innovation experience that we can contribute to African development over the next 35 years. (LIBMP3-3956) Africa Rising and FutureNomics Collection 1 - Africa Rising and FutureNomics Collection 1 - Since 2015, we at LIBRadio have done our best to provide absolutely comprehensive coverage of developments on the African continent and among the diverse populations of Blacks spread throughout the global Diaspora. This collection is a selection of our best recent programming covering the rapid economic growth on the continent as well as future trends that spell even greater successes immediately ahead. I can guarantee that you will be highly informed, inspired and impacted by the density of groundbreaking research that is within this series. You will also realize that so much of what you've heard about Africa, it's current and future states, has been poorly informed and riddled with factual mistakes. With this collection of archive recordings you will TRULY know the many truths about Africa Rising and this has great potential to set you free! This collection though is NOT free. It costs $30 for the whole audio collection of 10 programs. (AFR-Ris 1)
Clean Up Your Body Temple with Seasonal Detoxification - Do you clean your house? Your body is the house of your mortal soul. Do you detox your body on a regular, seasonal schedule? These questions are very important if our goal is to live long, disease-free with plenty of vital energy. While there are many people making attempts to meet their "New Year's Resolutions" right now, I don't think that the process is nearly successful enough to satisfy our desires to continually transform our lives for the better. Using the first days of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as our "crossings" we show how we quadruple our highly-motivating plans for self-transformation in the same manner as was done in ancient Egypt (Kemet). Key to making these opportunities absolutely impactful is using these crossings as times for cleansing our body, detoxifying organs from poisonous substances, controlling excessive weight, strengthening our willpower and aligning ourselves with elemental forces of Nature. Using research from LIFING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH, I share the 9 stages of my own personal detoxification plan, which I do four times a year. (LIBMP3-3957)
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  Michael Imhotep - Kwanzaa, Culture and the Era of Donald Trump / Body Parts Brokers and the Legal Trafficking of Poor People's Bodies in the U.S. - In the first hour our Brother who is a master historian as well as a popular webcaster, shares numerous insights into the evolution of the Kwanzaa celebration and the role it has in shaping cultural values and reconnecting us to our African civilization. This is a wonderfully complex narrative and our interaction takes the discussion to a whole new level. In the second hour, in contrast to long promoted conspiracy theories about body snatchers stealing organs from unwitting victims, today's recanting of body parts marketing is solidly grounded in verifiable research. The relationship of these "tissue brokers" to poor families who are stressed to pay for funeral services, has led to deals with body parts brokers and mortuaries that trick us into donating the bodies of our loved ones to corporations who can make many thousands of dollars cutting up those bodies and selling them to universities, research corporations and virtually anyone who wishes to buy body parts. (LIBMP3-3952) Explode Your Profits in 2018 - Mastering Monetization / What to Do When In Life's Trenches - In the first hour Aunkh delivers another critical lesson on How Black Businesses Can Win in 2018. The focus today is on creating "explosive" profits by a specific set of strategies and correct justifications for utilizing each one. These include tried and true techniques of value addition, joint venture marketing, creating referral marketing systems, igniting relationships and which methods are best for keeping in contact with customers. In the second hour, I put together a motivational presentation with a list of 13 specific instruction on how to rise above the trenches and valleys of life and ascend our own personal and collective mountaintops. Techniques such as finding your MTP, using creative intuition, the benefits of finding and climbing mountains gives us perfect metaphors for living life to its fullest. We end the program with a list of 7 definite calls to action and the tools which we can develop to assure that we will make steady, daily progress toward our long-term goals. (LIBMP3-3953) 12 Steps to Building Your Exponential Organization / Grass Hop Piankhy on Kwanzaa Values, Ujamaa Economics and Krst Consciousness - In the first hour we use the book by Salim Ismail, EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS as our text book for creating our own dynamic, rapidly-growing exponential organization. Whether you are a solopreneur, small business, new enterprise or a NGO, you can use these 12 specific and strategic steps to consolidate the base for sustainable development into a powerful entity. In the second hour, we have another great session with this powerful young voice of leadership on the importance of making the Nguzo Saba 7 Principles a part of our daily life. On this day the principle of Ujamaa, collective economics, is emphasized and thus our conversation is ripe for how we can create the sound business and fiscal basis for black prosperity on the family, local, municipal, national and global basis. African people have much to contribute to society and the world. We must also contribute to ourselves as individuals and as group members. (LIBMP3-3954) Falcon Forum Vol 549 - Today's topics include: bitter cold in the Midwest and eastern U.S.; record-breaking warm winter in the western states; migration patterns disrupted by weather; transportation corridors and African migrations; Russia probe stretches out further; stop reacting to political news; problems equal challenges which equal creative and responsive empowerment; street protest in Iran; proxy wars between Iran and the Saudis; the new Saudi Crown Prince forging his hand; N. Korean sanctions and oil embargo; dancing on the red line of nuclear war; Ghana standing down the IMF & World Bank; cryptocurrencies are disrupting economic order; future trend of democratization vs. end of net neutrality; new wireless technologies and fiber optic communications; creeping fascism; planning to escape the collapse; digitization of media disrupting the current order; Afri-Amers can lead a global revitalization; smartest places on Earth for new tech spaces; big corporations block the best technology; CRISPR gene editing and designer babies; robot sex dolls; Medicare cuts and insurance mandates; the new tax plan; 8 Falcon Forum predictions for the new year; and more. (LIBMP3-3955)
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  Building Contentment with Content Marketing / Declining Life Expectancy in the U.S. - In the first hour, our Mastering Monetization session explores the technique of satisfying emotional and psychological needs for contentment in business marketing strategies. Microsoft was one of the modern pioneers of this and it has spread all throughout modern advertising and marketing. Yet, too many black-owned businesses are missing out on this highly effective technique. Today, Aunkh shares extensive research on this strategy and why it is so very effective at influencing the consumer. In the end, we need to know how to make content marketing work to build our economic might. In the second hour, contrary to the general trend for 100 years, for the past two years life expectancy for the average America has been declining. Among the numerous factors which government agencies and university researchers are pointing to are a high rate of opiod drug overdoses, a rapid rise in suicide rates among white males, the decline of high quality jobs, and a great deal of discontent within society. We also take a look at the separate issue of Afri-Amer shrinking lifespan and offer a practical solution. (LIBMP3-3948) Falcon Forum Vol 549 - The importance of parenthood and children; Italy moving soldiers from Iraq to Niger; Qaddafi's stance against terrorism; African governance, tribalism and regionalism; hiring US accountants to stem illicit outflow in Africa; a 35-year plan to build up Africa; reversing the Brain Drain; making more Blacks into millionaires; consolidating wealth for the individual or the group; cases of wealthy Blacks going home to build; examples of Aliko Dangote, Tony Elemelu, Patrick Arwuah and Eugene Jackson; learning the rules for participation; black governance in Alabama is backwards; Reggie "Combat Jack" Osse, hip hop journalist dies at age 48; life expectancy drops for 2nd year in a row in the U.S; how lifestyle behaviors impact longevity; private and public national policies affecting Blacks; No. Korean sanctions worsen; impact of wealth & income divide and the new Republican tax plan; and much more. (LIBMP3-3949) Impact of Religion, Spirituality and Holiday Traditions on Our Lives / Key Highlights of FutureNomics Revealed - In the first hour we take the time during this holiday season to have a discourse on finding our spiritual roots during the western Christian holiday season. Two callers join me for a free style conversation that deals with the commercialization of Christmas, Islam, Judaism, Kemetic religious traditions, Kwanzaa and more. Especially relevant to our conversation is the role of culture in defining people's behaviors. As Africans we have a long record of spiritual and religious histories that are not all based upon myth, fable and allegory. In the end, we seek to illuminate pathways for each individual to find peace and fulfillment in life. In the second hour, I further introduce key concepts from my soon-to-be-published book on the future of economics. I share stories about my own insertion into Pan Africanism as well as the section on Key Elements of This Transformation which specifically articulate the profound impact of Africa Rising on our future development. (LIBMP3-3950) New Year's Resolution Fails and Our Radical New Concept of Dieting - In the first hour we use a number of well-written research from Rodale Wellness to show why New Year's resolutions relating to dieting and weight loss fail miserably and should be abandoned. We list the top reasons for this failure, followed by the 10 worst foods for weight loss. Next we share 17 tips from a great article of ways to make sure your weight loss strategies will work effectively. In the second hour I pull out my own book OFF-THE-WEIGHT to show how to achieve "30 Days to a New You." Weight reduction is much more that calorie counting and the diet industries have done a tremendous disservice to the public. I put the body's complex metabolic system into comprehension. We discuss the 7 key nutrients we need to survive, the impact of environment, emotions and the ability to transcend social pressures in order to achieve our goals. The bulk of the hour is devoted to A Radical New Concept of Dieting which explains how the body's autonomous system has already created the pathways to maintain homeostasis, the perfect balance with our internal systems. (LIBMP3-3951)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 548 - Topics today include: The global warming impact on the California fires and how will nations respond to climate change; how humans will adjust and adapt to climate changes; leadership, good governance and emergency preparation; how values & consciousness determine sustainable progress; neo-liberalism verses true democratization; scandal and distraction in corporate news cycles; Omarosa Newman's departure from the White House and black castigation; white-favoring political processes verses sustainable economics; is the road forward economics or the "politics of justice?"; should Blacks self-identify as American or African?; taking charge of culture, education, economics & media; U.S. verses the United Nations; Chicago mayor calls for UN to intervene for security in the city; how corporate media pits Blacks against each other; does black media exist and why don't they get advertising dollars?; disinvitiing Trump to visit the Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi; proactive behaviors help qualify us to critique others; our responsibility to create for our own; building the credibility of black media; Bitcoin moves beyond $19K; the upcoming S. African election; and much more. (LIBMP3-3945) The Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 10 Urban and National Innovation Centers, Global Security Challenges and the Davos Effect - We continue with the extensive impact that the upcoming technological changes will have on societal processes. Our first look is the role of innovation centers as means by which urban economies can preserve themselves. Using this and another set of books we can determine that the urban decay and gentrification that is devastating urban black progress can be reversed with a set of strategic moves. Schwab's book goes on to list a set of seven major examples of Urban Innovations which will radically transform city life and the future labor force. The bulk of our study today considers the many facets wherein international security, war and conflict will be dramatically transformed by the technologies that are major disrupters, including AI, drones, cyberwarfare, increased connectivity, ethnic fragmentation and social unrest. Key to conflict in the future is the great divide between the wealthy and the rest of us. Ethnicity, identity and family relations are important as antidote to the spectrum of new warfaring pathways. (LIBMP3899J)
Africa Rising Study Vol 3 Solving Persistent Challenges - This is the third segment of our ongoing extensive research into AFRICA RISING. This historic series is perhaps the largest online broadcast exposing the spectrum of data-backed evidence that the 500-year-long Maafa (Great Suffering) of African people at the hands of enslavement, colonialism, genocide and economic dominance is rapidly, RAPIDLY drawing to an historic conclusion. Today we begin by looking closely at those who are not convinced of the steady rebirth of the continent. They question the impact of declining commodity prices and their impact on the economies of Nigeria, Angola and South Africa. Persistent problems still continue to hinder progress such as good governance, the outflow of illicit currency flows, managing a growing population and others. Yet, despite this mass of negative talk from western media as well as a number of "Afro-pessimists," we can still deduce that this phenomenon cannot be stopped, only delayed if we don't commit the resources necessary to make it happen. Listen while we, on the fly, put together a viable solution to hire Afri-Amer accountants and auditors to save much of $200 billion in annual illicit resources drain. (LIBMP3-3946) Africa Rising Vol 5 Geography, Resources, People and Coastline of Africa / Bomani Tyehimba on Africa Rising Evidence and Travel - In the first hour our focus is on the geography, population and natural resources of the vast African continent and its potential after continental unity is achieved by 2051. We discuss the vast size of the continent, its tremendous coastal territory as well as the riches offshore around the continent. Each region has a specific story to be told and all roads lead to a brilliant future ahead. Which countries have the longest coastal areas and what amount of riches are being pilfered because we in the Diaspora are not stepping up to do our part to protect the whole? Great answers are found in the data we share today. In the second hour, Bomani has just returned from another trip to three west African nations. He helps to confirm all of the myriad of facts regarding Africa Rising. We get testimony from one of the travelers on this recent trip who now says that her family is planning to return very soon to plan their repatriation. We all share our stories of how the land, seashores, people and culture of Africa are so captivating. (LIBMP3-3947)
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  Fake Experts and False Authority - Today I throw a temper tantrum, or something close to that, over the vast amount of bad information that is being deposited within the larger community from people who consider themselves "experts" and "authorities" on any given set of topics. I relate the story of how I recently encountered such a dialog on a conference call but this has been rising for several years as I attend lectures, workshops, watch videos and read the writings of people who just aren't as informative or well-informed as they project themselves. We examine this in context and point to 7 ways that you can spot fake expertise as well as prevent making this mistake yourself as you seek to teach the community. This has been called out for many years yet the problem not only persists but has gotten worse. There are some out here teaching who are completely sincere and concerned about long-term, sustainable development of the group but are not yet strong enough in their field and broader fields to overcome the limitation of partial knowledge. We also stress the importance of "scientific futurism" to overcome this problem. (LIBMP3-3942)
Africa Rising, Is This Narrative for Real Pt 1 - I begin this extensive research broadcast project with my outrage over the persistence of "Afro-pessimism" especially as it is being projected by people purporting themselves to be experts on Pan African affairs. We have a powerful, data-based set of evidential threads that confirm another outlook on the future of the African continent and the related fate of a global population of 1.5 billion people of African heritage around the world. The roots of Africa Rising stem from a coalition that begins in the year 2000 that has committed to sharing resources to move its participants forward. In 2011, three years of the demise of that initiating group, The Economist magazine is the first to pick up on this Africa Rising narrative with an extensive article pointing out many fundamentals which indicate that Sub-Saharan Africa is beginning to show the same trends and pathways which raised much of Asia up to standards of living comparable to the most developed nations in the world. We look at these fundamentals to prove that indeed, the Africa Rising narrative is real and will lift the global family up over the next 3 decades. (LIBMP3-3943A) Africa Rising, Confirming the Truth of the Narrative Pt 2 - Today we continue to build the foundation for comprehension of how the Africa Rising narrative is backed by solid research from credible institutions. Today's research focuses on IMF and World Bank policies which have strangled African development since the independence movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Using a detailed speech by the IMF's managing director, we can see how they have been forced to change their tactics by the entry of China, other BRICS nations and other investors in African trade and development. A key part of our analysis today, which include those who criticize the Africa Rising narrative, is the role that Africans in the Diaspora do and do not contribute to the successful rise of the continent. Using excerpts from Howard French's book China's Second Continent, as well as my own The Repairing, we begin to fill in knowledge gaps that are critical toward understanding the factors driving this new paradigm. Key factors include demographics, a rapidly growing middle class, education, exponential technologies and other key future-looking and transform trends affecting Africans globally. (LIBMP3-3943B) Are Black consumers a poor target market for Black Entrepreneurs? - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - The relationship between black-owned businesses and black consumers is complex, tenuous and sometimes outright maddening. Many of the successful of these businesses focus on delivering their products to predominantly non-black markets. Is our economic emancipation best served by seeking our own people for consumption of our products and services or tailoring them to cater to a wider, global market? Today we also set the facts straight on a broad set of black spending patterns as there is an excess of conflict, debate and mythology being perpetuated. To create the dynamic surrounding black consumer spending that many propose, black entrepreneurship is going to have to step forward and play a much more significant role. While we cannot afford advertising like major corporations which reach out people with far greater success, we must build our culturally-based relationships with our people and reach them on a truly heartfelt level. Today's show gives real strategies for creating these relationships at a whole new level. (LIBMP3-3944)
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  Elite Selling with Webinars / Streaming Media Top 100 Companies 2017 - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - In the first hour Aunkh joins me to discuss how businesses can develop particular strategies to sell high end products and services, what is called "elite selling." The strategy is to convince a smaller group of customers toward purchases which will bring a strong return on investment. The preferred vehicle for this strategy is online webinars where one can deepen the engagement with the potential consumer, provide a much deeper base of information and data, educate the customer much better and more. Certain techniques and methods are proven to work better than others and we go through details of which points will produce the more successful engagement. In the second hour, I go through the top 100 companies that have been the most influential in the cutting-edge development of OTT, web streaming media. These range from those who provide tools for the small, media and large media production enterprise, to the hardware companies who provide the backbone of the new global media and communications leadership. (LIBMP3-3939)
The Falcon Forum Vol 547 - Topics today include: Will the new tax plan hurt or help working people; the still-increasing wealth & income gap; collusion on the part of the ultra-rich; a long debate and the veracity of Bitcoin; where does BTC's value come from?; the role of governments in valuing cryptocurrencies; the global illicit economy; Swiss banks return $50 million stolen from Nigeria; is there a future for capitalism?; public schools and the education of black boys; terrible news coming out of Libya; taking charge of African security; African migration patterns and the influx of Asians; sustainable growth in Sub-Saharan Africa; dispelling myths about African life; dealing with the capitalist devils; how can the SDG goals be achieved?; poverty and government dependence; Trumps move to change U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and the global push back; oil and commodity prices are rising and the impact on African producers; lithium in Zimbabwe and the future of power storage systems; we can tap U.S. patents and government funded research on cutting edge technologies; African leadership in future development; and more. (LIBMP3-3940)
Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 9 Global Governance and Tech Disruption - In our current study session we focus on the national and global impacts of the coming technology-driven transformation of economics, social relations, healthcare and work environment. On numerous levels governments will have to adapt to the disruptions ahead. These adaptations include growing citizen empowerment, as well as fragmentation and polarization of the public. Government support of cutting-edge research and development will also have to significantly adapt if the nation is to remain a leader in technology development. Non-state players, such as WikiLeaks, will continue to be significant players as they have the potential to inform the masses to expose the public to means of keeping governance in check. A set of "agile governance principles" is shared including major transformation of the job market, money and taxation, liability and protection, security and privacy, availability and inclusion, as well as power asymmetries. These changes will affect countries, regions, cities and all levels of governance. (LIBMP3899-I)
Measuring Africa’s Upward Trends in Global Economics - Using source research from Chapter 7 of the upcoming book FUTURENOMIC$, we share a broad spectrum of data-backed research that confirms key aspects of the "Africa Rising" narrative. We begin with what attempts a positive spin from the International Monetary Fund, one of the key components of the "Washington Consensus." We come to determine that the western bias cannot be concealed as they struggle over the new eastern alignment of Africa's trade future. Our analysis goes further to discuss the best places to invest in Africa, the rise of East African nations as the new destination for apparel sourcing, a look at sustainable GDP growth across Sub-Saharan Africa and its relationship to commodities pricing, specific growth and infrastructure policies related to Zimbabwe and other Quad Points nations, as well as the creation of the world's largest free trade region across the African continent. Our studies include demographics, climate change, Foreign Direct Investment, disruptive technologies and a spectrum of other futurist analytical tools. (LIBMP3-3941)
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  World AIDS Day 2017 Debunking the Great AIDS Hoax - On this annual World AIDS Day, with its attendant propaganda and calls for "AIDS testing" we go deep to debunk The Great AIDS Hoax. I explain my own long engagement with this topic and many of the struggles which I've experience over the years. I share critical excerpts from three of my own books covering the topic. I take the listeners through a stack of over 20 books from my collection and a brief review of each. Some of these books are great and a few of them are awful. I then share extensive excerpts from the excellent book by Harvard-educated MD Dr. Nancy Banks, author of AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS AND EMPIRE. Her qualifications are impeccable and the insights she writes about go right to the heart of the complex, conspiratorial manipulation which has produced one of the greatest medical frauds in modern history. We have largely been led to believe in something far too complex to be credible using the scientific methodology. With today's classroom, we "make it plain" as we also let our audience know that we can debunk this widespread scam. (LIBMP3-3936)
