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  IM Nur - Alternate Visions for Africans: The author of The Meaning of Blackness, joins us to bring us to a heightened perception of the forces in action all around us and how we can maintain an integrity of solution-based action that will actually solve complex personal and group problems. A great audience response highlights this dialog. (LIBCD2098) The Falcon Forum Vol 171- Topics include: Unholy alliance between big pharma, FDA, media and chemical industries; bad medicine, death and autism; shifting job market; assimilation, nationalism and repatriation; obesity and junk food; the African Union; Diaspora unity and independence. (LIBCD2099) The Falcon Forum Vol 174 - Social Change Theory & 8 valuations; reconnecting to Africa; tribalism and development; pessimism and leadership; baseball's juicing scandal; sharia law in Africa; African education ideals, Kumbaya Obama; and more. (LIBCD2100) BROTHAS Speak Out - The rash of mass shootings in the U.S. springs from a complex set of issues that we examine in controversial depth. In addition, issues related to gun ownership, individual responsibilty, mass media and collective self-defense make up this provocative discussion. (LIBCD2101)
  Trance Art and Creativity Vol 7 - Myth: We explore concepts of myth and the man's developing social thought as well as totemism, theater, drama and other means of connecting generations to ancient and timeless values which bind the group together. (LIBCD2078-G) Keidi Awadu - Walking On Water and Air: This lecture, from the Meeting of the Masters conference, shows how we can harness the power of ancient cosmogeny and the cardinal elements to strengthen our mastery of environment. We can do what the great prophets did. DVD $20 (LIBDVD087) The Falcon Forum Vol 173 - Topics include: The Lisbon Summit redefining Africa's relationship to Euros; NAACP's new white head; U.S and Iran's vindication; new nuclear standoff; "greed is good"; Mormons and Blacks; Zimbabwe's land question; Obama and Oprah vrs. Clinton; irradiating our foods; black truckers & African economy; the call for new leadership; and more. (LIBCD2095) From Mind to Market - What's In Your Library?: Min. 8-Ball and the Conscious Rasta discuss the critical need for literacy in our personal, professional and global development. We share good books, reading lists and methodologies for keeping ourselves on the cutting edge. Great insights are highlighted. (LIBCD2097)
  From Mind to Market - The World's Most Powerful Force: We discuss the incredible power of habit formation and its effect on our business accumen. Methods of developing good habits are shared and how we break the patterns that lock us into failure and non-competitiveness. (LIBCD2094) Rev. Phil Valentine & Brother Jamaal - Education Discussion: Our top conspiracy research panel examines the utter failure of Western education and brings forth viable solutions that we can implement right now that will bring out people out of the degeneration and into their own light. (LLIBCD2096) Trance, Art and Creativity Vol 5 - (LIBCD2078-E) Trance, Art and Creativity Vol 6 - Art and Dreams; Focusing on the parataxic mode of connecting with the unconscious, we explore in depth various theores on how dreams are formed and how some turn their dream state into consciousness development. Symbolism in dreams and nightmares are explained. (LIBCD2078-F)
  Trance, Art and Creativity Vol 3 - (LIBCD2078-C) Trance, Art and Creativity Vol 4 - The focus is on hypnotism as a form of prototaxic contact with the collective unconscious. Origins of this science, different induction methods, different stages of hypnotism and its varied effects are thoroughly discussed. (LIBCD2078-D) Jeremiah Camara - Investigating Black Preachers: In the face of a Senate committee on finances investigating a number of so-called prosperity preacher, we take a look at the role of these megachurches and those blood sucking vampires who head them. Why have our people become so vulnerable to this hucksterism? (LIBCD2092) Psychiatry Run Amok - In the wake of another mass shooting by an American youth we explore the link between psychotropic drugs and violence. Particular attention is give to drugs used for ADHD and depression and how research has exposed their deadly effect for decades. (LIBCD2093)
  BROTHAS Speak Out - We discuss a broad set of hot topic issues including: Oprah's girls school rapes; sellout African American actors; culture clash and relationship conflicts and other hot button issues that black men need to be discussion. (LIBCD2094) Is There a New COINTELPRO? - Using research from the Conscious Rasta Report Conspiraciees and High Crimes, we examine the historic tactics of the anti-Black government program and compare them to events of today. (LIBCD2095) Energetics and Electromagnetic Weapons - Our guests Dr. Elijah Grant and Che Nazzerith join us to share their research on the myriad of ways that cell phones, computers, microwaves, HAARP, and other electronic means undermine our lives and put us in grave danger. (LIBCD2096) Tech and Future Talk - A Pan African Future:
