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Reversing Our Home Value Decline - In the face of a meltdown in the perceived equity value of our real estate; we discuss practical means of bringing value back to our homes by restarting home based industries that used to dominate all of our grandparents households. (LIBCD2399)
Falcon Forum Vol 236 - Locally grown organic food; America's Summit beats up Obama; fake change in foreign policies; imperialism in Eurasia; BRIC nations challenge America; China's intention for global domination; money or precious metals?; right wing conspiracies; survival vrs industrial modes; greed and gambling in the markets; AfriAmericans and the global shift; and more... (LIBCD2398)
Falcon Forum Vol 235 - Somali "pirates" & the lying ass press; black media's critical role; the oligarchy in turmoil; planning Afghanicstan; US bribary in Iraq; black bookstores and lectures declining; YouTube's "black revolution"; Zuma rising to presidency in South Africa; China and African gold mines; Zimbabwe embargo and Obama; keeping our dialogs solution oriented; community gardening; (LIBCD2397)
Dr. Wesley Muhammad: The New Book of God / Stephanie Robinson: Making America Keep Its Promise - Our first hour guest has a book to "prove" the origins of Islam and that the Black Man is God. The next guest wrote a book with Tavis Smiley as a followup to the Covenent With America, and is looking for a new response from the feds. (LIBCD2396)
Somalia Coastal Crisis - Obama, Feingold, AFRICOM & Somalia: These two programs give a much deeper insight into the the complex evolution of history of this northeast African nation. Once known as "A Nation of Poets", due to the machinations of western powers, especially the U.S., Somalia has become a "failed state" and a gateway to a new form of military imperialism. (LIBCD2395)
Mama Shabu: Honoring the Bridge Builders / Is Obama Really the Peace President? - First up, this beloved elder and her husband have a long history of practical Pan African organizing and are now preparing to honor fellow activists. Next, we look at the promise of the candidate to promote peace and then the reality of escalating warfare in various parts of the world. Is Obama a fake? (LIBCD2394)
Rev. Phil Valentine, Brother Jamaal: Naturopathic Healing Verses Allopathic Medicine; Filmtress Nicholle La Vann: Urban Mass Violence - First up, we discuss the failings of the proposed healthcare reforms and the fundamental misdirection of people's health initiative. Next, we joined by a filmmaker whose film explores guns and Homicidez. (LIBCD2393)
7 Predictions Under Obama that Will Affect Your Life - After much deliberation and examination, we come to conclude that there are seven areas of life in America that will impact our black community and that the Obama administration is not necessarily going to give us relief from these dangers. (LIBCD2392)
Banks' Usury and the Abuse of the Public - The current financial crisis exposes the extent to which moneylenders stole the industrial base and the governence of the Western countries in recent decades. We show how this evolved, how it is against the Nature of Humanity and what some of us are doing to fight back against these evil, blood sucking and murderous moneylenders. (LIBCD2391)
Queen Afua / Ther Herb Sistah Eshe Riviers - The Rebirth of You: Todays programs are all about how we can quickly and effectively get on the path to wholeness, vital health, detoxification and to beat back those chronic diseases that are plaguing our people. The information is fast paced and absolutely essential. Our kitchen is a place of magic and healing. Our yards a place where live is propagated. Get three copies of this program for your family! (LIBCD2390)
Nancy Minter - Staying Well in Columbus / Maxine Waters Is Being Lynched -Our first hour we discuss an upcoming conference and the many ways we can be healthy. The guest lost 40% of her weight in the last year (over 100 lbs) and is now more vital than ever. Next hour, Rep. Maxine Waters is being viciously attacked for doing the right thing in trying to get bailout money for black owned banks. What will we do to protect her integrity? (LIBCD2389)
The Falcon Forum Vol 234 - Spring detox; praising Michelle Obama; pros and cons of marriage; culture & family; capitalism eats itself; Venezuela & socialism; building youth integrity; mass media & the black family; vascectomies on the rise; upgrading the Afghanistan war; Iraq war vets protest; US vrs Russia & China; AIG and hush money; vioent outbursts of anger; economic "isms"; local gardening; and more. (LIBCD2388)
Special Health Programming: Panel Discussion for The Great Meat Out / Fasting, Detox and Colon Cleansing - First two hours feature a panel including: recording artist Julie Dexter, raw foodist Tisilli Maat, therapist and martial artist Dr. Dean Marshall, and life change consultant Adama. The conversation is very fast paced and filled with useable information. In the third hour, Keidi shares deep insight into his process of fasting and detox, as well as how to engage in a deep colon cleanse. 3-CD's $15.00. (LIBCD2387)
