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  Les Leopold: The Looting of America / Kwame Osei: Ghana Report on Nkrumah Economics - First hour, the author has done a masterful forensic job dissecting how the wealth class raped the U.S. economy for over a century. Next, we go live to Ghana to showcase the lingering miracle of Kwame Nkrumah and how this country stands at a point of rapid development into an economica powerhouse. (LIBCD2496) Tech and Future Talk w/ Keidi, Mombera & Olmecha: Mobiles, Marvels and Toxic Perils in Africa - We look at a number of telecommunications trends which portend a great growth and development in West Africa and other developing areas. In particular, China's pending dominance in comm-tech, the new place of the fiber optic convergence and the rapidly expanding market in mobile phones are highlighted. We also discuss dumping toxic electronics into Africa and what we can do about it. (LIBCD2497) Rev. Phil Valentine: Iatra-Genocide, Metaphysics and Common Sense - In the first hour, helped by Bro. Jamaal, we share research on the many ways that western medicine is destroying the lives of too many people with its intrusive techniques. Next, we look at certain metaphyical belief systems and ask seriously whether or not much of what we are hearing, and repeating, is really based in verifiable fact. (LIBCD2498) Jim Douglass: JFK and the Unspeakable: The author has produced one of the most detailed, revealing and useful books on the Kennedy assassination to date. He talks about 6 different major provocations, like the Bay of Pigs, where JFK defied the military industrial complex, despite their often blunt warnings that he best not do so. This also serves as great understanding why Obama will NOT be defying them to promote peace and justice, least he meet the same fate. (LIBCD2499)
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  Tribes Study Vol 10 - (LIBCD2466J) Tribes Study Vol 11 - Continuing our analysis of the Japanese rebirth of empire, we examine how they utilized their fundamental cultural values, desire for technical excellence, bloodline based organization and sophisticated business networks to move from highly effective diaspora to military empire. After defeat, they relied on these same traits to rebuild industrial empire in 25 years while resisting the west. (LIBCD2466K) Richard Benjamin - In Search of Whitopia - The author goes behind the scenes in four white enclaves in Utah, Idaho, Florida and Georgia to see how the other side lives. Are whites setting up gated paradise cities to live their paradise on earth while locking others out or keeping them as wage slaves? What lessons can we learn to create our own sacred living communities? (LIBCD2494) Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize / Phillip Jackson: Chicago's Youth Violence Crisis - In the first hour we seriously ask why the Norwegian committee awarded the peace prize to the president. Next, in the aftermath of the televised murder of Darriel Albert, we talk about the 3 year rise of this violence with the director of the Black Star Project. Why have government agencies been so inattentive to this deadly epidemic amongst Blacks? (LIBCD2495)
  Falcon Forum Vol 255 - Did Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?; tackling the military industrial complex; beyond warmongering; America coming apart?; Obama, Gays & Chicago youth violence; creating a critical mass with action; Ghana sells off oil concessions; opportunities in global markets; traveling to Africa; Taliban attack Pakistan army headquarters; big money floating around the world; and more. (LIBCD2493) Tribes Study Vol 7 - (LIBCD2466G) Tribes Study Vol 8 - (LIBCD2466H) Tribes Study Vol 9 - (LIBCD2466-I)
  Ebola Lecture - This is an older lecture from the mid-90's which still stands today as one of the great research inquiries into the true origins of the Ebola outreaks in the Congo and elsewhere. You will learn about the latest develops in biological, chemical and, more imortantly, toxin warfare and how this has already been practically deployed as weapon of war against Afrians. DVD $20 (LIBDVD143) National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (NCOBRA) Dallas 2009 Conference - A broad selection of noted speakers gathered from across the U.S. to strategize on how we can best move toward real reparations at this time. You will be quite impressed with this group of presentations. 4-DVD Set $50 (LIBDVD144) Ghana Telecom University College FM Radio and Internet Radio and TV Project w/ Keidi Awadu and Keith Swany in Accra, Ghana - We speak to students and administrators at this new college about their desire to have us bring an expanded version of our LIBRadio to the campus. We also take a tour of some campus facilities that are quite impressive. Ghana is ready for our development investment. Are WE ready also? DVD $20 (LIBDVD145) Keidi Awadu at the AFIBA - Building a Global Communications System: This is one very important lecture/workshop. In a systematic way, we lay out why and how we are motivated to build out a global media and communications network using the cutting edge of technological innovation. There are certain trends of economic, historical, technical and political change which compel us to: 1) Get; 2) Get in Early; and 3) Get in Deep! DVD $20 (LIBDVD146)