  Tech Talk and Future Talk - In the tech section we discuss: Hewlett Packard's horrible service record, troubleshooting and maintaining hard drives; digital video production and education, and in the Futurist section we discuss the imperative to collectivize for our individual and mutual survival. (LIBCD2090) The Falcon Forum Vol 170 Black radicalism verses the Black bougeois; spying on LIB; turmoil in the Middle East; African unity; the declining dollar; Oprah's homosexual scandal; Blacks and power. (LIBCD2091) Is There a New COINTELPRO: In response to recent attacks on our own communications forum, we go into the historical accounts of the FBI's illegal counterintelligence program against black independence. We use research from the Conscious Rasta Report to veryfy that the same tactics used then are still being applied. (LIBCD2095) Walter Williams - Blacks and Christianity: In sometimes the harshest terms, we discuss just how foreign ideologies, greed, imorality and deceipt have undermined the self interest of Blacks because of the imposition and dominance of religion and religious leaders. (LIBCD2093)
  From Mind to Market - Profit Management: Min. 8-Ball and The Conscious Rasta discuss the means by which you are able to define your cash flow system and maintain proper bookkeeping methods. The four types of profit statements are a critical part of our discussion and make this one of the most valueable of this powerful series. Get the whole series! (LIBCD2086) Christian Fundamentalism and Nuclear War - We take a look at the way that historically Christianity has justified the worst type of brutalization against other ethnicities. Today, we see the same ill wind is blowing and threatening nuclear holocaust and armegeddon. (LIBCD2087) Herbert Harris - 360 Degrees of Wealth Building; Tamika Walker: Supporting Darryl Walker - In the first hour we speak with the author of 12 Universal Laws of Success on subject relative to our wealth development. Next up, we rally to support one of our dear LIBRadio Family members who was shot and wounded during a robbery assault. (LIBCD2088) Defining Our Mission - Propelled forward by the recent trip to Ghana, we articulate just what is the road ahead for a culturally conscious community. We move away from reactionary emotionalism and clearly define what are achievable goals for us as Pan Africans and Black Nationalists. (LIBCD2089)
  Joan Shenton - Diary of an AIDS Dissident: One of the major voices to challenge the legitimacy of the whole HIV=AIDS=Epidemic paradigm, and a major filmmaker, joins us to share her research; Traci Thomas & Sadiya Wilms - Black Vegetarians: Great insight and ispiration from two who have successfully made the change to eliminating toxic substances from their diet. (LIBCD2083) Sistah X - Strict Veggie Products: Our guest is the inventor of King Garlic Herbal Medicine and a number of other natural products. We discuss the merits of her products as well as a number of natural and herbal therapies and weight loss techniques. This is wonderfully practical information for health and longevity. (LIBCD2084) The Falcon Forum Vol 169 - Subjects include: real economic analysis; exercising our will; attacking Iran; U.S and Sudan's reviving civil war; new regional powers in Western Asia; the Congo crisis; press credibility; our global agenda; practical solutions; beating malaria naturally; Christian missions in Africa; finding self esteem; brothers and sisters. (LIBCD2085) Trance, Art and Creativity Vol 2 - Exploring the prototaxic mode, we look at various modes of trance as means of addressing the Great Mysterium, from the most disassociated state of schizophrenia to group dance trance and other shamanistic means of breaking through the veil. (LIBCD2078-B)
  Living for Optimal Enjoyment - We go through a list of 30 tips which we can utilize to make sure that our life is full of happines, self worth, service to our community and creative productivity. These tips are made all the more practical by the way that we illustrate their relevance in our own lives. (LIBCD2079) From Mind to Market - The Art of Persuasion: Min. 8-Balll and Keidi discuss a number of marketing strategies and promotional techniques to bring our business vision to a point of effective sales penetration. The MAPPS system is laid out and makes a lot of practical sense. (LIBCD2080) Teaching Black Girls to Be Black Women - Bro. Jamaal & Nailah Sankofa join us today to discuss the case of Megan Williams who was raped and tortured by racist whites in W. Virginia. The larger issue of protecting and guiding our young women is the greater subject. How best do we prepare our daughters for this hostile society? (LIBCD2081) Greg Anrig - Conservatives Have No Clothes: The author has amassed a wonderful book which documents how wealthy scions brought their agenda forward through policy formation think tanks and major foundations then used them to influence politicians. (LIBCD2082)
