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Living Superfood Recipes Vol 2Living Superfood Recipes Vol 2: My latest collection of raw, vegan and superfood recipes is guaranteed to be a big hit with your friends, families and fellow vegans. In the seven years since converting to this lifestyle and releasing Recipes Vol 1, I've come to really master this specific culinary artistry as well as perfect my system of disease prevention and clinical nutrition. These recipes include juicing, smoothies, snacks & appetizers, entrees, side dishes, breads, dressings & condiments, and incredibly tasty desserts as well. I can't wait to hear your reaction to this new collection. As much now as ever before: Food is Nature's most PERFECT medicine!

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  The Trillion Dollar Take Back Pt 2 - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - We continue this extended series with our second volume of investigating the impact of Blacks in the U.S. spending some $1.3 trillion in consumption annually. Further, because our level of productivity is so low (only producing $1 in goods and services for each $7 spent), it becomes necessary for us to consider ways of increasing the slice of this trillion dollar spending which circulates solely within the group. We look at various angles of this dilemma: What doesn't our businesses understand about their role in our economics?; Why are wealthy Blacks such a "terrible embarrassment to the black community?; What type of strategies do other ethnic groups use to keep their consumer patterns in check so that this doesn't deplete and impoverish the group? This show is full of practical insights on how all levels of our community can alter their behaviors and relationships with one another. Our goal is to double and then double again the supply of goods, products and services to our members toward the aim of capturing this consumer wealth and turning it into sustainable, inter-generational wealth

The American Healthcare System is a Disease-Maintenance System - This nation has a major crisis with regard to its healthcare and the current debate over how to "fix" it doesn't even begin to address the real foundation of the problems. It is far too expensive, too intrusive, fundamentally flawed and was by far the greatest cause of premature death to the nation's citizens in 2016. REAL healthcare prevents diseases and disorders. This country's medical-pharmaceutical-drug cartel is about making profit. Our conversation contrasts this system against the system of "Functional Medicine", which is designed to eradicate the base cause of disorder in the body which results in disease diagnoses. We also spend a lot of time looking at the details of iatrogenic mortality (Death-by-Doctor) and the huge numbers who died in 2016 from the impact of this seriously flawed system. So many are dying and being injured that it now reaches into every household, taking our family members out prematurely while burdening the family with outrageous expenses, amounting to 1/6th of the nation's annual GDP. Today we give you an alternate pathway to stay young, live long, avoid drugs and diseases. (LIBMP3-3828)

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  Food is Nature's Perfect MedicineFood is Nature's Most Perfect Medicine DVD - How do we get off the treadmill of increasingly dangerous dietary practices, constant failure with weight management strategies, mounting costs of healthcare and the proliferation of many “new diseases”, many of which were almost non-existent a couple of generations ago? The best solution is not another weight-loss program, fad diet, prescription drug or invasive medical procedure like gastric surgery – The best solution is to live smart, eat smart and engage in the simple disciplines of a healthy lifestyle. This new DVD by Chef Keidi Awadu takes the idea of food as medicine to a new level of detailed researh and closes the gap as to just how important to the advance of ethnopharmacology of food as it was rooted in ancient African culture and medicine. DVD running length 103 minutes.
