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  Precise Science      
  BROTHAS - 10 Food Secrets: The junk food industry has developed a clever yet sinister plan to disguise their toxic merchandise while acting as if they care about the health of our children and us. We debunk their top ten methods of subterfuge and invasion into out family's health. This is powerful and necessary survival information. (LIBCD2299) Sonia Barrett: Combating the Programming of a Negative Culture / Brother Jamaal & Keidi Awadu: The Zeitgeist Factor - In the first hour our guest gives us her insights into conspiracies that divert our attention into triviality. Next we examine the film series that is shaking up people's attitudes about Western society, power, religion and conspiracy. (LIBCD2300) Bomani Tyembi - African Travel and Tours: The guest is one of the founders of a dynamic new travel agency that brings groups of Africans from throughout the Diaspora home to the Motherland twice a year. Our discussion covers travel, investment, health, development, repatriation and our primary motives for building toward an African future. Exodus is a Movement of our people. (LIBCD2301) Khalif Sankofa - Psycho Spiritual Consciousness: Our guest has once again brought it strong as we examine his book The Relationship of the Ancient African Egyptian God/Goddess to the Human Brain. We discuss not only the sciences of mind, body and soul but the role that Western culture has played in taking our true destiny away from us. You are really gonna love this dialog! (LIBCD2302)
  Why Willie Lynch Must Die Vol's 1-8 - This entire CD series of 17 CD's specially priced will definitely empower yourself and your family. $65.00 (LIBCD2253A-H) Sonia Barret: Combatting the Programming of a Negative Culture / Bro. Jamaal & Keidi Awadu - The Zeitgeist Factor. These two discussions touch upon some serious matters in an often provocative and challenging way. Can we find real solutions to a seemingly overwhelming opposition? Have we looked at our dilemma from a wrong perspective? (LIBCD2296) Bomani Tyembi - African Travel and Tours: One of the founders of Africa For The Africans, joins us to discuss our upcoming trip to Ghana, next years tour to Gambia and Senegal and the critical need for all of Africa's children to reconnect with our mother continent. We share some wonderful memories of our experience and inspire our listeners to want to go home with us next March. (LIBCD2297) Shango B'Song - Pro Black Films: We have as guest the director of a blazingly hot new Pan African film, Quiet Storm. We discuss the difficulties of getting such a complex movie made, his other groundbreaking projects, the critical need for Africans to produce their own films as well as some of our favorite black film makers around the world. This is one of my favorite interviews. (LIBCD2298)
  Ka'Ba Kemet: Media Integrity & Karl Martin: Update on Global Finance Crisis - These two guests each join Brother Jamaal & the Conscious Rasta for an hour each on critical subjects related to the empowerment of Blacks. A great crisis confronts us on both subjects and critical actions must be taken as soon as possible to secure a foundation for our community's security. (LIBCD2294) The Falcon Forum Vol 217 - Topics include election looming large; Colin Powell's endorsement; Obama raises $150 Mil in September; the Green Party; Afghanistan empire killer; Pakistan breakup; Joe the Plumber; cutting services & bank credit; Iceland meltdown; exiting America; industrial base; and more (LIBCD2295) Digital Destiny Vol 2: In this second session of our study we look closely at the evolution of the 1996 Telecommunications Act and how the big media companies went all out to assure that their positions would be advanced. From the bowels of major corporations was unleashed a lobbying effort without equal. (LIBCD2289-B) Why Willie Lynch Must Die Vol 8 - our final session of study we look at the development of African people in three countries, U.S., U.K. & Jamaica, to determine whether we are rising or falling. Next we are joined by the author Ifayomi to discuss the cultural and psychologica aspects of our environment as the critical role of repatriation to Africa must play in our ultimate destiny. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2253H)
  The Falcon Forum Vol 216 - Topics include: people taking power: is Bush really stupid?; G7 to address banking crisis; Russia & Brazil markets suspended; California saves itself; Obama the front man; GOP racism rampant; Media & mind control; other political parties; critiquing Neely Fuller; Dems & Reps bailout plans critiqued; are we Africans?; the turmoil is unleashed. (LIBCD2290) Maat Productions w/ Dr. Ahmses - A Sista's Story: Guest Sista Tanja shares a number of critical points of her life and consciousness emergence. During the course of this dialog, joined by other progressive sisters, we get a great slice of the ideas and values that motivate and challenge black conscious women amidst this hostile environment. (LIBCD2291) Moreen Jenkins - Women of Mighty Blessings: Our guest has assisted many women and children in times of exploitation and abuse. Her own personal history as victim of family and societal abuse is a compelling story and led her to committing to help others. Moreen ascended to the Ancestral Realm in mid-October 2008/6249. This must serve us as preservation of her living legacy. (LIBCD2292) Susan Shaer - Global Warming as a Security Issue: The guest represents progressive women's organizing and has a lifetime of fighting against nuclear weapons, global warming, and political exclusion. We have a sophisticated and mature dialog centered around energy, politics, big money and the military industrial complex, all as they relate to the growing problem of global warming. (LIBCD2293)