  War and Peace - News headlines are full of contradictory stories of the direction that this country is taking. We examine war threat against Iran, denying health insurance for US children, the roll of congress in this mess and why white people are so mean. (LIBCD2075) Mbwebe Ishangi - Analytikul Cogitationz: Along with Brother Jamaal, we explore the emergence of revolutionary Pan Afrikan consciousness within this young man from his schood days as a frat pledge to his role as a major creator of progressive media. (LIBCD2076) The Falcon Forum Vol 168 - (LIBCD2077) Trance, Art and Creativity Vol 1 - Introduction to a very dense and complex study of our connection to the world of the metaphysical through three means ranging from near unconsciousness to the highest of conscious access. This is a wonderful series to study for our ascendence. (LIBCD2078-A)
  From Mind to Market - Four Types of Business Plans: This is a well researched discussion on how we develop our strategies to take our business vision out of our heads and into a well-financed reality. Practical experience is emphasized in this critical discussion. (LIBCD2071 US Diplomatic Arrogance / The Consicous Zone - Along with Bro Jamaal we discuss the treatment of Iran's president and how that relates to a larger anti-Islamic strategy and population control program. Next, Sister Azjah joins us to discuss The Conscious Zone about emerging culture and the nature of our relationships. (LIBCD2072) Herbal Healing - We go through a spectrum of information on herbs, the principles behind herbs, body mechanics. nurtrients for our reproductive health, treatment for specific ailments, weight loss and fasting. Joined late in the program by the Herb Sistah, it get's even better. This is a must-have archive. (LIBCD2073)

Reporting From Ghana - We share a trio of interviews this week from our mother continent with Davheed Jawara, Nana Kadwo Akpan, and Dr. H.M. Maulana. All of these guests have left America to build an African future and everything they share is well informed and highly motivating. Please get this CD! (LIBCD2074)

  Rap, Hip Hop & the New World Order Study Vol 4 - Our final study session on this book covers more reproductive research, the web of media companies working for the beast, the promotion of trifling black males and our solutions. (LIBCD2039-D) Rap, Hip Hop & the New World Order Study Vol's 1-4 - The total 8-hour presentation of the book on audio at a special price. 8-CD's $30. (LIBCD2039-A-D) BROTHAS Speak OUT - Black on Black Violence: Our discussion covers a wide area including leadership, education, filmmaking, psychological warfare against black youth, the prison industrial complex and real solutions that can be brought to bear to end our collective madness. (LIBCD2069) Christine Maggiore - Lies from the AIDS Establishment and the County Cororner: The guest is a world nenown figure debunking the HIV myths but whose own personal tragedy served political food for a deceptive and deadly medical establishement. This story is too amazing to seem true. (LIBCD2070)
  L'dia Men Na'a Muhammed - Weight Gain and Pregnancy: One of our favorite voices at LIB, the guest is an expert on the birthing process, natural health and women's reproductive health. Our focus is on creating the optimal environment for bringing children into our world, including getting rid of sorry ass parenting. (LIBCD2066) Min. Clemson Brown - A New World Coming Into Being: The respected archiver of Black Nationalist movement shares his thoughts and research on the aftermath of the Jena 6 mobilization, the work of Prof. Obyibo and his GAGUT theorum and the role of black media as agent of change. (LIBCD2065) The Falcon Forum Vol 167 - Hot topics include: The Jena 6 aftermath; pissing our movement down the drain; Isiah Thomas & the B-word; nooses abound after Jena; ending black on black violence; investing in our youth; building personal economics; dealing with debt collectors; world leaders gather at UN; travelling to Africa; global warming rising seas and more... (LIBCD2067) Maat Productions w/ Drl Ahmses Maat - Dr. Muata Ashby: Death of the American Empire. In deep discussion of the overextension of the U.S. influence, global warming, the failure of the culture to sustain the position of dominance. We have alternatives and we must act soon. (LIBCD2068)
  Bikbaya Inejnema - Ancestral Spirit: The guest has undergone his initiation into the Dogon tradition and shares with us a spectrum of the insights which he has attained on the connection to the ancient Khemetic civilization through language, purification, ancestral connection and correcting misunderstandings of this inheritance. (LIBCD2061) BROTHAS Speak Out - The Definition of Blackness: We share a wonderful response from our listeners over the subject of defining Blackness. From the ethereal to the practical, the responses are passionate and varied. There is even debate over being taught not to see our Blackness. This is hot! (LIBCD2062) Walter Williams - Religion Vrs. Spirituality: Along with Brother Jamaal, we go through a spectrum of dialogs questioning whether the religions that have permeated our lives and these cultures has come to cause great conflict within society and upset the individuals' potentiality. Such a sensitive subject always stimulates much hot debate. (LIBCD2063) The Jena 6 Protest Mobilization - A 5-member panel takes an alternative acessment of the large-scale mobilization in support of the incarcerated youth. We debate the tactical value of this particular case and propose alternative means of securing justice for these youth and many more. (LIBCD2064)