Big Problems With Medical Screenings: PSA Test and Ultrasound - First, a series of studies confirm what we've known for a decade, that the medical community is spreading fear and hysteria over prostate cancer far beyond the danger of the disease and that the tests are bad technology. Next, we expose the link between ultrasound and a broad spectrum of birth defects and brain injuries to unborn children. (LIBCD2386)
The Gardening Collection: Special pricing on a collection of audios from Keidi Awadu, Moses Rasaah, Baba Baluchi, The Herb Sistah, Future Talk & Tech Talk; and numerous voices in our vast collection. This set of CD audios and DVD's will inspire and inform you as to how you can build a backyard or community garden Enjoy fresh, organic and inexpensive food and become self sufficient. CD's & DVD's. Over 12 hours of precise science. Price $50.00
Violence Against Women / Red Cross Report on US Torture - In these two programs we explore how so much evil is perpetuated on this planet and what we might do to stop it. Black women in the US are 6 times more likely to be violated thatn whites. The new report from the ICRC proves that US officials are war criminals. (2385)
Michelle Obama and Community Gardening / Los Angeles Weight Challenge - These two programs focus on solutions that are critically needed within our community and are easily and practical to apply by any or all of us who will to action. We should be proud of the First Lady as she brings it strong. We all need to control our weight. (LIBCD2384)
Allison Pugh: Children and Consumer Culture / What is Your Exercise Routine? - First hour, we have the author of a new book studying the way that peer anchoring, mass media and personal dignity have turned our children into consumers. Next, we talk about the ways that we can stay fit and some of our favorite methods of exercise, body toning and achieving vital energy. (LIBCD2383)
Solar Power and African Development: We examine the latest trends in photovoltaec power generation and discuss how we can not only get ourselves up on the latest research into this technology, but teach our youth, outfit our homes and prepare to move this technology into our African future. Our motto is: Get in; Get In Early; and Get in Deep. Why should others bypass us in the new Green Economy? (LIBCD2382)
Mass Shooting Rampages / Weight Loss and Chronic Disease Prevention - First hour Bro Jamaal and Keidi examine the roots of the new spate of mass killings and family murders and the relationship to pyschological disorders and anxiety. Next, we encourage our listeners to take on weight loss to detoxify and extend their life. The top 6 causes of death are all made worse by obesity. (LIBCD2381)
Asa Hilliard with Listervelt Middleton: The Khemetian Origins of Civilization - This classic TV program is from the formational era of African centered redefinition of the world. Baba Asa gives an absolute brilliant presentation on the evolution of world civilization from the Nile Valley. This timeline should be taught to every family and to every student of African ascent around the world. This is a must-have video archive. DVD $20 (LIBDVD137)
Keidi Awadu: Media, Propaganda and Population Control - This is the DVD from the workshop given in Baltimore. We begin by examining the movie Notorious, the real value of Biggee Smalls' lyrical contributions and the way that, once again, mass media is saturated with images of dysfunctional black youth. All of this is part of a grand Hegelian conspiracy to create chaos among our childbearing age population. It get's much deeper still. DVD $20 (LIBDVD138)
Rick Weissbourd: Parenting and Child Development - This is a very important dialog on how we as parents have undermined historic means of teaching values and morality to our children. The research is clear that this societal change is real and can be overcome if we are aware of the ways that we sabotage our childrens future by not allowing them to grow rich and appreciative characters. (LIBCD2380)
Chike Akua: African Sacred Sciences in Action / Retracting the "Discovery" of the AIDS Virus - In the first hour we deal with the role of science in the evolution of African civilization and teaching our children to master science. Next, we expose how the science which brough the idea of HIV/AIDS to the world was so bad that Science Magazine is being asked to retract their 1984 articles of the "discovery." (LIBCD2379)
Falcon Forum Vol 232 - Self sufficiency and survival (food); wisdom of the elders; raising competent children; the integration compromise; black run cities in ruin; role of the family; Snoop joins the NOI; rebirth of degeneracy; Barkley goes to jail; family massacres on the rise; Obama sanctions Zimbabwe; stem cell research; US withdraws from conference on racism; McKinney blasts Obama; controlling our destiny. (LIBCD2378)
Top 10 Reasons Sistas Can't Find a Good Brotha - Using a provocative list from AfroAmerica.com, we discuss amongst a number of sistas and brothas what factors are really keeping us from finding each other and forming life long bonding partnerships. The best part of the dialog is when we open up between each other and challenge without disagreeable attitudes. We CAN make this work! (LIBCD2377)