  Liberation of the African Mind - Guests Seestah Imahkus and Doruba Bin Wahad join Brother Jamaal and Keidi Awadu for one of the most dynamic conversations we have had in our 6 years. Subjects include the election, the deception, repatriation and the many ways that we are fighting to retain our own sense of purpose and direction. This is HOT!!! (LIBCD2286) Webster Tarpley - Origins of the New Depression: As usual, our guest is incredibly well-informed and detailed about the origins and depth of this deriviative-based economic collapse. Significant myths are dismissed and the deep roots of this collapse and the criminiality that brought it are put on the table. Get two copies of this CD for yourself. (LIBCD2287) The Tarpley Pack - We have over 17 hours of interviews collected with Webster Tarpley on subjects of war, economics, politics, conspiracy, 9-11, the Bush Family, Barack Obama and solutions for the people's self interests. Get this specially packaged set of audios for one price as you support LIBRadio and out ability to bring his voice forward. 19-CD Pack $65.00 (LIBCD2288) Digital Destiny Vol 1: New Media and the Future of Democracy, by Jeff Chester. This is our first study session on this critical new book that shows how the power of the people, through mass media, was STOLEN from us with aid of politicians-for-rent, and how we will get it all back. First session is the Intro and Meet the Press. (LIBCD2289-A)
  Sonia Barrett: The Modern Matrix - Our first guest of our simulcast explains how our internal locus of control has been superceeded by an external imposition. Drs. Lottie Perkins and Romeo Brooks: These two naturopaths give us some good and practical advice on overcoming stress, hypertension, obesity and drug dependence. (LIBCD2284) Why Willie Lynch Must Die Vol 7- This session explores the three critical phases of reparations and how we can make this goal practical; The role of Arabs in enslaving Africa and their plan to dominate ALL of our homeland; and why so many Blacks are addicted to white saviors and the price we pay to rebel against the supremacists. (LIBCD2253G) Kalif Sankofa - Manifestations of Ureas: The guest is awesomely well informed about our ancient Kemetic ways and presents this information in one of the most easily understood and practical manners around. We can clearly see how these ancient principles can and do apply in our practical lives. This information gives us a foundation to resist this chaotic environment. (LIBCD2285) quiet storm film
  From Mind to Market: Build Your Advisory Board; & Branding Your Product - Two great shows from our weekly broadcast where we go deep into the science of economics, finance, wealth accumulation and entrepreneural success. This series is aimed at those who want to have their own successful business independence. (LIBCD2280) Professor Griff - The Impact of Hip Hop on Youth and Society: This show with our brother fom Public Enemy covers an immense amount of ground dealing with electoral politics, economics, revolution, consciousness raising, African womanhood and why Blacks should be very suspicious of the Democratic Party. We have one hot conversation here. (LIBCD2281) Elijah Grant - Melanin Science Made Simple: Using a wide variety of credible resources, we aim to correct much of the disformation and lack of knowledge about this amazing chemical molecule that, not only gives us our Blackness, but is a part of a vital universe. (LIBCD2282) Falcon Falcon Forum Vol 214 - The Bailout Bill in big trouble; white collar crime & amorality; covert attack plan on Iran?; Russia & China shifting policy; practical moves on economics, personal finance and surval; Sarah Palin's embarrassments; elitism in the Democrats; Amahdinejad addresses the U.S.; Obama and Zionism; and more. (LIBCD2283)
  Willie Lynch Must Die Vol 5 - We now come to the widely distributed Willie Lynch Letter. Using a number of credentialed scholars along with a good dose of plain old common sense, we systematically debunk the Lynch Letter as a modern day fabrication, and a poor effort at that. (LIBCD2253E) Willie Lynch Must Die Vol 6 - This is our second examination on the chapter with the infamous Lynch Letter. Beyond examination of the credibility of the letter, we examine more credible sources of how our people are being manipulated in order to demonstrate that 1) the attack is much more complex, and 2) our actions must be based on reality and not simplistic fantasies. (LIBCD2253F) Troy Davis: Crime and Justice for Blacks - On the day of the scheduled execution of this black man in Georgia, we examine the facts that have led former presidents, international agencies and elected officials in the U.S. to stand up and cry for the intervention of justice for this wrongfully convicted human. (LIBCD2278) Paul Ifayomi Grant - Possibilities for Ghana & Repatriation: Just returned from his visit to West Africa, our guest brings us a great set of perspectives, strategies, critiques and insights into Ghana. Many Diaspora Blacks are moving toward economic and physical interaction with Ghana. Our conversation doesn't hold back on examining these developments. (LIBCD2279)