  The Falcon Forum Vol 166 - Subjects include: Conflicting opinions on the Jena 6; ideological battles on universities; camera-chasing black leaders; Darfur protests; $20 million ho-testing; charter schools for our youth; ceasefire in DR Congo; 500 more years of ass-whup; Tavis dumb-ass Smiley & the GOP; and more... (LIB CD2058) Maat Productions - Dr. Ahmses with guests Keidi and Eric Goodman discuss a broad spectrum of opportunities for investment of time, money and knowledge in order to secure a better outcome for ouselves. We cover financial markets, African opportunities, holiday season strategies and debt management. (LIBCD2059). Rap, Hip Hop & the New World Order Study Vol 3 - Our third session begins with an examination of one particular rapper who fit the mode of an agent provocateur, by his own admissions. Next we take an indepth look at hip hop generation women, with emphasis on culture, population control and sexual disease. (LIBCD2039-C) From Mind to Market Vol 2 - Ideas and Skill Sets with Minister 8-Ball and the Conscious Rasta. We explore the means of pulling forth business ideas from our circumstances, talents and experiences and then to develop those skills with research and study. (LIBCD2060)
  The Black Birth Dearth - We share part of our conversation with L'dia Men Na'a Muhammed, a birthing expert. Next we discuss the complex factors which have the rates of births among Blacks and Whites declining dramatically and what changes we can bring about to reverse this trend. (LIBCD2055) Ahati Kilindi Iyi - African Fighting Sciences: Our guest is amazingly informed about not only the various fight styles from the earliest history from the Nile Valley throughout the world, but also the most advanced technologies developed including enhanced technical warriors and mutant soldiers. A must hear dialogue. (LIBCD2056) Virtual Reality is in Effect - Keidi Awadu: The impact of electronic entertainment and mass media in reshaping our very personalities as individuals and as groups cannot be understated. We examine just how this process have been growing in influence over our lives in recent decades. (LIBCD2057) Population War Frontline Report - This presentation, given for the Black Panther New Vanguard Movement, goes through the history of population control, Malthusianism, numerous methods of unconscious voluntary selection of controlling our population and the reasons for this global conspiracy. DVD $20 (LIBDVD094)
  Front Sight Resorts - Two shocking DVDs about what goes on at right-wing paramilitary training camps in the Nevada desert. You need to watch these DVDs with your own protection group. This might override some of these wolf tickets we keep throwing out. 2 DVDs $10 (LIBDVD120) AIDS: Just the Facts, Please - This groundbreaking lecture from the Conscious Rasta shares much of the research that converts us from fear of the so-called AIDS virus to a position of knowing that we can overcome that stigma and enjoy strong immune health. DVD $20 (LIBDVD118) AIDS: Just the Facts, Please - This groundbreaking lecture from the Conscious Rasta in CD form. (LIBCD2053) Dushimimana Commode - The Chinese Mind: This Rwandan student shares wonderful insights into the cultural and psychological state of his hosts as he attends architectural school in Beijing, China. In addition, he shares his memories of the 1994 genocide catastrophe which he survived. This is a great story for us to observe. (LIBCD2054)
  From Mind to Market Vol 1 - Minister 8-Ball and the Conscious Rasta lay out the imperatives to create new revenue streams, move up the job market, re-educate ourselves for economic success and get beyond dissatisfaction with our current employment status. (LIBCD2049) September 11th Anniversary - As the nation remembers the anniversary of this date, we focus on misinformation, competing conspiracy theories, our ability to examine facts accurately and prioritize our long term investment of revolutionary energy. (LIBCD2050) Dr. Asa Hilliard - Socialization of African Children: The master teacher lays the law down on how we can better instruct our youth on the great legacy of African revolutionary spirit. Fact after fact are brought forward to re-establish the preeminence of our cultural legacy. (LIBCD2051) BROTHAS Speak Out - Who Will Defend Our Community? Responding to a shocking news story of a young black woman raped and tortured by white racists, we ask if we are prepared to take control of our community and prepare to protect our own? (LIBCD2052)
