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RAP, HIP HOP & THE NEW WORLD ORDER: Planned Chaos in Youth Music Culture, by Keidi Awadu, the Conscious Rasta - The central theme of this report is that hostile external forces planned the chaos that is occurring within the hip hop generation and that it will be the task of creative youth to come up with the solution. The Image that has permeated the mass media that urban youth, black and brown in particular, are buck-wild and out of control is an absurdity. The book was the first to expose the hidden hand of government agents in the deaths of Eazy E, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Ultimately we show how this is linked to eugenics, population control and fertility reduction schemes. Available as an eBook on PDF for $10.00 (CRP Vol 4, No 3)
RAP, HIP HOP & THE NEW WORLD ORDER Audio Series on MP3 - This 8 hour series goes through the various chapters of the book to explain how a complex scheme to lower the fertility, and thus the population of African Americans was concocted using the hip hop generation as target.  By sowing the seeds of mass chaos so deeply within the youth population, this caused serious and widespread disruption to the social patterns through which these youth would mature.  We also show much insight into the murders of Eazy E, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.  This scheme is a continuation of the COINTELPRO which affected the previous generation. Over 8 hours of audio for $20.00 (LIBMP3 2039 All)
The Falcon Forum Vol 375 - Topics include: 6 years into depression; What have we learned? What do we do?; transition of world economic order; opportunities to reconstruct ourselves; 500-year world economic shift; defaulting on debt as solution; domestic disturbance in the West; going rural to escape urban chaos; the sinking American matrix; basis for anti-intellectualism in Blacks; Pan Africanism in domestic development; German future is eastward; breakup of Euro Union; new global migration patterns; agri-economic infrastructure; organizing circles of support; youth in rebellion; transfering leadership to a new generation; and more. (LIBMP3-3010)
The Struggle Continues: Our 14-Point Mission of Living In Black - Keidi shares the core of what Culturally Conscioius Communications was about over our 9-year course. We explain in detail how we sought to redefine our our global ethnicity could better use its resources in practical manners. From culture, consciousness, historical perspective, education, economics, entertainment, health, labor, law, spirituality, politics, family, conflict and Pan Africanism, we have always sought the most practicable means of advancing the race. (LIBMP3009) For a Free MP3 Download, Click Here
Mastering Monetization Course: The First 12 Lessons - When Aunkh Aakhu first was interviewed on LIBRadio we knew instantly that we had to feature this marketing genius with our audience. I am putting these programs together in blocks that will allow the listener to carefully build their business, marketing and promotional expertise. For a limited time we will feature these programs for a great discount of 75% off the regular CD purchase price. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or plan to be one soon, this is information you will value forever. Get the 12 programs for only $30 (LIBMP3-3008)
Lessons on Longevity and Detoxification / Mastering Monetization: More Lessons on Mastering Guerilla Marketing Pt 2 - In the first hour, we share some great research on longevity from Dan Buettner's book THE BLUE ZONES. The simple lifestyle and diet of Okinawa, Japan, is shared in the lives of centarians. Next, we conclude our weekly economics and marketing session with another great program with Aunkh Aakhu. These simple rules must be taken seriously for business to survive the recession/depression. (LIBMP3-3007)
The Falcon Forum Vol 374 - Father's Day check-in; changing role of fathers in family; emasculizatin of the Black male; what happened to LA's black gangs?; demographics and ethnic realignment; drug money and Black Power?; our churches and economics,; was Obama an oligarch spy in the 1980's?; who picked Michelle for the future leader?; more on Brzyzinski; Wise Men and managers for the oligarch; presidential national security advisory role; Stuxnet, Flamer and electronic MADness; Rodney King dies; and more. (LIBCD3006)
Critical Instructions for the Rough Road Ahead - Keidi shares insights from years of investigative journalism and future studies. In this era of structural adjustment, austerity, failing infrastructure, runaway debt, threats of cyberwarfare, the privatization of EVERYTHING, and the corruption of essential life needs like food, air and water, -- we have to ask just how well prepared are we for rapid changes? If the social and economic order begins to come apart, what are the most essential moves that we can make to secure time to recover? (LIBCD3005)