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Bomani Tyehimba on African Tours and Repatriation - My guest today is certainly no stranger to our LIB Family. Over the past years I have made 4 trips to Africa with Bomani, to Ghana 3 times, Togo, Benin and now Ethiopia. His multiple annual tours to the continent are some of the best available both in terms of cost as well as the quality of the experience and management of tour details. Today's focus is not only on the awesome experience of such life-transforming travel, but on our critical need to invest in permanent development on the continent. Subjects covered today include: outstanding experiences, investing in land, the quality of Ethiopian Airlines as a world-class travel experience, multiple investment opportunities, developing reliable partnerships, the future of renewable energy development in Africa, and more. We get a great call from Daudi Mahali who has repatriated to Africa to launch a major business enterprise as well as to prevent his premature death from a critical disease diagnosis. For most Blacks, Africa is still a place of mystery, misunderstanding and lack of active engagement. Today you learn from people with great experiences and a powerful future outlook. (LIBMP3-3825) Review of Ancient Egyptian Medicine by John Nunn - Today we continue building on the set of studies which place the Nile River Valley origins of a spectrum of health related scientific comprehension at the core of the emergence of medicine in the world. This book is one of the most critical texts ever created which helps to bring all that has been discovered into one comprehensive text. While at times somewhat technical and a bit cumbersome, this book gives us numerous points for focus. It discusses the role of science in the evolution of ancient Egypt (Kemet); the role of food and medicine in the old civilizations; the role of the doctor (swnw) in history from the First Dynastic Period; the role of female physicians in the ancient world; and how we've come to learn so much from a collection of writings which have preserved this history. An important part of today's study is a list of 10 of the most acknowledged of the Kemetian physicians, beginning with Hesy-Ra, who predates Imhotep, during the reign of Pharaoh Djoser. The true roots of healing, trauma medicine, dentistry and the use of food and herbs as healing agents all have solid foundation in the ancients cultures of Africa. n
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  Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 4, Food in the History of Biomedicine 1 - We continue our intense reading, study and cross-referencing of this inspiring book. Chapter 2 is an examination of the role of biomedicine in the history of documented, science-based health advancement. While my criticism of the book is notably how, like too many other researchers, the author has overlooked the critical role that Nile Valley civilizations contributed to this body of biomedical science, nonetheless there is a lot of valuable insight to be found in this chapter. Having overlooked both the African and ancient Chinese contributions, the author begins with Hippocrates, other Greeks, and their preservation / interpretation of that which came before them. While we can most certainly appreciate the contribution of the Greek Hippocrates, we do correct the record to emphasize that he studied at the school of Aesculapius, which began as the deification of the very-real person Imhotep. From the rise of Hippocrates forward, others built upon and clarified this work with strong emphasis on the role of food, diet and comprehension of how the body's systems are nutrition-dependent. The fact is, most diseases and disorders still remain the outcome of controllable factors such as diet, hygiene and lifestyle. (LIBMP3-3807D)
The True Origins of Greek Medicine Are From Africa Parts 1, 2 and 3 - In this massive, 3-part investigative series I strive to close the gap between the widespread understanding that the Greeks were the pioneers of modern medicine and that Hippocrates is the true "Father of Medicine." This is no credible challenge to the significant contributions of the Greeks in the Nile Valley Delta with the creation of the Great Library of Alexandria. Yet, the evidence which builds from the time of Imhotep in the reign of Pharaoh Djoser in the 3rd Dynastic Period confirm that a profound level of medical science existed 1000 to 2200 years before significant Greek contribution. Part 1 examines 7 books in my collection on the roots of Freemasonry, the role of African science in the foundation of Western knowledge, the major contributions to healing, anatomical understanding and the complex nature of human body systems are all covered. Pt. 2 Goes into the life of Imhotep and his major contributions to medicine and science. As well we examine the establishment of the Library of Alexander in the Nile Delta and its central role in academic advance. Pt 3 expands the bibliography significantly and proves that the Minoan roots of Greek civilization are from Egypt. As well we look at the significance of the Edwin Smith Papyrus and link it to Imhotep and Egyptian surgical science. Our mission is to correct the often mistaken projection that the African contributions to our comprehension of effective, natural healing was nonexistent or unimportant. This is a monumental undertaking and I am grateful that you have taken our project seriously. (LIBMP3-3823 ABC)