  The Falcon Forum Vol 165 - Topics include: Hilary Clinton's secrets; Obama and Oprah; politics & debt; education and charter schools; Mexican truckers and truckstop ho's; urban decay & regentrification; Fox News & Ron Paul; warnings of a new 9-11; dumping politicians; YouTube; China & the Bush family; dumb blonds and more. (LIBCD2047) Maat Productions - Host Dr. Ahmses features Qkua Maat to discuss My CEO, an online business management system that also can serve as a network marketing sources of additional income. The many benefits of this program are discussed as well as ways to get paid. (LIBCD2048) Rap, Hip Hop & the New World Order Study Vol 2 - Our second study session covers the lives and deaths of Eazy E, Tupac Shakur and Biggee Smalls, all of whom were engaged in activities that brought them under the grip of covert forces. We also examine the links between Death Row Records, government intelligence agencies, law enforcement and organized crime. (LIBCD2039-B) Keidi Obi Awadu - Rap, Hip Hop & the NWO; from Cal State Long Beach Black Consciousness Conference. This DVD is a dynamic update to the classic analysis of population control and urban youth which proves that covert government agencies and orgranized crime have penetrated urban youth culture through the music.. DVD $20 (LIBDVD082)
  Ahsa Ahla - Natural Foods and Healing: The guest has risen from his how state of dis-ease to become one of the most articulate and well-informed voices of our generation to assist us all to find that divine healthy space wherein to live and thrive. We discuss the complexities of foods that heal, minerals and healing herbs. (LIBCD2043) Black Vegetarian Societies - We advocate for the purposeful coming together of groups toward the aim of building fellowship and teaching the methods of healing through nutrition. We also have a debate with "Rev. Hamhock" and share great info on preventing or curing malaria using herbs. (LIBCD2044) Tech and Future Talk - We Be TV & the Future of Work: Our first hour features Tim Moore who has a bold new strategy to get our IPTV network up and going while providing a money making opportunity for those who see this future. Next we show how to set up your living work space and what careers give solid grounding for the decades ahead. It's not the job, it's the style. (LIBCD2045) Black Economics - In our first hour with Charles Brister we concentrate our dialog on those dynamics which we can are are tapping into which bring us to independence and self-sufficiency. Next, Elon Bomani brings the energy of The Dynamic Diva to motivate us to seize every opportunity with absolute confidence. This is a must-have program! (LIBCD2046)
  Rap, Hip Hop & the New World Order Study Vol 1 - Our first segment of study of this Conscious Rasta Report establishes the grounds for stating that a complex conspiracy was set up to use rappers as anti-fertility propaganda voices. Our survival is threatened by this unholy alliance. (LIBCD2039-A) Fat Rats and Frankenfood w/ John Erb - A vast amount of evidence exists to demonstrate that the FDA, in partnership with food manufactueres and the healthcare industry, are deliberately allowing chemical contaminants in our food which CAUSE obesity and diabetes. We thus take control to protect our children and ourselves. (LIBCD2040) BROTHAS Speak Out - Analysis of "Read A Book": This video, a collaborative of Bro Bomani and BET, has created a heated debate on how we communicate to our youth and challenge them to new behaviors. Most either love or hate the video. We have a deep discussion on race progress, communications and the crisis of youth. (LIBCD2041) Global Warming, Earth Warning? Bro Jamaal and Dr. Delbert Blair, and the Conscious Rasta examine the wide pattern of heating of the global and ask if Mother Earth is having a fever to get rid of us? We discuss in terms of intergalactic battles and other conspiracy theories. (LIBCD2042)
  John Henrick Clarke - An Afrikan Revolution: Another great presentation by the Beloved Ancestor to serve as a precise set of instructions for us to make our way through the next phase of our progress. DVD $20.00(LIBDVD028) Maat Productions - Anthony Prior - Black Horses, White Connon & Religion: This incredibly articulate author, also a former NFL footbal and track star, shares some surprisingly powerful insights on pro sports, the nature of power and our quest for a dignified destiny. You have to hear this man's critical message! (LIBCD2037) Hip Hop NWORap Hip Hop & the New World Order - This popular edition of the Conscious Rasta Report exposes a complex conspiracy that comprises the hip hop conspiracy. This is the continuation of the infamous COINTELPRO program. (CRPV4N3) The Falcon Forum Vol 164 - Topics include: War returns to Congo; crisis in Nubia over dams; housing crisis; fake black issues; the Federal Reserve & the failing debt economy; Mexican trucks invade U.S.; survival strategies; pimp-slapping preachers; strategies for the economic collapse. (LIBCD2038)