Ira Rosofsky: Old Age and Elder Care / Paul Allen Billings: Black Independent Radio - The first hour with the author of a new book which sheds much light on the industrialization of elder care and how we can best take care of the aged. Next, we talk with the founder of a low power FM radio station about the state of black independent media. (LIBCD2376)
Moving the Movement to Action / Assassinations in Guinea Bissau - In the first hour, fresh from the lecture trip to the East Coast, Keidi discusses the state of black activism and some good and bad points about our actions and methods. Next, we do a detailed examiniation of the recent leadership crisis in Guinea Bissau. (LIBCD2375)
Keidi, Heri Khafra & Ifayomi: Culture and Pan African Family Relations- Building upon an earlier discussion of white supremacy, we discuss the critical role of our culture and global family relations on our ability to orient ourselves toward power in the West. Also, the critical importance of Pan Africanism as solution is emphasized. (LIBCD2374)
Growing Food is Cool: Building a Raised Bed Garden - Brother Olmec Ahmen joins as Keidi details the creation of a raised bed square foot garden bed and transplants some strawberries. From construction, to soil blending, organic fertilizers and the best ways to transplant, we show how we all can be cool while building our own food supply system. (LIBCD2373)
Thomas Mboya as profiled by John Henrick Clarke / Moving Towards an African Federation: We continue our history lessons to explore the life of the young Luo genius from Kenya who was assassinated before reaching his prime leadership. Next hour, we discuss critical issues that should lead to African unity and a unified homeland. What about the Arabs? Whose plan will work best? (LIBCD2372)
Media Propaganda and Population Control w/ Bro Jamaal / Dr. Francis Cress-Welsing: Her first interview on LIB explores racism, white supremacy, the Obama phenomena, culture and Pan Africanism. In the face of a new look of America's governance, just how many substantial changes within this global system should we realistically expect? We also discuss some of the recent provocations. (LIBCD2371)
Tim Alexander - Diary of a Tired Black Man Film: Our guest has created a unique and informative film, part documentary and part drama, that opens up a challenging discourse about an aspect of black love relationships that needs attention. In particular is the phenomena referred to as The Angry Black Woman Syndrome, and it's impact on our unity. (LIBCD2370)
Malik Zulu Shabazz & Chief Sundiata Kamara -Debate: OBAMA: House Negro or a New Paradigm for Black People? These two brothers battle it out mano-a-mano over the new president. One is no-holds barred anti-Zionist and crakka hater; the other is the head of the New Black Panther Party and a staunch supporter of the new Democratic president. This get's a little hot but still we maintain control. (LIBCD2369)
Falcon Forum Vol 231 - Economic shifts in Great Lakes Region; U.S. jobs overseas; preventing world war; Pakistan, Islamism & Nuclear War; Right wing America; North Korea troubles; white collar crime & the collapse of the West; rescuing black boys; Murdoch's racist assaults; food independence; isolating Blacks; Eric Holder's gaff; and more. (LIBCD2368)
Falcon Forum Vol 230 - Economics; U.S. snubbing World Conference on Racism; Clinton in Asia; honoring Dr. Ben; the new Stimulus Bill; dangers from NIH; population control and vaccines; NASA & trickle down tech; China bribing Senegal; U.S. of Africa by 2017; Zimbabwe solution?; AFRICOM; TD Jakes' pervert son; bankrupt states; and more. (LIBCD2367)
Falcon Forum Vol 229 - Spoken word and black consciousness; creating our propaganda; training youth in technology; Afghanistan, Pakistan & Russia; Nigeria conflict in the Delta; James Jones runs U.S. foreign policy; charging up the movement; the role of the Elders; Eurasia and global domination; a new Soviet Union?; apprenticing black youth to the community; and more. (LIBCD2366)
Walter Williams: Roots of Israeli Palestinian Conflict / Ezrah Aharone: Sovereign Evolution & Manifest Destiny - First hour, the controversial author takes on another task of presenting an alternative view of the history of Western Asia and the base for the current conflict. Next hour, the issue of national sovereignity for Africans in America presents a sophisticated discourse and opens up new possibilities. (LIBCD2365)
Obama Snubs the Black Press / Surviving the Great Depression - We deal with current events from the perspective of self empowerment and group preservation. First, the complaints about the new president's relationship to black media is emphasized. Next, we give some practical solutions of how our group solidarity and self reliance will be key to thriving at this time of economic depression. (LIBCD2364)
Judy and Stafford Bailey: Producers of Blacks Without Borders film / Precise Science: The Path Ahead - Today's programs focus on media from Pan African filmmaking to the way that our youth are defining a new course using hip hop along with correct knowledge of African history and culture. We can change our people's reality using scientific propaganda. (LIBCD2363)