  Junius Stanton - Black Media at the Crossroads - One of our favorite broadcast and print journalists joins us to discuss the failure of black leadership establishment to grasp the opportunities to recreate our independent communications structures using new technologies. As the new responsible leadership on this front, we discuss our buildout of an alternative. This is REAL Black Nationalism. (LIBCD2489) Tech and Future Talk w/ Keidi, Mombera & Olmech - Digital Explosion in Africa: Our main topic centers around the arrival on the African continent of a number of massive fiber optic digital pipelines and what this means toward the development of digital voice, date and video streams to and from Africa. The possibilities here are limitless and will carry us up to 20 yearrs into the future. Our own project to open a broadcast station in Accra is now seen in proper context. (LIBCD2490) Upheaval in Guinea / Robert Oliver: Exposing the Democratic Party - Joined by Bro Jamaal, we first look closely at the West African nation of Guinea, its background, a recent coup de etat and the violent aftermath. We consider the legacy of Sekou Toure and Guinea's vast natural resources. Next, we are joined by a radio journalist fired for talking about the history of the Democrats that black media wants to avoid. (LIBCD2491) Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter - Saving Black Babies: If 1452 black babies are being destroyed at abortion clinics every day in the U.S., then would we be able to forumlate strategies to save their lives and the lives of their would-be mothers? There has been a small cadre of dedicated fighters standing up to this madness for 40 years and we need to know this truth. This is the explosive liberation theology that the enemies of our people don't want you to know about. (LIBCD2492)
  Minority Death Match: Jews, Blacks and the "Post Racial" Presidency - The scathing article from Naomi Kline serves as base for our analysis of the hijacking of the World Conference Against Racism, the theft of history from Africans who suffered the Maafa, the diversion of the global reparations movement and the greatest betrayal yet to Blacks from the new President. The level of manipulation of an essential African issue by a Jewish cabal is undeniable. Now what will we do about it? (LIBCD2486) Iya Raet: Wholistic Parenthood / Minority Death Match Vol 2 - In the first hour, along with Brother Jamaal, we examine the many ways that African parenting can adjust in order to make for healthier births, stronger families, well-guided children and a more supportive community. Next hour, we continue our outrage over the role that Jewish groups played in derailing the UN conferences against racism and the move for reparations for the holocaust of the Maafa. (LIBCD2487) Capital Resources w/ DeVon Bell - This program centers on issues of wholeselling, multilevel marketing and global trade. Practical advice is administered on how to better enter these fields and gain the successes which will liberate us as individuals and as a collective from being subjects, generation after generation, to the economic interests of our historic competitors. (LIBCD2488) Tribes Study Vol 6 - Along with Brother Ka'Ba, we go deeper into our study of the lingering Legacy of Empire and how former colonial governments have now seized the momentum and are still perpetuating the fundamental values of their mother country. In particular, areas of commerce and culture are the primary fronts where the same sort of imperialism continues. The role of the English language as the international language of business is emphasized. (LIBCD2466F)
  Tech and Future Talk - This week our discussion begins with an examination of high technology warfare and goes deep into serious countermeasures we can do to protect ourselves against enemies whose technical capabilities far outmatch our own. What strengths do we have as a people that can protect our families and project our culture into the future in the face of our enemies' attacks? (LIBCD2482) Rev. Phil Valentine: The Swine Flu Vaccine Scare & Health, Logic and Metaphysics - Assisted in the first hour by Brother Jamaal, we share research insights on the swine flu, resisting the vaccine industry's plans, the dangers of vaccines, as well as general rules on health. Sometimes the dialog gets a little contentious but this is how we work out often competing logic systems. Bottom line is you've gotta keep your family healthy and prosperous. (LIBCD2483) Mark Crutcher - The producer of the hard-hitting documentary Maafa 21, joins us for a fast paced two hours of discussion of his film and the main points he makes about eugenics, population control, abortion and the manipulation of the black leadership by a sinister cabal. The role of Planned Parenthood as the demon child of Margaret Sanger is emphasized as well as a number of racists who support the eugenics goal of eliminating black babies. This is shocking stuff! (LIBCD2484) Nourishing Botanicals w/ Tokunboh Obasi - This week's segment goes into a specific set of African herbs and their traditional uses. These are powerful natural agents and there are great benefit to using them in their whole form as opposed to the western medicine method of extracting active compounds and discarding the complimentary herbal compounds. This sister's wisdom is very impressive and we must get back to our African sense of health maintanence. (LIBCD2485)
  Capital Resources w/ DeVon Bell: Multi-level Marketing and Listener Email - Today's program discuss the pro's and con's of MLM marketing from the experiences of the host and callers. Can these schemes work for you? Who does win in the end with this marketing strategy? Also, critical questions from listeners are answered on air. (LIBCD2478) Amefika Geuka & Mawusi Hazard: Trek for African Centered Education - Fresh from their 1069 mile walk from South Florida to Washington, DC, these two esteemed Babas share their wisdeom, commitment and decades of organizing experience with us on the subject of providing a serious African cultural base for educating our youth. These men are about solutions and they do inspire us all. (LIBCD2479) Blackwater and the CIA - We share a number of critical and shocking news and investigative stories on how this private security firm has partnered with the absolute worst of U.S. intelligence and covert warfare efforts. This is the same private militia contracted to point machine guns at our suffering people in New Orleans. Now they are piloting missile armed drone aircraft in undeclared wars around the world. Where will this end? (LIBCD2480) Health News For Survival - A series of revelations from some of our favorite natural health research files on: the futility of radioactive mammograms for breast cancer detection; the little known but widely spread condition of hypo-thyroidism; and a great article on why some of those regarded as the smartest among our society are still dumb as hell when it comes to food and nutrition. This is great and very usable stuff! (LIBCD2481)
  Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America - This is perhaps the hardest hitting documentary of our generation, or at least within decades. It explains in awesome detail the evolution of a sinister conspiracy to eliminate black people from the U.S. from before the end of slavery up to the present. Shows how the covert eugenics movement went underground and ultimately found the perfect weapon to eliminate Blacks from the U.S. population, and how many black elites are fully cooperating with the plan. DVD $20 (M21-DVD) Maafa 21 The Black Candle: A Kwanzaa Celebration - by MK. Asante Jr. - This phenomenal film is about much more than a seasonal celebration. "This is the celbration of a people" and you will see many facets of the gem which is the experience of Africans in the Diaspora. We have so much to be proud of and this is one of the best tellings of OUR story from someone well qualified as one of the best young filmmakers in the world. (BC-DVD) Black Candle
  Tribes Study Vol 3 - The Vocation of Uniqueness shows how these successful global tribes engage in specific behaviors that preserve their identity, reinforce their youth; project themselves as a global people, extract loyalty and discipline from the members, erect social institutions and generally build strony systems that are intended to serve the need of the group's survival and thriving. (LIBCD2466C) Tribes Study Vol 4 - The Secret of the Jews shows how the "secret" is not so secret after all. Through persistence across continents and generations, this single group has established itself in the major capitals of the world within the major civilizations of the past 1000 years. The author talks about how these separate cabals raised amongst themselves continued success and prosperity. (LIBCD2466D) Tribes Study Vol 5 - We continue our look at the way that Jewish clans of a global tribe have come to dominate key industries across global spaces and utilized their particular skills in expanding their economic empires. From Hollywood, to diamonds and gold, from New York fashion to finance and media, Jews have demonstrated a special talent for linking their people to the base of power and wealth, often on the backs of others with the talent. (LIBCD2466E) The Falcon Forum Vol 250 - Topics include: Detroit UNIA conference; Rep. Waters chastises Obama and the Dems; was Obama a spook?; flaws in the healthcare plan; economic parasites; America, genocide & pestilance; mass murderers rising again; abortion genocide; making babies; Min. Farrakhan & Foxy Brown; elitism and leaders-for-life; hypocrisy with Afghan elections; cashing in on Obama. (LIBCD2477)
  Evil Plot Against Studan Exposed / Ras Marvin & Bomani Tyemba: Collective Black People Movement - Using a broad base of research covering decades, we show how Sudan is being set up for another round of civil warfare in 2011. Weapons importing, the gap between north and south, Africom, the Obama administration and genocidal population control all factor into our examination of this tortured history of Africa's largest nation. Next hour, we discuss solution based organizing. (LIBCD2473) The Falcon Forum Vol 248A - Black people get serious; China's African plan; youth captured by media; Love verses constructive criticism; failing assimilation agenda; post-racial falacies; DNA mythology; Nigerian violence; Western religion in Africa; investing in our youth; South African economic conflict; interfaith actions, farmers markets and more. (LIBCD2474) The Falcon Forum Vol 248B - Controversial election in Detroit; black biz failures; Clinton in N. Korea; Hilary and South Africa; foiled "color revolution" in Iran; Kenya's compromises; Obama caters to the rightists; urban agriculture; cosmopolitan Blacks; self-sufficiency; nukes on Japan; global economics and human rights; women's roles in w. Africa; phony terrorism claims; reparations and more. (LIBCD2475) The Falcon Forum Vol 249 - Possibility of economic recovery; Hillary in Africa; Afghan and Pakistan wars; US is doing Africom already; Obama failing his masters; the Bully empire; replacing Devil systems; America forces emigration; KRS-1 tells YT to use N-word; NOI crucifiction cover of MJ; Farrakhan's shifting ideology; White House opposes vegan ads for school lunches; and more. (LIBCD2476)

Precise Science

Precise Science's revolutionary CD: Everybody's Not Gonna Make It, is now in reprint and you should get it as soon as possible. This may be the best rap/spoken word CD in your entire collection. I believe so. $10.00 (PS01)

Glenn Towery / Dick Gregory - In the first hour filmmaker Glenn documents his experience during the 1995 Million Man March and how it lingers as an historical moment. Next, we have a dynamic engagement with the Master Teacher about Michael Jackson's life and death, health, Obama's presidency and African cultural integrity. You know that this is going to be one powerful set of conversations. (LIBCD2471) Tribes Study Vol 2 - The Making of Global Tribes: This first chapter covers the course of the evolution of successful groups such as the Rothschilds, dynamics of acting on the world stage, the fundamental values of the most prolific tribes, how they protect their culture and much more. These core values have kept some tribes going for thousands of years. (LIBCD2466B) Capital Resource with Devon Bell: Government Contracts - Our very well informed host discusses some the hurdles, advantages and methodologies of building your independent business using contracts with various government agencies. This program is all about solutions for building a robust and sustainable economy within our community and the larger society. (LIBCD2472)