The Falcon Forum Vol 546 - Topics today include: How can we better govern ourselves?; foreigners building military bases on African soils; aquaculture and urban gardening; BRICS rise and challenges & the West against Russia; how Putin out chessed the West; a new Cold War era and proxy fights; China pours more concrete than the U.S. by far; failing American economic leadership; key strengths of U.S. economy; class separation and economic segregation; Democrats have become a dead party; Blacks still love the Dems and charismatic leaders; net neutrality vs corporate net domination; telecommunications and fiber optic systems; Africa's fiber bundles and the tech future; $77 billion black holiday shopping verses infrastructure development; education, curriculum and culture; can Blacks compete better?; black media is the bottom of the barrel; cooning & buffooning in the media; moving beyond fatalism toward self-determination; escaping from under "full-spectrum domination"; and much more. (LIBMP3-3937) The Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 8 / Grass Hopper and Sister Kweli on Kwanzaa and SuSu Economics - A key takeaway from our first hour study is the awesome, paradigm-shifting power of the convergence of three powerful trends of the upcoming technological revolution. Already disrupters like Uber and AirBnB are showing us how better asset utilization have disrupted old established industries. Combination business models are rising all around us, many times disguised as mergers and acquisitions, and too often we merely protest the changes rather than synchronize our resources and strategic planning with them. The arrival of the IofT, business model diversification, P2P platforms and such phenomena as the digitization of automobiles are already showing that major changes are coming for which we can better prepare ourselves. In the second hour, we feature two dynamic young voices of responsible leadership, as they bring forward a critically needed dialog on the value of Kwanzaa as a seasonal celebration that has the power of transforming our entire year. As well, we go deep into Economics 1on1 and socialized community investing for creation of transforming institutions. (LIBMP3899H) FutureNomic$ Glossary of Terminology - In today's two-part broadcast, I lay out my latest project, the creation of the FutureNomic$ Institute. It is well time that we commit to strategic pathways which are founded upon scientific futurism and total commitment of our group's broad capital base toward the aim of unshakable sustainable development. These 52 terms may be largely unfamiliar to much of my audience, yet they are well established within a number of power nexuses which have become dominant around the world. Much of this work will be greatly articulated in my upcoming book on the future of transnational economics. These terms cover such lofty topics as exponential technologies, sustainable ecology, biotech, agronomics, the digitization of everything, Internet-based economies, mobile communications, emerging economies and the future of global cooperation or conflict. Scientific futurism is a major foundation of the analyses which form the basis of our future strategies. While these disciplines may be unfamiliar to many of our listeners, we must overcome this gap and bring our own genius into practical empowerment. (LIBMP3-3938)
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  Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 7, Digital Disruption of Business - This coming wave of technology-driven refashioning of business will primarily impact four areas: 1) customer expectations, 2) data-enhancement of products, 3) new forms of collaboration, and 4) the further digitization of operational models. Today we look deeper into these disruptions. Major changes are already occurring from the sharing economy, people sharing cars, homes, bicycles and other hard assets that are more efficiently used when not being stored for most of their life. Many of the most radical departures are being displayed by the millennial generation as they use mobile communications applications to fill in many social and economic functions of their lives. In Sub-Saharan Africa the greatest rate of introduction of mobile communication devices is rapidly changing the environment of developing economies. Incorporation of sensors and communication across the Internet of Things (IOT) is another major source of practical disruption. Many changes in the ways we collaborate and operate our businesses are also at hand. (LIBMP3899G) Africa Rising Powerpoint Presentation - Today I return to the first of a series of PowerPoint lectures which I've done confirming the impact of the Africa Rising narrative. Unfortunately, too many dedicated Pan Africans are completely oblivious to the powerful and transforming changes which are happening across Sub-Saharan Africa. For more than 10 years, this region has been among the world's fastest growing economies. Infrastructure development is happening and an ever more rapid rate. New technologies are allowing Africans to leapfrog over the slow pace of development which occurred in the world's most advanced technological societies. In fields of agriculture, energy development, industrialization and infrastructure, the pace of change across Africa is stunning and promises to increase significantly. Demographics, access to low-cost, high-quality labor, natural resources, renewable energy potential and many other factors can erase much of the pessimism which still seems to be most people's orientation to the current and future status of Sub-Saharan Africa. (LIBMP3-3933) Let Food Be Your Medicine - Today's extensive classroom is largely taken from the book LIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH: Don't Get Sick, Stay Off Drugs and Live a Long Time. This chapter focuses on the long history of food as medicine as projected in ancient societies such as China, Egypt, India and Greece. We discuss the Nile Valley basis of education for the noted Hippocrates as documented by leading historians of the time. We go deep into the research of Dr. Linus Pauling who coined the term "orthomolecular medicine." Our study covers the critical need to comprehend the body's demand for nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats & oils, minerals and vitamins. We share critical lists of tips to organize your healthy nutrition life, common foods that enhance life as well as those the acidify the blood and promote disease. We also do a nutrition consultation on the air. We close out this session looking at the idea that "Life begets Life" and refer to a number of spiritual texts which emphasize the critical role of plant-based foods as the basis of maintaining optimal health. (LIBMP3-3934) The Power of Negativity / Holiday Shopping 2017 Mid-Way Report on Spontaneous Consumerism - In the first hour we feature Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi. Today's subject is centered upon the idea that the human brain is wired to respond to negative stimuli more so than positive ones. This phenomena has been seized upon by a spectrum of marketers, mind manipulators and those who seek to control movement within society. Therefore, our own marketing efforts, which are so often all about positive motivation, can't compete with others' who seem to blow our efforts out of the water. While black entrepreneurs should not forgo truth and positive motivation in order to influence our people, we do need to adjust our tactics intelligently in order to change outcome. In the second hour, we look at a spectrum of holiday shopping consumer spending data and strive to make sense out of the way that Blacks and Americans in general spend money during this season. We also link this high consumer spending season to long-term investment strategies which could make us some of the wealthiest people on the planet if we change our behaviors. (LIBMP3-3935)
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  Self-Wealth Transformation Tools and Ritual Creation - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Aunkh returns to the program after an extended hiatus. Today's discussion is centered around cultural rituals which create life transforming habits. As Africans, especially during holiday seasons, we must be very careful of the holiday traditions and rituals that we engage. By defaulting to an often hostile foreign culture, we have been paying far more energy to consumer traditions than those which empower our group. These habits are directly related to the creation and sustaining of wealth and power. We compare the rituals of empowered people to those practiced by the poor. We discuss other core habits of the world's wealthy as why it has been so difficult to break these habits that sustain poverty. As our goal is to create a robust business and entrepreneurial environment, generate more inherent African wealth and to get a much better return on investment for the monies we already spend, today's lessons are very valuable toward our long term gain. (LIBMP3-3929) Avoiding Seasonal and Holiday Weight Gain - The winter holiday season, beginning with Halloween and running into the first two weeks of January, is a period of the year where the risks of heart attack and a number of inflammation-based acute diseases makes this the riskiest time of the year for our health. One of the persistent problems associated with this time of the year is seasonal weight gain. We look at the roots of this weight gain, how it affects different populations differently, what are some of the root causes as well as a broad set of strategies which allow us to avoid making the same mistakes year after year. For the average person, this season allows them to permanently gain about one pound a year, equating to 10 pounds each decade. For those already overweight or obese, seasonal weight gain can average 5 pounds and quickly lead to life-threatening crisis. Overweight and obesity have become a global crisis and the most wealthy nations have the biggest challenge immediately in their face. Another important part of our studies is the affect of sugar and fat on critical parts of the brain. (LIBMP3-3930) Delayed Gratification, Short-Term Delay for Long-Term Return - We take a look at the brain today and how complex structures allow us to have larger perspectives of what is happening in the world around us. Delayed gratification is the ability to discipline ourselves today to delay reward toward a future time when such rewards are reasonably expected to be compounded and lead ever more directly to our ultimate successes. Unlike many conversations on this topic, we approach this scientifically with looks at different structures of the brain, the way that environmental stresses like bad food can interfere with the hippocampus, pre-frontal cortex and other parts of the brain. We look at the famous Marshmallow Test and consider how African children do so much better because of the underlying culture within which these children are raised. To access the full benefits of delayed gratification, especially when challenged by holiday shopping traditions and external cultural influences, it requires us to develop strategies that incorporate mind, body and soul, along with community-reaching communications initiatives . (LIBMP3-3931)
Falcon Forum Vol 545 - Topics today include: Facts about modern-day Black Towns; policies which keep our people as superficial thinkers; can we even sustain ourselves anymore?; overlooking and bypassing opportunities and advantages; what about a black Ted Talks series?; marshaling our intelligentsia to overcome stagnation; distributing our own best ideas; alchemy - turning cultural lead into gold; creating our own transforming narratives; is black leadership MIA?; we saw this Zimbabwe crisis coming for years; who set up the soft coup in Zimbabwe?; the strategy of full-spectrum dominance; Trump rescinds TPS status for 59,000 Haitians; the Kazungula Bridge, Quadpoints, Tripartite Agreement and future for SADC development; finding development capital financing for Africa; spending $62-$77 billion for Black Christmas; massive terrorist assault on Egypt; fits and starts in African governance; unifying Kenya after divisive elections; disappointing black-owned press; white males and sexual harassment charges; acknowledging existential threats in context; getting Black to the LIB mission; and more. (LIBMP3-3932)
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  Falcon Forum Vol 544 - Topics today include: What is happening in Zimbabwe with the military coup-de-etat?; report from the Louisiana Delta; cultural density and Blacks; how black music shifts our cultural center; from 1-60-80 black fertility declined 47.7%; social engineering population control; fear of a black planet?; demographics drives the history of civilizations; Zimbabwe's complicated politics; inflation rates in excess of 1 million percent?; abrogation of the Lancaster House Agreement and the roots of radical land reform in Zimbabwe; the ethnic mix of STEM science students on campus; how immigrant students excel in science; building bridges between international students; the push for Blacks to get HIV tested; Valley Fever and experimentation on Blacks; massive leak in one Keystone Pipeline; leadership transition in Zimbabwe; overcome the problem of Euro-drawn African borders; return to "The Breadbasket of Africa""; what are we doing to help African Nations?; using our job experiences to create contracting enterprises; how Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google are eating us all; and more. (LIBMP3-3926) Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 6, Employment and Business Disruption - Today's study session continues with even more in-depth look at the spectrum of careers, perhaps 50%, that are expected to be disrupted by the coming industrial era. While this is creating further inequality within many of the developed nations, we are expecting to see a narrowing between workers' income in emerging economies compared to the richer nations. The hastening of "leapfrogging" is predicted to lift these emerging nations significantly although there is also the threat that the rise of robotics and other labor-free technology, could trigger the re-shoring of companies which had before migrated in search of high-quality, low-cost labor. We can expect to continue to see the emergence of a winner-take-all attitude within and across borders. Next, this study goes further into the nature of work, purpose, hyper-specialization and other challenging factors which can have major impact on an individual's ability to compete within the workforce. We finish this week looking now at Four Major Impacts to business in this new era which must be considered. (LIBMP3899F)
Haitian TPS Status Revoked, Okay, What is the Plan? - Today I open the show ranting about how the Eurocentric media consistently downplays issues of great concern to African people while emphasizing social values that they are particularly obsessed with. Getting to the topic at hand, the POTUS just announced that he is ending the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) that was extended to 60,000 Haitians who entered the U.S. after the devastating 2010 earthquake. While many of our Pan African members are wringing their hands over another display of American racism and xenophobia, I take a completely different track. The order will not be effective for another 18 months and there is great reason for us to consider investing in this group of soon-to-be-returnees. Already, Haitian remittances to their island nation are much greater than foreign aid and increasing year-to-year at four times this nations GDP growth. We emphasize just how brilliant, humble, resourceful and loyal are the Haitian immigrants living among us. I then lay out some specific economic strategies that could be beneficial to those who want to move forward with Haitian development. (LIBMP3-3927) What Next Zimbabwe, How About the New Black Wall Street - The political crisis which has engulfed the SADC African nation of Zimbabwe since the "soft coup" against HE Robert Mugabe is coming to a peaceful conclusion with a new leader former VP Emmerson Mnangagwe expected to take the helm any day now. Zimbabwe's economic challenges were stressed for the past decades because of Western sanctions and external meddling. Today's program looks at the political situation, the role of the fractured ZANU-PF Party in the future ahead, and other matters which have held back infrastructure investment. It we are not careful, like the so-called "Arab Springs" this could become a new pattern to topple leaders in Uganda, Kenya and other vulnerable regions. To the contrary, the investment by the African Development Bank in Zimbabwe and across the region, opens our eyes to a completely different outcome. So many have called for the "rebirth of Black Wall Street" yet we have to consider that six underlying conditions which caused tremendous economic success in Oklahoma might just best exist in Africa. We look at the Kazungula Bridge, joining Zambia and Botswana along with Zimbabwe and Zambia, is the type of infrastructure which will make a lasting difference. (LIBMP3-3928)
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  Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 5, Jobs in the New Economy - Today's session focuses first on the number of current and past labor applications for which robotics, artificial intelligence and new developments such as block chain application will substitute Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies for human labor. These include mechanically repetitive and precise manual labor, which have already been disrupted. This also will extend to lawyers, financial analysts, doctors, journalists, accountants, librarians and others. The author share tables of those sectors "most prone to automation" and those "least prone to automation"; it is important that we educate our children so that they won't find themselves obsolete with years of their entry into the work force. These profound changes will demand a new set of skills, exploring non-conventional means of career development, lowering of our demands for such high compensation as we compete against these machines, and a much more adaptive and well-infonrmed leadership for the decades ahead. (LIBMP3899E) Urban Kujichagulia Village Development to Save Our Cities - 100 years ago massive numbers of Negroes migrated from southern lands where we were the victims of historic oppression and economic exclusion. They arrived in major industrial cities like New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Detroit, Chicago and others to establish vibrant communities where our labor skills were badly needed for the nation's wartime industrial efforts. For many more years America's largest and most wealth-producing cities had large black communities within which we thrived and raised healthy generations. Today, across the nation Blacks are being "gentrified" out of this valuable real estate, too much of which has degenerated into ghetto hotbeds of crime, shattered dreams and slowly changing toward elderly populations who have little wealth beyond that necessary to just survive. I use three of my own books along with two others to lay out strategic points that need to be addressed if we are to turn around this urban decay and economic exclusion. Here are certain fundamental principles which can allow us to win the game of "urban revitalization." (LIBMP3-3923) New Report on Extreme Wealth Concentration in the U.S. - A new report from The Institute for Policy Studies, citing extensive new data from the most recent Forbes 400 report of the nation's wealthiest, combined with the latest study from the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances, raises the alarm about the potential of the concentration of wealth to be a bubble that could explode and wreck the global economic order. When 3 individuals, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett, posses as much wealth as 160 of the country's bottom half, then we have a major problem to deal with. This is the highest level of concentration of wealth since the eve of the 1929 Wall Street crash, which sparked the Great Depression. When broken down further into household wealth by ethnicity, the Black and Latino families are more than twice as likely than Whites to be locked in the bottom 1% of the national economy. The top 25 wealthiest have over a trillion dollars of wealth concentration, equivalent to that of 178 million Americans at the bottom. Outside of outright eating the rich people, what is our plan to overcome this divide before the nation explodes? (LIBMP3-3924) Coup-de-Etat in Zimbabwe, the Other Side of the Story - One day after the overthrowing of Zimbabwe's founding President HE Robert Mugabe, we help to fill in the huge gap in information about the long roots of this coup that have been ignored by most media outlets. We discuss the long history of struggle against British colonialism and U.S. violent intervention in nations like Zimbabwe, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, and numerous other nations. We link western governments to the assassinations of African elected officials such as Patrice Lumumba, Samora Marcel, Amilcar Gibral, Thomas Sankara, Murtala Muhammad and others. Our story includes gun-running by American "missionaries" busted with a truckload of weapons, along with the interception of a plain load of South African mercenaries, led by three prominent British figures, that was interrupted at the Harare Airport on its way to overthrow the legitimate government of Equatorial Guinea. This long list of offenses includes the British government reneging on the Lancaster House Accords which was supposed to buy back the lands from their colonial partners and redistribute it to the victorious freedom fighters. There is so much to this complex story. (LIBMP3-3925)
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  Bomani Tyemba, Travel and investment Opportunities in Africa - We are honored always to have this visionary and pioneering Brother on LIBRadio. Today we continue our series of programs which emphasize the many advantages and benefits to those who are bold enough to include the African continent in their life development planning. Our discussion includes the next year's travel plans for, specific stories from previous travels, healthy living in Africa, the low cost of acquiring high quality land for development, and specific plans for creating our own personal wealth, business enterprise, relations with indigenous communities and how more African governments are recognizing Afri-Amers as long lost members of their own extended family. We do discuss some of the fears and persisting challenges to living in Africa. We strongly emphasize the need for us to come up with creative and resourceful solutions to these problems. You can be assured, your own experiences working in America have qualified you to be a great business leader in Emerging Africa. (LIBMP3-3919) Herbal Supplements to Treat and Prevent Cancer and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases - I begin today's broadcast by relating details of a conversation I had this week with one of the treatment doctors of a longtime friend and consulting client who is diagnosed with a very aggressive type of cancer. What is revealed is the depth of ignorance and arrogance which has become all too common within people's relationships with their treatment doctors. In filling in this ignorance gap, today we focus on a number of natural healing herbs and nutritional basis of cancer prevention and effective treatment. What is revealed is both shocking and inspiring as we expose the powerful benefits of such herbs as milk thistle and its powerful component silibinin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Stinging Nettle, Astragalus, and the "Mother-of-all" healing herbal substances Artemisia annua. While some of these doctors will caution against using herbs and vitamins because of dangerous side effects, we PROVE that all instances of such reports or rumors it is the use of the herbs along with standard approved pharmaceutical drugs that poses the true danger. We share a list of toxic effects of such drugs. (LIBMP3-3920) Debra Peek-Haynes Alternative and Holistic Health / Daloni Aamon Harambee Radio and Black Web Broadcasting - In our first hour today, my guest has a wonderful biography of working in commercial real estate, healthy lifestyle advocacy, leadership with the spiritual community and involvement with in a spectrum of influential networking circles. Our conversation today focuses on here healthy lifestyle advocacy. Much of her work centers on not only understanding and utilizing nutrition and herbs to prevent the onset of many chronic diseases, but the critical part that our psychological and spiritual attitudes play in creating an optimal health environment. In the second hour, one of the pioneering voices in African-centered web cast programming, a long time friend and associate, joins us to discuss his evolution to developing this empowering media. Much of us story is centered around how he transformed his life from that of a successful dentist to creating a culturally-centered life where he experience much more personal and family satisfaction. He and I discuss the future of OTT media growth. (LIBMP3-3921) The Falcon Forum Vol 543 - Today's topics include: Christmas is coming and Afri-Amers are predicted to spend as much as $77 billion on what?; consideration of our group status and why we aren't more cohesive and productive; questioning identity (again); FBI and Black Identity Extremists; a brief on slavery, black economics and segregation; wishing prosperous Blacks would stand up; welcoming African immigrants into our homes; creating a dynamic group leadership; externally vrs. internally-directed values; foundation for our children's successes; Aliko Dangote pledges $20-50 billion investments by 2025 in US and EU; vastly different ethnic outcomes in public schools; Chicagoans want more public safety services; urban planning and community survival; gentrification, is it race or class?; Black Towns persist; "Do you like Africa and African leaders?"; JP Morgan's $8 billion judgment for 1 family; building progressive coalitions; inspiring black children toward advanced science for future industries; and much more. (LIBMP3-3922)