  Jonathan Mooney - Overcoming ADHD and Learning Disability Labeling - The author of the book The Short Bus joins us to share his experience of raising above negative labeling and rising to the hights of scholarship and then embarking on a remarkable journey to share his discovery with the world. (LIBCD2034) Amefika Geuka Bring Back Black - Nation Building: We complete a month long series of dialogues that embrace the construct of self-sufficiency. Within weeks many will gather together to confer and congress toward the aim that we can guide our people to a dignified destiny with our own resources. (LIBCD2035) I Gave You Instruction - Inspired by a powerful dream vision, we are to acknowledge and appreciate that we have already been given the keys to our own future and our own empowerment. From the position of spirit-medium, The Conscious Rasta answers the fundamental questions of life and purpose. (LIBCD2036) John Henrick Clarke - An Afrikan Revolution: Another great presentation by the Beloved Ancestor to serve as a precise set of instructions for us to make our way through the next phase of our progress. (LIBCD1041)
  Hysteria In the Media - Along with Baba Amefika Geuka we use a variety of crazy news stories, indicating the meltdown of the dominant culture, and attempt to create a separate dynamic for our people to live within and thrive. Rather than be reactionary, we state the case for deliberate actions for liberation. (LIBCD2031) The Battle of Cuita Carnivale - Repuesta of el Escalde Sud Africa (Repelling of the South African Army). This rare documentary series covers the Angolan-Cuban partnership that destroyed the powerful South African Expeditionary Force as it invaded Angola in the late 1980s and led to the end of direct apartheid. DVD $20 (LIBDVD116) Katrina Anniversary, Black Housing Crisis and Asians Developing Africa - Along with Brother Jamaal we explore the complex connection between the failure of black leadership in rebuilding New Orleans, failure to manage our urban real estate and failure to steer our consumer spending into competing with Asians in Africa, who use our consumerism as their base of investment. (LIBCD2032) Trouble Inna De White House - We have an Afrocentric examination of the current meltdown of leadership with the U.S. With a number of the rats abandoning the sinking ship of the Bush administration, and the fate of a nation at war meeting more and more dissappointment, how WE feel about these changes must be heard. (LIBCD2033)
  Falcon Forum Vol 163 - Topics include the failing domestic economy; white rats and black captains; African capitalism; exodus from the status quo; tje new scramble for Africa; our view of globalism; collective consciousness; the wealth of Africa; capital markets & the reconstruction of our homeland. (LIBCD2027) The Obesity Virus? or Medical Fraud? - Examining news stories of the day we come to conclude that we are being fed huge lies and decpetion in the name of medical research science. Are the pharmaceutical corporations conspiring with media and government to make us all slaves to their drugs? (LIBCD2028) BROTHAS Speak Out - The Changing Social Sexual Environment: This is a very challenging dialogue with a lot of heated response. How have the values of our ancestors become so twisted and distorted by the modern urban environment? How did sex stray so far away from the bonds that produce regeneration and become a vehicle for recreation? (LIBCD2029) Joya Moseley - Studying Medicine in Cuba: Our guest has just completed her first year as a medical student in Cuba as one of over 500 scholarships offered by Presidente Castro. Her first hand experiences and insights bring us to appreciate the wonderful culture of this bold island nation. 3-CDs $15.00 (LIBCD2030)
  Martin Dandridge - Corrupt Prison Systems: The author of a critical book which exposes, from an insider's perspective, the gross injustices of the incarceration system. Some are profiting, rape is rampant, and the mission to rehabilitate is being usurped by the profit motive. How can we avoid the trap of imprisonment? (LIBCD2023) Bring Back Black - We continue our series with Amefika Geuka as we build up to a critical convening and a new direction for our community. Back to Basics covers the critical need for a new style of black leadership and how it must focus our vast resources on those things that will actually secure our destiny. (LIB CD2024) Tech and Future Talk - Multi-Media Future and Building a Baaad-Ass Computer: In the tech segment we discuss the components which make for a high performance computer, including some reflections on MS Vista OS; Next, we look at the broad spectrum of communications media and how we can tap into them all in order to make our messages more available to the larger audience. (LIBCD2025) Garvey Birth Anniversary - Guests include Don Rico and Jahi Issa: On this, the 120th celebration of the birth of this great black visionary, we have lively, and sometimes contentious, dialogue, instruction and debate over the UNIA and ACL legacy. In order to use this history we must accurately access just what went down. (LIBCD2026)