  Nigeria's Deterioration to Civil Conflict / White Collar Criminality Goes Unpunished - In our first hour we examine the roots by which a second violent confrontation in Nigeria threatens to further pull African away from their historic empowerment. Next, we charge the political authorities in the U.S. with complicity in the vast white collar crime that is destroying hope in this country and the lives of young Blacks. (LIBCD2467) The Haitian Struggle is OUR Struggle - Despite the many valid reasons to believe otherwise, Africans throughout the Diaspora keep turning their backs on their brave family in Haiti. As dozens of Haitians are believed drowned in a migration catastrophe, Blacks in the U.S. are talking about inconsequential pop trivia. We examine Haitian culture as a direct link to African identity and what we can do. (LIBCD2468) Capital Resource - Non-Profit Organizations and GPCS - Host DeVon Bell discusses his long history of service to non-profit groups and lends key insights into: setting up non-profits, the benefits of these organizations, means of gaining funding for these groups and gaining credibility for our non-profits and their strategic actions. This is a great means by which powerful groups get their key agenda accomplished. (LIBCD2469) Barbeque with the President / Race Non-Issues and Relevant Conversations - We finally speak out definitively about the Skip Gates racial profiling issue but come from a different perspective dealing with racial cowardice and black elitism. Next, joined by Ka'Ba Kemet, we discuss the issue further and compare this all to the serious subjects affecting the destiny of our people that are not covered by corporate media. (LIBCD2470)
  City of Wellness Study Vol 9 - Continuing our study, we discuss The Healer's Kitchen, where we are able to come forward as the informed ones who can help the family and the community achieve it's destiny. Opening the inner eye, nourishing our spiritual self. We also hear from numerous holistic practitioners and their methods. (LIBCD2425-I) City of Wellness Study Vol 10 - Our final week of study of this book commences with a plan of action to take all of this knowledge to the places where it is greatest needed. Wholistic soup lines, organizing political strategy, gathering citywide resources and much more are the central areas of our focus toward action. (LIBCD2425J)

Nourishing Botanicals - Skin Issues Affecting Blacks: In this segment of this information new addition to our programming, our esteemed host discusses vitiligo, skin rashes, acne and other persistent problems affecting too many of us. How can our families overcome such conditions, including eczema by using natural means, nutrition and herbs? LIBCD2465)

Tribes Study - Prologue: Our first week of study of Joel Kotkin's seminal book talks about how global tribalism is a serious consideration in the emergence of successful groups. He looks closely at 5 global tribes and discusses the 6 fundamental values that have each of these groups successful over the cource of centuries. This is a very critical study of how power will be achieved. (LIBCD2466A)
  Vegetarianism and Cancer - Using a newly released British Study as basis, we can compare the lowered cancer rates of vegetarians measured against fish eaters, meat eaters and even vegans. It is not so much the problem of fat in the diet that is linked to the great growth in cancer in the west, but it is the source of the fats and proteins that is the critical issue. We have a valueable piece of info to assist our prevention. (LIBCD2461) Greg Sain: Is Money Bad? / Obaqdele Kambon: The Sankofa Journey of Repatriation - Two practical programs about how we change our reality by keeping our consciousness on the right prizes. The first hour we discuss the fundamentals of managing our wealth accumulation. Next, from Accra Ghana our brother inspires us all to share his rich experience of repatriation. (LIBCD2462) From Pakistan, An Herbal Cure for HIV? / David Crowe: Leading AIDS Dissident Speaks Out - Two more great contributions to our huge archive of programs exposing the fallicy of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. There are many ways that people have overcome the diagnosis and natural herbs have proven superior to the toxic chemotherapies. Hear for yourself keys to debunking the Great Hoax. (LIBCD2463) Dr. Diane Levin - The New Sexualized Childhood / Making a More Unified African Diaspora - In the first hour we explore a new book which shakes up the culture for the way that marketers are hyper sexualizing younger and younger children. Next, we ask what can be fundamentally done to set our members of the global African family to drawing together our resourcefullness to bring solutions to our problems. (LIBCD2464)
  City of Wellness Study Vol 7 - The Emerald Green Kitchen: Opener of the Heart. Queen Afua begins with a great explanation of how her logo explains the deep esoteric knowledge to be gained from our Nile Valley inheritance. Then she takes us through a series of lessons on bringing our heart energy up to its full potential. Critical glandular work is also included. (LIBCD2425G) City of Wellness Study Vol 8 - This week focuses on testimonies from people who have successfully followed the brilliant healing strategies of Queen Afua. People talk about losing weight, overcoming respiratory disorders, liver malfunction, gall stones and other chronic diseases. We have only to follow the examples of these champions of health to know the same benefits. (LIBCD2425H) Mganfa Menelik: World African Diaspora Union / Ray Raphael: Founders Myths of America - In the first hour, our guest is one of the organizers of an upcoming conference to bring leadership to the Sixth Region of the African Union here in the Diaspora; Next, the guest has written a great book exposing the silly myths of the founding of America. (LIBCD2459) Rev. Heri Khafra: Quitting America / Vegetarianism and Cancer - In the first hour we discuss being fed up with the ugly machinations of this land of our enslavement and how we now vow to get out before we lose our ancestral souls. Next, a new British medical journal confirms what we have been saying for years, that the vegetarian and vegan diets prevent deadly cancers. Great insights are shared within. (LIBCD2460)