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  The Economic Future of Industrial Hemp is Rapidly Transforming - We again add to the vast research which confirms the critical role of industrial hemp and cannabis products in an emerging sustainable economy. After nearly a century of political repression, hemp is being unleashed across the economy and this is quite exciting. We look at "the newest billion-dollar industry" in the U.S. and around the world. Top producing countries like China, France, Chile, South Korea and The Netherlands are far ahead of the U.S. in developing the vast potential of cannabis. Yet, because of the 2014 FARRM Bill which has a section that allows for certain types of hemp cultivation and research to take place, we are seeing some light at the end of this tunnel. As well we share a long list of international hemp conferences and hemp industry trade associations that are on the frontier of the modern revival of this valuable crop. Led by CBD in medical applications, hemp product sales in the U.S. have topped $170 million annually and are forecast to cross a billion by 2020 if the Trump regime doesn't block development. (LIBMP3-3915)
Treating and Preventing Mental Disorders and Depression Naturally - The day after Halloween, where so many people consume so much sugar and artificial food additives, we take on the impact of sugar and the Standard American Diet on the creation of a spectrum of mental disorders. We look at the roots of depression, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar and other mental illnesses with a focus on malnutrition and other environmental triggers of these conditions. As well numerous suggestions on how to detach ourselves from these conditions are our focus to include nutrition, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, herbs and teas. With so many people suffering from mental disorders, combined with the promotion of junk food and other food contaminants so rampant in U.S. media, having natural solutions becomes absolutely necessary if we are to preserve our mental health and prevent our children from becoming life long victims of the corporations who profit from our ignorance and suffering. This is truly life saving and life enhancing research which we must share. (LIBMP3-3916) Holiday Shopping Forecasts for 2017 and Self-Determined Reparations Investing - Beginning with the Halloween celebration and extending through January, the holiday shopping season is a period of the year where as much as a third of all annual spending takes place. Today we dissect the seasonal spending patterns with the intention of finding the capital necessary for any group to make major investments which can change its destiny. Average year-on-year increase in holiday shopping averages about 3.5% with some forecasts for this year as high as 4.5%. Consumers spend quite differently depending on their socio-economic status. Poorer households plan to increase their holiday shopping by as much as 17% (Blacks) compared to 8% for those families which have intergenerational wealth. There are few sources within the Afri-Amer economic intelligentsia where this detailed economic forecasting is done. I share my sources and methodologies and make the prediction that Afri-Amers will likely spend as much as $77 billion above and beyond "normal" yearlong spending during three months of holiday shopping. Can we do better than this? (LIBMP3-3917) Telomeres and rDNA, Why Do We Age? - "New research" culled from the headlines of online science journals and peer review studies from the medical science research community have recently latched upon something that I wrote about extensively in 2013. One of the primary means by which we age and age-related disorders begin to manifest within our bodies, is that our DNA begins to frazzle at the ends. These corrupted telomeres then make incomplete copies of our DNA within increasing numbers of the 300 million new cells our body creates every minute. Eventually cellular integrity and organ structure suffer and we begin to slowly deteriorate. BUT, in my book OFF-THE-WEIGHT, Chapter 7 The Four Stages of Healing describes how our body naturally has a built-in system for revitalizing our DNA and upgrading it for future generations called rDNA. Today's is a deep science lesson in genetics, microbiology, longevity and restorative lifestyle. I have been studying this for many years and am absolutely convinced that this information shared today will save lives and will extend high quality life expectancy for those bold enough to apply these practical techniques. (LIBMP3-3918)
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  Autophagy and the Body's Self-Healing Systems - Motivated by an article which appeared in the latest Popular Science magazine, "Body, Heal Thyself," today's program explores the science of cellular biology. Every minute our body creates some 300 million new cells, as these are being created, old cells are discarded, parts of which are cannibalized and other parts are cleaned out as debris - or supposed to be. Our discussion covers cutting edge scientific procedures, Western medicines toxic shortcomings, what Nature intended, how to prevent cancer, fasting for rapid healing, detoxification, the conflict between autophagy and meat-eating and other related topics. Today's show is one of the most important conversations you will have witnessed in a long time. If your intention is to live long, disease free and full of vital energy, then the lessons we covered today, highly-documented, will go a long way to help you achieve your optimal health goals. (LIBMP3-3912)
Sugar, Halloween and Immune System Suppression - Today we look at a spectrum of research which shows why the consumption of too much sugar and artificial ingredients during the holiday season can increase our likelihood of suffering immune disorders, colds, flu, cardiovascular disease incidents and chronic inflammation. While much of the nation is a few days away from feeding themselves and their children massive amounts of sugar, artificial flavors and colors, along with a number of "excitotoxins", we present an alternative pathway to make it through this holiday season without having to suffer the misery of a damaged immune system. We discuss the impact of sugar and highly-processed food on the digestive system, leaky gut syndrome, excessive bacterial growth, injury to the gut microbiome, brain chemistry and the creation of crack-like sugar addiction. The science which links high levels of sugar consumption to a spectrum of inflammation-based disorders is quite comprehensive. Armed with this information, now you can keep your family out of the danger zone. (LIBMP3-3913) The Falcon Forum Vol 542 - Topics today include: Report of a 3% GDP growth in the U.S. for the 3rd quarter, is it real?; Black GDP per-capita ranks 57th in the world; white lives matter rallies in Tennessee; why are whit workers so disgruntled?; Trump leadership is paralyzing a functional government; the credibility of corporate media; why black associations have little power; how to finance municipal development; comprehending the GINI index and wealth sharing; the 4th Industrial Revolution and job disruption; bitcoin investing; the impact of blockchain technology; are cryptocurrencies practical?; Kenya's election crisis deepens; East African economic development; can Afri-Amers affect African economic development?; maybe we should just stick to the topic of baseball?; using food and herbs to prevent cancer & diseases; predictions on Trump's length of tenure in office; U.S. political & criminal transgressions; verifying web conspiracies; the irrelevance of black corporate media; plague in Madagascar; Spain is breaking up; what's in the Kennedy files?; and more. (LIBMP3-3914) The Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 4 Economy Pt 1 - This critical book now goes into specific areas wherein we can expect tremendous change over the coming decades. Major disruption across the global economy is already occurring. The author looks at economic growth in terms of both "techno-pessimistic" and "techno-optimistic" camps. GDP growth rates today differ markedly than the mid-20th Century and latter part of the century. Growth is uneven across different parts of the planet, something which favors the African continent and other rapidly emerging geographic regions. The author looks at the impact of aging populations and longer life expectancy and what might be the most disruptive impacts of these on a society where AI and robotics are already displacing many laborers. Specific examples of these economic disrupters are presented such as the created of mobile phone apps which have generated the same amount of annual revenue since 2007 that it took 100 years of the film industry to reach. All along our conversation focuses on the specific needs of Africans to address these changes. (LIBMP3899D)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 514 - Topics include: The POTUS's public feud with Myesha Johnson, widow of the slain soldier La David and Rep. Grederica Wilson; the need for deeper discourse within community and society; why we can't trust corporate media to tell our stories; western propaganda against Africa; Apple's woes over their i Phone 8; the convergence of technology and culture; New Zealand's new left-leaning government; a vigorous debate over the contrast between "free-market capitalism" and democratic socialism; what is corporate welfare and is it good for the nation?; USDA policies that have hurt family farming' increasing land ownership, development and farm-to-urban food supplies; available assistance for black and women farmers; teaching youth toward productive long-term careers; getting better ROI on our investments; new structures to solve our own challenges; black-owned media needs to step up to leadership; Kujichagulia Villages and problem solving; an extended call from Ghana about food solutions at home and abroad; African repatriation, citizenship and Ag-business news; Blacks and Hollywood is the media's greatest crime; instructing youth in STEAM and medicine; and more. (LIBMP3-3909)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 3 Biological Engineering and the 21 Tipping Points - We return to the 2nd chapter on Megatrends with addition information on the impact of digitization on our immediate future.  We look at the impact of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, the on-demand economy (Uber, AirBNB, etc.) and other goods and services that are being rapidly disrupted.  Next, the future of biological engineering, genetic editing, designer babies and newly-created plants and animals shows great promise of change in the decades ahead.  Major questions of ethics, legal restraints, corporate responsibility and the integrity of research will arise that could spell great disaster if current restraints remain week and unreliable.  We strongly emphasize that the history of human experimentation demands that we not be passive in allowing these corporate scientists to move forward without monitoring and restriction.  The last part of our research today focuses on a major study from the World Economic Forum on 21 Tipping Points that a survey of 800 tech pioneers say will most likely occur by the year 2025.  This presents a future which we can no longer ignore.  (LIBMP3899C)

HIV and AIDS Propaganda, Fear and Hysteria is Back - There is an entire generation who has grown up with the idea of HIV/AIDS as a killer sexually transmitted disease that is selectively decimating certain populations within the U.S. and around the world. We have recently witnessed a new renewal of an insidious propaganda campaign support the idea that young Blacks in Washington DC and elsewhere are the epicenter of outbreaks of HIV and AIDS. Today's broadcast uses a broad base of research data from credible sources that debunks "The Great AIDS Hoax", exposes the evolution of "population control disguised as public health policies", points out specific funding programs which have emerged out of both Obama and Trump presidencies which search out black youth for intense testing, and even compromises our voluntary submission of DNA to further their agenda of the isolation of our young people and proclaim their unfitness to have children. Ultimately, this is a discussion of population control. I share a long list of my own and other's books which reinforce our conspiracy research. (LIBMP3-3910) What Next for Kenyan Elections, War or Peace? - Today is one day before the East African Community (EAC) nation of Kenya is to restage their 2017 national elections. The previous August election was declared null because of irregularities. The rivalry between the ruling Jubilee Party and their chief opposition the NASA coalition party has been notorious and led to a terrible crisis of election violence in 2007. The opposition has declared that it will NOT participate in the October 26 elections and has essentially declared a position that will lead directly to civil conflict and internecine warfare. We go deep into this story as well as show how the progress of the EAC into a proposed federation of 7 East African nations into a powerful federated state is being jeopardized by these political machinations. We also expose the role of Western nations, especially the UK and US in manipulating these countries for decades in order to continue to dominate their economies and natural resources. For those of us who are genuinely Pan African, this is a complex narrative that has tremendous impact on the future of Africa Rising and the future of a true African Union. (LIBMP3-3911)
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  George Washington Carver, America's Great Scientist - Today we explore in depth one of the greatest scientific minds in the whole of human history and the man whose deep research is credited with "saving Southern Agriculture." George was born enslaved, kidnapped by slave raiders as a small child, lost his biological family and was adopted by his former enslaver. Passing a number of hurdles he was educated far beyond that allowed for Blacks during the Reconstruction. After becoming a graduate of Iowa State University and a professor there, he was enticed to join Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee, Alabama, to create one of the most dynamic and productive HBCU experiences in U.S. history. Running his own independent laboratory at Tuskegee Dr. Carver's visionary invention pioneered extensive studies in soil ecology, crop rotation, growing superfoods, dye making, and landmark research using peanuts, soybeans and sweet potatoes. His renown eventually brought him to the attention of auto manufacturing magnate Henry Ford whom he joined in the last years of his life. Carver's work could revitalize our economy today. (LIBMP3905)
Heru Shango Real News Report of Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria - Four weeks after the devastation of the second hurricane Maria to have hit this U.S. island territory, we have as guest a highly credible voice who witnessed the hurricanes and their aftermath firsthand. Having relocated from New York to Puerto Rico to start a health development resort and organic farm, Brother Heru gives us startling details of what he went through along with his just-relocating mother. His account includes the real conditions in the interior of the island, how FEMA relief efforts have been falling far short of what the media has been reporting, status of transportation, food delivery, electricity and road conditions, and how he had to jump through hoops to arrange for basic survival supplies that were there but not being widely distributed by the government resources. Also some very controversial ideas are being exposed such as the presence of a number of barges from Google and FEMA which are far more resembling of movable prisons then they are emergency housing for national disasters. (LIBMP3906)
Future of Global Climate Change and Our Scientific Organization - There no longer is room to deny the impact that global warming is having on the world today. Scientific data across a wide spectrum of disciplines is showing that this impact is a dramatic shift over the previous century and most forecasts predict that this is the beginning of a long term trend that will transform whole continents over the next century. Today we use a large base of research from multiple collaborative projects from NASA, multiple universities and international science collaborations to predict some of the changes expected as ocean temperatures rise, the atmosphere is further compromised by greenhouse gases, massive superstorms devastate coastal areas and severe droughts manifest in various parts of the planet. There are multiples pathways that we could take to prevent much of the predicted disruption to economies and the lifestyles that we have grown to enjoy. Further, there are a spectrum of new careers that our people can be training youth to master for the future of such dramatic climate change. Today's show is a major Call-to-Action. (LIBMP3-3907) Blacks and Hollywood, the Ultimate Crime - As the U.S. media is obsessing with the long-running machinations of powerful producers and others in the industry who have continued to abuse women, today I lay out my argument that, as bad as we would consider systemic sexual abuse, the role of Hollywood in defaming Blacks in the U.S., propagandizing against Africa, and implanting deadly lifestyles within urban youth is by far the much greater crime. Using my book THE ROAD TO POWER, this chapter first discusses the media's role in disrupting the self-empowering Black Revolution of the 1960's and 1970's and substituting a broad set of new "virtual realities" within which many of our youth were being cultured. Over the decades since the triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement, television, movies, music and other digital convergences have systematically undermined and destroyed the very cultural, value and psychological basis by which people of African heritage would normally develop. The Theft of the African Identity has disrupted the natural union of tens of millions of Blacks in the U.S. with their thriving African future. (LIBMP3908)
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  From Victim to Mastery, A Call to Action - At this time, for our people, for our generation and for our nation, this is a time that we must individually and collectively take responsibility for the actions we engage that impact the family. For far too many people, especially those who are descended from the American slavery experience, we have come to be oriented as almost permanent victims of societal processes out of our control. Today's program is intended to give control over one's destiny back to the individual. Further, we need to consolidate processes within which our best leadership is equipped to give our people the right motivating information that will change our destiny and create sustainable development for the group members. Today we explore those tools and methods by which we can take advantage of major changes going on all around us to bring us forward as Masters of our own destiny. (LIBMP3902) Catch the Flu, Bechamp and the Microzymian Theory - Much of the science which supports today's drug-dependent healthcare industries is based upon the concept of infectious micro organisms. What most people are unaware of is the evolution of this concept of infectious disease and an intense debate which occurred in the 19th Century between two French scientists, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp. To this date this debate continues with many accusing Pasteur of having not only plagiarized some of Bechamp's work but having also engaged in scientific fraud and distortion. My own beliefs support Bechamp's theory of the integrity of the biological environment as the best means of preventing and even reversing disease and disorder. "When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer"; so said Stevie Wonder. Too many of us don't understand the absolute corruption of science which Pasteur's theories of germs, bacteria and viruses has on impacting the health of the nations which buy into such philosophies. (LIBMP3903)
Falcon Forum Vol 540 - Topics today include: analyzing the Bitcoin phenomena; cryptocurrencies and the blockchain disruption; will the new cryptocurrencies create or disrupt jobs?; how the global money exchange system is changing; backing national economies with real wealth and industry; the California fires reach historic proportions; Fukushima radiation is contaminating the whole Pacific Rim; Trump tries to isolate the Iran nuclear treaty; the shift away from Israel to BRICS domination of Western Asia; Turkey is being directed eastward; China's huge Belt and Road Project will change global economics; as the American empire declines, what next?; ethnic and class polarization in the U.S.; telling our own stories with integrity and quality; exiting the bottom of the social hierarchy; the economics of the Prison Industrial society; black strategies to generate economic viability; will an NFL boycott even work?; creating a logical immigration policy; another holiday shopping season ahead; calls to impeach the POTUS; massive bombings in Somalia kill hundreds; Spanish national breakup; Trumps mental state; and more. (LIBMP3904)
The Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 2 Profound and Systemic Change - We continue study of this critically acclaimed, future-oriented research. Chapter 1 brings an understanding of just what is this "Fourth Industrial Revolution", contrasting it with earlier innovations in human progress from the entry of agricultural societies some 10,000 years ago, to the introduction of steam engines and railroads, electricity and assembly lines, transistors along with computers and the Internet, and the next wave which will incorporate massive computing power, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, sensors as well as the Internet of Things. Things are already changing at exponential rates. Detroit has been usurped by Silicone Valley with 30 times the market capitalization and 10% of the number of employees. There is a great danger that this will further split society into the empowered minority of "haves" dominating the mass of former laborers who make up the have-nots or have-littles. Using our Kujichagulia Villages vision, we can create a safe space to grow into as the world changes. (LIBMP3899B)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol. 539 - Topics today include: Las Vegas shooting incidence provokes many questions; eight major factors underlying this time; the immature empire and violent tendencies; an obsessive gun culture; hundreds of mass shootings this year in the U.S.; what defines terrorism versus mass shooting?: The legal definition of terrorism; do we stay and fight it out or get out?: Decline of the Empire, the "Rubicon moment": a series of American assaults against peace and justice: FBI declares Black Identity extremists a threat; use American violence merely commerce as usual?; What is the greatest threat against Americans?; How Attorney General Sessions is attacking blacks systematically; should schools be teaching arms instruction?; Moving more civilized and practical solutions into place; is America descending into fascism and Civil War prepping?; Comparing violence across various societies; the link between violence and economic disparity; mental illness even into the White House; a new-new Perl Hegelian Dialectic; narcissism and "American Exceptionalism"; ideas for moving forward and progressive actions; creating options for traversing the future; don't be a deer in the headlights. And much more… (LIBMP3898)
The Fourth Industrial Revolution Book Study Vol 1 Introduction - This is the first volume of study of this critical new book by Prof. Klaus Schwab, founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum and its annual gatherings including the highly-influential Davos gathering of the world's top business leadership. Today we share the forward to the book and the introductory chapter. Schwab outlines some of the major features of the coming disruption of the new technological transformation of society, the world as well as the individual lifestyle. Certain keys are fundamental to the distinction of this era ahead. The speed, scope, intensity and overall impact on current systems are all indicators of the affect that this 4th wave will demonstrate. It is predicted to challenge the employment scene, affect our basic biological functioning, create new materials that are far stronger and lighter than anything we commonly know. New solutions to environmental challenges will be presented as well as new dangers. The sooner that group leadership organizes itself to respond to these profound changes, the better will be those who need these leaders to properly shepherd society toward a functional future and not a dystopian nightmare where a few have plenty while the majority have been sent underground to live like rats merely striving to survive. (LIBMP3899A) A Health Reparations Bond Alternative to Holiday Shopping Spree - We are on the cusp of another two-month long orgy of unneeded consumption spending centered around the Christmas holiday season. From Halloween to beyond New Year's Eve, Americans will spend some $680 billion above normal year-long average spending. For African Americans, this amounted to my estimate of $51.8 billion for November and December 2016. Despite long calls for a boycott of X-mas spending and similar calls to "buy black," the debilitation of our consumption patterns remains quite obvious. This year I propose a different strategy, one that would be miraculous on the macro level but needs to be implemented on the micro level until our leadership is mature enough to coordinate toward an alternative pathway to handle our group consumption. We look at the issuance of bonds by governments, municipalities and corporations as instruments to raise capital necessary for the development of critical infrastructure. Our vision is a Reparations Bond that will be used to correct our individual and collective deficits toward the aim of sustainable development. (LIBMP3900)