Kwame Nkrumah - Political Rehersal: Using the research of John Henrick Clarke we discuss in detail how Nkrumah's experiences schooling and working in the U.S. came to impact his life mission to lead a Pan African socialist revolution into world history. This is a great recollection of a truly great leader. (LIBCD2362)
Celebrating Bob Marley - In commemoration of the 64th birth anniversary of this global icon, we examine his life, the impact of his mission and the manner in which he and other reggae artists were targeted by the western security establishment for assassination. Did Marley die of induced cancer? We examine the secret story. (LIBCD2361)
Dhoruba Bin Wahad: Is Black Nationalism Asleep? - The guest is one of the most reknowned former Black Panther political prisoners and now operates on two continents. His insights into the state of our movement and the Obama administration are very sobering. Next hour, we talk about practical means of Waking Up the Black Nation Builder. Keidi and callers give their suggestion of what can be done. (LIBCD2360)
What is AFRICOM? - In this lengthy diatribe, the Conscious Rasta shows that we could and should be paying much closer attention to the details of how the western security establishment targets our mother continent. We put the spotlight on Sen. Russ Feingold who has had an inside connection to our misery for over 15 years and is now petitioning Obama for control over the Horn of Africa. (LIBCD2359)
Reclaiming African History - Using the chapter from JH Clarke's Notes For An African World Revolution, we cover the history of how Blacks rose from enslavement to build a fantastic historical record of what the Europeans stole from us when they brought us to the West. The great black historians are given profile as this tiimeline is systematically laid out by this brilliant historian, Dr. Clarke. (LIBCD2358)
The Falcon Forum Vol 228 - The new stimulus package: will it work?; expanded funding of population control; expanded military investment; Afghanistan heroin comes to the U.S.; World Economic Forum; global recession impact; breakdown of famiy and social systems; GMO frankenfood; Darwin's legacy; political scandals; Obama's backstabbing; Africans and market capitalism; and more. (LIBCD2357)
Fighting For Our People - Keidi Awadu explains how we are being brought out of our self defense motivations by believing in mythologies created by mass media. In a brilliant essay, we lay out the extent to which our nation-within-a-nation is being crippled by our acceptance of a set of behaviors that are absolutely contrary to our real self interests. The Conscious Rasta is raging at his finest. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2356)
Dr. Elijah Grant: Accessing the Health of African Americans / Haki Ammi: Community Based Organizing - First up, the focus is on the broad set of pathologies plaguing Blacks and what we can do about it. Next, we discuss how we really go about the business of working for our people on the grass roots level with measurable outcome. This is the real deal. (LIBCD2355)
Mama and Baba Shabu: The Bridge to African Ancestral Connection / The Democrats' Family Planning Agenda - In the first hour we discuss this couples decades of travel and building throughout Africa; Next, the new political scene is accompanying an agressive push to lower fertility rates among certain ethnicities. (LIBCD2354)
Saving the Black Family / Gardening Season is Coming: Our programs today focus on the practical and pragmatic actions necessary for us to consolidate community. We discuss some of the basics of strengthening the family as basic survival unit. Next, we share a number of tips and inspirations on why and how to get started growing our own organic food. These are times for great action. (LIBCD2353)
Obama Inauguration and Black Commitment / Darren Muhammed: Obama Inauguration, Coronation and Annihilation - In the first hour we look at the inaugural speech for clues that might impact our people. Next, our conspiracy researcher shares some facts and suspicians about what we can expect from this new face of the same old U.S. imperialism and manipulation. (LIBCD2352)
Dr. Scott Whitaker: Meat In the Diet - This well informed natural health practitioner and author of the highly regarded book Medi-Sin, is bringing forth the argument that humans DO need meat in their diet. Keidi and Dr. Scott engage in some interesting banter back and forth about human nutritional capabilities. (LIBCD2351)
Keidi Awadu - Psycho Spiritual Transformation - This presentation (from a younger dreadlocked Conscious Rasta) goes deep into the means by which we as individuals seize control of our lives, accurately gage current conditions and make great use of our mastery of spiritual, mental and physical sciences in order to project our empowerment. We can win all the battles we're prepared to win. DVD $20 (LIBDVD136)
Marvin Ellis - The Nubian Woman: The guest is author of a book which articulates many ideals in the uncontaminated essence of black women. We dicuss the impact of entertainment, western culture, a collapsing black community and other negative influences on our people's culture, health and self esteem. The guest proposes solutions for restoring order for black women and their humanity. (LIBCD2350)