  Tony Browder - The Osirian/Ausar Myth and Symbolism in the Media - The noted scholar of Khemet shares his insights into how the western entertainment frequently encodes this, the world's oldest spiritual drama, into its product. You will recognize some of the biggest films in recent years as the benefit of this stolen legacy. (LIBCD2455) The Death of Michael Jackson - Phil Valentine, Delbert Blair, Brother Jamaal & Keidi Awadu - On the day after the surprise passing of the global musical icon, we seriously ask if there are sinister conspiritorial elements that came into play in his demise at such a young age. We look at economic, political, metaphysical and cultural elements as well as Jackson's Pan African experiences and medical history. (LIBCD2456) The Falcon Forum Vol 244 - Topics include: Michael Jackson's mysterious death; celebrity obsession; buckwild conspiracy theories; Blacks and Cuba; college attendence declining; military coup in Honduras; fomenting war in the Horn of Africa; queer agenda verses black nationalism; African cultural family patterns; western interference in Iran; Obama's increased funding for AFRICOM; and more. (LIBCD2457) Capital Resources w/ DeVon Bell: The Pan African Economy Today - A good look at many opportunities that we have to create business, investment and development among African people throughout the diaspora and on the continent. We are a rich and resourceful people and need to take advantage of the many opportunites which abound all around us. (LIBCD2458)
  Glen Ford: Black Agenda Reporting / Al Martin: Black Power History / Report from the Atlanta Black Power conference: This group of shows is all about how we can and must develop a strategy and base for black cultural, political and economic empowerment. Our two guests are very insightful in their analysis of current and historic times. Next, we examine a newly developed strategy for advancing the movement. (LIBCD2451) Barack Obama Emerging as a Satanic Warmongerer / Kwame Osei: Obama Coming to Ghana - In the first 1 1/2 hours, we are outraged that the U.S. is now bombing funerals in Pakistan and killing mostly civilians with $70,000 rockets. How can Obama be compared to Dr. King? Next, on the eve of Obama's visit to Ghana, we go to Africa for a first-hand report. (LIBCD2452) Larry Tye - Satchel Paige: The Life of the Negro League Legend - The guest has written a phenomenal book on the life and character of the colorful baseball superstar. Also covered in great detail is the history of the Jim Crow white supremacist environment which brought forward the Negro Leagues and the struggles that individuals went through to overcome adversity. (LIBCD2453) What Are We Passing to Our Youth? / Dick Lehr: The Fence, A Police Cover-Up Research - In the first hour we talk about the critical need to provide tangible assets, skills and institutions to our youth. Next, the Boston Globe journalist and university professor shares his new book and investigative research into police misconduct in Boston. (LIBCD2454)
  Mutabaruka: The Radical Visionary - One of our all time favorite interviews, we discuss a broad perspective of current affairs in the world of economics, culture, "the shitstem", mass media, Democratic Socialism and the meaning of the Obama phenomena. We Pan Africanists can tap into this esteemed elder to get a great focus on our immediate path ahead. Get two copies of this historic interview. (LIBCD2448) City of Wellness Study Vol 6 - This just gets better and better as we go into living foods, sun foods, raw foods and the critical science of this all. The focus is on the Solar Plexus Arit and the health of our glandular and digestive systems. As usual, the information is wholistic and complete and perfectly advised. (LIBCD2425F) Mind to Market - The Baron's Son: An analysis of 11 Supreme Principles of the "mysteries of wealth and prosperity from black researcher William R. Patterson's aclaimed book. Many of these are well known wealth principles but the attitude is the main thing that must be comprehended. We also discuss the wealth class of Blacks in the U.S. and what is or isn't being done by that few. (LIBCD2449) What Happened in the Iran Election? / Obama's Latest Surrender to Wall Street - We showcase two excellent investigative reports that show conclusively how the mainstream media is collaborating to turn contemporary historical fact upside down and expose two of the greatest lies of the year. Only when we can build our own media and tap into credible sources, can we build a world based upon truth and justice. (LIBCD2450)
  Akua Auset: Festival of Soul Sistahs / Rev. Phil Valentine: Mind Techniques of the Parasitic Elite - In the first hour, in anticipation of an upcoming conference we discuss a spectrum of ways in which women find their internal dynamic, with our esteemed "Superwoman and Goddess". Next, through the manipulation of words, symbols and semantics, we are reluctantly being drawn away from natural order to a controlling matrix. (LIBCD2445) City of Wellness Study Vol 5 - This study session deals with how we can maintain our natural equilibrium and balance at the workplace. Affirmations, menues, means of dealing with fellow workers, and stress reduction techniques are some of the many ways that we can take control of that environment and not lose our soul to the company agenda or toxic environment. . (LIBCD2425E) From Mind to Market - Burn Your Business Plan. Seven strategic actions that a new business owner should consider in order to maximize their opportunies. You'll look at your inner motivations, ways to present to potential investors, the critical role of theexecutive summary as well as some great web sites that help you get more of these critical tips and facts from business pros. (LIBCD2446) Sasha Abramsky: Breadline: The Rise of Hunger in America - Our guest has researched the prevalence of hunger, malnutrition and the consequences of these conditions as they affect millions within the boundaries of this rich nation. What are the underlying causes of these disparities, the values of those who tolerate this condition and what ca we do to assist to alleviate this great imbalence? (LIBCD2447)