Science Daily on Sugar, Oils and Key Nutrients, Dangerous Energy Drinks - I begin today's science review by reminding the audience of the critical importance of the nutrition work of Dr. Sebi. His concept of "bioelectric foods" needs further explanation. I then draw parallels between Sebi's concepts and my own Living Superfood. What I do is highly scientifically oriented yet, like Sebi, based upon the fundamentals of Nature's design for human nutrition and health. Next, we reference articles from one of our favorite online research sources, Science Daily magazine. Our focus today first looks at the link between high consumption and cardiovascular diseases. Next, we look at the value of non-GMO seed, nut and vegetable oils to assist us to digest 7 critical nutrients. The third major topic today focuses on the great danger that so-called "energy drinks" pose to people's health and the way that manufacturers have focused on adolescents as targets to market these dangerous drinks. The spectrum of highly-referenced articles we use today is a standard that should be commonly used by all. (LIBMP3901)
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  Preparing for Civil War? - Decline of the American Empire Pt 1 - Towards comprehending the shocking events which emerged from Las Vegas this weekend, I strive to step back and examine the news in broader context. First we look at the depth of the gun culture which underlies much of the xenophobic mindset in the U.S. I next give a clear definition of the methodology that we will be using as our tool set for societal examination, scientific futurism. Next we dive into Carroll Quigley's book THE EVOLUTION OF CIVILIZATIONS; An Introduction to Historical Analysis. In the book Quigley explains how some 2 dozen major civilizations in world history have all progressed through a succession of periods and that historians have developed criteria for measuring where civilizations were or are at any given period. The author states seven different phases of the progress of civilizations, from their emergence to apex to decline. We then start to break these down even further so that we can spot obvious milestones and markers in our own generation to see historical phenomena in real time and predict what will happen next. This explains why so many Americans are preparing for civil war today. (LIBMP3-3894) Preparing for Civil War, Pt 2 Armed Militias in Our Midst- The rise of militias in the degenerating empire poses and increasing security challenge to four more people within the society than many of us might imagine. Today we look at the phenomena of the obsessive gun culture within the United States. What have you been missing if you have never attended one of the many gun shows that take place across the country? We also look deeper into the predictions of Norwegian economist capital Johan Galtung as he forecast America's empirical decline in domestic crises approaching fascism. During the course of my examination of the Las Vegas shooting incident I have come to see a much greater pattern of eight fundamental trends affecting the nation that forecast the future ahead. We also examine some of the un-answered questions regarding the mass shooting that have led many to conclude that a greater conspiracy exists. (LIBMP3-3895)
Marketing In The Hot Seat- Mastering Monetization with Aunkh & Keidi- capital our resident marketing and entrepreneur specialist brings marketing forward every week on LIB. Today he takes our questions live and direct on multiple topics related to guerrilla marketing, business promotion, entrepreneurship and the many distinct ways that black businesses and consumers can more successfully get together. Our aim is to create the type of commerce that moves the community forward and further incorporates us into an emerging global economy where our ethnicity and cultural patterns become very important markers for increasing and sustainable business development. Multiple calls from our listeners add a great deal of diversity to the conversation and today's engagement becomes as practical and practicable as is needed to transform the larger business environment affecting people of African heritage. (LIBMP3-3896) Bomani Tyemba, African Trade and Investment 2018 Schedule - The guest today has been a longtime associate with our LIB family and today is one of those exceptional programs that make us all so proud. Bomani has engaged an average of three trips to Africa and more recently Brazil annually and over the course of the last decade has accompanied over 200 people to the African continent. Africa for the Africans sponsors tours related to cultural heritage as well as economic investment, partnership development, business investigation and strategies to begin one's own business on the African continent. Some of the countries we discussed today include Ghana, Ethiopia, Benin and others. For so many reasons we of African heritage within the United States must increasingly consider that our future, especially our business future, must incorporate African people beyond the borders of the nation within which we live. Africa for the Africans has a strategic plan that has proven to work. Now is our moment to increase participation with in this plan and get more of our people a solid pathway forward in an increasingly stressful and competitive environment. (LIBMP3-3897)
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  Referrals, Relationships and Profits - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Today's we revisit the often-shared topic of how to expand our supportive customer base through guerilla marketing techniques. We discuss the following topics: the powerful link between culture and marketing; the critical importance of putting relationships first; common mistakes that businesses are making which devalue relationships in marketing; creating a functional system for exploiting these advantages; various stages of referrals which must be undertaken in order to capitalize on these powerful tools; irony and contradiction in referral advertising; the three types of referral system marketing; and much more. (LIBMP3-3890)
Why Would You Pass Up Perfect Health and Longevity? - Today's program begins with description of my own fasting experience of having "offed" nearly 12 pounds in the past 7 days while still maintaining a healthy exercise protocol. Next, I share testimony from a recent family member who had a miracle reversal of all symptoms in less that 3 weeks after having suffered a "mini-stroke" and found no relief from weeks of dealing with the medical establishment. This system is called full-spectrum hyper-nutrition, commonly referred to as Living Superfood. It is based upon a solid foundation of scientific research and peer-reviewed studies. Its foundation is Nature's perfect pathway for human nutrition and making sure our food is correct in various aspects. Today we discuss: inflammation, cardiovascular disease, managing cholesterol, avoiding cancer, diabetes, weight reduction, high sugar and high fat diets, raising our children's IQ, and so much more. Food is Nature's most perfect medicine. The question then arises as to why so many people, when presented this hard evidence, seem to avoid it or not even understand the basic conceptual foundation? You will be surprised at the answer to this paradoxical question. (LIBMP3-3891)
The Falcon Forum Vol 538 - Topics today include: Is Trump confusing the hurricane crisis in Puerto Rico with his disdain for DACA immigrants?; another White House resignation; the gentrification of black leadership; African governance history and democracy; post-industrial; society, politics and democracy; are single part states better?; Afri-Amers are all alike or not debate; self-determination; where did we come from in Africa; can we plan to raise our people?; focusing on building an African future; federal fails in the destruction of Puerto Rico; China begins its Haiti development program; foreign direct investment across Africa; strategies for sustainable development; Ken Burns' Vietnam series scrutinized; population control across S.E. Asia; HHS Secretary Price forced out; where is evidence of Trump's reported legislative successes?; advancing our Kujichagulia Villages projects; and more. (LIBMP3-3892) Las Vegas Mass Shooting Leaves 58 Dead and 515 Wounded - I report today less than 12 hours after a mass shooting incident happened on the Las Vegas Strip. Gunman Stephan Craig Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort upon a crowd of up to 22,000 who had assembled for the final day of the Route 91 Harvest Festival country music gathering across the street. At latest reports 58 people were killed and another 515 wounded. While this was reported as "the largest mass shooting" in U.S. history, we share information about the suppressed massacre of 1000-1200 black U.S. Army personnel where killed at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi in May 1943. Our study today looks at today's incident in context of the U.S. gun culture, the changing empire, a high level of mental illness in the country, a current climate of racism and xenophobia, as well as the forecasts by Johan Galtung that the nation was headed in a steep downward spiral over the coming years. We strive to think outside the box on this and many other hot topics on LIBRadio. We've got to find a way to end this madness. (LIBMP3-3893)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 537 - Today's topics include: Trump's pscyological status; the machinations behind the recent presidential election; the powers that be who wanted Trump over Clinton; does white supremacy still matter in geopolitics; Trump's rift with the NFL; boycotting sports; how politics affect our real economy; concentration of wealth in the U.S. since 1916; how the end of the gold standard empowered America; comparing social security in the U.S. to the EU; paying for multiple national disasters; taxation and progressive development; rising cost of living for the middle class; the healthcare system in major crises; poor educaton for doctors and nurses; big pharma drug pushing; socializing the public to defer to allopathic medicine; taking responsibility for our health; can Trump become a "good president?"; post-hurricane report from Florida; how we must adapt to global warming; the economics of climate change; hurrican response in Cuba vs Puerto Rico; the impact of demographics; Pan African assessment of African affairs; China brings development to Haiti; hempcrete vs concrete in future construction; New Zealand's election and challenges; and more. (LIBMP3-3886)
Hemp Bound Book Study Vol 7 Conclusion - Our final study session on Doug Fine's book begins with efforts to lobby legislatures toward freeing cannabis from the constrictions of the so-called "drug war" and allowing a spectrum of American businesses, ranging from family farmers to innovative new technology pioneers, to be able to compete against others who are making fortunes using "the plant that can save the planet." The conclusion chapter goes even further pointing out a spectrum of grass roots organizations, movers and shakers, whose efforts need to be supported by the larger population. Profiles of some of these new cannabis era industries are shared. There are so many advantages that can be accessed by merely getting the federal regulators out of the way of progress. Some of these new hemp industry pioneers are very conservative in their politics yet find solidarity with left-leaning progressives when it comes to reviving the U.S. hemp industries. There is so much potential down this road. Lastly the author shares an epilogue update which brings the latest developments he experienced before sending this book to press. This is a very inspiring book that everyone needs to read. (LIBMP3-3860G) A New Healthy Life Pathway Through Living Superfood Certification - Today's conversation begins with the current hype over the president's offensive reaction to sports figures who protest against societal problems by passive resistance. What a distraction this has become. Behind the scenes, last year the toll from deadly medicine (iatrogenics) cost the lives of 1,069,000 Americans, 170,000 of which were Blacks. Compared to police homicides this was a ratio of 975-to-1. We have to consider that it is Mind Control that has the public so distracted from the real matters that they are ready to fight over something trivial in irrelevant. After describing the various pathways by which we have become a sick, drugged and depleted middle class in this nation, I lay out another pathway based upon empowering the individual to become a leader to further empower family, community and as many within the nation who want a real solution to preventing and reversing chronic disease. Our Living Superfood solutions are proven to work and I share case examples. The next step is to start a training course to teach the four fundamentals of living disease-free and vital within an extended lifespan.
Detox Fasting, Weight Loss and Vegan Ketosis Nutrition - We begin today's session with a personal testimony of my own experience with detoxification fasting as a critical component of my own longevity program. In the first 5 days of my current 28-day detox I have managed to "off" 11 pounds without losing my energy drive and exercise routine. We discuss the advantages and the challenges of water fasting. The state of the dieting industries in this country is abysmal. People are spending an estimated $80 billion annually in the U.S. for largely ineffective weight loss dieting programs. Using research from my book OFF-THE-WEIGHT: 30 Days to a New You, we expose the main flaws in most of these diet programs. Lessons include: the 8 class of nutrients that your body needs; the 22 different sensory points you have for determining food quality; the need to consume living food with active food enzymes; why chewing your food properly is critical to effective weight management; why eating meat is contrary to weight reduction; and how Living Superfood can give much better results. We also discuss the 3 energy systems within the body. (LIBMP3-3889)
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  Sound Investing in Sub-Sahara Africa Nations - We begin today's studies with two articles from How We Made It in Africa, one of which cites findings from an IMF report on the top African nations to invest in. I test my own knowledge by creating my own list and then compare it to the newer research. While I did get 5 of these countries right, I did not consider other critical factors needed for successful investing such as ease of doing business, long-term stability, underlying infrastructure and, most significantly, the nation's dependence on resources extraction. Contrary to trends of the last decade, too many Sub-Saharan nations are reverting back to the antiquated relationships that they had with the IMF and World Bank in the latter part of the 20th Century which "SAP'ped" their development trajectory and made them subject to debt enslavement. I propose workable solutions where Diaspora Africans take primary responsibility for raising the investment capital needed to sustain growth and supporting the African Union as well as the African Development Bank. Let's spend our Christmas shopping money on something that will change the future. (LIBMP3-3883) Alzheimer's and Dementia, Prevention and Reversal - From both anecdotal and empirical observation, we can determine that recent decades have seen a major upsurge in the diagnosis of cognitive disorders and diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, dementia and other breakdowns in learning and memory. The prevalence of cognitive diseases becomes debilitating for the individual along with their family support group. Today we examine the facts using peer research studies on the prevalence and likely causes. I also use my book Living Superfood Longevity to provide a natural prevention and reversal protocol using superfoods as our preferred clinical pathway. We discuss the causes of the disorders which can range from toxic metal poisoning, "diabetes type 3", cross-linked lignans, amyloid plaque, and what I call "macaroni and cheese on the brain", advanced glycation end products. We know that the Standard American Diet is much at fault. By altering our lifestyle patterns we can prevent and even reverse impact of cognitive disorders as we strive to age gracefully and fully functional. Get the book and save lives. We've got to get serious about this (LIBMP3-3884)
Creating Passive Income In Black - Mastering Monetization - Our regular Thursday broadcast focuses on entrepreneurship and business expansion. Today's conversation begins with the history of America's enslavement as a "passive income" technique, albeit rather obscene. Today passive income (PI) is more sophisticated. We show how entrepreneurism can be independent of personal efforts. Too often we are attached to business in an amoral and detached fashion. For too many of the population, they are largely enslaved to the values of the employers who supply their sustenance, and thus cannon always tell the truth. There are specific skills sets that are common to those who are successful at PI. It also can benefit from creating collaboration with similar merchants, thus the value of high quality networking is a major plus. We explain the difference between a "work ethic verses a wealth ethic" and why seeing opportunities where others don't becomes a powerful boost to your PI visions. Bill Gates shows us the example of creating tremendous wealth without having to work directly. We close by sharing a list of PI pathways that can be used to generate great cash flow. (LIBMP3-3885)
Demographics is Destiny with Brother Ali - Today's program engages one of the most important foundation sciences available to forecast the future. Demographics is "the study of people" and all of the complex relationships that people numbers affect the larger society. I first begin by taking the listeners through a partial list of my library on population impact. This set includes a few books from The Information Project For Africa, which was the DC-based think tank that became my own source of education. I also share the number of my own books which were based largely on my awareness of the impact of demographics on the power relationships within society that we aim to control. Finally, we go through a series of current articles which show why nations like Japan, Finland, Nigeria, the U.S., the European Union and all of the nations of Sub-Saharan Africa are expected to be impacted tremendously by the rapid shift in fertility around the planet. Which nations are winners and which are losers? You do want to know. (LIBMP3-3887)
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  Dairy and Cancer - Finding Reliable Research on the Internet - I grew up in this remarkable era where our access to information has increased many times over what our parents and grandparents had access to. While I love getting into books and libraries, it is the Internet that has become the go-to research source these days for most of the population. Yet, Internet-based research is too often contradictory, unreliable,not accurate, partially concealed or otherwise not completely usable. Today we search through a variety of online health research sources to test them for their consistency, depth and ability to truly inform the user. Our inquiry is centered upon the central question of the links between dairy consumption and increased risk of developing cancer. As such, we stretch the boundaries of the conversation as we manage to sneak in a valuable health teach while at the same time asking just how reliable are those sites that are posting information on this and other topics. (LIBMP3-3880) Don't Go Chasing Economic Waterfalls - Today we ask if African Americans "chasing waterfalls" with unrealistic strategies for economic development and sustainability? To the contrary, we lay out an outline for a new economic reality based upon the 6 books by myself on Pan African economics I've published in the past 18 years. Each book brings several fundamental comprehension of our potential to create, over the coming decades, a African global empire to rival or exceed all previous nations in civilization history. Much of today's lesson centersn around acquiring land, producing goods and services to satisfy our own group's needs, creating wealth from selling surplus, building in collaboration with the global population of 1.5 billion Africans, using science as the basis for developing strategic plans, the value of "scientific futurism" verses crystal-ball gazing methods, and educating our youth to be precise with their lifetime commitments and initiatives. The time for engaging these imperatives is at hand and we have, as a group, wasted entirely too much time on impractical and outdated pursuits. If the plans of old were so good then why are we in the dire situations we find ourselves in these days? Our future requires a reboot of our policies and initiatives. (LIBMP3-3881) Mastering The War For Attention (When on a Low Budget) - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi. Thursdays Aunkh Aakhu brings it strong and today's classroom is one of the best in recent months. The focus is on how to get in front a massively more potential customers by winning and engaging their attention. How can small and medium-sized enterprises possibly compete against the business giants who have multi-million dollar budgets to buy unlimited television and radio time? These 10 significant talking points today will help to level the playing field and allow the small budget marketing campaign to maximize its reach, response and value creation. This in turn leads to more consistent revenues which then lift our marketing potential to a much higher level. We are the people who want to change and transform the world as we grow into empowering entities. This is a great set of instructions that will inspire you to go to the next level and achieve greater return on your advertising efforts. (LIBMP3-3882)
Hemp Bound Book Study Vol 6 Chapters 8,9 & 10 - The first chapter of study this week moves beyond mere legalization but to the need for national subsiding of hemp industries. China, Canada and the European Union have robust hemp development because their national governments are committed to see their industries grow. While President Obama did suggest federal support for emerging green technologies, the U.S. still has not mad such a commitment. In Chapter 9 several patriotic individuals are going out of their way to lobby congress and state governments to support this agribusiness development. It is an uphill battle but there have been some successes of note. Chapter 10 pursues the topic of "hempucation" and ongoing efforts to truly inform the nation of the many benefits which will result from ending the drug war against hemp industries. Small family farms, nearly driven to extinction in the nation, would be great beneficiaries of the decriminilization and expansion of industrial and medicinal cannabis industries over the years ahead. Also highlighted is the Oregon State University's hemp economic studies program. (LIBMP3-3860F)
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  Marketing While Broke with Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi Awadu - From our weekly series Mastering Monetization, today's lessons center around 11 Marketing Secrets for the Low Budget Black Entrepreneur. This is a critical message for this ethnic community which needs to cover a lot of ground to make up for the huge gap in entrepreneurial success which differentiating our community from others within this nation. We discuss critical questions such as: 1) Whats the problem caused by not marketing consistently?; 2) What process should we use when we need marketing to get results?; 3) Whats the real reason most people do not have a marketing budget?; 4) What are the 11 secrets of low budget marketing?; and 5) What the big lesson for those caught marketing when broke? These questions and several more are superbly answered and referenced by our in-house marketing expert. For each of us who have ambitions of creating highly successful enterprises that empower the broader community as they create household wealth, this is the critical lesson for you. (LIBMP3-3877) A Natural Proscription to Combat Inflammatory Diseases by Fake Doctor Keidi - I have had numerous encounters with clients as well as my own daughter who had close engagements with the medical-pharmaceutical complex in the last two weeks. What I am hearing and seeing is shocking and appalling. We do acknowledge that Western medicine is superb for dealing with traumatic injury. When it comes to understanding how the body's 15 interrelated systems function and work with each other, mainstream medicine loses its edge and can eventually become more pathological than helpful. After describing my long record of banging heads with mainstream health professionals and their drug-based protocols, today I share 17 strategies to combat the systemic inflammation which is at the heart of nearly all diseases, including the top 12 disease killers in the U.S. The body is an amazing self-healing machine which was designed to work symbiotically with a spectrum of plant foods, herbs, minerals, vitamins and other completely natural substances. Live long, love strong and prosperous by living wholly and completely within this Natural Order. (LIBMP3-3878)