The Falcon Forum Vol 227 - Topics include: Bush defining his own legacy; shift of wealth; rich stealing from the rich; Bush justice dept.; 14 years in two wars; domestic security failures; destroying the black community; "the niggerization of America"; chaos in Islamic Asia; agents of the oligarchy; MIT and the Obama victory; Jehovah's Witnesses; gardening and seizing the moment. (LIBCD2349)
Peter Brown and Geoff Carver: Right Relationships / Latrice Folkes: LifeIt Cafe and Raw Food Life-It - These two programs today are all about creating a world where we live right, work right, develop the ideal environment for our minds bodies and souls. From the macro to the micro, we can take charge of our destiny and do the right thing for our generation. (LIBCD2348)
Dr. Manu Ampim - Obama and the Myth of Dr. King's Dream: Our guest is one of the most profound and critical scholars of our generation. He uses the words of Dr. King from a broad base of sources and juxtaposes them on Obama's public profile to show the great void between these two individuals. Now we have a verifiable public record to settle this debate. (LIBCD2347)
The 2008 Baltimore AIDS Debate - Truly a rare and historic moment, Keidi Awadu debates and dialogs with two professional HIV/AIDS community advocates, both of whom are college certified in Health Education on the broad set of issues which have brought forward a new pandemic. Is HIV real? Does AIDS exist? Why do we question the testing process? What about the meds? How well prepared are these debaters to address these questions? DVD $20 (LIBDVD135)
Dr. Marimba Ani - Redirecting the African Centered Movement: In the aftermath of the election of Barack Obama, there is a serious challenge to the culturally active community to focus itself, unify and create real institutions of empowerment, security, sustenance and development. Our program tonight is self-critical and advocates for more specificity from our members. Dr. Ani is among the most qualified scholars of our generation. (LIBCD2346)
Sister Nubia: Studying Archeology in Sudan / Dr. Delbert Blair: Prophesies for 2009 / Dr. Scott Whitaker: Eating Meat or Vegetarian? A serious triple play today to show our listeners that we are bold, fearless and global in our dialogs. The guests are all very well established in their fields of research and education. You be the judge as all challenge our current thoughts. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2345)
Harold Williams: New Century Green Communities / Hondo Solomon: The Fruitarian Lifestyle - Today's two programs are all about self-help, action, productivity, resourcefulness and building on our indigenous African strengths. The guests are both wonderfully experienced at what they do and share with us their visions of empowerment. (LIBCD2344)
Diabetes and the African American Community: The Problem and the Solution - Keidi Awadu, presenting before the group African Americans for Balanced Health, goes deep into research about the origins of "dis-ease", the roots of the diagnosis of diabetes, its terrible toll on our people and what we can do to beat the diagnosis or prevent its incidence. This is critical life-saving information. DVD $20 (LIBDVD134)
The Obama Debate and the Future of Pan Africanism: Scholars Dr. Leonard Jeffires and Anthony Browder face off with Journalists Glen Ford and Keidi Awadu on the pros and cons of Barack Obama as he can be expected to act on behalf of Africans in America and on the Mother continent. This is truly an historic analysis and at times a very challenging self-critique of our movement and it's motivations. DVD $20 (LIBDVD133)
Reality Speaks - Darren Muhammed & Keidi Awadu - Economic Policies in Amerikkka: The Problems and The Solutions - DVD $20 (LIBDVD132)
Our Children, Our Future - We evaluate and elevate the value of our children within our community toward the aim of giving power and vision for our global ascending African family. We look at declining fertility, assaults on our biology, failure to secure institutions that serve our children and the covert eugenics campaign that has stolen much of our racial momentum with the Western nations. (LIBCD2343)
The 7MAC Declaration - Our profound statement of existence is also a platform from which we will project our newest path of action and organization. This is excerpted from the last chapter of Keidi's book The Road to Power: Seven Steps to an African Global Order. This is a powerful and exciting statement of purpose and declaration of fundamental values upon which to build. (LIBCD2342)
NIA: Purpose and the Pan African Movement - We take a sober assessment of the movement over the past year in order to clarify just what we actually accomplished and where our true values lie. We list 10 accomplishment that were tangibly accomplished within the Living In Black circle of associates. (LIBCD2341)
ECOWAS Summit Development Agenda / Karl Martin Economic Report - The first hour we examine 5 major growth priorities for the Economic Community of West African States; Next, our own research analyst gives us critical inside information so that we can make our own bold moves within these changing times. (LIBCD2340)