  Falcon Forum Vol 243 - Iran's disputed election; GMO foods pushed in Africa; Hillary Clinton repping Rothschild; Obama fires gov't inspector; NOI as security force?; Brotherhood of The Cane; Rev. Wright vrs Obama's jews; BRIC Summit in Moscow; death of western economies; targeting the Horn of Africa; failure of Black Liberation; practical work programs and empire building. (LIBCD2441) From Mind to Market w/ Min. 8-Ball and Keidi - Our focus tonight is on 20 Hot Businesses for the New Economy: Despite the depth of the economic depression, there are still areas that are expected to be areas where you can find opportunity. This is the right research for those self-motivated people who aim to take control. (LIBCD2442) NCOBRA and Reparations Action / Njere Alghanee / Juneteenth - In anticipation of an upcoming conference in Dallas aimed at rejeuvenating the movement for reparations, we cover some of the key points of the movement and what actions will bring the best results. In addition, we revisit the Juneteenth holiday and why it is relevant to Blacks in the U.S. (LIBCD2243) Steve Sisgold: What's Your Body Telling You? Our guest has published a book and series of self-help guides to assist us all to get back in rhythm with our inner sensitivities and to be able to redirect negative energies toward more productive outcome. From the breath forward, we can take control of our "now moments" and live whole, complete and productive lives by listing to our internal voices. (LIBCD2444)
  Saat-Rai Amnut: Greening of the Community / Partial Birth Abortion and Black Genocide - In the first hour, along with Bro Jamaal, we discuss the many ways of practically moving toward the new environmental conciousness. Next, 1,227 black babies will be lost everyday to the horrors of abortion. We examine some of the more controversial aspects of this Satanic ritual. (LIBCD2437) White Supremacist Violence Rising Fast / Individualism verses Collectivism - In the wake of another racist murder at the National Holocaust Museum, we examine the larger trends that are leading to a climate of hysteria. Next, a provocative call raises the conflict between the collectivism of successful groups, verses the individualist stance of too many of our people. (LIBCD2438) Should Whites Adopt Black Babies? / The Politics of Population - In the first hour we cover the phenomena of non-Blacks adopting black babies. This is so terrible that we nearly come to tears on the air and ask what is wrong with our people. Next hour, we return to the racist conference held in South Africa in 1970 to expose the ugly face of population politics. (LIBCD2439) Nourishing Botanicals with Tokunboh Obasi - An Introduction to Herbal Remedy & Diabetes - This is a hot new program in our lineup and every program is filled with a number of tips for maintaining proper health through nutrition and herbs. Focus this week is on the link between nutrition, obesity and diabetes. (LIBCD2440)
  City of Wellness Study Vol 3 - This third session focuses on our fondness for Soul Food and the need for food cultural inheritance. Added to the mix are healthy substitutes, meditation techniques surrounding the meal, and techniques to address the first energy center, or Airt, which is to assist our glandular health. (LIBCD2425C) City of Wellness Study Vol 4 - The fourth session covers: travelling food, dining out, college cooking, feeding our children's intellectual development, 12 powerful culinary herbs that heal, sample menus for newcomers and the fantastic world of Caribbean food. (LIBCD2425D) Falcon Forum Vol 241 - (LIBCD2435) Falcon Forum Vol 242 - Topics today: heroin is back; Obama's tour and speech to Muslims; the jewish agenda; Lebanon and Hesballah; losing empires; Asia's rising military challenge; Zionist youth hate Obama; studying global affairs; restarting Africentric mevement; tasking our youth; agrarian moralities and values; culture and social behavior; joining the system to beat the system?; America and the west are dying off. And more... (LIBCD2436)
  Black Politics Usurped by Other Ethnicities / Uniting Africans By Any Means Necessary - First up, we explain why coalition politics always leave African Americans on the short end of the deal and the role of black leadership in these bad deals. Next, we discuss why so many Blacks keep trying to get power without unity and collaboration. (LIBCD2432) Falcon Forum Vol 240 - Hot topics: Killing the pain of living; America's grave situation; rich blacks; moving to collectivism; Obama hammered by Repup thugs; mothers killing babies; black manhood; black radio drama; security in South Asia; African development bank; Museveni's bloody hands; Rx for our people; growing food; youth leadership; think tanks; and more. 3-CD's (LIBCD2433) Dr. Joy Degruy: Racist Socialization, Esteem and Anger / Shell Settles with Nigerian Martyr Families - Our first inerview with the noted researcher on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome turns out to be on of our best conversations ever. Next, we examine another chapted in the ongoing catastrophe disaffecting the future of Nigeria. (LIBCD2434) City of Wellness Study Vol 2 - Our second session covers the initial steps that one makes to gon on the path to wholistic health, natural living and powerful healing techniques. A clear focus is on the 7 Aritu, or chakra zones, along with the 5 Powers of Transformation and how our diet must reflect an awareness of these energy focus points. (LIBCD2425B)