The Falcon Forum Vol 536 on LIBRadio - Topics today include: Hurricane Irma bears down on the Caribbean and Florida; massive earthquake in Mexico City; geoengineering and chem trails; debating man's impact on climate; scientific explanation for weather patterns; conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns; Russian hacking on Facebook; state-sponsored propaganda; reverse opium wars; dealing with doctors; drug addiction crisis; the paradox of DACA; labor migration and economic growth; black conservative politics; congress supports tech growth; 3-D housing technologies; a long history of building with hemp; hempcrete building verses concrete; Henry Ford's superior hemp body car; adapting to the needs of the green economy; ratcheting down the North Korea tensions; did the US force N. Korea to go nuclear?; auto industry boost from hurricanes; Swift verses Ripple currency system; the future of Bitcoin and crypto currencies; the foolishness of Karatbars' MLM scheme; and more. (LIBMP3-3879) Hemp Bound Book Study Vol 5, Hemp Bio Diesel and Biomass Energy Generation - Today we cover chapters 6 and 7 of Doug Fine's superb study. In the first chapter he shares the experience of driving through the Colorado mountains in a hemp bio diesel powered limousine with a longtime advocate of the use of hemp to power transportation. While the current state of hemp oil production is insufficient to make it economically feasible when compared to dinosaur sludge, the merits of clean-burning hemp oil are many. It is a great way to power internal combustion engines within the toxic mass and carbon dioxide peril that is the current state. Next, the discuss moves onto the practicality of using hemp agriculture waste in biomass energy gasification generators. In Kentucky, which once led the world in cannibals agribusiness before the declaration of the so-called "drug war", the local economy is seeking ways to move beyond coal dependence to new energy, agriculture and green-economy alternatives which will generate jobs on massive scale. This is where hemp industries show great promise and a host of community coop and profit-motivated solutions are coming into place. One German city Feldheim has already made the move to 100% renewable energy, a model for the rest of the world to follow. (LIBMP3-3860E)
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  Autoimmune Diseases in the U.S., the Causes and the Cure - Today we go deep into the rising pandemic of autoimmune disorders in the U.S. and other developed countries. In contradiction to the significant decline in traditional infectious disease and parasites, in the last 30 years of research the incidence of autoimmune disorders has been increasing alarmingly. Despite much research the mainstream medical organizations have not been able to reverse the spread. Autoimmune disorders, which closely parallel the growth and differentiation of inflammatory disorders, are the consequence of the spectrum of environment stresses to which we are exposed to in an increasingly toxic environment. Today we will define key characteristics of these disorders, which may number as high as 160, as well as illuminate more logical pathways by which immune disorders can be comprehended, avoided and reversed. The good news is that there does exist a one-size-fits-all solution to getting out from under an autoimmune disorder in days, weeks or months. the bad news is that most people will not choose to follow this pro-life pathway despite the mass of research proving its viability. (LIBMP3-3874)
The Falcon Forum Think Tank, Vol 535 - Topics today include: sending shout-outs to Daloni Amon of Harambee Radio; North Korea detonates a hydrogen bomb and angers the world' how the "Axis of Evil" proclamation provoked nuclear defense; can the Commander in Chief handle the pressure?; South Sudan implodes as a nation; where will the international security crisis go next?; who is behind global strategic policy; bringing big nations to justice; our focus on the acquisition of power; the need to electrify Africa; origins of the crisis on the Korean Peninsula; the value of a free and critical press; declaring our leadership competence; better return on investment from our resourcefulness; making Black Greeks more accountable; the value of long-term strategies; floating a black development bond; Labor Day and the attack on organized labor; China pledges $30 billion to Haiti; the potential of hemp agro-economy in Haitian sustainable growth; BRICS summit begins in China; MINT countries' development patterns; object-oriented development in Africa; and more. (LIBMP3-3875) Hemp Bound Book Study Vol 4 Building with Hemp Materials - Today we engage our fourth week of study inspired by the book by Doug Fine, HEMP BOUND: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution. In this chapter the author goes deep into the spectrum of building materials that are derived in part or wholly from cannabis plant parts. These include hempcrete building blocks and sprayable material. These can be used for both insulation, finishing and structural building materials. The sustainability of such materials compared to traditional concrete is quite impressive. These materials actually even filter toxicity out of a building's interior atmosphere as they also save trees and fuel needed to heat conventional concrete. The durability of hemp building materials is also one of the great advantages that is being touted. The author describes his visits to homes built with hemp materials as well as discourses with some of the world's leaders in hemp products construction. Further, even auto parts that resemble fiberglass and plastics are now being made from hemp-derived materials. As this week's study further confirms, cannabis is the plant that can save the world. We must take the lead and push political resistance out of our pathway in order to further this evolution. (LIBMP3-3860D)
The Scientific Mission of LIBRadio, Living Superfood and the 7MAC Academy - As I entered my office this morning I was struck by the number of books, reports and notepads that cluttered my desk. I am just about to complete several books and realize that I am reading up to 12 books at any given time. To demonstrate to my audience the seriousness by which research should be conducted, I take you through this stack of books and relate them not only to the work that I do but the work that many of our most effective community leadership is, ore SHOULD BE, studying. There are too many gaps between what we have determined to be our great potential as individuals and as a group, and that which is the measurable reality of the world within which we live. There is perhaps no greater time in modern history than now for us to deliberately break the chains of hundreds of years of exploitation, manipulation and having our ambitions suppressed by external powers. this is the time that our Great Ancestors prepared for us. (LIBMP3-3876)
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  Hemp Bound Book Study Vol 3 - Dual Cropping and Great Advice - Our current book study is volume 3 of HEMP BOUND: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution, by Doug Fine. Today's study centers around the need for pioneering hemp farmers to comprehend the critical need for dual-cropping, producing harvest for both seeds, with the oil and proteins which are thus extracted, as well as for the bast and hurd, the fibers and woody core of hemp plants. The author shares usable advice from a number of industry pioneers who have had decades to work on the spectrum of challenges that arise when pursuing industrial hemp cultivation, processing and market access. Cutting edge research is going on to facilitate even more useful and competitive products from this amazing plant. The costs to starting up an industrial-sized operation are not too challenging for emerging industries who want to participate in an annual growth of 20% for which profits can amount to $250 an acre for the average farmer. Processing into a spectrum of industrial products is even greater value-added activity for those who approach the hemp future from a holistic approach. (LIBMP3-3860C) African Space and Policy Programs, Past, Present and Future - Today's program explores the untold stories of Africans involved in space programs around the world. While we acknowledge and are proud that 13 African Americans made it into space via NASA's shuttle program, two of which were killed in flight, there is a long record going back as many as 48 years of continental African governments functional space programs. We expose such programs from Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and more. With the development of indigenous space programs we can expect further advance in education, engineering, materials development, water and ocean resources management, agriculture, security, urban planning and mineral resources management. There is great reason for us to commence to educating a new generation of youth to comfortably create dynamic careers in these advanced sciences. The idea of "Negroes in Space" may sound like a joke to some. Time will demonstrate that not all of us in this generation or in that before us, took such a possibility as improbably. Yes...Africa DOES space. (LIBMP3-3871)
Medical Marijuana, CBD Compounds' Many Uses - There can be no denying that medical marijuana is having a huge impact on the way that people manage their health. Today we examine dozens of applications for cannabidiols, the set of alkaloid compounds in cannabis, and confirm that the science of medical marijuana is real and threatens the pharmaceutical industry. The spectrum of disorders that are being successfully managed by CBD compounds include glaucoma, drug addiction, cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, lupus, cardiovascular diseases, AIDS treatment symptoms, pain relief, mental disorders, nausea and vomiting, as well as a number of appetite stimulating effects for vulnerable subjects. We go into the science of plant-derived alkaloids, and the spectrum of over 80 cannabinoids which are derived from cannabis. The potential of these easily obtained substances to disrupt the whole of the chemical-pharmaceutical industries would be catastrophic to the profit-driven motive of these companies while it simultaneously gives to the public one of the greatest pathways to disease avoidance that exists today. This is the health miracle that many have been praying for for so long and it is a natural and non-toxic source of healing. (LIBMP3-3872) Hurricane Harvey and Houston: Creating Proactive Plans for the Future - Beyond Houston, what can we do to avert disasters 2-5 years from now? Today we focus on emergency preparation, disease prevention and creating a much broader leadership of "actionaires" who are NOT reactive but are constantly working toward strategic aims that have been self-determined. The tragedy that is Hurricane Harvey and how it has devastated the Gulf States brings to mind that we too often feel so powerless in the face of these natural disasters. How many lives were threatened because people did not heed the available warnings and orders to get out of the pathway of an impending disaster? The truth is that the vast majority of the population continues to act this way across the course of our lives. We need to bring forward a vanguard leadership that can begin to turn around an 80-year catastrophic shift in our demographic patterns, means of producing for our own group, land ownership and sustainable development. We explain the critical function of scientific futurism as foundation for the type of deep research and investigation that will serve the next generation of highly competent leadership. As well, I take a call-in troll to school in so far as how to bring his A-game to whatever he feels he needs to do. Listen and learn...then Teach and lead. (LIBMP3-3873)
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  BUSTED: The Latex Condom Conspiracy 2017 Update - Today I share information from my 1996 book. This week a jury awarded a California women $417 million because the Johnson and Johnson company covered up the information that I revealed 21 years ago in my book. Hers is the largest of hundreds of cases which found the corporation liable and there are thousands more pending. What else could they be hiding about talc and latex condoms? In my book I expose the 6 deadly substances found on condoms which cause harm to the body, including the asbestos-like mineral magnesium silicate, which has been linked to ovarian cancer for decades. We discuss the rising crisis of latex allergies in the medical profession as well as endocrine-disrupting chemicals commonly found on condoms. I have fought some bitter battles over the years in standing up to these paid "condom missionaries" which have saturated our community. The whole issue of HIV/AIDS is dependent upon the perceived value of condoms as disease prevention and the exact contrary is the real truth. We have come to believe in and promoting things that we fundamentally do not understand...and we suffer. (LIBMP3-3866)
How to Build a Thriving Consulting Business Using Better Marketing Mastery - Aunkh Aakhu joins Keidi Awadu today for our 5-year ongoing classroom on how to improve marketing for black businesses and consumers. Today's lesson should be of great concern to all of you who have visions of building a thriving international business using your specialized knowledge, insights, ability to communicate and skills which have been built up over decades of career focus. Consulting has amazing potential to bring in huge amounts of revenue and it can begin with the most simple tools of a computer or a telephone. What are some of the challenges and pitfalls which must be comprehended and overcome to make sure you are getting the maximum return on investment for your expanding business? What is the number one marketing tool for consultants? What can you do to drive your consultation start up? These and many more critical questions are explored in depth by our long-time marketing expert. You really need to listen to this program every week for at least 12 weeks in a row to get the true value of what we are freely sharing. (LIBMP3-3867) Tiffany Mayes Eholor on Africa and Tribal Exchange - Tiffany joins me in the first hour to discuss her journey to rediscovery of her African soul. Her company Tribal Exchange's Mission is to "further bridge the story of Africa & the U.S. and what that means to future female leaders...based on our history." Our conversation today explores her long journey, education, her time working as executive assistant to the illustrious Harry Belafonte and the spectrum of teaching he afforded her. Her work has included UNICEF as well as a number of NGO's and activists engaged in progressive activities. We also share conversation with the head of the organization Girlfriends Who Inspire Change, which is active in Nevada. Today's lesson is all about recognition of the wonderful role in leadership that women of African ancestry continue to provide. (LIBMP3-3869)
The Falcon Forum Vol 533 - Topics today include: Hurricane Harvey slams U.S. mainland; FEMA test of the new administration's competence; America's patterns of conflict and failure; the failing empire; the Swift currency system and the future of banking; stagnancy in gold trading markets; the scam of Karatbars; Africans and the future of tech disruption; China's Silk and Road Initiative; black investors and the future of gentrification; the origins of American slave culture; the Civil War conflict between economic systems; black labor and global wealth; George Soros investing in Black Lives Matter; voting rights and identity cards; raising youth leadership; war drums beating against Venezuela; can the U.S. empire retain hegemony in the western hemisphere?; the future of Bretton Woods, IMF and the World Bank; the African Development Bank' human capital in the new global economy; Floyd Mayweather defeats the new "Great White Hope" Colin McGregor; and more. (LIBMP3-3870)
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  The Rebirth of the Militia Movement and Rising Fascism in America - There is a new rebirth of armed militia groups all across America. We examine this phenomena and other historic periods when citizens rapidly armed themselves because of social and economic stresses. Is America on the verge of exploding into a fascist revolt? How can we prepare to protect our families if the empire degrades into civil war? We go through a long bibliography of critical book reads on the broader topics. From AN AMERICAN DILEMMA, we reveal the intention of America's leaders to 'get rid of the Negroes" through population control strategies. Now, with the arrival of Donald Trump into the top leadership position, many of these hidden demons from America's racist past have become emboldened and to consolidate their power. Is this all happening by accident or is it the result of a vast right-wing conspiracy? Can young black men in the U.S. be relied upon to provide the security for their community as do others around the world? What might be the impact of rapid global shift in economic might, military power and the decline of the American family middle class? This is about to get very real, y'all! (LIBMP3-3864)
The Falcon Forum Vol 533 - Today's topics include: the passing of human rights activist and comedian Dick Gregory; his legacy, Gregory's role as a bridge to history; great stories involving Dick Gregory; we have a number of callers who share their personal stories and reflections on just how important Baba Dick Gregory was in their lives. A truly Great Man walked in our midst and we are so grateful for him and his lessons;, fasting and detoxification; Donald Trump as Caligula; can the new Chief of Staff John Kelly reign in the POTUS?; Trumps psychological disorder of narcissism; opiod drug epidemic, the history of the opium war against China; the collapse of western civilization hegemony; Trump shipping weapons to Nigeria; racism verses caste-based hierarchy; how to save Chicago; why the increased military spending; the expanding role of cryptocurrency; bitcoin explodes but where is its value?; and more. (LIBMP3-3865)
Hemp Bound Book Study Vol 2 Hemps Many Uses and Pursuing Profits - Today our studies continue on this very important "green economy" industrial sector's phenomenal 20% annual growth rate. The author first addresses the unbelievability factor that there are so many terrific advantages to hemp. Advantages include, a boon to family-sized farming, no need for pesticides, the plant's fast growing cycle, the great profitability per acre of hemp grown, as well as the spectrum of highly nutritional products which are made from the seed and oil. For the sake of climate stabilization and economic revival, there is no greater promise on the horizon. Even chickens fed hemp seed meal produce eggs much richer and balanced in healthy omega-3 fatty acid. Dr. Bonner's Pure-Castile Soap has not only long integrated hemp oils into its formulas but the owner of the company is a leading investor in the advocacy of expanding industrial hemp. The author describes personal experience with hemp building materials, marketing hemp foods as well as examining a hemp tractor and riding in a hemp-body limo. The second chapter describes how pioneering hemp farmers have solved so many of the challenges to successfully growing and harvesting these much-in-demand industrial materials. (LIBMP3-3860B)
Passing the Baton of Leadership to Young Black Males - Today I relate to an encounter I recently had with an ambitious young scholar whose facts were just not accurate and usable. This is happening more and more as we seek to build a structure of intergenerational leadership that can guide our global ethnicity out of the terrible conditions which have belabored our progress for 500 years and more. What happened to the Black Revolution? How did we lose our way to where the younger generations are weaker in too many ways than their parents and grandparents? Our discussion covers in great measure the different manners that female and male parents use nurturing, logic, emotions and discipline as primary teaching models for their offspring. As we seek to create a leadership dynamic for our young males that can keep up with the pace that young females are improving, we need to comprehend the ways that we can compel their reverence for the Wise and Esteemed Elders that inspired all generations before theirs. (LIBMP3-3868)
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  Hemp Bound Book Study Vol 1, Pt 1: Revitalizing the Hemp Industries / Hemp's Growing Role in the Global Economy - Today we continue our legacy on of book studies. This book HEMP BOUND: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution is from best selling author Doug Fine. In this introductory study he details the resurgence of the domestic industrial hemp production, manufacturing and consumer industries and the struggles that many modern pioneers have endured to restore one of the most important agricultural crops in world history. Our additional research outside the book lead us to comprehend just how far behind Canada, China, the European Union and others the U.S. have fallen. Current "drug war" laws have driven this lucrative industry into the positive windfall of other regions of the planet. Things are changing and we have to ask the question as to whether we are capable of moving along with these positive changes. (LIBMP3-3860A)
African Technology Education with Massala and Femi - Today we feature two African-born leaders in technology eduction, business development, technology transfer and educating our children to assume the next generation of excellence. We discuss the history of relations between Africans from the Motherland and the Diaspora, especially related to the returnees who left the UK and US to relocate to Sierra Leone and Liberia. Today, these two guests are accomplished technical engineers in the U.S. Yet they have never lost the connection to their ancestral homelands and to the needs of tomorrow's emerging middle class. We also discuss the way that children from immigrant families perform so well within the U.S.-based education system, contrary to too many American-born African youth. The role of culture, technology, investment, development, education and travel/tourism toward rebuilding our global strength is the central foundation for this dialogue. In the coming months, we will be traveling together to the Motherland to do the real work that has to be done to rebuild our global African promise. (LIBMP3-3861) American Media's new Obsession with Racism is Slight-of-Hand Trickery / Black Star Media and Wellness Walk Collaboration - U.S. News Media's new obsession with racism. Are we being dragged into a massive slight-of-hand trick intended to keep us from focusing on a number of other problems? I cite research from my 1997 book MOVING BEYOND RACE-ISM, as well as list 25 major issues which confront the nation at this time, including ethnic hostilities. We categorize these other major problems as economics, good governance, global competition, social problems, the domestic labor market, wellness and challenges to the nation's middle class. We aim to prove that corporate-controlled media is once again conspiring to distract us, distort the reality of America's foundational strengths, and box us into rigid patterns of thought and action that keep us as wage and consumer slaves. In the second hour, Keidi and Erbie speak about the future possibilities of collaboration between Black Star Media, Living Superfood and the African American Wellness Walk organization toward the aim of creating a broad-based health awareness culture to improve health conditions for the Black community. (LIBMP3-3862)
The Law of Visibility Pt 4: Lessons from the Eclipse - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Today Aunkh Aakhu brings us lessons based upon the "spectacular" event presented by the solar eclipse. We begin by acknowledging the birth anniversary of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and sharing some of his thoughts on the utilization of power. Next we explore some esoteric points about this upcoming eclipse, the anniversary of Nat Turner's rebellion and whether there might be some manner of god-sent message that is being directed at our people. The conversation mostly centers around the concept of doing things in spectacular fashion. "Out of sight, out of mind" - Most of us know this cliche and realize its importance. Using the set of strategies put forward today we should be able to create great visibility for our enterprises and generate wealth and industry for our communities. (LIBMP3-3863)
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  Washington DC, Gentrification, Demographics and Revitalization - After a 5-day trip to the nation's capital for a series of lectures and workshops, I have some very urgent perspectives that I feel must be shared regard the viability of the black communities in the city. Today we examine a broad set of factors which forecast the future for the residents of black neighborhoods. We examine the changing demographics of the city wherein the black majority population has disappeared, the history of migration to the city from a century ago, the impact of gentrification with the ethnic and class rivalries which have emerged in the past 3 decades. As well we look at various other aspects of what has been going on such as DC's record high abortion rate among Blacks, the many schools which have closed due to shrinking student populations, where old residents are migrating to, as well as the roll of HBCU's in what might be a viable master plan to halt or reverse the rapid transfer of this valuable real estate. What was once known as Chocolate City is now being referred to as Cappuccino City. There is great reason for us to change this. (LIBMP3-3856) Why Should You Consider Going Global? - Today I share the first chapter from my upcoming book THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS IS TRANSNATIONAL. Chapter 1 is entitled: Why Should You Consider Going Global? I begin by explaining the origins of my 25-year obsession with Pan African development, inspired by my best friend at the time Kwesi Osafo (RIP) and my close association with the African Culture and Research Group of Long Beach. Our analysis begins within examining Forbes' top 10 U.S. businesses and I show how deeply such companies as Walmart, Apple, GMAC, Ford, Warren Buffet and others are with transnational operations, supply-chain and market access. I compare these Top 10 to a corresponding list of the top 10 black-owned U.S. businesses which, while impressive business enterprises, almost none of them are established globally except as subsidiaries or partners with much larger transnationals. We conclude with a long list of advantages to those businesses which are able to extend their operations across national borders. There can be no ignoring the fact that the present and future of successful enterprises is competing in the global economic marketplace. I also read from my recent book THE REPAIRING to confirm the same information. (