The Trillion Dollar Take Back - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Today this program shares "Secrets of Serving Black Customers and Rebuilding Black Wealth." The conversation is centered around the void between the fabled "Black Consumer Power", the relatively small level of productivity of the group, and our strong commandments to increasingly "buy black" toward the aim of creating sustainable development. All along this chain there are fundamental flaws which we aim to effectively address in today's presentation. So many black business owners have actually given up on attracting the black consumer dollar. There arise fundamental questions as to what is wrong and what we can do better to close this gap. Too many black consumers have an ingrained attitude that black-manufactured products and services are inferior to those created by other ethnic groups. The roles of both producers and consumers, along with marketing forces from within and from without our ethnic group, all come into a complex interplay. This extensive conversation is intended to close these gaps and give the black economy the needed boost in order to fulfill its greatest potential. (LIBMP3-3824)
The Falcon Forum Vol 526 - Topics today include: Father's Day significance to black manhood and family; the health of the extended black family; is marriage dead as an institution?; family-dominated politics and red states electoral dominance; technology will obliterate the traditional family; challenges to black community and economy; failure of literacy and the group's integrity; the high performance of emigrant children in public education; giving props to great single-parent households; how feminism is transforming fertility patterns; women's ambition and low rates of childbearing; reconnecting to African immigrants and indigenous culture; the Cosby mistrial; attempted assassination in DC and what does this mean; acquittal of Philando Castile's killer cop; sliding into a dystopian society; TARP bailout of Obama verses Trump's tax cut proposal; combating external and internal degeneracy; mass media keeps leading us around by the nose; iatrogenics deaths dwarf police killings, yet no protest; Trump under increasing pressure for obstruction; South Africa's Zuma under great pressure to resign; People Power and control over local police; our need to focus on viable solutions; George Frazier's Power Networking Conference; overcoming the limitation of geriatric conferences and pro-black organizations; and more. (LIBMP3-3825)
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  Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 3 Identifying Food Medicine and Cultural Valuation - The first part of today's deeply engaging study session begins with means of using our senses to identify edible and medicinal plants. These "organoleptic qualities" can be determined by sight, smell, taste, feel and even sound and we can train ourselves to use our senses toward these specific aims. Classical primary tastes are distinguished as sweet, salty, sour and bitter, and can continue to be expressed as astringent, savory, "umani", and a number of negative responses as well. For most of us, we combine sensory attributes for complex comprehension of food medicine characteristics. The author examines various systems in cultural contexts, learning and experience as well. Ethnic pharmacology systems have developed in ancient societies in China, Japan, India, Africa, South America, Europe and many other parts of the planet, including island-based societies. As well, food as healing is woven into metaphors, allegory and folklore. We can now begin to fully comprehend how our learning environment has much to do with lifetime healthy eating habits. (LIBMP3-3807C)
Food Is Nature's Most Perfect Medicine - Today's in depth, graduate-level set of studies is centered on the idea that Nature provided within the spectrum of herbs and food substances which are much better for us than pharmaceutical drugs. I approach much of the conversation as almost health biography. My now seven-year foray into Living Superfood included two significant health challenge crises. I describe each and how I utilized the perfection of this clinical nutrition system to overcome the challenge completely drug-free. Further, the basis for sustained health with nutrition is called "functional medicine" and we explain how this is the best way for us to maintain life-long optimal health and disease prevention. We share up-do-date research on the deadly impact of pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S. as well as cite data from my own 2016 study called DEATH BY DOCTOR: Terrorism Hidden in Plain Sight. When all the relevant facts are presented openly, we can no longer avoid the fact that the mainstream AMA-based healthcare system in the U.S. is terribly flawed. Luckily, we have a real and viable solution at hand for those of us with the will to make the shift. (LIBMP3-3819)
What About Cardiovascular Disease? What Are You Gonna Do? - In the past two days I've received news that two people in my closer circle of associates and family have had major incidents with cardiovascular disease (CVD). Most of us do have friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and others close to us that are recently impacted by this killer disorder. We discuss an alternative pathway to maintaining our health, disease prevention, and eliminating the problem of chronic inflammation, which is at the heart of most acute CVD incidence. The Standard America Diet (S.A.D.) has proven itself to be a major source of provocation for the onset of disease of metabolism, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity-related disorders, cancer and CVD, as well as other threats to longevity. We cover the value of the 7 Principles of health, especially exercise when it come specifically to cardiovascular disease. I talk about high intensity interval training and how it is one of my own preferred daily exercise routines. Can we all adopt lifestyle practices that lengthen our years, prevent chronic disease and keep us from being pharmaceutical drug dependent? The answer is YES! (LIBMP3-3820)