  Rev. Phil Valentine - W/ Co-hosts Brother Jamaal & Keidi, the focus is on Ancient Science Studies and their modern application, along with looking at the behind-the-scenes manipulation of the election, creating black holes and the way that the Vatican forces are masters of grand deception and conspiracy. Once again, our brother brings many surprises. (LIBCD2274) 911 False Flag Operation - On the 7th anniversary of the coup, we discuss what it means and the ways that our lives have dramatically changed. We have gotten too accustumed to war, exploitation and repression. What are we going to do to retake control over our destiny? (LIBCD2275) Myron Fagan - The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations: In his sensational recording he reveals the beginning of the One World enslavement plot that was launched two centuries ago by one Adam Weishaupt, who; FINANCED BY THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD, created what he called: "THE ILLUMINATI." (LIBCD2276) The Falcon Forum Vol 213 - Topics include: Government changes in African countries; new powers defying the West; $700B in corporate welfare for white collar criminals; growing food & protecting our families; Bush's spanking in China; Obama's link to the banking criminals; racism & the presidential election; inflation hovering over our heads; and more... (LIBCD2277)
  From Mind to Market - 8 Habits of Wealthy People: We begin with a lively debate on the role of professional athletes in our collective economic development. Next, we use research from the book Automatic Wealth to show some of the deliberate values of those who accumulate wealth. (LIBCD2271) Pat Murphy: Plan C for Peak Oil and Climate Change; Drs. Paul and Sharita Goss - First hour we examine the complex issues that have caused gross imbalence in energy, wealth and sustainability with a focus on real adjustment of our lifestyle. Second hour, this father-daughter team are on the leading edge of natural health advocacy and nutrition. (LIBCD2272) AIDS and the Plot to Control Black Women - Keidi Awadu presented this extensive DVD lecture at the United African Movement in Harlem. The details are extensive with tight citation of source documents to expose the terrible deceptions, manipulation, ethnic warring and human experimentation on our childbearing age women. DVD $20 (LIBDVD127) BROTHAS Speak Out - Some kkk wanna-be's bomb the program with calls and we actually keep them on for a moment and have some good ole redneck fun. Next, we discuss the impact of the U.S. economic plight on the psyche that has disaffected poor whites and others. (LIBCD2273)
  Falcon Forum Vol 211 - Topics include: New U.S. foreign policy; Libya's reparations from Italy; Baisden interviews Obama; black psyche of hoping and wishing; organic needs & political waves; Detroit mayor jailed; Fannie & Freddie Banks taken over; voting corruption; global financial woes favoring the Eastern nations; acknowledging our children and elders; and more. (LIBCD2268) Maat Productions - Administering Living In Black: First up, Emory Howard talks about his numerous trips to Ghana as well as how we better manage our finances toward empowerment. Next, a panel joins to discuss how we can take our Living In Black network to the next level through cooperative work and responsibility. We have great potentials which must be turned into reality. (LIBCD2269) Willie Lynch Must Die Vol 4 - The first part of our discussion today goes into a broad array of instructions on how to stablize our finances and wealth production. Drawing upon a wide set of origianal sources the author has concentrated his research into practical steps toward our individual and collective goals. Next, we focus on building consciousness within the larger community & how to move our people out of reactivity and external direction. (LIBCD2253D) Ras McPherson - Rastology and Pan-Ethiopianism: Our guest is author of dozens of books and numerous books on the role of African spirituality, culture and history. We have a deep and engaging discourse on the role of Rastafari religion, culture and political influence. As well, we discuss the critical role of Ethiopia in global affairs. (LIBCD2270)
  The Falcon Forum Vol 210 - One of our hottest shows of recent, we cover: Dumbass John McCaine; Sarah Palin's family woes; The Passion of Obama; politics vrs culture; Obama's acceptance speech; hurricane threats; the trouble with Islamists; Africa for the Africans; and the demise of the PNAC and birth of The Princeton Project. (LIBCD2264) The Pragmatic Verses Esoteric Dialog - Our distinguished panel discusses the chasm which has appeared between practical nationalist organizing and those who advocate for the metaphysica and spiritual aspects of recovering. While there are key areas where the conflict has become problematic, ultimately we all come to realize that a proper and balanced fusion is the best course for redemption of our people. (LIBCD2265) Tech Talk & Future Talk - Tonight we got really excited about a new wave of Internet Protocol Television which has just been released. For the first time we can get HD quality streaming video in near real time with very little buffering. What does this mean to those of us who feel that we need our own independent television network and are committed to building it ourselves? Also we discuss the new web browser Chrome from Google. What would be its advantages or disadvantages? (LIBCD2266) Dr. Heru Shango - Whole Body Consultation: Our guest is certified naturopathic therapist in a broad area including nutrition, herbals, hydrocolon therapy and his own unique contributions. We go through a broad base of subjects with a lot of phone calls and emails with specific challenges and viable solutions. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2267)