  Dr. Asa Hilliard - Cultural Regeneration; Assisted by co-host Brother Jamaal, we explore an array of subjects inspired by the upcoming King Tut-Ankh-Amen museum display as well as the role of the Boule in black leadership history. This is hot! 3-CDs (LIBCD1074) Dr. Asa Hilliard - Sankofa: Recovering the past. When we begin to look to our own African cultural inheritance, the ways of our ancestors and those customs that have survived the abuse of the Maafa, we know we have enough to restor order to ouw own community. This is our Sankofa. (LIBCD2020) Radical Change is a Must - We address the broadbased decay in the social, economic and spiritual environment within America and the critical need for each of to make a realistic assessment of our current situation and adjust to assure our survival. (LIBCD2021) BROTHAS Speak Out - Sistahs and Interracial Romance: Are black men hypocrites from opposing the increasing rate of black women who, so frustrated with lack of support from their men, are stepping across ethnic lines to find romance, love and marriage. Is this the fate of our people? (LIBCD2022)
  The Falcon Forum Vol 162 - Topics include injecting fake money into the debt industries; worldwide financial crises; personal debt rising; responsible change & collective action; bioscience and longevity; democrats and queers; ruling Africa; medicine vrs health; Grandma's wisdom; community land trusts; fast food healthcare and more... (LIBCD2018) Maat Productions - Sovereign Marketing w/ Prachel Carter: After a brief report on the crazy stock and currency markets, the dialogue settles into a number of key points on building your business marketing strategies and independent film making. The guest is quite expert on making the right moves for our growth. (LIBCD2019) Awakening the Genius of Black Children Vol's 5 - This session covers two major areas of development and absolute strategies for making the most of 1) preschool home-based development and 2) early institutional education for our children. The research is tight and the outcome is proven to raise our youth's intelligence performance. (LIBCD2000-E) Asa Hilliard - Sankofa: Utilizing the Post to Move Forward: This is a very fine video lecture by the noted Afrikan scholar. He draws upon an immense experience in African pedegogoy as well as the vast cultural inheritance which is the legacy of the great civilizations from the African historical record. A must-see video. DVD $20 (LIBDVD034)
  Mohmoh-Sellu Laye - The Essence of Spirit: The guest is an instructor in the Dohgon Cosmogony, which is a spiritual scientific system which was preserved from the Nile Valley as it migrated to Mali and other parts of the world. Within this science we have everything we need to recover our true power. (LIBCD2014) Amefika Geuka - Was Opportunity Wasted? Our conversation centers around the timing of our moves to secure an African Global Order. Questions arise as to whether the timing and advantage of our great scholar ancestors was a moment that we need to recover. (LIBCD2015) Ruffmic & Freedomwriter - Black August: These two brilliant youthful voices have brought together one of the most exciting audio projects of the year. Today we look at the history of black revolution and how this month is livicated to honoring radical action. (LIBCD2016) 7MAC - Solution to the New World Order: Originally part of the Rap, Hip Hop NWO series, we give our comprehensive solution to the broad set of problems facing our youth. Through an organization based upon the b(LIBCD2017)
  Hanging With the 666 Thugsters - Groundbreaking research from the book Rap, Hip Hop & the New World Order, by Keidi Awadu. As hard as it is to believe, we have uncovered a vast network of devil worshiping with the urban youth music culture. Who has been teaching this madness to our youth?(LIBCD2010) The Movie Outbreak and the Real Origin of AIDS - This extensive investigative analysis and movie review exposes the fearmongering by the mass media, the super secret CIA of the CDC, and how the fear of the so-called AIDS virus is based upon a misunderstanding of the biological sciences. (LIBCD2011) Is Babylon Falling Down? Our examination of trends in family stability, economic calamity, political corruption, lost wars, corporate greed and the medical complex destroying so many lives leads us to question whether the Great Empire of America is in an absolute free fall. Lastly, if it is happening, what the hell are we supposed to do? (LIBCD2012) Mwalimu Baruti - Afrikan Intellectual Liberation: In the face of so much trouble looming ahead for any people who are asleep, this brilliant scholar shares means by which we can realign ourselves to a proper education to survive, thrive and vanquish the enemies of our individual and collective progress. (LIBCD2013)
  Awakening the Genius of Black Children Vol's 3 & 4 - This session, from two weeks, goes very deep into the subjects related to infant education. Wilson covers maternity, fetal development, physical fitness, cognitive development and a broad spectrum of proven techniques which will result in the actualization of your child's powerful mental growth. 3-CD's $15.00
Virtuality Reality is in Effect - We cover a great body of research into the various sciences of persuasion and the creation of mass culture in which the behaviors of the masses are guided by unseen forces. From the book by Neil Gabler, Life the Movie, we show how entertainment conquered many of our real lives.