USDA Nutrition Reports (Banned) - Two critical reports funded by the U.S. population yet one was suppressed. 1) HUMAN NUTRITION: Report No. 2 - Benefits from Nutrition Research, An Evaluation of Research in the United States; and 2) USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010, along with a number of LIBRadio archives related to these subjects. Added to these two reports is our 2-hour coverage of the HUMAN NUTRITION report and what it really meant when it was banned. (LIB-Don 06-12-12 )
The Future of LIBRadio & Living In Black / Mastering Monetization w/ Aunkh Aakhu: Achieving Guerrilla Marketing Mastery - In the first hour we recap the depth and scope of our analysis and activism over the past few years on LIBRadio. Now we are preparing to move on but people must know how far we've come so far. Next, our brilliant marketing analysts lays out the Golden Rules of Guerrilla Marketing and we discuss just how practical these formulas really for getting our businesses into a competitive marketplace. (LIBCD3004)
The Falcon Forum Vol 373 - Topics include: post-WW2 Euro vision is diminishing; EU splitting into 4 factions; persistance of HIV mythology; haunted by the Great AIDS Hoax; getting the family back on track; beyond the "booty call"; covert population control; religion and emotionalism in the culture; functional Pan Africanism and domesting nation building; why pessimism over African Americans?; Blacks in the South Pacific; rhetoric verses hard work; Obama's latest great betrayal, healthcare costs; making education work; economic progress; microlending; Pan African debate; and more. (LIBCD3003)
Liam Scheff: Official Stores and Counter Arguments / Mastering Monetization: Marketing as Spiritual Warfare - In the first hour our guest returns with a newly published books which examines the ways that the U.S. government relies upon The Big Lie on major issues of our times including HIV/AIDS, 9-11, the manipulation of the population and much more. Next, Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi compare our need for business development to the evolution of warfare. In this arena one of our great advantages is our ability to draw upon our spiritual resources, but do we understand the process? (LIBCD3002)
The Falcon Forum Vol 371 - Topics include: European PIGS economies collapsing; rise of the right wing in politics; U.S. banks in big trouble; assets sold off to foreigners but few black buyers; preserving culture; universities for sale too?; production-based economies; Putin moves Russian focus to the East; changing our economic organization; restoring creative leadership and art; Zombie Apocalypse in America?; media protecting the 1%; whose afraid of Blacks?; is Romney the new JFK?; Mormon power; tribes compete for dominance; Obama's gay fascination; and more. (LIBCD3001)
The Role of True Leadership / Barry Evans and Alina Estrada: Always Love Beyond Expectations - In the first hour we discuss the way that a new structure of leadership is emerging with the larger community. With its base on more organic ways that our social structure is organized, we think that this leadership will make a big difference. Next, our guests are sponsoring a series of health fairs that reflect this new leaderships strucutre. As well they are certified health practitioners with some powerful insights into our ability to be healthy and to prosper. (LIBCD3000)
The Falcon Forum Vol 371 - Topics include: Greek crisis threatens EU unity triggers run on banks; U.S. Fed invest $20 trillion in Europe; PIGS impact on domestic US economics; getting to the basics of local economics; can Blacks survive the U.S.?; beyond capitalism; African capitalism or socialism?; socialism and the Black church; are fraternal organizations good for us?; institutions vrs culture; ethnicity and economics; selling poison to its victims; resegregation for survival; cutting mass media; LIB vrs Facebook?; and more. (LIBCD2999)
High Fructose Sugar and Chronic Disease in Children / Keidi Awadu to Assume a Ministry of Health - In the first hour we discuss new research that shows the absolute danger from consuming corn syrup sugar, HFCS. Despite mounds of evidence, America still poisons its young population. Next, soon to be ordained a Minister in the Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra, Keidi discusses the particulars of his sacred mission of health promotion. (LIBCD2998)
Mastering Monetization: Clarity to Position for Profits / Federal Task Force Condemns PSA Screenings - First hour Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi discuss tactics that can be practically used to get our independent business moving despite the many forces that are working against us. Next, ten years after our first LIB warning, the federal government has now produced a science analysis that shows that the prostate testing does more harm than good. Yet, the money train still goes on. (LIBCD2997)
Organic Gardening Workshop - Presented at the African Restoration Project study group in Long Beach, Keidi Awadu dons the hat of the organic gardener and showcases techniques and methods used in the GW Carver Organic Garden. We discuss soil preparation, the advantages of organic, seasonal planting, seed starting, making money with home-based gardening and the wonderful health benefits of fresh, locally grown and organic produce. This is something we all can do which will make a big diffence in our family's life. ; DVD $20 (LIBDVD188)