  From Mind to Market - The Seven Staples of Public Speaking: We address the fundamentals of what it takes to be an effective public speaker and to over the self-limiting inhibitions that choke many of us off from effectively communicating to large audiences. Lots of great references are shared. (LIBCD2261) Assassination Plot in Denver - We take a look behind the news headlines coming from Denver that a small group of White Supremacists set out to shoot Barack Obama. Looking closer at this story there are some very key facts that are being dismissed by the official investigation. Are we looking at a failed false flag operation? (LIBCD2262) Willie Lynch Must Die Vol 3 - This session with this wonderfully practical book goes first into the UK application of Black History Month, which also applies to the U.S. This critical social function is being hijacked by multiculturalism and losing its force. Next subjects are Black Love, between couples and within the context of strong families. (LIBCD2253C) Maat Productions - Nationalist Education and Leadership: Host Dr. Ahmses hosts first Dr. Lawson Bush and Amefika Geuka: The topics center around the subjects of African Centered charter schools and the critical need for us to have a structure of leadership which serves exclusively the black national interests. Why Demo-Repub politics won't work for us. (LIBCD2263)
  Willie Lynch Must Die Vol 2 - Our second session with this dynamic book commences with the colonized mind and population control, self-defeating mindsets and an extensive recipe for redemption. Next, sports as warfare is explored with an extensive analysis of the boxing career and politics of Jack Johnson. (LIBCD2253B) The Falcon Forum Vol 209 - The Olympics & black achievement; Planned Parenthood racist propaganda; conservative critics; Obama and the old establishment; a poll on family values; abortion and sterilization of black women; Zionism as apartheid; politics of ethnicity and economics; developing critical mass; capitalism vrs socialism. (LIBCD2258) Maat Productions - Fred Hampton Jr. & Rosa Clemente: Power to the People Vol 2. First up the powerful youth organizer from Chicago lays out a broadbased agenda for activists and youth to focus on. Next, the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate has a very revealing interview on her background, her values and vision of the Green Party and progressive politics. (LIBCD2259) Fight Black Against Planned Parenthood - Rev. Cleonard Childress, Karl Martin, Min. 8-Ball and others join us to decry the latest outrageous propaganda attack against black males from this racist organization. Issues of abortion, genocide, infanticide, eugenics, population control as well as the coopting of black leadership all fit in this conversation. We declare war and our family is the grand prize. (LIBCD2260)
  From Mind to Market - w/ Min. 8-Ball & Keidi: The Psychology of Winning: Again another great list of fundamental values which make for a consistent winning attitude in the competition of life. While the focus is on business development and economics, these rules are consistent with life success and are essentially empowering. (LIBCD2255) From Mind to Market - w/ Min. 8-Ball & Keidi: Attracting Investment Capital explores 5 key considerations in preparing our business to partner with angel investors or investment partners. The importance of team building, management and productioin is emphasized. Put your passions on the table and build a bigger business. (LIBCD2256) The Death of the Neocons - Using research from a number of highly referenced conspiracy researchers, we discuss the downfall of the Cheney/Bush Neocon era and their anti-Islamic oil-based global machinations, to be replaced by an anti-Russia/China cabal led by Brzyzinski and his Manchurian puppets, Obama and Saakasvili. This is some really heavy and scary material we expose today. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2257) Webster Tarpley - Power Shift Vol 2: Our dialog continues with much more of the NATO-Russia, challenge, Wall Street machinations; color revolutions; Pakistan's dismantling; new nuclear threats, assassination threats and the rapid changes in South America. (LIBCD2249B)
  The Falcon Forum Vol 208 - Topics covered include: martial law in Helena, Arkansas; Detroit mayor under fire; war between Georgia and Russia; Iran's space program; Tripartite superpowers; African resources, McKinney for President; oil and the falling dollar; and more... (LIBCD2251) Maat Productions - Cynthia McKinney, Green Party Presidential Candidate: Hosts Dr. Ahmses & Bro Tehuti along with a number of callers discuss hot political issues with the candidate. She enunciates clearly her distinction from Obama and the Democratic party. Critical issues relative to black empowerment are put on the table. (LIBCD2252) Why Willie Lynch Must Die Vol 1 - Our newest study from Paul Ifayomi Grant, covers a series of essays about empowerment, culture, economics, strengthening the family and political success. Our first study lays a background of how we turn the trends of race, ethnicity and culture to our group advantage. Profound concepts are turned on their head. (LIBCD2253A) Shema 'Yah Bey - The Paranormal and Metaphysics: Our guest is researching into a spectrum of controversial areas which normally escape our attention. We discuss biblical astrology, extraterrestial phenomena, ancient Khemet, the science of astrological forcast and other topics. You must agree that our brother has done his research. (LIBCD2254)