Uumoiya on Black Music & Streaming Media / Umar Johnson on the Legacy of Nat Turner - In the first hour my guest is Uumoiya from Brownglass Entertainment. He is an independent artist, writer, music producer, producer, and director through his independent music label. Our discuss will cover the current and future state of the music industry and how cutting edge ICT technologies are defining how the industry is rapidly changing. We challenge younger artist to the critical need to bring a diversity of skills into the music industry if their intention is to generate a fulltime living wage. There is much more to entertainment than to merely stand in from of cameras and shine. In the second hour, Dr. Umar Johnson returns to LIBRadio for another outstanding presentation. He will be the keynote speaker at the 7th Annual Nat Turner Day, at Khalifah's Kujichagulia Village project in Virginia. His topic will be Nat Turner's Place in History. Today we discuss a myriad of topics including Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, his extensive African travels, functional Pan Africanism, his ongoing fundraising for the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Boys Academy, questioning the legitimacy of HIV and AIDS in Africa, and other issues of leadership. (LIBMP3-3858) The Falcon Forum Vol 532 - Topics include: fascist uprising and riot in Charlottesville; Trump supporters in the KKK and American Nazi Party; pulling out of the Democrats and Republicans; formation of our Reparations Party; the world is laughing at U.S. governance; climate change and rising sea levels; using global warming to energize research and development; HBCU's don't have cutting edge science research; The Governance of China book by Xi Jingping; preparing for disaster emergency; saber rattling against Venezuela again; covert policies to undermine Latin American nations; George Soros and color revolutions; reviving the Monroe Doctrine?; turmoil in Brazil and ALBA nations; black leaderships failure to galvanize progress; critiquing the NAACP and other black organizations; we don't invest the the real mechanisms of power and information; our need to finance self-help policy systems; people don't support our own Black Star Media Global; Liberia is calling out for development partnership; connecting through African National Chambers of Commerce and Industry; Kenya elections return Uhuru Kenyatta to the presidency; upcoming elections in Liberia and Sierra Leone; and more. (LIBMP3-3859)
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  Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 10 Social Plants and CAM in the Marketplace - Today is the closing study session on this powerful book by author Nina L. Etkins. While the study only briefly covers the depth of her research, we do share enough to excite those who are in the fields of Complimentary, Alternative Medicine (CAM) to get the book and continue to learn. The two main chapters covered today are centered on 1) the role of "social plants" in culture, ceremony, relationships and healthy life practices, and 2) how CAM has risen in recent decades to become an ever-more-important component in the menu of health choices for prevention and treatment of diseases. Among the social plants considered include: alcoholic beverages, coffee, teas, kava, yerba mate, khat and chocolate. All of these have very well-established social and nutritional records as well as some negative side effects that should be understood. We finish our study looking at such practices as herbs, botanical pharmaceuticals, energy therapies, physically manipulative therapies and the ways that these and others are rising to challenge the dominance of allopathic medicine and chemical pharmaceuticals. (LIBMP3-3807-J) Black Star Media Global, Our Mission and OTT Technologies - Today's discussion is of our critical mission at Black Star Media to create a powerful, worldwide voice, that addresses real challenges, provides detailed and precise analysis, and offers practicable solutions for sustainable development. This is a very difficult pathway yet it is full of powerful returns on the investments which we have made so far. We share key points from our mission statement, the technology background within which we are entering the global communications field, and key points that distinguish us from the mass of media and entertainment that are currently present. Of many points discussed are included: the background to U.S. economic growth in productivity and consumption and why Afri-Amers are getting such a bad deal; a critical need to upgrade the literacy of our people and their leadership; how a few media companies are having a tremendous run with their transnational expansion; why Asian leaders in China and Singapore have become such stalwart figures in economic growth, taking their nations from colonial devastation to the leading economic models in modern history; and why our ability to completely tap the resources of the African continent is the greatest key to the great economic expansion and transformation that will impact the world for centuries to come. (LIBMP3-3853) URGENCY- Raising the Alarm for Blacks in America! - In anticipation of a dynamic series of lectures and workshops I'll be conducting in Washington DC this weekend August 4-7, I put together 20 points that need to be comprehended for our group's immediate and long-term viability. These range from looking at current turbulence in Brazil and Venezuela, the stability of East-South Asian economies, the dire forecast of economist Johan Galtung regarding the collapse of the American empire and descent into fascism, America's 3 major economic bubbles-ready-to-burst, the problem of "Good Governance", the 9 areas for Reparations, land loss and the need to acquire 13 million more acres immediately, a need for centralized governance, the Six Pillars of Empire from The Repairing, 3 brilliant Asian post-colonial leaders, Africa Rising and so very much more. I've been intensely doing this research for decades now and we can no long ignore the massive amount of data which indicates that we have reached a critical juncture in our long Maafa Journey. (LIBMP3-3854) Black Marketing Secrets - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi. Today we discuss "Things they don't want us to know about marketing to create profitable Black owned business." We begin our discuss by reviewing the raw numbers on 2.6 million black-owned businesses in the U.S. and how poorly they perform compared to the nation or to other ethnicities. Because so few of our businesses have any employees, we have to acknowledge that we are making many mistakes at selling our own people and others on our own productivity. What are these big secrets? How is our poor performance related to the legacy of enslavement and what can we do to turn that legacy around? Marketing is a precise science and craft that is not about accidental occurrence but is about proper strategic planning. Today's research lends itself to bridging the huge gap between what we do and what we need. We are also reminded that from the time of ancient Kemetic empire through to today, many of the fundamentals about power and economics created by African people were powerful and influential. It is time we get back to our own cultural and economic strengths. (LIBMP3-3855)
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  Moving from Global Consumers to Producers - Today I share much of the primary ideas from my upcoming book THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS IS TRANSNATIONAL. We begin by comparing Afri-Amers to the larger nation in terms of consumption and production; these statistics are quite gloomy. The only viable set of solutions to correct these great deficits is to shift more of our economics from consumption to production, both nationally and worldwide. Then we go through four basic lessons for the bulk of our study: 1) What would the world want from us?; 2) Expanding beyond personal care; 3) The 6 Pillars of Empire, from the book THE REPAIRING; and 4) The role of SME's in the expanding economic environment. There are powerful insights to be comprehended all along this course. We have hundreds of significant black inventions of merit yet have failed to create even one dominant corporate enterprise based on any black inventions. We take the listener through the Six Pillars, which are pivotal to the emergence of some 26 civilizations in world history and will be key to creating the great empire which will ascend even above this current "Asian Century" and empower Africans worldwide. (LIBMP3-3849) The Emailing for Profits Power Guide - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi. Today we discuss: How to Profitably Leverage Email Marketing, the Number One Tool for Marketing One-to-Many. The spectrum of valuable insights that produce successful email campaigns that is shared with us today is amazing. Many of us have used emails over the years to spread the message about our vision, mission, enterprise, goods and services. Yet, most of us have not really taken the time to discover the various methods which makes these campaigns successful more often. In the face of social media, web-based TV programming, snail-mail, texting and other ways of reaching out to our loyal and potential customers, email still produces the greatest positive response. This set of insights and tips will definitely assist you to project more value in your customers' eyes. Too often, we just don't properly project ourselves into the mindset of our segmented contact base. Email should have a value of about $1 per month for everyone in our database. Are you using it for what it is truly worth? (LIBMP3-3850) Prof Kojo Yankah on Ghana Development and African Communications - My guest is a man of great accomplishments. Just a few of his life experiences include Minister of Parliament and Ghana Minister of State under President Jerry Rawlings, founder and past president of the African University College of Communications, PR & marketing consultant, and chairman of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust. We will discuss his new book and the development future of Ghana and other emerging African nations. His new book is entitled OUR MOTHERLAND, MY LIFE, which is an account of his long witness to history in Africa as well the experiences which have shaped his world-view. Our conversation covers a lot of areas including engaging the Diaspora, African unification, ECOWAS strategies to develop, China's role in the current state of infrastructure and trade, the need for a common African language, electrification challenges, GDP growth in African nations, as well as specific instructions on how Blacks in the Diaspora have a special mission and duty to come forward for sustainable African development. This is an incredibly inspiring conversation with someone who has great insight. (LIBMP3-3851)
The Falcon Forum Vol 31 - Topics include: new congressional sanctions on Russia, Iran and N. Korea; provocation on the Korean Peninsula; US GDP growth up in 2nd Quarter; corporate media obsession with Trump, fake media and corporate manipulation; Johan Galtung's predictions for collapse of the Empire and fascism in the U.S.; Blacks are not prepared for radical change; Is another war imminent and where will the money come from?; Afri-Amer economics in disarray; consumer & producer data on ethnic groups; Indians, Chinese and Nigerians as successful "tribes"; Cumulative Causation and Afri-Amer economics; China's "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" and leadership of the CPC National Congress; Pan Africanism and sustainable development IS Africa; building transnational businesses; Biafra trying to break away from Nigeria; ECOWAS and union of the REC's; wealth & income bubble will burst soon; considering expatriating?; Kujichagulia Villages as intermediary stations; finding up-to-date data on African territories; big shakeups in the Trump White House; Wall Street, bankers and insurers in big trouble; healthcare's many woes; Venezuela's political crisis heats up; getting a university education; ALBA states and their stresses; the impact of commodities prices on emerging economies; and more. (LIBMP3-3852)
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  David Isabirye, Nsaka University and Africa Rising - This is an example of the specialized and focus research that other radio stations have yet to reach with regard to the state of current and future Pan African economics. This is why you support LIBRadio. My guest today is one of the first generation of Ugandans to graduate Yale University where he attended the same time as the Clintons. He is the founder and managing director of Nsaka university. Professor Isabirye has a vision of building a functional knowledgeable and skilled generation with a goal of becoming a completely green university utilizing wind , solar and bio gas energy thereby reducing the destruction of increasingly forest reserves in Uganda. The scope of today's conversation covers demographics, environment, organic agribusiness, investment opportunities, China's infrastructure building in East Africa, possibilities for Diaspora investors to come in, linking African colleges with HBCU's, the vast export potential in Uganda products, and many other aspects of economic and industrial growth for Uganda and the critical role that Blacks in the U.S.for future investment and development. (LIBMP3-3845) The Falcon Forum Vol 530 - Today's topics include: the impact of climate change - real or hype?; carbon credits and profiteering from environmental stress; impact of weather patterns in African nations; what we can do to stabilize the environment; Euro populations shrinking while Africa is rising; Africa's need for electrification and energy for infrastructure creation; Afri-Amers need to act responsibly; black leaders fail to take charge as a class; Africa is the biggest ROI around; dumbing down of America's public education; school vouchers, financing education & immigrant students; blacks have a 60% value in the U.S. consumer economy; inter-generational wealth and the black family; leaving damaged people behind in the ghetto; HBCU's are in an existential crisis of leadership; preparatory academies for our youth; Makarere University you win tech competition in U.S.; artificial intelligence and the replication of human personalities; protecting ourselves from excessive data collection; the Maker Movement and urban innovation zones; challenging undocumented immigration; Texas deaths & human trafficking; collateral civilian deaths in Arab nations; and more. (LIBMP3-3846)
Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 9: Fermented Foods and Beverages - In our ninth volume of research on Nina L. Etkins excellent book, which is highly recommended for all natural health practitioners as well as those in allopathic medicine who want a comprehensive understanding of the anthropology of modern medicine. Today's class is on the complex nature of our gut microflora and the many benefits that have emerged from humanity's discovery of fermenting foods. The record goes back more than 6000 years and is well documented in various cultures. Allowing symbiotic bacteria to predigest our foods improves bio-availability of critical nutrients, helps to preserve foods, improves taste and texture, as well as releases key nutrients within the foods that are important parts of our digestive process. As import as all of this, the process of fermentation also neutralizes a wide range of toxins which can be found in many common foods, thereby averting toxic impacts that can range from indigestion, to allergies to even death. This is a wonderful book for those of us who need to know much more about the biological, cellular and chemical science which serve the foundation of disease prevention and clinical nutrition. (LIBMP3-3807-I)
Bill Cosby, OJ Simpson, R. Kelly and the Cult of Celebrity - There can be no denying that Americans are obsessed with the mundane details, trials and tribulations of the rich and famous. Gunnar Myrdal talked about this peculiar part of the nation's leadership choices and even pointed out that, in this case, "Negroes are exaggerated Americans." We all have our own experiences with those regarded as celebrity. I have myself enjoyed moments of celebrity in my own careers. Today I list over 100 so-called celebrities that I've met, known and had personal encounters with. Most of these have been wonderful associates. Some of the people on my own personal celebrity list are outstanding, almost beyond description. Some have passed on into the realm of the Ancestors. A few of these celebrity acquaintances are absolutely rotten people in my own experience; I can't even tell everything I know about these people. Most of these stories I tell about these celebrities humanize them and bring them closer to our hearts because of their personal authenticity. In the end, you might come to realize that your life is worthy of celebration as well. I hope you like my stories and, yes, I have met OJ Simpson as well but never have met Cosby or Kelly. (LIBMP3-3848)
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  Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 8: Antimicrobial Effects of Spices - We finish this extended analysis of chapter 3 of Nina Etkin's book by look much deeper into the pharmacological advantages of using spices. The value of certain spices to preserve foods lends to the comprehension that these do function as antimicrobials and natural antibiotics. In this modern area where the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has become so serious, with so many people dying and injured because of the gross overproduction of antibiotics, we can now look again to the plant world to find a fresh pathway forward. The use of these antimicrobial spices has a long record within societies around the world and throughout the most ancient history. Plant based foods were spiced at a different level than meat spices, indicating that the presence of potentially harmful pathogens in meat dishes compelled these societies to counter that with more intense spicing. In those parts of the world where refrigeration and cold storage were not accessible, such as the tropical zones, the depth and intensity of spicing grew even more impactful. There are some great lessons in today's intensive study. (LIBMP3-3807H)
Artificial Intelligence Dangers and Spying Technology - The conversation today evolved from a morning radio broadcast within which the noted entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk warned the assembled Governors the U.S. states that "Artificial Intelligence Poses 'Existential Risk'." We take the opportunity here to explore just what could be our concerns with this emerging technology as the world is moving ever-more-rapidly toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Particular concerns regard drones and other killer robots, the concern over "Safely Interruptible Agents" - the ability to turn off the machines when something goes wrong, the displacement of more of the workforce by AI-driven robotics, as well as the rise of trans-humanism, which seeks to displace our human biotics with enhanced human-machine platforms. There are great possibilities for both good and bad as this road continues to evolve. Where will society draw the limits as to which powers will be programmed into algorithms which empower AI? What could be the dange from "living forever" in the form of a cloud-based clone of your own intelligence, as was portrayed in the film Transcendence?. (LIBMP3-3842) Scamming Your Roots, DNA Ancestry Testing Fraud - For more than 15 years I have spoken out against the fraud of DNA ancestry testing. Today I will lay out a definitive case why I refuse to engage in the practice or accept its outcome as legitimate. "When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer." - Stevie Wonder. We cite conflicts between this science of DNA and true anthropology, the invasion of racist pathologies and ideas of genetic inferiority, the great shortcomings of mitochondrial and y-chromosome tests, concepts of bloodlines & social status, the African system of matrilineage, identity capture by nefarious forces who may use this info to make you a gene criminal, and other serious shortcomings of these tests. The fact that these tests are grossly inaccurate has been known for some time. These points and others are reinforced today as I point to a number of published critiques of this process. We also expose Henry Louis Gates Jr. for helping to perpetuate the fraud and cashing in on the ignorance of a gullible public with a deep psychological need to connect with their authentic ancestral roots. We can do better than this. (LIBMP3-3843)
The Spirit of Harriet Tubman and Dreaming Toward Sovereign Development - This great ancestor spoke these very profound words: "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." Today we honor her memory, share a few excerpts from her biography written by author Catherine Clinton, and apply the spirit of this "Black Moses" to our ongoing efforts to lead our people toward sovereign freedom through our Kujichagulia Villages Development projects. I am joined via telephone with Sister Diana Kimble whose family owns 74 acres of rural farmland in Colfax, Louisiana. The ideas that are behind creating these Villages as non-urban survival and development zones is a radical departure from the common dialogs we are accustomed to within our conscious community. In order to get off the slow burning degeneration of our economy and community, we have got to start thinking, researching and acting outside the box. Today's program is intended to bring you up to the front of the cutting-edge leadership that will deliver us one great historic victory after another. (LIBMP3-3844)
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  Effective Leadership and the Power Networking Conference - "If you follow an elephant through the forest, you will never become entangled; you will never lose your way." - Ashanti proverb. After spending the weekend at the 16th annual Power Networking Conference, I have a number of observations to share about this event as an extension of the effective leadership that we need to build for our immediate mission ahead. Here are a total of 14 key points of analysis intended to strengthen our leadership and further our need for self-critique. We discuss the merits of networking, how to properly analyze the conferences we do attend, comprehending the larger playing field, building our credibility and making our networking outreaches much more effective. We can judge the need for such analysis by the bottom line outcome of how well are African American SME's actually doing. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," as we are instructed by Albert Einstein. Today we are breaking the tired old models of ineffective leadership which have plagued our people. (LIBMP3-3838)

The Trillion Dollar Take Back Part 3: More Secrets Of Serving Black Customers And Rebuilding Black Wealth - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Today we continue with this dynamic series of investigations in how Blacks can take their rightful share of the $1.3 trillion consumer dollars that are widely reported to be spent annually by the group in the U.S. economy. Our discuss definitely goes outside of the box and pushes forward a number of concepts that might seem anti-intuitive to the listener. In the aftermath of my attendance at the FraserNet Power Networking Conference, as well as Aunkh's extensive overseas travels this year, we emphasize the critical fact that Afri-Amers are uniquely poised to make a huge impact in the new global African economic order. Yet, despite our wealth as a group, the huge number of black-owned businesses, the rapid stream of capital flowing all around us, and sincere intent on the part of our business community to do better - still we have fallen far short of creating the type of dynamic self-serving economic success we desire. Today you learn some very important tips to correct the business mistakes which hold us back. (LIBMP3-3839)

L'dia Men-Na'a on Healthy Pregnancy and Childhood - My interview today is with a certified Positive Parenting Facilitator who shares her insights on how we can improve our strategies and practices for raising healthier children and safer pregnancies. We begin by examining the vast spectrum of ways that children today are weaker than their parents generation, experiencing a number of health complication from very early in life, are have such a difficult time in their education and having difficulties in other socialization processes The challenges also extend to a great extent to the women and men of our childbearing age population. What is happening to too many people is a direct consequence of a spectrum of adverse environmental conditions. Our discussion covers nutrition, literacy, parenting skills, electronic media and entertainment, as well as the number of direct interventions which can help to empower the family toward a better outcome. It is critical that women, along with the men who defend the family, must be able to create the optimal environment for child birthing and child rearing. If we do NOT make these critical changes, our future is in grave danger. (LIBMP3-3840)