The Resurrection of the Great Mother Goddess and the Divinity of Nature DVD - This extensive lecture and Q&A session by Keidi Awadu is from the African Restoration Project study group in Long Beach. We examine the links between vegetarian cults, Egyptian priestcraft, Imhotep, Amenhotep, and the record of the world's greatest healing craft which gathered in the Nile Valley Delta. Another great revelation is that the Romans buried the idea of the Great Mother Goddess, consort of the Creator, thus locking much of the world into only half of its true spiritual power. We close with the idea that She is embodied in Nature and we must "get ourselves back to The Garden." DVD $20 (LIBDVD187)
The Falcon Forum Vol 370 - Topics today: Ring of Fire Eclipse; apoocalyptic cults; politics in Jamaica; JP Morgan bank losses; FaceBook IPO conspiracy theories; Blacks and Wall Street; Malcolm X birthday; the new NOI; NATO invades Chicago; Vatigan gangsters; Obama's wealth; Trayvon Martin evidence released; fear of the police; armed and afraid in America; the white birth dearth; ethnicity verses the corporations; power of demographics; family values; a new French foreign policy?; Euro currency woes; making money and food services; and more. (LIBCD2996)
About Longeveity and the World's Healthiest People / There's Poop in the Food - In the first hour we discuss more from Dan Buettner's book The Blue Zones, which discusses the 9 top lifestyle habits of the world's longest living people. We can adopt these and enjoy health and longevity also. Next, we use the movie The Help to show how corporate America really feels about the public who consume their contaminated food products. Would you eat the pie once you found out it has poop in it? What about chicken, pork, beef, dairy and highly processed foods? Would YOU eat the poop? (LIBCD2995)
The Fundamentals of the Mastery of Nutrition / Mastering Monetization w/ Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi: Saving Money on our Marketing Costs - First, there are certain basics with regard to eating for complete and rejuvenating health status. We must get the basics solid or we will be making grave mistakes. Next, for our businesses to thrive we must let our market know that we have solutions. Yet, how can we do that better in times of economic depression and austerity? (LIBCD2994)
The Falcon Forum Vol 369 - Topics: Euro zone is moving socialist; the People vrs austerity; capitalism is mortally wounded; GMO crops in Ghana; Why the gay announcement from the Prez?; election year woes; eugenics in the background; can we use the Republicans?; competing against celebrities; back to the fundamentals,; organizing available resources; health cost savings; education, gardening and Susus; gaining proficiency; engaging the youth; the workshop model; building market infrastructure; power of sister circles; and more.
Rebirth of the Nilotic Priestcraft Leadership / Habits of the World's Healthiest People - In the first hour the topic is on how we can revivive the methods and training of the great leadership which allowed Nile Valley priests to guide the leadership of the world's oldest high civilization. This is practical strategic guidance. Next, using research from the book "The Blue Zones" we learn about 9 habits of the people who've lived the longest throughout the world. (LIBCD2992)
Jahi Issa and Ishad Alston w Ahmses Maat: The Challenge to HBCU's / Mastering Monetization w/ Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi: The New Commandments of Black Business Success - In the first hour our guests discuss a conflict with the HBCU system of Delaware and the "whitening" of historically black colleges. Next, our weekly business and marketing program lists some absolute rules about how to rebuild the black economic and business community at this critical time of austerity. (LIBCD2991)
The Falcon Forum Vol 368 - Mali coup aftermath; elections in numerous western countries and austerity protests; Obama verses Romney, any difference?; privatization of government assets; socialism rising in Euro zone; Germany abandons PIGS; Black vrs White politics; building effective coalitions; teaching Garvey in Jamaican schools; failed accommodating leadership; bringing a new leadership; technology of war or development?; Sankofa the future; raising culture; May Day verses Occupy Movement; Pan African strategies; and more. (LIBCD2990)
What Is the Plan? / Mastering Monetization w/ Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi: Kem Shekkem Concepts for Building Wealth and Power - In the first hour, we strive to pull together the fragments of what we have which can be applied toward a broadbased redemption for the larger ethnic group. We have great resources and now are assembling the right leadership structures. Next, we continue looking at the ways of ancient Kemet to find tools that can be effectively applied toward business, economics and marketing for greater success. (LIBCD2989)