The Falcon Forum Vol 225 - Need for a movement paradigm shift; seizing the spirit of change; Somalia in crisis & transition; threat of invasion in Zimbabwe; elections & corruption; coup i Guinea; getting crakkas outta Africa; Israel and Palestine go at it again; Obama and the jewish blowback; travel and investment; mass murderers in the U.S.; south Asia tensions increase; and more. (LIBCD2339)
Digital Destiny Vol 7 - Our final review of this critical book, essential to the consolidation of our people's media destiny, wraps with studies of mafia like behavior by the communications industry; the immense profits gained from the media monopoly and lastly how action organizing by interested parties is paying off in maintaining integrity of the people's genuine self interests. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2289-G)
Digital Destiny Vol 6 - The Mindwashing of the Public: This session explores how sophisticated techniques are used to infect the subconscious minds of the public to make us dependent upon external motivations. Despite government agencies that are intended to protect the public, the process has been coopted by the rule of corporate media and big money.. (LIBCD2289-F)
Too Much Protein in Your Diet? & Other Vital Health News and Info - In the first hour we examine a challenging article about dietary protein. We debunk much of the establishment disinformation and then take our own course of dialogue providing useable information on health, vitality, weight loss and disease prevention using natural methods. A must-have program! (LIBCD2338)
Kim Fellner - Starbucks and Working America; Reconciling Capitalism vrs Socialism - In this two program set we examine the role of the Starbucks corporation in redefining the relationship between the big business and worker relationship, both good and bad. Next we explore how the fundamental values of western economics clash with our natural tendency to build together. (LIBCD2337)
MK Asante: Filmmaker & Author / ECOWAS Summit Development Agenda - In the first hour we talk with the director of a new film showcasing how the values of Kwanzaa and the Nguzu Saba are deeply rooted in the Black experience. Next we discuss the summary of the recent ECOWAS summit and explore how these agenda items are relavent to all of us looking for global opportunity. (LIBCD2236)
Racist Murders in New Orleans - This story has been suppressed in the national media, but not one law enforcement agency has prosecuted a group of white vigilantes for murder and attempted murder in the days after Hurricane Katrina. We discuss the crimes and the need for us to be armed and sebLACK cANDLEcure. (LIBCD2235)
The Black Candle DVD - A film by award-winning author and filmmaker M.K. Asante, Jr., The Black Candle is an extraordinary, inspirational story about the struggle and triumph of African-American family, community, and culture. DVD $20 OUT OF STOCK
Can the Nationalist Movement Survive? An esteemed panel with Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Anthony Browder, Chairman Jabari and a lot of callers explore critical aspects of our movement in the context of the new administrative change. The fundamentals of nationalism are on the table for critical analysis. This is the kind of mind trust that can be brought to bear to solve our persistant problems. Definitely, you want this CD in your collection. (LIBCD2324)
Chicago's Corrupt Politics - The scandal encompassing the governor of Illinois exposes the seed underpinnings of the new seat of political power in the U.S. We examine details of this particular scandal as well as some of the notorious characters that hail from the windy city. In addition, we examine how some are claiming that Obama will be noted in history as "the first Jewish president.", their reasons for this claim and how Obama rose off the investments of some of Chicago's big players. This is conspiracy research you can use. (LIBCD2323)
Dr. Mustafa Ansari - African Land, Reparation and Repatriation: Ous guest is an international human rights attorney who has travelled extensively in Africa seeking to secure land for resettling those of us who wish to exodus. We talk about our status as "indegenous peoples", challenging international organizations to recognize us. Issues of defining sovereignity and the people's plebecite are discussed as well as great places to relocate on the continent that are peaceful and prosperous. (LIBCD2322)
The Falcon Forum Vol 223 - Topics include: 6 more months of bad economics; white collar crime at new heights; Illinois scandal widens; youth riots in Greece coming to U.S.?; generational debt burden; British pound gets pounded; declining quality of western lifestyle; Raul visits Venezuela; medical tourism increasing; covert military moves in Africa; image verses substance; more crises dropping soon; and more... (LIBCD2321)
The Falcon Forum Vol 222 - Topics include: worsening economic reports; Chinese dismay with the U.S.; record unemployment filings; lending to Detroit gets sticky; free trade and job loss; Canada, New Zealand, Italy and Iceland in trouble; new ideas for Black Power; falling gas prices; Michael Vicks wicked spending habits; investing in Africa; Zimbabwe and cholera; debunking the Amero; moving our creativity forward; and more... (LIBCD2320)