Topics today include: FraserNet's 2017 Power Networking Conference wrap up; black business competitiveness; authenticity in our leaders; monitoring the health of Afri-Amers; doing better at informing our group members; Roland Martin ambushes Dr. Umar Johnson; social media players jock-riding on Brother Umar's celebrity; overcoming public pitfalls; Roland Martin's questionable journalism integrity; how black media can step up its competence; Don Trump Jr. opens a big bucket of poop; will criminal charges be leveled against Trump family members?; what of our interest in national politics?; increasing interaction with Latin American Blacks; can we ever see Trump as a progressive leader?; the POTUS needs to become a "regular president"; the big mistake of attacking the press; failing literacy in the U.S.; changing our tone from negative to positive; increasing the reach of black-owned media; Afri-Amers are a unified group of diverse people; seeing Nigeria move closer to great governance; Africans studying in China; the value of technology trade conferences; keeping focused on positive developments; the ever-increasing impact of globalism; warning to watch out for US special opps across Africa; and much more. (LIBMP3-3841)
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  The Falcon Forum Vol 528 - Today's topics include: The madness surrounding the "repeal and replacement" of the Affordable Care Act, so-called Obamacare; Americans are sick and health illiterate; lobbyists and profiteers have hijacked the system; new technologies are set to disrupt human interface in medicine; the big problem of wealth and income concentration; talking smack about white people; late-night comedians love the Trump presidency; liberals are not necessarily well-informed; Trump starts more beef with the media; who is Mika Brzyzinski and why we should care; a nation of social illiterates and their fearless leader; an entrenched substandard leadership for Blacks; are black leaders illiterate too or just dishonest?; who pays the cost when our leadership ignores Africa?; decriminalizing marijuana in the U.S.; the big problem of opiod drug abuse; using cannabis as industrial and medicinal products; a rise in international entanglements; we must elevate youth empowerment; urban crises and economic rejuvenation; future of African energy development; new technology for emerging economies; who likes MS Windows 10?; don't ignore the Davos Summer Conference in China and the Silk Road Project; and more. (LIBMP3-3835)
Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 6 & 7 A New Biomedical Paradigm and Spices in History - In this volume we close the second chapter of Food in the History of Biomedicine to describe a major "Biomedical Paradigm" shift. What is new in so-called complimentary or alternative medicine, is actually built upon millennia-old comprehension of the role of food, nutrition, spices and natural living in maintaining health and preventing diseases. The more recent rise of holistic and humanistic therapeutics has placed increasing emphasis on the role of food in preventing the formation of disease and disorder. The modern basis of biosciences backed by data, technology and micro analysis further confirms the absolute wisdom of our inherited body of health knowledge. The next chapter begins with an analysis of the role of spices in world history. These substances create a spectrum of complimentary and symbiotic effects on the body's systems. The author looks at the pursuit of exotic and tropical spices as key to the challenge of world exploration. The science of spices and history of civilization overlap and help us to comprehend just how valued are tropical foods. (LIBMP3-3807-F-G)
Finding the Right Collaborative Partners for Global Engagement - Today's show is intended to seriously upgrade out ability to not only network but to extract from these opportunities the right type of two-way relationships that advance the cooperating entities and the larger community which both serve. I have a list of 22 instructions extracted from three business web sites as well as my own practical experience. How do we vet our contacts for their ability to deliver that which they promise? Should we prepare our groundwork with a powerful sales pitch? Just how important are personal and social relationships to our ability to find collaborative business partners? Why is authenticity so very critical toward our aim of finding the right partners? These and many other key questions must be considered when we transform ourselves into the ultimate networking and collaboration machine. Using these 22 recommendations, you will undeniably be able to get much better results from your networking affiliations and conference attendances in the future. (LIBMP3-3836)

The Future of Digital Broadcast Media, DASH and OTT Convergence- In today's broadcast we take an over-the-horizon look at the many rapid changes in digital communications, streaming media and high definition broadcasting. We begin with an overview of the radical impact of MP3 introduction in the late 1990s and how that forecast major and sustained transformation of the modern area of news and entertainment media. Fast forward to the current environment and the pace of change and transformation continues to quicken. The empowerment of any people, business or nation is highly dependent on the ability to communicate our transforming and unifying ideas. A particular focus on the 2009 conversion to digital television (DTV), the creation of multiple sideband broadcast channels and how the recent FCC Reverse Spectrum Auction created enormous profits for those who were positioned to cash in at the time of the DTV conversion. Today's cutting edge streaming media magazines are again describing a new frontier with the explosion of UHD media, the upcoming ATSC 3.0 standard and the state of the art of the new DASH and ABR protocols for OTT broadcasting outlets. There is a powerful future for our own investors to claim yet we are once again too far out of the loop to see these transformations in real time. We can certainly do better than this. Let's collaborate and capture a segment of this new media landscape for creating the wealth that our future generations demand from us. (LIBMP3-3837) 

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  The Future of Business is Transnational - Today we strive to deliver an absolutely definitive presentation that, for black-owned businesses to achieve the tremendous impact of this nation's top enterprises, we must make our reach global. I have assembled 32 talking points and a large base of online and book-derived data to back up this construct. We share an extensive bibliography wherein the listener can bring themselves to a very high level of comprehension of the current and future state of global economics, including three of my own books. We examine the transnational basis of the top 10 businesses in the U.S., where they are nearly all international, and then compare those to the top 10 black-owned businesses in the country, who are for the most part not international. We compare the advantages of going international which include: demographic advantage, cost of land acquisition, the cost and value of labor, and what specific factors taking place across Africa which give us an even greater advantage. This is such a comprehensive overview that I have committed to turning this into a 12-week course to be conducted through the summer. The future of black economics is global economics and the time to initiate this movement has firmly arrived. (LIBMP3-3831)

6 Critical Instructions for Ordering a Good Life - Today's program is aimed primarily at young people as well as those who are seeking a radical transformation of their life.  This contemporary society has left huge gaps between the desire of most people to see dramatic improvement of their lot in life, and the reality that too many of us are slowly, steadily sinking into under performance, mediocrity and life dissatisfaction.  These simple rules, once implemented will have lasting impact on our life satisfaction and group elevation.  These are mainly centered around personalizing our health, valuing literacy, authenticity, staying focused on our MTP, seeking out the wise council of elders, prioritizing our daily affairs, and keeping ourselves from being distracted by mountains of inconsequential trivia intruding into our conscious attention.  As a people, we are not doing so well.  By focusing our attention on these and more simple instructions, we become ever more masters of our own fates and captain of our ultimate destiny. (LIBMP3-3832)

Ordering the Life We Want and Deserve - This cultural commentary and critique emerges from my investigation of the large number of African American grass roots leaders who are marketing self-help programs, yet, upon close examination, don't really display the type of success in life that might make their products seem more authentic.  For me it seems so obvious that these "feel good merchants" have been consumers of this line of psychological-reinforcing products for so long that they now have begun selling the very same class of communications themselves.  There is a difference between being a proven authority on a subject and someone who is merely cashing in on the desire of so many people to get a magic bullet to life successes.  Authenticity is one of our most important values in those who we want to lead us.  This particular set of instructions is intended to assure that as you and I rise, we are able to prove the value of our advice by living our own advice to the hilt.(LIBMP3-3833)

Ezrah Aharone on the Sovereign Psyche - So much of what affects us as a group is the consequence of the long history and the manner by which this history has manifestly impacted the psyches of individuals within the group. Thus, the battle for our collective future has really come down to a battle for the "Empires of the Mind." My guest has produced this third volume of research into our sovereign, group-determined development. This is ultimately an empowering paradigm that is highly dependent upon the knowledge and information systems which impact African people. Our beginning point of this transformation is properly comprehending the specific road which led us to where we are currently. Yet, out future is tied to the manners by which we handle modern phenomena such as capitalism, democracy and the impact of ever-more-rapidly shifting technology trends. The author is an unapologetic "ethnocentrist" and these models advocated throughout The Sovereign Psyche are intended to create authentic and highly functioning advocates for our sovereign advancement. (LIBMP3-3834)
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  The Trillion Dollar Take Back Pt 2 - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - We continue this extended series with our second volume of investigating the impact of Blacks in the U.S. spending some $1.3 trillion in consumption annually. Further, because our level of productivity is so low (only producing $1 in goods and services for each $7 spent), it becomes necessary for us to consider ways of increasing the slice of this trillion dollar spending which circulates solely within the group. We look at various angles of this dilemma: What doesn't our businesses understand about their role in our economics?; Why are wealthy Blacks such a "terrible embarrassment to the black community?; What type of strategies do other ethnic groups use to keep their consumer patterns in check so that this doesn't deplete and impoverish the group? This show is full of practical insights on how all levels of our community can alter their behaviors and relationships with one another. Our goal is to double and then double again the supply of goods, products and services to our members toward the aim of capturing this consumer wealth and turning it into sustainable, inter-generational wealth

The American Healthcare System is a Disease-Maintenance System - This nation has a major crisis with regard to its healthcare and the current debate over how to "fix" it doesn't even begin to address the real foundation of the problems. It is far too expensive, too intrusive, fundamentally flawed and was by far the greatest cause of premature death to the nation's citizens in 2016. REAL healthcare prevents diseases and disorders. This country's medical-pharmaceutical-drug cartel is about making profit. Our conversation contrasts this system against the system of "Functional Medicine", which is designed to eradicate the base cause of disorder in the body which results in disease diagnoses. We also spend a lot of time looking at the details of iatrogenic mortality (Death-by-Doctor) and the huge numbers who died in 2016 from the impact of this seriously flawed system. So many are dying and being injured that it now reaches into every household, taking our family members out prematurely while burdening the family with outrageous expenses, amounting to 1/6th of the nation's annual GDP. Today we give you an alternate pathway to stay young, live long, avoid drugs and diseases. (LIBMP3-3828)

The Falcon Forum Vol 527 - Topics today include: Obama authorized cyberwar against Russial how the US and Israel started cyberwar with Stuxnet 2010; Anglo-American nations meeting in Canada for cyber security; merging human interface and artificial intelligence; the future of the control of people and populations; protecting ourseves in this era of transhumanism; Amazon buys Whole Foods and owns the Washington Post; the new billionaires Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos could wreck the system; the problems with huge, do-all companies; lowing consumer prices while wrecking SME's; opportunities for boutique food markets; combining cyberwar and market sell-offs; Etherium cryptocurrency has a flash-crash; why federal employees don't want to work for Trump; how can citizens protect themselves from killer cops?; Jarrod Kushner's mission for peace in Israel/Palestine; living vegetables verses packaged; how blockchain technologies are disrupting the economy; taking care of the successful black class; who wil look out for the black underclass; five special elections since Trump and the Democrats lose them all; and much more. (LIBMP3-3830) Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 6 Evolution of Antibiotics and Food Nutrition Comprehension - In this final analysis of the chapter covering Food in the History of Biomedicine, the author brings the oldest science up to date. Specific analyses are made on the use of antibiotics and their correspondence to natural biomedical pharmacopoeia. The way that natural antibiosis is created by bacteria became the very basis of what we have as antibiotics today, even though not all of these developments have turned out optimally. A whole series of remarkable cures that have evolved in the last 3 centuries are directly connected to nature's medicinal processes. Lastly, the chapter goes into the broad subject of nutrition science and shows how this has risen in direct contradiction to the currently used "germ theory" basis of much western medicine. The historic rise of nutritional research into vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients is covered herein as well. (LIBMP3-3807E)
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  Food is Nature's Perfect MedicineFood is Nature's Most Perfect Medicine DVD - How do we get off the treadmill of increasingly dangerous dietary practices, constant failure with weight management strategies, mounting costs of healthcare and the proliferation of many “new diseases”, many of which were almost non-existent a couple of generations ago? The best solution is not another weight-loss program, fad diet, prescription drug or invasive medical procedure like gastric surgery – The best solution is to live smart, eat smart and engage in the simple disciplines of a healthy lifestyle. This new DVD by Chef Keidi Awadu takes the idea of food as medicine to a new level of detailed researh and closes the gap as to just how important to the advance of ethnopharmacology of food as it was rooted in ancient African culture and medicine. DVD running length 103 minutes.
$11.99 & $4 P&H (LIBDVD 235)
Bomani Tyehimba on African Tours and Repatriation - My guest today is certainly no stranger to our LIB Family. Over the past years I have made 4 trips to Africa with Bomani, to Ghana 3 times, Togo, Benin and now Ethiopia. His multiple annual tours to the continent are some of the best available both in terms of cost as well as the quality of the experience and management of tour details. Today's focus is not only on the awesome experience of such life-transforming travel, but on our critical need to invest in permanent development on the continent. Subjects covered today include: outstanding experiences, investing in land, the quality of Ethiopian Airlines as a world-class travel experience, multiple investment opportunities, developing reliable partnerships, the future of renewable energy development in Africa, and more. We get a great call from Daudi Mahali who has repatriated to Africa to launch a major business enterprise as well as to prevent his premature death from a critical disease diagnosis. For most Blacks, Africa is still a place of mystery, misunderstanding and lack of active engagement. Today you learn from people with great experiences and a powerful future outlook. (LIBMP3-3825) Review of Ancient Egyptian Medicine by John Nunn - Today we continue building on the set of studies which place the Nile River Valley origins of a spectrum of health related scientific comprehension at the core of the emergence of medicine in the world. This book is one of the most critical texts ever created which helps to bring all that has been discovered into one comprehensive text. While at times somewhat technical and a bit cumbersome, this book gives us numerous points for focus. It discusses the role of science in the evolution of ancient Egypt (Kemet); the role of food and medicine in the old civilizations; the role of the doctor (swnw) in history from the First Dynastic Period; the role of female physicians in the ancient world; and how we've come to learn so much from a collection of writings which have preserved this history. An important part of today's study is a list of 10 of the most acknowledged of the Kemetian physicians, beginning with Hesy-Ra, who predates Imhotep, during the reign of Pharaoh Djoser. The true roots of healing, trauma medicine, dentistry and the use of food and herbs as healing agents all have solid foundation in the ancients cultures of Africa. n
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  Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 4, Food in the History of Biomedicine 1 - We continue our intense reading, study and cross-referencing of this inspiring book. Chapter 2 is an examination of the role of biomedicine in the history of documented, science-based health advancement. While my criticism of the book is notably how, like too many other researchers, the author has overlooked the critical role that Nile Valley civilizations contributed to this body of biomedical science, nonetheless there is a lot of valuable insight to be found in this chapter. Having overlooked both the African and ancient Chinese contributions, the author begins with Hippocrates, other Greeks, and their preservation / interpretation of that which came before them. While we can most certainly appreciate the contribution of the Greek Hippocrates, we do correct the record to emphasize that he studied at the school of Aesculapius, which began as the deification of the very-real person Imhotep. From the rise of Hippocrates forward, others built upon and clarified this work with strong emphasis on the role of food, diet and comprehension of how the body's systems are nutrition-dependent. The fact is, most diseases and disorders still remain the outcome of controllable factors such as diet, hygiene and lifestyle. (LIBMP3-3807D)
The True Origins of Greek Medicine Are From Africa Parts 1, 2 and 3 - In this massive, 3-part investigative series I strive to close the gap between the widespread understanding that the Greeks were the pioneers of modern medicine and that Hippocrates is the true "Father of Medicine." This is no credible challenge to the significant contributions of the Greeks in the Nile Valley Delta with the creation of the Great Library of Alexandria. Yet, the evidence which builds from the time of Imhotep in the reign of Pharaoh Djoser in the 3rd Dynastic Period confirm that a profound level of medical science existed 1000 to 2200 years before significant Greek contribution. Part 1 examines 7 books in my collection on the roots of Freemasonry, the role of African science in the foundation of Western knowledge, the major contributions to healing, anatomical understanding and the complex nature of human body systems are all covered. Pt. 2 Goes into the life of Imhotep and his major contributions to medicine and science. As well we examine the establishment of the Library of Alexander in the Nile Delta and its central role in academic advance. Pt 3 expands the bibliography significantly and proves that the Minoan roots of Greek civilization are from Egypt. As well we look at the significance of the Edwin Smith Papyrus and link it to Imhotep and Egyptian surgical science. Our mission is to correct the often mistaken projection that the African contributions to our comprehension of effective, natural healing was nonexistent or unimportant. This is a monumental undertaking and I am grateful that you have taken our project seriously. (LIBMP3-3823 ABC)
The Trillion Dollar Take Back - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Today this program shares "Secrets of Serving Black Customers and Rebuilding Black Wealth." The conversation is centered around the void between the fabled "Black Consumer Power", the relatively small level of productivity of the group, and our strong commandments to increasingly "buy black" toward the aim of creating sustainable development. All along this chain there are fundamental flaws which we aim to effectively address in today's presentation. So many black business owners have actually given up on attracting the black consumer dollar. There arise fundamental questions as to what is wrong and what we can do better to close this gap. Too many black consumers have an ingrained attitude that black-manufactured products and services are inferior to those created by other ethnic groups. The roles of both producers and consumers, along with marketing forces from within and from without our ethnic group, all come into a complex interplay. This extensive conversation is intended to close these gaps and give the black economy the needed boost in order to fulfill its greatest potential. (LIBMP3-3824)
The Falcon Forum Vol 526 - Topics today include: Father's Day significance to black manhood and family; the health of the extended black family; is marriage dead as an institution?; family-dominated politics and red states electoral dominance; technology will obliterate the traditional family; challenges to black community and economy; failure of literacy and the group's integrity; the high performance of emigrant children in public education; giving props to great single-parent households; how feminism is transforming fertility patterns; women's ambition and low rates of childbearing; reconnecting to African immigrants and indigenous culture; the Cosby mistrial; attempted assassination in DC and what does this mean; acquittal of Philando Castile's killer cop; sliding into a dystopian society; TARP bailout of Obama verses Trump's tax cut proposal; combating external and internal degeneracy; mass media keeps leading us around by the nose; iatrogenics deaths dwarf police killings, yet no protest; Trump under increasing pressure for obstruction; South Africa's Zuma under great pressure to resign; People Power and control over local police; our need to focus on viable solutions; George Frazier's Power Networking Conference; overcoming the limitation of geriatric conferences and pro-black organizations; and more. (LIBMP3-3825)
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  Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 3 Identifying Food Medicine and Cultural Valuation - The first part of today's deeply engaging study session begins with means of using our senses to identify edible and medicinal plants. These "organoleptic qualities" can be determined by sight, smell, taste, feel and even sound and we can train ourselves to use our senses toward these specific aims. Classical primary tastes are distinguished as sweet, salty, sour and bitter, and can continue to be expressed as astringent, savory, "umani", and a number of negative responses as well. For most of us, we combine sensory attributes for complex comprehension of food medicine characteristics. The author examines various systems in cultural contexts, learning and experience as well. Ethnic pharmacology systems have developed in ancient societies in China, Japan, India, Africa, South America, Europe and many other parts of the planet, including island-based societies. As well, food as healing is woven into metaphors, allegory and folklore. We can now begin to fully comprehend how our learning environment has much to do with lifetime healthy eating habits. (LIBMP3-3807C)