  Saeed Shabazz - The Future of Black Media: Our guest is a long time journalist and reporter for the only black national newspaper, The Final Call. We have a deep discussion abour the values necessary for a healthy black press, the convergence of information on the Internet and what we can do to consolidate our media. (LIBCD2428) Reversing the Movement Decline - Joined by a powerful group of voices from our radio family, we discuss the health of the cultural conscious, Black Nationalist and Pan African communities. Are we really making all the progress that is within our potential? What should we do in the short run to assure the success of our movement? (LIBCD2429) Malcolm X Writes on Zionist Logic and Dollar Imperialism - We use an essay from the great Pan African intellect as a basis for examing the history of Zionist influence and imperialism THEN and compare it to current political strife. It is absolutely amazing just how accurate Malcolm X's analysis stands the test of time and is useful to us at this time. (LIBCD2430) Crisis in the Nigerian Delta / NY Plot is FBI Provocateur Setup - This is another great chapter in our study of the forces in a low level civil war in Africa's most populace nation. Western oil interests and the dominant Islamic north clash against the oppressed Delta population. Next, we have a suspicious news headline putting the new face of terrorism on urban youth in NY. (LIBCD2431)
  Falcon Forum Vol 239 - Topics include: intelligent parenting; Obama as Chocolate Jesus; abortion; urbanization lifestyle; Prez overseas tripping; Obama and Ghana; abandonment of HBCU's & black farmers; Pelosi in the hot seat; Cheney and Rove on the counterattack; youth murders in Chicago; Sri Lanka; and more. (LIBCD2424) City of Wellness Study Vol 1 - Our first study session from Queen Afua's dynamic book, she issues a call to action on the part of all people, a return to our grandmother's wisdom, and how proper nutrition returns power to the people. She gives an overview of the 7 Healing Kitchens verses the toxic life. (LIBCD2425A) Obama as Presidential Disappointment / I Want What THEY Have - It has become clear to some of us that this new president will NOT be doing anything of substance for Blacks as he is doing for other ethnicities and the big corporate backers. If we are to have our own, then we have got to focus our resources and actions. (LIBCD2426) From Mind to Market - The Five Qualities of An Innovator - Min. 8 Ball Brings it strong with another book review: Five Qualities of An Innovator which demonstrates a core set of values and ideologies that motivate and reinforce those who are able to think and act outside of the box. (LIBCD2427)
  From Mind to Market - Secrets of the Millionaire Inside: Another book review takes us to some of the habits, methods and ideologies of those that are highly successful in entrepreneurship, business development, wealth acquisition and economic development. All of these lessons are aimed at creating the right mental state for a lifetime of business success. (LIBCD2420) Obama, Race, Power & Politics / Avoiding Revolutionary Burnout - Bro Jamaal joins the first hour to highlight the many ways that the new president is proving disappointment to black self-interests. Next hour, we try to help a good brother come to terms with his critical role in the struggle for African rights and determination. (LIBCD2421) Love and Romance - We have an engaging debate about black men and women's attitudes about relationships and how we relate to each other. Some attribute "romance" to Italians and say that it is a phony and unusable construct. Others say that the word is merely part of a foreigner's language and that the concepts are timeless and beyond the white man's creation. This is a great dialog! (LIBCD2422) TrueWise Allah: The Black Woman is Earth / Indicting the Bush Six for Torture - In the first hour, our guest has produced a brilliant series of YouTube documentaries that showcase the sacred and spiritual nature of the Black Women in her right character. Next, we look at the way this country is being strangled by a lack of morality in standing up to the criminals who have been embedded in government, then and now. (LIBCD2423)
  Falcon Forum Vol 238 - Topics: Swine flue gone; war report from South Asia; Obama's credibility wearing thin; foreign policy blowback; fraying edge of ruling elite; revolutionary burnout; agrarian vrs metropoliton living; Blacks love chicken stories; weak leadership; motherhood and more. (LIBCD2417) Fighting Back - Strategies to Take Charge and Get YOUR Money Back: From the AFIBA Center in Los Angeles, Keidi Awadu discusses 1) seven predictions to occur under Obama; 2) the need to form your strategic survival unit; 3) 17 home based industries that we misplaced; and 4) how to produce our own food. - DVD $20 (LIBDVD142) Matt Rothschild: 100 Years of The Progressive / African Progressive Voices: Where Do We Stand? - These two programs are aimed at dialogs that go beyond race specificity to challenge us as to how all progressive people should be working together to build equity, justice and peace in our world and our environment. And yes, Africans do have a strong voice for building society. (LIBCD2418) Special Ops Command and Asymmetric Warfare / Kwodwo Ababio: Community Resource Centers - In the first hour, we look at the new face of the Afghanistan war and the role that small corps of highly trained dirty warriors are about to take over the U.S. strategy. Next, the critical function of highly active community organizing is emphasized as real solution to our real neads. (LIBCD2419)
  The Blacks of Sri Lanka / Caste Hierarchy Effect on Blacks: In the first hour we discuss the early history of Blacks in the Bengali Gulf, India and Sri Lanka and the role of Cacasoid and Arab invaders in their destruction. Next, we examine the effect of racism and caste systems as they relate to the way that African are held down and excluded. (LIBCD2413) Dr. Kofi Asare: African Herbs for African Bodies / Fred Towns: Planning For Your Wealth - In these two programs we put forward effective information for health development as well as financial consolidation. The first guest is a Master Herbalist from Ghana, touring the U.S. and training apprentices. The second guest has a four-part formula for helping us to focus our resources for our own benefit. (LIBCD2414) Mwt Chenzira & Neb KaRa - Per Ankh Nature Retreats / Nefertiti Bust Exposed as Fraud - The first hour guests run a university/resort in the Virgin Islands that conducts a broad spectrum of activities related to spirituality, education, enlightenment and healing. Next, the famous German displayed bust of Nefertiti is shown to be a modern day fraud. (LIBCD2315) Mark Curry: Dancing with the Devil of Bad Boy / Baz Moreno: Exodus from Enlightenment - The first hour guest was a recording artist and producer with one of hip hops most well known and devious families and tells all. Next, the experience of imprisonment helped the author to discover his true self, the power of Blackness, and to come to full consciousness. (LIBCD2416)