Pursuing Ultimate Success - What does it take to hit your ultimate success? Do your dreams come true? Let's talk today about hitting our ultimate successes in life. In today's program we do our part to contribute to the body of inspiring, motivating and mission-forming literature that is out here. Many of us have long term visions which transform not only our individual lives, but the lives of family and community as well. Today's program focuses as much as possible on that which is practicable and not merely theoretical. In the end, I encourage all to not only prepare themselves with the right skills sets to accomplish their life goals, but to also develop a means of expressing your ideas so that others, potential collaborators, can be attracted to you. We do NOT build great world successes as individuals but instead each of us needs to pursue the right peer anchorage to do big, bold things. I do list some of my favorite books that not only encourage development but also accentuate the right type of contemporary tools which will be of great value. It is indeed time for us to "Dream Out Loud." (LIBMP3-3821)
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  Functional Pan Africanism and Practical Black Nationalism Made Simple - As we look around what is considered to be "black community" and within those cities with the largest populations of people of African heritage, we may come to conclude that we are not doing very well. I present this as a critique of our current state of our movements and how we can do better and create more tangible outcomes at this critical juncture in world civilization transition. From my point of analysis, the very definition of Pan African and Black Nationalism has become very clouded and non-practical over recent decades. We discuss the ability to create viable exchange and relations among Blacks around the globe. We are 1.5 billion strong as African people on this planet. We are in 54 continental nations, South and Central America, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Southern Asia. As well, within the U.S. our concept of practical Black Nationalism is failing to address the critical economic needs of our existence. We go to the book THE REPAIRING for practical solutions to these problems in order to not pass them on to another generation of our youth. (LIBMP3-3815)
Real Economic Research and the Change It Will Create - I woke up to see one of our favorite black economics advocates telling the story of "Black Wall Street" and the destruction of the Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June 1921. Yet, like so many other tales of this saga, key points were omitted from the story which may be the most vital lessons of Black Wall Street. Because our economic scholars have been so unprepared, we use some newer, better and more practicable research on what has changed the urban environment so dramatically since WWII whereby our black communities have gotten left behind as the new economy evolves. We cannot move forward into a sustainable economic future if we continue to cling to outdated modes of thinking, analysis, non-productive calls to action, and strategies based on obsolete factors. What can be done to attract talented, skilled and visionary young people, at the beginnings of their working careers, to these urban neighborhoods which are being gentrified and occupied by those who no longer want to commute from the suburbs? What is happening to America's cities that we can take control over? (LIBMP3-3816)
Aging Begins at 27, But Not for Everyone - In 2009 a group of researchers won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the process of how the enzyme telomerase as involved in various cellular processes within single-celled creatures and cancer cells. While we have some needed simple comprehension gained from this discovery, today we take that research off into a whole new realm. As usual, with our wholistic comprehension of western scientific research, we have discovered that the basis of this research is toward the aim of making more money exploiting people's weaknesses, disease conditions and lack of knowledge of just how perfect was Nature's order in the first place. Today's classroom is on microbiology, genetics, enzymes, optimized nutrition, environmental stressors, the REAL and perceived causes of cancer and more from the catalog of peer-reviewed scientific literature. Then, I go to my own book LIVING SUPERFOOD LONGEVITY, published one year ago this week, to set the record straight. Western science and medicine has compartmentalized information and disconnected critical parts of what is actually known. Our approach is to put the various parts back together and to tell the whole story to our audience, especially those parts that truly empower people. (LIBMP3-3817)
The Falcon Forum Vol 525 - Topics include: POTUS Trump pulls the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord; debate over the role of U.S. tech leadership; population control verses greenhouse gasses; white babies are in the minority in the U.S.; drought and famine looming in Africa and India; comprehending the complex nature of African challenges; ideas for African sustainable development; phenomenal growth potential in African renewable energies; Uganda's development of Africa's first electric vehicle; the renewable energy future; deconstructing Trump's intellectual capacity; Trump policies in the tax plan, school choice, limiting immigrants, border protection - debating good or bad; prosperity and planetary abundance; Zeitgeist and the Venus Project; designing cities to be environmentally friendly; fear in the American mentality; living within Nature's order; HULU TV series The Handmaid's Tale; does money as currency block progress; debt ruins long term economic growth; building up black-owned banks - savings or stocks?; rebuilding the LIB Family in social media; a hot week ahead for Trump and Russian connections in Congressional hearings; and more. (LIBMP3-3817)