  Malcolm X Debates James Baldwin - These two intellectual icons of the era of civil and human rights struggles, differed quite dramatically on the solutions to the problems of racism in the U.S. This historical conforntation gives us great insight as the the wrong direction that has become evident in the years that passed. (LIBCD2247) Barack Obama and Chicago Politics - Using a recent New Yorker article as base, we go into a deep background profile of the candidate. In particular, his step stone use of black agenda, his callous use of political friends, his base in the limousine liberal community, and his lack of political job credentials all fit into a much larger scheme. This is blazing HOT! 3-CD's (LIBCD2248) Webster Tarpley - Power Shift: The recent events in Russia and Georgia have exposed the existence of a new power cartel in play. Gone is the anti-Islamic agenda of the Neo-Cons, to be replaced by rule by "the Principals Group" under the direction of Zbigniew Brzyzenski, the patron of Barack Obama. Is this the precurser of the Obama presidency and WWIII? (LIBCD2249) Mental Revolution - Djehuty Maat Ra, Brother Jamaal, Keidi Awadu and Nwenna Kai discuss a broad set of issues related to reclaiming our health amidst the chaos and confusion that is corrupting our environment. We cover herbs, drugs, nutrition, raw food, AIDS, diabetes and how we all can seize control of our environment and take our lives black. (LIBCD2250)
  To Heal a People - Vol 4. (LIBCD2229D) To Heal a People - Vol 5. (LIBCD2229E) To Heal a People - Vol 6. (LIBCD2229F) To Heal a People - Vol 7: Afrikan Psychologists - We explore the ways in which black mental health professionals can bring to bear a more powerful set of tools that are culturally relevant toward the aim of helping our people adapt to the challenges of the Maafa holocaust. (LIBCD2229G)
  Dr. Akua Gray - A Life of Peace Wellness: The guest is a naturopathic practicioner and a great voice for mind, body and spiritual health and wellness. We discuss a broad set of methods that can assist us all at moving closer to our optimal health. The critical role of our transcendent mind-soul is emphasized in her methodologies. (LIBCD2243) NCOBRA Reparations Future - Our distinguished panel represents the largest of the U.S. reparations organizations. Our conversation covers the five areas of reparations focus, obstacles to reparations, current and future strategies, the candidacies of Obama and McKinney and how we can all get involved. (LIBCDD2244) BROTHAS Speak Out - Stopping Police Brutality: Several shocking cases are used to illustrate the ongoing and escalating problem of domestic terrorism in the form of police murders and brutality. We cover this dilemma, look to the future for possible changes in this progress and list three primary means of fighting back effectively. (LIBCD2245) Dr. Kofi Asare - African Traditional Healing: Along with guest Dr. Sharita, we discuss a broad set of topics of how African healers have and are preserving traditional healing methods, proven to relieve some of our major dis-eases. The role of herbs and nutrition is emphasized along with specific remedies as well as certifying new healers. (LIBCD2246)
  From Mind to Market - Mail Order & Info-preneurship: In this session we conduct another book review into two important subjects relative to home based, Internet based and small business. The how-to's of mail order are very important to all of us who do for self. In addition, selling your knowledge and expertise is a great way to make your fortune. (LIBCD2239) From Mind to Market - Mail Order Businesses Pt 2: Continuing this critical area, we list the many reasons for, and means of success for, setting up our own mail order business. Many examples of proven success should inspire us all to get started asap. (LIBCD2240) From Mind to Market - 7 Secrets of the Super Rich: Once again, using cutting edge research, we get into a short list of the unique priorities of wealthy people. Far beyond the lust for money and power, the motivations that guide these successful individuals are available to all of us. Here's how to do it. (LIBCD2241) Pastor Cleonard Childress - Obama-Nation. The guest is a long time anti-abortionist advocate and one of the most eloquent to argue that abortion among Blacks in the U.S. has come to equate to genocide. He also exposes Candidate Obama's close relationship to the anti-fertility movement. (LIBCD2242)