The Falcon Forum Vol 367 - Topics include feeling poverty; new federal spying legislation; shattered America; self-regulation failing; war profiteering; building for survival;l arming ourselves; practical solutions for economics, education land and health; Jamaica's potential; 20th anniversary of L.A. uprising; ethnic cleansing in California; Koreans are buying up the city; Black politicians are blowing opportunity; cultural inferiority; the genius of black youth; 12 step program for inferiority; and more. (LIBCD2988)
Advise Healthy Nutrition and Go to Jail? / Keidi Rails About the Dangers of Eating Meat - In the first hour we cover the story of one individual who was assisting others to overcome diabetes using his own personal nutrition journey, only to have the N.C. board of Nutritionists bring the law down and threaten him with jail time. In the second hour, sharing a chapter from the upcoming Superfood Research book, Keidi Awadu goes balistic when we talk about the horrible dangers that processed meat in the U.S. poses to our selves and our children. How can this madness go on? (LIBCD2987)
LIB Fund Drive May 2012 Special 1 - This is a special collection of our recent archives on health, economics, politics and organizing.  The information within this collection is undeniably life-changing and will assist you to transform your already-available resources into positive actions that will improve your life along with those of your closest associations.  In these four critical areas of our lives there is so much that we can do just by systematically changing our fundamental habits.  This collection will get you on that road if you just allow yourself to change. This collectioin is a digital download of 10 programs on MP3 specially priced for our fund drive at only $1 each.  (LIB-May-1)
The Medical Drug Industries are Buck-Wild Thugs / Mastering Monetization: Build Your Business with Advanced Techniques with Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi - In the first hour we use two news stories on drug company profiteering despite great dangers from their drugs as well as a book on Hidden Cures. Next hour, another master business marketing and strategy class with our resident marketing genius. In this time of economic peril, we must have the right tools and insights to remain viable. (LIBCD2986)
The Falcon Forum Vol 366 - Topics include: Coup in Mali; drug trafficking through Africa; new war in Suday is proxy East-West; the West is economically crippled; Age of Oil dying; Kujichagulia Villages non-urban retreats; secret cocuments found on Mau Mau abuses by British; Spain and Italy following Greece, Euro industries failing; Steve Cokely memorial and fund raising effort (we did raise $700 for the family and $70 for administrative costs). and more... (LIBCD2985)
Steve Cokely has Ascended and We Remember / Trayvon Martin's Murderer is Arrested, But... - In the first hour we acknowledge the passing of one of the strongest voices who has arisn within our culturally active movement. What is our duty after Cokely's passing to advance his ideas of revolution? Next hour, the murderer of the Floriday teen has been arrested but has the larger damage already been done? What has our "hoodies and Skittles" tactic produced that will change the dangers to our youth in America? (LIBCD2984)
The Falcon Forum Vol 365 - Obama's foreign policy disasters; China's new aggression; BRICS making Euros panic; IMF & World Bank losing grip; America isolationism; Taliban offensive; Black domestic consolidation; failing cities; collectivizing; Coup in Guinea Bissau; Sudan in proxy war; Francis Oliver with detailed history of Sanford and Goldsboro; mishandling Trayvon Martin's murderer; and more. (LIBCD2983)
Dr. Farid Muhammad: International Conference on Human Rights of American Minorities / Mastering Monetization: The Law of Visibility from a Kemetic Perspective - In the first hour our guest is hosting a conference in Chicago with a prominent group of speakers seeking to address a spectrum of issues to advance our civil, economic and human rights. Next hour, we continue exploring how marketing must generate visibility while encorporating ancient Kemetic principles into our overall strategies. (LIBCD2982)
Falcon Forum Vol 364 - (LIBCD2981)
Are YOU Smarter Than Your Stomach? / Get Your Spring Garden Started ASAP - In the first hour we take an anatomical tour of the digestive system and attempt to explain the miraculous process of digestion. The body is so brilliant, we ask if we are too stupid to even let it be wise without compromise. Next, the ability to grow one's on organic produce is one of the greatest things we can do for self, family and community. We can get you excited about gardening. (LIBCD2980)
What to Do With All That Energy / Mastering Monetization: Secrets of the Law of Visibility - In the first hour, Keidi talks about the overweight obesity condition in a different light. There is an expensive new way that doctors are telling people what they already know. But what really is all that fat that people are carrying around? Is it really just energy stored in potential? Next hour, with Aunkh Aakhu we discuss how businesses can use insider secrets to keep themselves visable and thus relevant in the minds of potential customers and partners. (LIBCD2979)