Lew Daly - UNJUST DESERTS: How the Rich are Taking Our Common Inheritance and Why We Should Take It Back. Do you know that many billionaires are getting their riches based upon the creative work and self sacrifices of we working class? Much of this greed and avirice that is knocking families down could be avoided if the cults of individuality, materialism and crass exploitation would be neutralized by our actions. (LIBCD2319)
Kim Bobo - WAGE THEFT IN AMERICA: Why Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid -- and What We Can Do About It. This is a crime wave that few are talking about. Billions are being literally stolen from workers in the U.S., and not just undocumented immigrants. You, or someone you know, may be getting shafted and thought you weren't able to fight back. (LIBCD2318)
Jose Garcia - Up To Our Eyeballs: How Shady Lenders and Failed Economic Policies are Drowning Americans in Debt. THe author takes us back in time to examine how policies of deregulation have allowed the lending industries to jack us time and time again. This is the REAL roots of the current banking scandal. There is much worse to come yet. (LIBCD2317)
Dr. Charshee McIntyre - The African Concept of God and the Fallacy of Original Sin: Our beloved scholar elder, now an ancestor, lays down the law to give us very clear distinctions between our indigenous spiritual expressions and much of the junk from Western civilization that clouds our judgement and leaves us weak and defenseless spiritually. DVD $20 (LIBDVD131)
Will An Obama Presidency Be Good For Blacks? - We reach out to our vast listening audience with an honest and straightforward question about what the new president can be expected to do for black families, Africa, black youth, workers, financial affairs and health status. The responses are surprising, to say the least. After this assessment, we can next only ask what we intend to do to make it better. (LIBCD2316)
John Henrick Clarke - The Civil (Uncivil) War and It's Aftermath - In the critical part of the history of African in the West, the brilliant scholar fills in the gaps on the aftermath of enslavement, the rebuilding of family and community, the role of religion, Blacks in politics, Jim Crow and resistance to brutal violence by white nationalists.
DVD $20 (LIBDVD130)
Dying to Stay in America: We cover the health status of African Americans, take an indepth look at "excess morbidity and mortality" of this group, and lastly look at means by which will protect ourselves and our children from being injured because of our ignorance of the dangers of standard practices in Amerikkka. (LIBCD2315)
The Toxic Turkey and Fixens - Toward the aim of empowering our people we go through the typical Thanksgiving or holiday feast and demonstrate how nearly every delicacy has toxic ingredients and food poisoning in it. From the hormone and steroid ladem meats, to the refined sugar, kidney crippling AGE's, parasites and worse, this crazy diet is most likely the real cause of disease and death during the season. (LIBCD2314)
Phil Valentine - Healing the Wounded Womb: Once again a deep conversation with out beloved teacher and researcher in which practica solutions to the great issue of healing the feminine energy within our community is on topic. From his extensive book of the same name, Rev. Valentine shows how practical solutions to pernicious problems can easily be accessed and brought to the table. Great conversation. Highly provocative! (LIBCD2313)
Adisa Franklin: The Village Collective; Wisdom 2See: Building Solar Power Generation - Co-hosted with Bro Jamaal, we discuss the value of collecive economics and collective responsibility for control of education curriculem for our youth in the first hour. In the second hour, we expand to new opportunities for us to become solar power producers and utility companies using sustainable technology. In the spirit of controlling our destiny, this is an important program. (LIBCD2312)
How Culture Shapes a People - Along with co-hosts Precise Science, we go deep into the way that a grand global clash is taking place and how any group's loyalty to foreign culture, synthetic culture and non-supportive culture makes a people week. We go through the 6 key measures of culture to show how ours verses theirs is the central area of global conflicts of the past, present and future. 3 CD's $15.00. (LIBCD2311)
World AIDS Day 2008 - The HIV/AIDS paradigm is breaking down within many nations and certain populations. Yet, for Blacks in the U.S. and certain African countries, there is a deliberate yet covert strategy to perpetuate the belief despite overwhelming evidencial reason to move beyond the deceptions. We break down the manners in which the Great AIDS Hoax can be put down and pushed away from our childbearing age population in short order. 3 CD's $15 (LIBCD2310)
John Henrick Clarke - Spiritual and Human Values Before Colonization: This brilliant lecture from the master historian goes into great African empires from the Nile Valley forward and shows us how ideas of morality, values and spiritual expresssion go far beyond the limitations of Christianity and Islam of recent centuries. If only our people could rise to this level of morality and sprituality today, we could conquer ourselves and the world. DVD $20 (LIBDVD129)