  George Carlin - The groundbreaking commeedian and social commentator shows the failings, faults and hypocrisises of living in the U.S. His wit, insight and brutal descriptions are an all time classic and his legacy will be felt for generations. (LIBCD2235) Glen Ford - The Betrayals of Barack Obama - Our guest is one of the most powerful analytical voices for Black Empowerment that we have in the media today. We go through a detailed critique of many of Obama's policies, affiliations, positions and changes of perspective. As well we examine his promises to other ethnic groups. (LIBCD2236) Chike Akua - The African Origins Tour: Our guest is an educator, artist, author and internationally know authority on African empowerment issues. Our discussion goes through a broad spectrum of methods and actions that are practical and will result in improvements in our community's affairs. You will find this to be one very practical and realistic plans for actions. (LIBCD2237) African American Congress Panel: Mwalimu Baruti, Kamau Kambon, M. Kabaila, Obadele Kambon, Brother Jamaal & Keidi Awadu - Our esteemed panel covers a number of issues relative to bringing our various organizations together for collective planning, investing and building. Is the era of the mass gathering convention over? What new trends and technologies are there to bring us together in unity for action? (LIBCD2238)
  Glen Ford - Barack Obama's Betrayal - Another great dialog with this serious black journalist. On issues of war and peace, campaign financing, loyalty to black issues and connections to the ruling oligarch, the candidate has many accounts to balence out. We also discuss the candidacy of Cynthia McKinney. (LIBCD2231) Llaila Afrika - Food and Sex Hormones: We return with the author of African Holistic Health and Nutricide. This time we discuss the corruption of the modern food chain and our critical need to study and understand how hormone disruption has seriously impacted health, fertility and gender. This is all about solutions. (LIBCD2232) Richard Behar - China Invades Africa: The guest has written a 6-part research article which gives us great insight to the dynamic changes which are happening in Africa and being driven by Chinese national motivations. If we are not careful, if we do not make our own moves, there is the danger that others will come into our Motherland and crowd our family out of its great potential. (LIBCD2233) Akua Auset - The Five Qualities of Magnetic People: We are one once again joined by the author of Superwomen and Goddesses, and she is providing some awesome research on how we can enhance and excite our abilities to manifest our primary life's motivations. These tips are practical and demonstrative of how we are self-empowering. (LIBCD2234)
  To Heal a People - Vol 1 - Afrikan scholars define a new reality; with an introduction by Naim Akbar, forward by Asa Hilliard and introduction by editor Kofi Addae, this is some of the greatest information that our people did NOT pay sufficient attention to. We can correct our mistakes of recent years. (LIBCD2229A) To Heal a People Vol 2 - Chinelo Tim Thompson presents the healing technique of Uji-Ba Maat, The Afrikan Redemption: Lengthening our Line. Next, Mwalimu Shujaa presents Coming Home Again: Re-Africanization as Personal Transformation. This is great work from the minds of our finest cultural scholars. (LIBCD2229B) To Heal a People Vol 3 - An extensive essay by Kofi Addae on Nyansa Nsa Da: Killing the Enemy Within. In too many ways we have internalized the brutality of our Maafa history and thus we must have a systematic means of getting on with our progress. This four-stage methodology is aimed at creating a permanent method by which our creative spirit is in service of our true cultural destiny. (LIBCD2229C) The End of Heterosexual AIDS - A recent WHO report confirms what many of us have said for years that HIV and AIDS are NOT the threat that too many of us have believed. Our panel includes some of the top dissenting voices who have been critiquing this subject for over a decade each. This is truly an historic conversation you will NOT hear on mainstream radio. (LIBCD2230)
  Richard Behar - China Invades Africa: The author of a controversial series on the new face of African colonization talks about the strong thrust into the continent as China competes with the west for the vast wealth of the continent. This is an explosive conversation, co-hosted by our best researchers. A MUST HAVE! (LIBCD2224) Maat Productions - Spirituality at Ten Thousand: Dr. Ahmses, Brother Tehuti and guests Brothers Kweku and Calvin Kennedy discuss various aspects of our spiritual unfoldment, relationship to the Maatian values of our Great Ancestors, and a myriad of subjects relative to our current condition. What can we do when WE reach a critical mass of conscious Africans? (LIBCD2226) From Mind to Market - The 360 Deal w/ Min 8-Ball & Keidi: There is a new trend in the music business by which the entertainment companies wrap up the totality of the career of the artists they sign and by which every means of making money must come through the coffers of the contractor. What's up with this? (LIBCD2227) From Mind to Market - The Science of Gettings Rich: An examination of the book by Wallace Wattles which predated many of the more well known books on the power of mind manifestation. There are some wonderfully powerful lessons to learn herein and keep us in an inspired and creative state. Sometimes within these simple rules are hidden some heavy dictums. (LIBCD2228)
  The Elders Panel - Politics, Religion and Race: One of our most powerful programs to date features three esteemed and accomplished elders Amefika Geuka. Pastor Ray Hagins, Bob Law and Dr. Jim Clingman. Using the backdrop of the political election and media race baiting, we propose solutions to a myriad of persistant issues affecting the race. 3-CD's $15.00.