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  The Paradox of Progress, A Futurist Projection for Sub-Saharan Africa - There are a number of think tanks which have evolved to serve the national and futurist interest of their sponsoring governments. For much of today's research we access the published documents of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which publishes the Global Trends reports every 5 years or so. Today's report is part of their annex of the Next 5 Years and specifically focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa. There is great reason to be optimistic as Africa enjoys the demographic dividend, increased democratization, rapid rates of GDP growth and industrialization as well as the youngest labor force of any region. Yet, there are still significant challenges which must be met. Our look is at the recovery of the continent from 600 years of debilitation, colonization and rabid exploitation. The next 35 years, leading toward an anticipated unification and federation, is the steepest climb of our ascendance to the top of our pinnacle of power. We are preparing our people and our youth to inherit the greatest empire that the world has ever known. This requires that we engage deliberate strategies to build this power. (LIBMP3-3812)
The Falcon Forum Vol 524 - Topics today include: International travel and how it rounds out one's whole life' TSA criticism and "American Freedom"; comparing TSA to the FDA, USDA, CDC, etc.; deep reflections for visiting Ethiopia; living in a truly spiritual society; Africa's many positive influences; the Trump political meltdown; how the POTUS measured on the world stage; global warming and carbon sequestering; Trump's lack of competence and social grace; pulling security for the First Family; how Russia mastered the U.S. political stage; Jared Kushner's deep secrets emerge; who still supports Trump?; where is this thing going?; Trump as the vital voice of "White Supremacy"; threats of a new global war; China announces the triumph of a new global order; book recommend, The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab; motivating our people to self-determined changes; creating a dynamic for world transformation; Zbigniew Brzyzinski dies but leaves a legacy; why we must study international power systems and dynamics; book read Richard Florida's The New Urban Crisis; gentrification; and more. (LIBMP3-3813)
Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 2: Pt 1 Allelochemistry in Plants; Pt 2 Hunters and Gathering Societies - Allelopathy is the way that plants have evolved chemical processes that assure all aspects of their survival.  Because humans have co-evolved in close symbiosis with this plant environment, many of these chemical processes have direct impact on our relationship with the plant world.  These qualities affect our attraction to various species, digestibility and taste of differing plant foods, protective agents and even a number of reproductive functions that are tied to our plant relations. This comprises an important spectrum of the value of the plant world as a practical ethnopharmacology, or storehouse of Nature's most natural medicines. In the first part of today's class, the author takes us through a vast spectrum of these symbiotic relations and how they evolved. In the second part of our classroom, we examine a chronology of the evolution of hunter-gatherer societies to see how their habits, economic patterns, dietary practices and even cultural traditions support the interrelation between humans, plants, animals and environment. (LIBMP3-3807B) Electrifying Africa with Renewable Energy Micro-Grids - Today's program is a combination of economic opportunity, business development, financial freedom, future studies, and sustainable development. As our detailed, data-driven research shows, the expansion of electricity to over 600 million people across Africa has produced, and will continue to produce, one of the planets greatest cash flows for the next 35 years and more. From 2001 to 2060, Africa's share of $16.5 trillion of energy growth in the world is estimated at over $675 billion. From 2015 to 2050 projected growth is $3 trillion, most of it in Sub-Saharan Africa. The rise of non-public utility solutions is best tailored for the continent and fits the "leapfrogging" model of African technological catch-up. We have the ability to get into this market, get in early and make a tremendous return on investment. As we continue to blow opportunities to enriches by doing things like spending $51.8 billion during two months of holiday shopping madness, we now realize that we can gain the greatest wealth expansion on the planet by developing a new leadership to accomplish these greater, transformative development projects. (LIBMP3-3814)
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  Warren Northern, 12 Step Recovery Guide for African Men - My guest today has witnessed first-hand the traumatic life of substance abuse. On his pathway to recovery he discovered just how important African culture, spirituality and the specifics of black life are important components of reorienting toward a proper life pathway. As such, he has developed a distinctive program of recovery that is catered specifically to the unique experiences of African men. Our conversation is inspiring and detailed with many of the challenges he and others have faced which lead to, through and beyond the constrictions of substance abuse. For us, as Black Men, to be of full and great service to our community we have got to lay a proper foundation for younger men to establish themselves. The circumstances of our contemporary life in America have compelled us to be bold, forward thinking and resourceful. We are always grateful to have such honest and productive dialogues raised among us from people who have first-hand experiences that can empower the extended family. (LIBMP3-3808) Ethiopia, Future Economic Growth and Functional Pan Africanism - I have just returned from my 7th trip to the African continent. What I've born witness to is the rapid growth and development which is happening across the continent, but which the U.S. media consistently fails to inform the majority of the public. For people of African ancestry it is absolutely critical that we are informed, up-to-date