Digital Destiny Vol 5 - The Powell Doctrine: under the leadership of Michael Powell as FCC chairman regulation of media was drastically dismantled which caused a massive consolidation of big media in the hands of the few. This caused a fierce backlash and a number of effective grass roots agencies stood up to fight against this monopolization of news and information. (LIBCD2289-E)
Falcon Forum Vol 221 - Topics include: Massive terrorism in Mombai, India; Pakistani crises; Nigeria and religious fighting; McKinney refused travel; dissent and terror watchlist; $8.5 trillion corporate welfare; Somalia's ungoverned space; freed trade verses U.S. jobs; Clinton as Sec. of State; Black Friday madness; and more. (LIBCD2309)
Falcon Forum Vol 220 - Topics include: 45th anniversary of JFK assassination; xenophobia & fear behind the scenes; massive store closures & job losses; China buying U.S. technology; NASA selling patents; inspiring youth toward economy; Africa as bread basket for the world; Obama as "house Negro"; return of the Clintons; and much more. (LIBCD2308)
African Investment Funding / Ka'Ba Kemet: The Obama Economic Factor. In the first hour we look at four conditions affecting the future of development finance for Africa as we point out a number of tremendous opportunities there. Next, as the next president is shaping his appointed offices, we are more than a little concerned at the way that the old oligarchy is appearing in place once again. (LIBCD2307)
Digital Destiny Vol 4 - The Art of the Front: In this segment we breakdown the way that powerful media corporations and finance interests disguise themselves as a myriad of other interest groups in order to cover their tracks in how they control the politics of deregulation and free market exploitation. Many of these think tanks should be monitored closely by our agents of freedom. (LIBCD2289-D)
Digital Destiny Vol 3 - The Federal Conglomeration Commission: Emphasis is on the way that conglomeration of media companies goes on unimpaired by any federal regulatory processes. In addition, it seems too often that government appointment or employment in the supposed regulatory agency is the best qualification for lucrative post-government employment. (LIBCD2289-C)
Maat Productions w/ Dr. Ahmses Maat - Guest Ashra Kwesi discusses the evolution of Kemet Nu Productions and his vast experience in uncovering the great history of Africans in the Nile Valley, Ethiopia and other parts of the world. As well, the critical need for us to look behind the trivialities of racist U.S. politics and begin to move forward into our African future. (LIBCD2306)
The Falcon Forum Vol 219 - Miriam Makeba passes; Obama's anti-apartheid record; Rahm Emmanual & radical zionism; Serena Williams opens African schools; Michelle Obama's dress & prophecy; stress & our immune system; the Congo explodes again; bailing out the auto industry; Calif's Prop 8 & queer bare-backlash;Michael Baisden's agenda; AIG and world market depression; and more. (LIBCD2305)
The Demonic IMF and World Bank: Keidi Awadu explains in detail the impact of Structural Adjustment Policiesand other methods by whichinternational banking institutions have kept developing nations poor and allowed the vulture-like activities of the wealthy nations to perpetuate murderous inequity in trade. If we don't know how this is happening then we will all get "SAP'd" by these devils. (LIBCD2304)
The Crisis in the Congo / Jeff Chester: Digital Destiny - New Media & the Future of Democracy. In the first hour we explore the newly reawakened crisis in the Congo as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Next, we discuss the way that mass media has bee coopted by a corporate cabal that threatens to steal all of our futures. (LIBCD2303)
Khalif Sankofa - Psycho Spiritual Consciousness: Our guest has once again brought it strong as we examine his book The Relationship of the Ancient African Egyptian God/Goddess to the Human Brain. We discuss not only the sciences of mind, body and soul but the role that Western culture has played in taking our true destiny away from us. You are really gonna love this dialog! (LIBCD2302)
Bomani Tyembi - African Travel and Tours: The guest is one of the founders of a dynamic new travel agency that brings groups of Africans from throughout the Diaspora home to the Motherland twice a year. Our discussion covers travel, investment, health, development, repatriation and our primary motives for building toward an African future. Exodus is a Movement of our people. (LIBCD2301)
Sonia Barrett: Combating the Programming of a Negative Culture / Brother Jamaal & Keidi Awadu: The Zeitgeist Factor - In the first hour our guest gives us her insights into conspiracies that divert our attention into triviality. Next we examine the film series that is shaking up people's attitudes about Western society, power, religion and conspiracy. (LIBCD2300)

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Ras McPherson - Rastology and Pan-Ethiopianism: Our guest is author of dozens of books and numerous books on the role of African spirituality, culture and history. We have a deep and engaging discourse on the role of Rastafari religion, culture and political influence. As well, we discuss the critical role of Ethiopia in global affairs. (LIBCD2270)S