  Tokunboh Obasi - Nourishing Botanicals: Our guest today is a product of four African national backgrounds and the daughter of one of the greatest African scientists of the past century. Her perspective on holistic healing incorporates the greatest of African healing traditions, herbs, knowledge of western science and a woman's perfect intuition. (LIBCD2409) The Falcon Forum Vol 237 - Topics include: gettings exited about food; are Blacks citizens of the U.S.?; federal vrs state government; practicality of Moorish teachings; the changing Nation of Islam; practical nationalism; the plight of the Tamil Blacks in Sri Lanka; Pan Africanism; WCAR and Obama; Swine Flu epidemic as "hogwash"; targeting Mexicans; maintaining our health and sanity. (LIBCD2410) The Swine Flu Hoax Panel Discussion - Djehuty Maat Ra, Dr. Scott Whitaker, Queen Afua & Keidi Awadu - Our panel of esteemed guests have all done extensive research on health, politics, big business and natural living. We take four deep impressions of what this current hype and hysteria about the so-called "Swine Flu Epidemic" is really about. You will definitely draw different conclusions then the mass of people around the world being sucked into the big lie of this pandemic. (LIBCD2411) Propaganda, Media and Idea Formation - Ka'Ba Kemet & Keidi Awadu: These two journalists use a solid base of research to describe the processes by which the masses of the population are misled into buying into values, actions and campaigns that are often in direct contrast to their own self interess. How have we allowed others to manipulate us using emotionality over our own inherent logic? (LIBCD2412)
  HIV Debate - Orthodoxy Verses Dissidents: A noteworthy contribution to our overstanding of The Great AIDS Hoax, this confrontation among leading dissenters, mainstream AIDS advocates, medical journalists and one HIV diagnosed healthy man, shows how there has never been an accepted explanation for the pandemic. (LIBCD2407) Walter Williams: Stop Chasing Religion / Geeza: Seeds For Africa and the Somalia Pirate Deception - In the first hour, once again the guest takes aim at religion, the false history and control over the public. Next, we look again at Somalia for another view of western lies and exploitation. (LIBCD2408) Complimentarity
This is the definitive lecture on the development of strong African centered love relationships by the noted scholar Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti. DVD $20 (LIBDVD142)
Building An Earthbox - In this DVD we take you step by step through the process of creating your own portable gardening system. You can use this if you have limited space or merely want to create the fasting growing means of producing your own herbs and vegetables. For a little amount of money, all of us now can take responsibility for our own means of survival. DVD $20 (LIBDVD141)
  The History of Zionism - Dr. William Mackey & Dr. John Henrick Clarke: These two absolutely brilliant African scholars give a detailed Black perspective on the role of Zionism in history, western exclusion of their own people for various purposes and the role of Negro collaborators in helping to sustain the false story of "God's chosen people." 3-CD's $15 (LIBCD2403) Sechaba Khoapa - Building Holistic Relationships / Michael Fletcher: AfroVideo & Media Solutions: In the first hour, we go through a number of steps that are necessary for black men and women to get together. Next we speak with the founder of a network to stream conscious black videos online. (LIBCD2404) Bruce Dixon: Black Media on Fire / Nzingha Nommo: Saving the Black Booksellers: Our first guest discusses the battle between Tom Joyner and Clear Channel as well as the dismal state of commercial black radio. Next, we look at the phenomena of collapsing black book sellers and what we should do to respond. (LIBCD2405) Ka'Ba Kemet: African's Taking Charge / The Phony Swine Flu Scare w/ Yolanda Jacobs: First we discuss the many ways that we are taking charge of our resources and environment to manifest our destiny. Next, in the midst of another mass media scare about epidemic disease, we pull back the curtain to reveal the wizard up to his same old tricks of deception and fear mongering. (LIBCD2406)
  Reversing Our Home Value Decline - In the face of a meltdown in the perceived equity value of our real estate; we discuss practical means of bringing value back to our homes by restarting home based industries that used to dominate all of our grandparents households. (LIBCD2399) Doctah B - Change Your Reality / Kill Them Parasites: Another fast paced and fact filled conversation with this brilliant natural health and wholeness instructor. We go through a broad spectrum of ways that we hold ourselves back with wrong thought, wrong actions and bad health practices. (LIBCD2400) Death By Medicine / Khalil Maasi: Ways of the Essential Warrior - In the first hour we examine a comprehensive study to show that the medical profession is far more dangerous than one might imagine. Next, our guest discusses the depth of fusion between African martial arts and spiritual expression. We serve to activate our most powerful warrior essence. (LIBCD2401) Are Africans in America The Key? / Obama Boycotts the World Conference on Racism - First up, we show how Blacks in the U.S. are best prepared to ignite a global Pan African fire. Next, the refusal of the Negro president to acknowledge racism in the world, back Israels brutal apartheid and denounce reparations is the last straw for some of us. (LIBCD2402)
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