Childbirthing and Vaccines w/ Dr. Lee Cenquizca: We have an indepth examination of factors affecting the health of our children. We cover HIV tests on pregnant women, the danger of ultrasound, excess C-sections, phony amnio tests, as well we have an extensive dialog about the toxic impact of vaccines and a brief tutorial on building a backyard organic garden. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2222) HIV and the Black Womb - Using two stories hot in the press we examine 1) the absolute dismal outcome of widespread HIV antibody testing through false positives, and 2) the way that this pandemic has unfolded to negatively impact the fertility of black women. We expose the efforts to get pregnant women to mandatory testing. (LIBCD2223) Tech and Future Talk - KaNisa Williams: This graphic artist, animatorand web designer has demonstrated an incredible competence in various fields of digital graphics, web design and animation. We discuss the opportunities for our young people in these fields and the critical need for us to take control of new communications industry opportunities. (LIBCD2225)
  Future Talk & Tech Talk - The focus is on the alarming stories about grain shortages, the phony drive for biofuel, the rising costs of energy and the real threat of dramatic shortages of food and water. We must have readily available contingencies to combat these trends and to keep our family alive during these changes. (LIBCD2217) Dashaun Jiwe Morris - A Street Soldier's March: This former Blood gang member has turned his life around, authored a book of his experiences and now is reaching large numbers of youth and encouraging them to similarly turn their dull existance into brilliance. His story is very inspiring and his dialog very clear. (LIBCD2218) N. Xavier Arnold - The Genocide Files: The author of two hard hitting, reality based novels, joins us to discuss his prophetic work from The Genocide Files. Themes of Pan African cooperation are central to the works. How did he predict, in this novel, so much of what is happening today? What can be done, which was articulated in the book, to assure our survival today? (LIBCD2219) BROTHAS - The U.S. Is a Suicidal Superpower: We analyse a CNN article that looks at policies of food and energy management and demonstrate that those who lead this country are not looking out for the best self interests of the Republic. That aside, what must we do to get off their path of self-destruction? (LIBCD2220)
  Mind Power Vol 4 - Today's program looks specifically at the problems of depression and anxiety. We explore the root causes of these mental problems, their mechanisms of operation and specific nutriants that have proven to alleviate the symptoms and debilitation. This informaion is tested and practical. (LIBCD2197D) Delbert Blair - Wicked Winds A-Brewing: A new round of predictions and research from the controversial metaphysics advocate. We talk about the Obama candidacy, earthquakes, economic peril and interesting debates on some of the beliefs within the larger community. You be the judge on the debate between fantasy and reality on some of these issues. Are there two suns in our solar system? (LIBCD2214) David Crowe - Rethinking AIDS Day: This is a great expose of the fake science and political agenda which has delivered the phony AIDS pandemic into the public consciousness. We especially draw out the way that the black community has especially been targeted for eugenics policies and being bamboozled by the vast amount of money that corrupts our leadership with regards to the supossed killer STD. (LIBCD2215) Walter Williams - Reclaiming Ancient Egypt: Always provocative and controversial, our guest once again challenges some of the fundamental beliefs that people have about the world's major religions and ancient Egypt. A contentious debate ensues over the presidential candidacy of Sen. Obama and his black critics. (LIBCD2216)
  Dr. Patricia Newton - Post Traumatic Enslavement Syndrome: This is a great dialog and critically needed at this time in order to put in context the gross anxiety, paranoia and depression that many are suffereing because of broader social, political and economic issues and pressures. (LIBCD2211) The Falcon Forum Vol 192 - Hot topics include: media coverage of the Pope; Iraq war heating up; record oil prices; mass media drunk on own power; Alicia Keys attacked for politics; government agencies and gangsta rap; urbanisation and declining life skills; cooperative solutions; candidates' economic similarity; genocide forecasts in U.S.; Tavis vrs Obama; missing national black agenda; and more. (LIBCD2212) The Falcon Forum Vol 193 - Hot topics include: Rev. Wright & Bill Moyers; rising food & oil prices; Sean Bell injustice; cops assaulting Blacks; politics and racism; economic retribution; the Taliban in Afghanistan; causes for rise in staple grains; strategies for economic survival; and more. (LIBCD2213) Mind Power Vol 3 - The focus is on a broad spectrum of nutrients that feed our brain power and lessen the negative impact of environmental pollution on our mental capacity as we age. Specific conditions are also mentioned for our response to alzheimer's and mentia. (LIBCD2197C)