and encouraged to participate in this great level of sustainable development. Using first-hand testimonies as well as critical excerpts from the extensive research on functional Pan Africanism covered in my latest book, The Repairing, I strive to convince the listeners that this is our historic moment and that we MUST seize this moment. As well, the recent conference held in China on global trade relations signals a death-knell for the waning American empire. This all indicates that the world is at a major crossroads and that African people are in a great position to advance forward in a manner that has been held away from us for over 500 years. Are YOU ready to take control of global economics and transform the future that we will pass on to our younger generations? (LIBMP3-3809) The New Urban Crisis, Columbus and the Future of Urban Economic Sustainability - I've just returned from the city of my birth and very early childhood. As I drove throughout the area I was in awe of the amount of new construction and economic growth that had blessed central Ohio. Yet, the traditional black communities had not been participating in this dynamic growth and were moving firmly in the opposite direction. What has been going on in America's largest cities over the past half century as resulted in rapidly expanding, technology-based growth for non-Blacks, and gentrification and decay for Afri-Amers. Using the groundbreaking research from Richard Florida's new book, we get valuable insights into this trend of "economic clustering" which has created patchworks of immense wealth and dire poverty all across the nation. We get a chance to examine the fundamentals of what makes urban areas dynamic and creative. As well, we get a chance to grade the leadership of black communities who are rapidly being left behind. We can now see real and workable solutions to this lingering problem of wealth and income disparity. (LIBMP3-3810)
Marketing, Right on Time - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Our program today is on how to "Leverage Time Currency for Best Results and Huge Profitability" and the research is really useful. Just like a successful farmer, our ability to properly time all aspects of our business development and marketing is critical. Yet, because of the gross disparity in the success of black-owned businesses compared to others, we know that something is terribly wrong. This program approaches critical questions to resolve this disparity. What parts of the foundation of marketing require time factoring? How do too many of our businesses waste their and their customer's time? How do we get better with time? These and other important talking points are on the table today and Aunkh has again prepared a masterful lesson for us all. All entrepreneurs and business owners should be taking this ongoing course very seriously. We have the ability to transform ourselves, seize our historic destiny, and create a vast network of successful businesses that can transform our reality...over time! (LIBMP3-3811)
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  Why We Must Teach Scientific Futurism to Our Youth - There is a great focus among the culturally conscious community on the long and terrible history of our Maafa journey, enslavement and the unending stream of offenses against members of the African race. While these are needed for us to close the historic circle, there has been far too little study of the scientific pathway into sustainable future, what we call "Scientific Futurism." I first lay out the 15 academic disciplines which constitute scientific futurism, we then use Chapter 9 from THE REPAIRING, Training Leadership for a Sustainable Future, as the basis for today's insights. Of the 15 categories, I cite 5 for our particular focus, demographics, trend analysis, sociology & culture, science & technology trends, and environment & climate change. We close by emphasizing the critical need to teach our youth to master not only STEM education but point out the need to master 15 critical careers of the future. Go to www.TheRepairing.com . to learn much more and get your copy of the book. (LIBMP3-3804) Doom and Gloom, or the Big Boom in African Development - We begin today's program by examining what major western press operations, such as the New York Times, BBC and Reuters have to say this week about African nations and Ethiopia in particular. Not satisfied with their perspective about us, we next turn to AFKInsider.com to see what African media has to say. We find that our own perspective within this country is disproportionately shaped by negative news reports from hostile competitors. Meanwhile, African press is quite uplifting, much more informative and doing their best to convince more of us to become active partners in the successes which they are currently experiencing. Yes, there are some significant problems and challenges which face these rapidly emerging nations. Yet, given this new and accurate set of facts, it is much more likely that you and I will be inspired to get in, get in early and get in deep on the transformation of Africa's global economic status. There is indeed great reason to be optimistic about our future. (LIBMP3-3805) The Big Picture, How to Win The Game of Monetization - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - Today's show absolutely is one of the most exciting of our over 4-year production record. It builds upon our previous programs in so many ways, yet it seems so simple when you hear it in this context. Contrary to so many publicized campaigns to help people "make more money," this program is bigger than that in that it emphasizes the process we call "monetization." Once we comprehend what this differences actually means, then we start to assemble the toolkit that allows us to rise to this level. These include the comprehension of culture, accessing media, building a solid base of supporters and customers, as well as tailoring the message so that the maximization of your value-creation is paramount. When we consider the way by which the mass of our Afri-Amer community is suffering disproportionately from business inadequacy, economic depravation, poor education and lack of group esteem, this is the type of instruction that can definitely make a big difference in how we approach our sustainable business development and wealth accumulation. (LIBMP3-3806)