DVD $20 (LIBDVD113)
The World Is Mine - This manifesto stands as an absolute clarification of the mission, aims, values and ideologies of our Seventh Millennium Academy of Consciousness. We make these declarations with the aim of fulfilling every word with the blessings of our divine creation, our elders and our peers. This is some really heavy attitude. DVD $20 (LIBDVD114) The Black Family - Can't We All Just Get Along? This is a serious investigation of the dynamic changes in the second half of the 20th Century which stranded the black family. Using a broad set of scientific analyses, we demonstrate that the forces of eugeneics, population control and social engineering deliberately took out this critical institution. DVD $20 (LIBDVD115)
  Falcon Forum Vol 160 - Hot subjects include black weddings and social analysis; culture and family; more Patriot Acts coming?; domestic repression; Pat Tillman assassinated?; U.S. military AFRICOM threat; war with Iran?; hormones & role models; Dems vrs Repubs; replacing Pellossi; dumping the neo-cons. (LIBCD2006) Bring Back Black - Amefika Geuka, John Christmas and Noah Witzpaul: Biofuels & Energy Opportunities: Our guests are experts in the new area of renewable fuel development. The rapid changes in alternative fuels and energy development provide immense opportunity for those of us who can respond to future needs. (LIBCD2007) The Falcon Forum Vol 161 - Subjects include: economic paradigm shif; the negative impact of Western -isms; new currency formations; Sicko healthcare; black media's financial woes; Chauncey Bailey assassinated; collapsing bridges; Barak Obama's tuff talk on Pakistan; which Democrat candidate will serve Black self-interests? and more... (LIBCD2008) The Remaking of World Order - This is a highly detailed presentation from the book The Road to Power. Using Samuel Huntington's research, we examine how cultural identity and civilization competition is the key to surving the immediate future for people of African descent. (LIBCD2009)
  Webster Tarpley - The Philadelphia Platform: Our controversial interview with the noted author of Synthetic Terror: Made In the USA, shares with us a strangely by radical patriots to bypass lame-ass Democrats to challenge the Bush-Cheney regime. Our responses reflect a different agenda as well as certain commonalities. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2002) Tech and Future Talk - READ and Grow Rich: Assisted generously by Brother Mombera, I take the audience through my current empowerment reading list which includes some intensive tech studies. As well, we go through discussion of the new Vista OS, computer upgrading, ultra hi-speed broadband and empowering ourselves for a hi-tech future. (LIBCD2003) Adisa Franklin - Liberating the African Mind: Our discussion is with the author of a book which challenges the role of Western Christianity in stealing our true spiritual history and enslaving us to foreign ideology based on lies, distortions and myths portrayed as a false reality. This is an explosive conversation about religions pimping and exploitation. (LIBCD2004) Tarik Ricard - Pharma Murderers: Our analysis of how the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex has imposed a set of conditions, with the assistance of government and media agencies, by which we are made cattle and sheep for their toxic products. We present the avenue and means by which the populace can successfully rebel agains the killer machine. (LIBCD2005)
  Medical Literacy is Life Threatening / Ahzjah Simons of the Conscious Zone / Dumping Toxic HIV Meds in Poor Countries: Three program themes today show the danger of unwittingly trusting the medical establishment with your life and taking drugs without close scrutiny; We explore a hip new magazine which harmonizes mind, body and spirit; Keidi throws a major fit as Roche Drugs recalls toxic HIV meds from developing countries years after the facts emerge. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD1999) Awakening the Genius of Black Children Vol 1 - Our first session of study of the book by Amos Wilson introduces us to this awesome study. Focus is brought to the sociopolitical context of educating our youth and the critical need to instill a survival imperative within out youth in order to save the race from almost sure animation at the hands of the supremacist system. (LIBCD2000-A) Awakening the Genius of Black Children Vol 2 - The second study session covers Amos Wilson's brilliant expose of the great natural potential that black babies inherit at birth. Across a broad spectrum of scientific analysis, our children are born to be the best, most-intelligent and quickest to respond to their environment. Yet somehow this too often gets turned around when they attend public school.
The Falcon Forum Vol 159 - Hot subjects include: supporting the troops; arming Iraq; war's varying interests; false flag terrorism; Michael Vick and fighting dogs; PETA and Al Sharpton; economics of urban Blacks; neglecting New Orleans; liberals and black leaders; queers and black babies; educating youth to higher potential; and more... (LIBCD2001)
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