  Dr. Uhuru Hotep - The Youth Leadership Challenge: There is no denying that there is a great crisis with the values and behaviors of youth within this country, especially urban Blacks. The guest has put together a strategic initiative that can assist us to set up the critical institutions to give you youth a chance for a great future. (LIBCD2207) Frank Sampson - Conscious Blacks are Talking: Along with Brother Jamaal, we discuss a broad spectrum of issues challenging us to step up our game and become competitive. The guest is involved in international affairs and a long time organizer and institution builder for Black Consciousness and Pan Africanism. (LIBCD2208) Living In Black Forum Talk - We take several critical issues from our new network forum and share some profound thoughts, debates and teachings that some of our global family are talking about. We cover the value of the term "black" for identifying ourselves; whether the crime of rape of a child merits execution and other critical topics. (LIBCD2209) Queen Afua and Sister Eshe - These two profound teachers of nutrition, herbal healing, organic nutrition and consciousness organizing join us for a lively and informative discussion on health, diet, remedies, gardening and the City of Wellness mission to revive our health and vitality. This is a must-have program! (LIBCD2210)
  Brian Schultz - Teaching in the Urban Classroom: Against all odds, this white teacher entered an elementary school at Chicago's notorious Cabrini Green Projects and produced an educational phenomena that made national headlines. Learn how we can overome huge obstacles to give our youth a future. (LIBCD2204) The Falcon Forum Vol 191 - Topics include: food riots; SAPs and austerity measures; energy prices rippling; losing life skills; CODEX and population control; Obama unifier or divider?; performance and compensations; cities in trouble; Tavis punished by Obamites; assimilation and leadership; Zimbabwe election; urban gardening; and more. (LIBCD2205) Mind Power Vol 2 - Promoting and Protecting Brain Health: we cover topics centered around healthy life habits that assist optimum brain performance including exercise, spiritual interactions, and a broad spectrum of specific nutrients. This is all practical and easily adapted to, not too expensive and thus a must for all of us. (LIBCD2197B) From Mind to Market - Protect Your Neck: A broad set of strategies for the growing business that not only wants to lower it's tax burden but also wants to protect its assets from legal challenges and liablity issues. We cover corporations and legal structures and the reasons for each choice. (LIBCD2206)
  Richard Blackman, Spirit Halima, Brother Jamaal & Keidi Awadu - Special Health Challenge: This specially assembled panel is focusing on advanced health measures today. Most of us have physical, psychological or environmental challenges the require us to make dramatic changes in our life. This program gives you the path to a new you. (LIBCD2200) Organic Vegetable Gardening - Keidi and LIBradio listener Fred Hunter describe their home based organic gardening techniques. We discuss soil preparation, square foot gardening, planting for seasons, fruit and vegetable selection, composting and other means of producing more food than our homes can consume. What do we do with the surplus? (LIBCD2201) Africa For The Africans - Brothers Bomani Tyehimba and Mahdi Uwizeye have founded an organization that takes dozens of Diasporic Africans back to our Mother Continent each year. We discuss the myriad of reasons that we must reconnect with the future through Africa with a special focus on Ghana. Investment, real estate, tourism, culture, family, development, electrification and other areas are covered in this highly inspiring conversation. Don't miss this years upcoming trip in October. (LIBCD2202) Juicing and Fasting - In this fast paced and entertaining conversation, the Conscious Rasta shares techniques for producing almond milk, as well as juices from watermelon, oranges, apples, mangos, strawberries, carrots and more. In addition he shares great fasting techniques that have resulted in a 23 lb. weight loss in 21 days. This is amazing, life affirming information. (LIBCD2203)
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