Food Is Nature's Most Perfect Medicine - Today's in depth, graduate-level set of studies is centered on the idea that Nature provided within the spectrum of herbs and food substances which are much better for us than pharmaceutical drugs. I approach much of the conversation as almost health biography. My now seven-year foray into Living Superfood included two significant health challenge crises. I describe each and how I utilized the perfection of this clinical nutrition system to overcome the challenge completely drug-free. Further, the basis for sustained health with nutrition is called "functional medicine" and we explain how this is the best way for us to maintain life-long optimal health and disease prevention. We share up-do-date research on the deadly impact of pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S. as well as cite data from my own 2016 study called DEATH BY DOCTOR: Terrorism Hidden in Plain Sight. When all the relevant facts are presented openly, we can no longer avoid the fact that the mainstream AMA-based healthcare system in the U.S. is terribly flawed. Luckily, we have a real and viable solution at hand for those of us with the will to make the shift. (LIBMP3-3819)
What About Cardiovascular Disease? What Are You Gonna Do? - In the past two days I've received news that two people in my closer circle of associates and family have had major incidents with cardiovascular disease (CVD). Most of us do have friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and others close to us that are recently impacted by this killer disorder. We discuss an alternative pathway to maintaining our health, disease prevention, and eliminating the problem of chronic inflammation, which is at the heart of most acute CVD incidence. The Standard America Diet (S.A.D.) has proven itself to be a major source of provocation for the onset of disease of metabolism, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity-related disorders, cancer and CVD, as well as other threats to longevity. We cover the value of the 7 Principles of health, especially exercise when it come specifically to cardiovascular disease. I talk about high intensity interval training and how it is one of my own preferred daily exercise routines. Can we all adopt lifestyle practices that lengthen our years, prevent chronic disease and keep us from being pharmaceutical drug dependent? The answer is YES! (LIBMP3-3820)
Pursuing Ultimate Success - What does it take to hit your ultimate success? Do your dreams come true? Let's talk today about hitting our ultimate successes in life. In today's program we do our part to contribute to the body of inspiring, motivating and mission-forming literature that is out here. Many of us have long term visions which transform not only our individual lives, but the lives of family and community as well. Today's program focuses as much as possible on that which is practicable and not merely theoretical. In the end, I encourage all to not only prepare themselves with the right skills sets to accomplish their life goals, but to also develop a means of expressing your ideas so that others, potential collaborators, can be attracted to you. We do NOT build great world successes as individuals but instead each of us needs to pursue the right peer anchorage to do big, bold things. I do list some of my favorite books that not only encourage development but also accentuate the right type of contemporary tools which will be of great value. It is indeed time for us to "Dream Out Loud." (LIBMP3-3821)
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  Functional Pan Africanism and Practical Black Nationalism Made Simple - As we look around what is considered to be "black community" and within those cities with the largest populations of people of African heritage, we may come to conclude that we are not doing very well. I present this as a critique of our current state of our movements and how we can do better and create more tangible outcomes at this critical juncture in world civilization transition. From my point of analysis, the very definition of Pan African and Black Nationalism has become very clouded and non-practical over recent decades. We discuss the ability to create viable exchange and relations among Blacks around the globe. We are 1.5 billion strong as African people on this planet. We are in 54 continental nations, South and Central America, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Southern Asia. As well, within the U.S. our concept of practical Black Nationalism is failing to address the critical economic needs of our existence. We go to the book THE REPAIRING for practical solutions to these problems in order to not pass them on to another generation of our youth. (LIBMP3-3815)
Real Economic Research and the Change It Will Create - I woke up to see one of our favorite black economics advocates telling the story of "Black Wall Street" and the destruction of the Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June 1921. Yet, like so many other tales of this saga, key points were omitted from the story which may be the most vital lessons of Black Wall Street. Because our economic scholars have been so unprepared, we use some newer, better and more practicable research on what has changed the urban environment so dramatically since WWII whereby our black communities have gotten left behind as the new economy evolves. We cannot move forward into a sustainable economic future if we continue to cling to outdated modes of thinking, analysis, non-productive calls to action, and strategies based on obsolete factors. What can be done to attract talented, skilled and visionary young people, at the beginnings of their working careers, to these urban neighborhoods which are being gentrified and occupied by those who no longer want to commute from the suburbs? What is happening to America's cities that we can take control over? (LIBMP3-3816)
Aging Begins at 27, But Not for Everyone - In 2009 a group of researchers won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the process of how the enzyme telomerase as involved in various cellular processes within single-celled creatures and cancer cells. While we have some needed simple comprehension gained from this discovery, today we take that research off into a whole new realm. As usual, with our wholistic comprehension of western scientific research, we have discovered that the basis of this research is toward the aim of making more money exploiting people's weaknesses, disease conditions and lack of knowledge of just how perfect was Nature's order in the first place. Today's classroom is on microbiology, genetics, enzymes, optimized nutrition, environmental stressors, the REAL and perceived causes of cancer and more from the catalog of peer-reviewed scientific literature. Then, I go to my own book LIVING SUPERFOOD LONGEVITY, published one year ago this week, to set the record straight. Western science and medicine has compartmentalized information and disconnected critical parts of what is actually known. Our approach is to put the various parts back together and to tell the whole story to our audience, especially those parts that truly empower people. (LIBMP3-3817)
The Falcon Forum Vol 525 - Topics include: POTUS Trump pulls the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord; debate over the role of U.S. tech leadership; population control verses greenhouse gasses; white babies are in the minority in the U.S.; drought and famine looming in Africa and India; comprehending the complex nature of African challenges; ideas for African sustainable development; phenomenal growth potential in African renewable energies; Uganda's development of Africa's first electric vehicle; the renewable energy future; deconstructing Trump's intellectual capacity; Trump policies in the tax plan, school choice, limiting immigrants, border protection - debating good or bad; prosperity and planetary abundance; Zeitgeist and the Venus Project; designing cities to be environmentally friendly; fear in the American mentality; living within Nature's order; HULU TV series The Handmaid's Tale; does money as currency block progress; debt ruins long term economic growth; building up black-owned banks - savings or stocks?; rebuilding the LIB Family in social media; a hot week ahead for Trump and Russian connections in Congressional hearings; and more. (LIBMP3-3817)
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  The Paradox of Progress, A Futurist Projection for Sub-Saharan Africa - There are a number of think tanks which have evolved to serve the national and futurist interest of their sponsoring governments. For much of today's research we access the published documents of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which publishes the Global Trends reports every 5 years or so. Today's report is part of their annex of the Next 5 Years and specifically focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa. There is great reason to be optimistic as Africa enjoys the demographic dividend, increased democratization, rapid rates of GDP growth and industrialization as well as the youngest labor force of any region. Yet, there are still significant challenges which must be met. Our look is at the recovery of the continent from 600 years of debilitation, colonization and rabid exploitation. The next 35 years, leading toward an anticipated unification and federation, is the steepest climb of our ascendance to the top of our pinnacle of power. We are preparing our people and our youth to inherit the greatest empire that the world has ever known. This requires that we engage deliberate strategies to build this power. (LIBMP3-3812)
The Falcon Forum Vol 524 - Topics today include: International travel and how it rounds out one's whole life' TSA criticism and "American Freedom"; comparing TSA to the FDA, USDA, CDC, etc.; deep reflections for visiting Ethiopia; living in a truly spiritual society; Africa's many positive influences; the Trump political meltdown; how the POTUS measured on the world stage; global warming and carbon sequestering; Trump's lack of competence and social grace; pulling security for the First Family; how Russia mastered the U.S. political stage; Jared Kushner's deep secrets emerge; who still supports Trump?; where is this thing going?; Trump as the vital voice of "White Supremacy"; threats of a new global war; China announces the triumph of a new global order; book recommend, The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab; motivating our people to self-determined changes; creating a dynamic for world transformation; Zbigniew Brzyzinski dies but leaves a legacy; why we must study international power systems and dynamics; book read Richard Florida's The New Urban Crisis; gentrification; and more. (LIBMP3-3813)
Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 2: Pt 1 Allelochemistry in Plants; Pt 2 Hunters and Gathering Societies - Allelopathy is the way that plants have evolved chemical processes that assure all aspects of their survival.  Because humans have co-evolved in close symbiosis with this plant environment, many of these chemical processes have direct impact on our relationship with the plant world.  These qualities affect our attraction to various species, digestibility and taste of differing plant foods, protective agents and even a number of reproductive functions that are tied to our plant relations. This comprises an important spectrum of the value of the plant world as a practical ethnopharmacology, or storehouse of Nature's most natural medicines. In the first part of today's class, the author takes us through a vast spectrum of these symbiotic relations and how they evolved. In the second part of our classroom, we examine a chronology of the evolution of hunter-gatherer societies to see how their habits, economic patterns, dietary practices and even cultural traditions support the interrelation between humans, plants, animals and environment. (LIBMP3-3807B) Electrifying Africa with Renewable Energy Micro-Grids - Today's program is a combination of economic opportunity, business development, financial freedom, future studies, and sustainable development. As our detailed, data-driven research shows, the expansion of electricity to over 600 million people across Africa has produced, and will continue to produce, one of the planets greatest cash flows for the next 35 years and more. From 2001 to 2060, Africa's share of $16.5 trillion of energy growth in the world is estimated at over $675 billion. From 2015 to 2050 projected growth is $3 trillion, most of it in Sub-Saharan Africa. The rise of non-public utility solutions is best tailored for the continent and fits the "leapfrogging" model of African technological catch-up. We have the ability to get into this market, get in early and make a tremendous return on investment. As we continue to blow opportunities to enriches by doing things like spending $51.8 billion during two months of holiday shopping madness, we now realize that we can gain the greatest wealth expansion on the planet by developing a new leadership to accomplish these greater, transformative development projects. (LIBMP3-3814)
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  Warren Northern, 12 Step Recovery Guide for African Men - My guest today has witnessed first-hand the traumatic life of substance abuse. On his pathway to recovery he discovered just how important African culture, spirituality and the specifics of black life are important components of reorienting toward a proper life pathway. As such, he has developed a distinctive program of recovery that is catered specifically to the unique experiences of African men. Our conversation is inspiring and detailed with many of the challenges he and others have faced which lead to, through and beyond the constrictions of substance abuse. For us, as Black Men, to be of full and great service to our community we have got to lay a proper foundation for younger men to establish themselves. The circumstances of our contemporary life in America have compelled us to be bold, forward thinking and resourceful. We are always grateful to have such honest and productive dialogues raised among us from people who have first-hand experiences that can empower the extended family. (LIBMP3-3808) Ethiopia, Future Economic Growth and Functional Pan Africanism - I have just returned from my 7th trip to the African continent. What I've born witness to is the rapid growth and development which is happening across the continent, but which the U.S. media consistently fails to inform the majority of the public. For people of African ancestry it is absolutely critical that we are informed, up-to-date and encouraged to participate in this great level of sustainable development. Using first-hand testimonies as well as critical excerpts from the extensive research on functional Pan Africanism covered in my latest book, The Repairing, I strive to convince the listeners that this is our historic moment and that we MUST seize this moment. As well, the recent conference held in China on global trade relations signals a death-knell for the waning American empire. This all indicates that the world is at a major crossroads and that African people are in a great position to advance forward in a manner that has been held away from us for over 500 years. Are YOU ready to take control of global economics and transform the future that we will pass on to our younger generations? (LIBMP3-3809) The New Urban Crisis, Columbus and the Future of Urban Economic Sustainability - I've just returned from the city of my birth and very early childhood. As I drove throughout the area I was in awe of the amount of new construction and economic growth that had blessed central Ohio. Yet, the traditional black communities had not been participating in this dynamic growth and were moving firmly in the opposite direction. What has been going on in America's largest cities over the past half century as resulted in rapidly expanding, technology-based growth for non-Blacks, and gentrification and decay for Afri-Amers. Using the groundbreaking research from Richard Florida's new book, we get valuable insights into this trend of "economic clustering" which has created patchworks of immense wealth and dire poverty all across the nation. We get a chance to examine the fundamentals of what makes urban areas dynamic and creative. As well, we get a chance to grade the leadership of black communities who are rapidly being left behind. We can now see real and workable solutions to this lingering problem of wealth and income disparity. (LIBMP3-3810)
Marketing, Right on Time - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Our program today is on how to "Leverage Time Currency for Best Results and Huge Profitability" and the research is really useful. Just like a successful farmer, our ability to properly time all aspects of our business development and marketing is critical. Yet, because of the gross disparity in the success of black-owned businesses compared to others, we know that something is terribly wrong. This program approaches critical questions to resolve this disparity. What parts of the foundation of marketing require time factoring? How do too many of our businesses waste their and their customer's time? How do we get better with time? These and other important talking points are on the table today and Aunkh has again prepared a masterful lesson for us all. All entrepreneurs and business owners should be taking this ongoing course very seriously. We have the ability to transform ourselves, seize our historic destiny, and create a vast network of successful businesses that can transform our reality...over time! (LIBMP3-3811)
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  Why We Must Teach Scientific Futurism to Our Youth - There is a great focus among the culturally conscious community on the long and terrible history of our Maafa journey, enslavement and the unending stream of offenses against members of the African race. While these are needed for us to close the historic circle, there has been far too little study of the scientific pathway into sustainable future, what we call "Scientific Futurism." I first lay out the 15 academic disciplines which constitute scientific futurism, we then use Chapter 9 from THE REPAIRING, Training Leadership for a Sustainable Future, as the basis for today's insights. Of the 15 categories, I cite 5 for our particular focus, demographics, trend analysis, sociology & culture, science & technology trends, and environment & climate change. We close by emphasizing the critical need to teach our youth to master not only STEM education but point out the need to master 15 critical careers of the future. Go to . to learn much more and get your copy of the book. (LIBMP3-3804) Doom and Gloom, or the Big Boom in African Development - We begin today's program by examining what major western press operations, such as the New York Times, BBC and Reuters have to say this week about African nations and Ethiopia in particular. Not satisfied with their perspective about us, we next turn to to see what African media has to say. We find that our own perspective within this country is disproportionately shaped by negative news reports from hostile competitors. Meanwhile, African press is quite uplifting, much more informative and doing their best to convince more of us to become active partners in the successes which they are currently experiencing. Yes, there are some significant problems and challenges which face these rapidly emerging nations. Yet, given this new and accurate set of facts, it is much more likely that you and I will be inspired to get in, get in early and get in deep on the transformation of Africa's global economic status. There is indeed great reason to be optimistic about our future. (LIBMP3-3805) The Big Picture, How to Win The Game of Monetization - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Today's show absolutely is one of the most exciting of our over 4-year production record. It builds upon our previous programs in so many ways, yet it seems so simple when you hear it in this context. Contrary to so many publicized campaigns to help people "make more money," this program is bigger than that in that it emphasizes the process we call "monetization." Once we comprehend what this differences actually means, then we start to assemble the toolkit that allows us to rise to this level. These include the comprehension of culture, accessing media, building a solid base of supporters and customers, as well as tailoring the message so that the maximization of your value-creation is paramount. When we consider the way by which the mass of our Afri-Amer community is suffering disproportionately from business inadequacy, economic depravation, poor education and lack of group esteem, this is the type of instruction that can definitely make a big difference in how we approach our sustainable business development and wealth accumulation. (LIBMP3-3806)
Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 1 An Ethnopharmacology of Food, by Nina Etkins Intro 1 - This is the introduction to our new study. The author writes:This book investigates the health implications of foods from the cuisines of peoples around the world to describe the place of food in health maintenance. In this wide-ranging book, Nina Etkins reveals the pharmacological potential of foods in the specific cultural contexts in which they are used. Incorporating co-evolution with a biocultural perspective, she addresses some of the physiological effects of foods across cultures and through history while taking into account both the complex dynamics of food choice and the blurred distinctions between food and medicine." For anyone who is interested in how "food is Nature's most perfect medicine" and is looking for the hard evidence to see that African traditional diets were the mastery of such, this is a great book and study for your enlightenment. (LIBMP3-3807A)
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  Disruption of the Global Media and Communications Industries - After visiting the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention, I give a report on the massive disruption and democratization of mass media, largely due to the impact of new communications technologies. I relate to the spectrum of these new media tools from acquisition to media handling and distribution through to the consumer. The impact of the Internet on modern communications has been absolutely profound. As well, so-called "Moore's Law" has the power of this technology doubling over the course of every 18 months while the price of acquiring and using this technology is cut in half. When we consider the various economic systems which are at the heart of modern national empowerment, having access to or control over media and communications is absolutely imperative. Yet, in too many ways, the people most in need of highly functioning media and communications are the last to see the great advantage of mastering these new empowering pathways. There is a limited number of Blacks who attend the annual NAB Show. We are here and we are ready for our people to empower us with the right foundation of financial support. (LIBMP3-3800)
25 Years After the LA Uprising, It Can Happen Again - As we approach the April 29, 2017 25th anniversary of the LA Uprisings (often misnamed the "Rodney King Riot", we look at a long list of the underlying foundations of this explosive rebellion. Our insights discuss economic inequality, massive unemployment, white flight, the impact of "Reaganomics", the murder of Latasha Harlins, a terrible void between Blacks and South Korean merchant colonialism, the role of mass media in replaying again and again our degeneracy and the lynching of Rodney King. Key players such as Daryl Gates fascist and militarized LAPD, the equally brutal LA County Sheriff's department, the impact of guns and drugs smuggled into South Central in league with Reagan's assault on Central American countries, the traitorous behavior of black drug dealers and criminal gangs, along with the treachery of upper class Blacks who wanted nothing to do with maintaining the economic viability of the poorer neighborhoods. In this analysis, along with a couple of reports we shared today, the roots of the LA Uprising were indeed complex and we can now see the same conditions have come back. Could another explosive rebellion occur in the coming seasons? Our determination indicates that yes, it might. (LIBMP3-3801)
The Falcon Forum Vol 523 - Topics include: 100 days of the Trump presidency - what has he done?; 25th anniversary of the LA Uprising is 25 years after the Hot Summer of 1967; "Echo Boomers" are on track to upset the system; clashes of pro and anti-Trump forces; balkinization of the US populace; is America moving toward overt fascism?; release of TV series The Handmaid's Tale forcasts dystopian America; assimilation, segregation and identity for Blacks; ethnic mixing; traveling to Ethiopia and things to do there; assets and liabilities of emerging nations; 2.584 million black-owned businness don't employ many Blacks; the gap between what we say and do; comparing Chinese Africa policies to the IMF and World Bank; Afri-Amers ignore African immigrants; investing in African students and our young population; bridging traditional African values and the new global economy; replicating ancient systems; centralized authoritarianism or neoliberal democracy?; African complex security policies and conflicts; being realistic about our global African status; and more. (LIBMP3802) Attracting Investors Book Study Vol 7 Strategies, Tactics and Value for Investors - Our final installment of study of this valuable book focuses on Strategy, Tactics and Value addition toward the aim of you successfully partnering with the investors who are going to fund your entrepreneurial expansion. Each categoy has three major divisions to include detailed explanation of each. These include 1) Strategies - segmentation, targeting and positioning; 2) Tactics - differentiation, marketing mix and relationship selling; and 3) Value - brand, service and process. After all the previous weeks of study, this set of 9 critical points allow us to close the gaps and to focus as much as is needed on those critical areas which will bring about the greatest opportunity to not only attract angel and VC funding, but to move further on to IPO, LBO and other funding sources that can generate billions of dollars in revenue and deveopment capital. (LIBMP3-3803)
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