Edible Medicines Book Study Vol 1 An Ethnopharmacology of Food, by Nina Etkins Intro 1 - This is the introduction to our new study. The author writes:This book investigates the health implications of foods from the cuisines of peoples around the world to describe the place of food in health maintenance. In this wide-ranging book, Nina Etkins reveals the pharmacological potential of foods in the specific cultural contexts in which they are used. Incorporating co-evolution with a biocultural perspective, she addresses some of the physiological effects of foods across cultures and through history while taking into account both the complex dynamics of food choice and the blurred distinctions between food and medicine." For anyone who is interested in how "food is Nature's most perfect medicine" and is looking for the hard evidence to see that African traditional diets were the mastery of such, this is a great book and study for your enlightenment. (LIBMP3-3807A)
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  Disruption of the Global Media and Communications Industries - After visiting the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention, I give a report on the massive disruption and democratization of mass media, largely due to the impact of new communications technologies. I relate to the spectrum of these new media tools from acquisition to media handling and distribution through to the consumer. The impact of the Internet on modern communications has been absolutely profound. As well, so-called "Moore's Law" has the power of this technology doubling over the course of every 18 months while the price of acquiring and using this technology is cut in half. When we consider the various economic systems which are at the heart of modern national empowerment, having access to or control over media and communications is absolutely imperative. Yet, in too many ways, the people most in need of highly functioning media and communications are the last to see the great advantage of mastering these new empowering pathways. There is a limited number of Blacks who attend the annual NAB Show. We are here and we are ready for our people to empower us with the right foundation of financial support. (LIBMP3-3800)
25 Years After the LA Uprising, It Can Happen Again - As we approach the April 29, 2017 25th anniversary of the LA Uprisings (often misnamed the "Rodney King Riot", we look at a long list of the underlying foundations of this explosive rebellion. Our insights discuss economic inequality, massive unemployment, white flight, the impact of "Reaganomics", the murder of Latasha Harlins, a terrible void between Blacks and South Korean merchant colonialism, the role of mass media in replaying again and again our degeneracy and the lynching of Rodney King. Key players such as Daryl Gates fascist and militarized LAPD, the equally brutal LA County Sheriff's department, the impact of guns and drugs smuggled into South Central in league with Reagan's assault on Central American countries, the traitorous behavior of black drug dealers and criminal gangs, along with the treachery of upper class Blacks who wanted nothing to do with maintaining the economic viability of the poorer neighborhoods. In this analysis, along with a couple of reports we shared today, the roots of the LA Uprising were indeed complex and we can now see the same conditions have come back. Could another explosive rebellion occur in the coming seasons? Our determination indicates that yes, it might. (LIBMP3-3801)
The Falcon Forum Vol 523 - Topics include: 100 days of the Trump presidency - what has he done?; 25th anniversary of the LA Uprising is 25 years after the Hot Summer of 1967; "Echo Boomers" are on track to upset the system; clashes of pro and anti-Trump forces; balkinization of the US populace; is America moving toward overt fascism?; release of TV series The Handmaid's Tale forcasts dystopian America; assimilation, segregation and identity for Blacks; ethnic mixing; traveling to Ethiopia and things to do there; assets and liabilities of emerging nations; 2.584 million black-owned businness don't employ many Blacks; the gap between what we say and do; comparing Chinese Africa policies to the IMF and World Bank; Afri-Amers ignore African immigrants; investing in African students and our young population; bridging traditional African values and the new global economy; replicating ancient systems; centralized authoritarianism or neoliberal democracy?; African complex security policies and conflicts; being realistic about our global African status; and more. (LIBMP3802) Attracting Investors Book Study Vol 7 Strategies, Tactics and Value for Investors - Our final installment of study of this valuable book focuses on Strategy, Tactics and Value addition toward the aim of you successfully partnering with the investors who are going to fund your entrepreneurial expansion. Each categoy has three major divisions to include detailed explanation of each. These include 1) Strategies - segmentation, targeting and positioning; 2) Tactics - differentiation, marketing mix and relationship selling; and 3) Value - brand, service and process. After all the previous weeks of study, this set of 9 critical points allow us to close the gaps and to focus as much as is needed on those critical areas which will bring about the greatest opportunity to not only attract angel and VC funding, but to move further on to IPO, LBO and other funding sources that can generate billions of dollars in revenue and deveopment capital. (LIBMP3-3803)
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