The Falcon Forum Vol 363 - Rick Santorum calls Obama "government nigg--"; social media vrs corporate news; analysing history and changing destiny, black founded cities self-protection; urban danger zones; practical self-reliance; Iran sanctions backfiring; BRICS move away from Western economics; Obama and Brzyzinski; refusing to integrate; training and teaching our youth; black family and community; social pathology in the cities; Detroit collapse; coup de etat in Mali; 2012 the critical year; challenges to Pan Africanism; and more... (LIBCD2978)
Trayvon Martin Investigation and the Power of Knowing / The Diet of Affluence and Disease Proliferation - In the first hour we examine the string of facts that are emerging about the police coverup of the murder of the Florida youth as well as ineffective responses by the public. Next hour, we use the research from The China Study again, this time to show how the Western diet is so associated with diseases that in most parts of the world only afflict those who eat extravagently. (LIBCD2977)
ColoRectal Cancers Cause and Prevention / Marketing the Trayvon Martin Case, Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi - In the first hour we use the research from The China Study to look at environmental factors which have created such an explosion of cancer in the U.S. as it relates to controlable factors such as nutrition. Next, the family of the murdered teenager have done a great job of bringing their case to the world stage. We examine what has assisted them to get their critical story told passionately. (LIBCD2976)
The Falcon Forum Vol 362 - Trayvon Martin murder in the national consciousness; Mothers For Africa; America's Negro Problem; human rights international; Blacks in rebellion; judicial inequality; convicting cops; consumerism as religion; Obama in Korea; nuclear sabre rattling; coup in Mali; recolonizing Africa; is white supremacy dead?; buying off terrorism victims in Afghanistan; competing in the global economy; and more. (LIBCD2975)
Fasting and Detoxification for Experts / Mastering the Worldly Experience - In the first hour Keidi shares many years of expert information on the 7 stages of the detoxifying process he has developed. This can save us from many years of chronic disease suffering. Next, we discuss how our Mind-Body-Spirit combination is the key to manifesting our greatest potential in the material world. We are products of a divine process yet too many of us have been reduced to animal-like existence because of our exposure to environmental corruption. (LIBCD2974)
Can WE Save Trayvon Martin / Perfectionitis and the Power of Failure from Mastering Monetization w/ Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi - In the first hour we discuss the emotionally charged response to the murder of the Florida teen in context with the large number of premature deaths to our youth and ask what can be done to save thousands of youth each year from homicide. Next hour, our entrepreneural and marketing research experch discusses one of the great obstacles to our independence and self accomplishment. (LIBCD2973)
Living Superfood Theory Vol 9 - The History and Spirituality of the Vegan Life / Eat Your Greens: Keidi Awadu puts on his research hat again and shares a long suppressed history from ancient times. The Greeks documented much of what took place in a 700 year era before and after the Romans reset time. What we explore in this presentation is that there existed groups with a great knowledge of health, healing and vegetarian living. We show the connection to these Therapeutics and the great multigenius Imhotep. We share two chapters from the upcoming book Living Superfood Research. DVD $20 (LIBDVD186)
What Do SuperHeroes Eat? - The Top 7 Fundamentals of Living Food with Chef Keidi. Celebrity Makeup Artist & Holistic Beauty Advisor Akua Auset chats with Chef Keidi of livingsuperfood.com about the top seven (7) fundamentals of what you require to activate your genius and ultimate power. - DVD $20 (LIBDVD185)
The Falcon Forum Vol 361 - Topics include: growing greens and healthy eating; nutrition and chronic disease; Sgt. Robert Bales is a U.S. terrorist; Afghanistan blowback to foreign policy; revitalizing Detroit and other dead industrial cities; funding post-oil technology; educing our children and home schooling; KONY 2012 founder melts down; prioritizing Afrocentric values; smuggling arms into Syria; WW3 standoff?; Zimbabwe land reform; Brazil tackles Chevron; and more. (LIBCD2972)
Red Meat and Cancer; the Burdens of Work and Overeating; Cadmium and Breast Cancer Risk - 3 very important health topics today: First, a new Harvard study shows how ALL red meat eating leads to disease and early death. Second, we look at the burden women endure at work and the link to uncontrolled emotional eating; Third, the toxicity of heavy metals in food is now directly linked to the rise in breast cancer diagnosis. We talk about chelation detoxification. (LIBCD2971)
The Air We Breathe is a Nutrient / Mastering Monetization: How to Market to Blacks in a Recession w/ Aunkh Aakhu - First hour, I share a chapter in my new Living Superfood Research book about the most critical nutrient air and how we can use technology and nature much better. Next, our brilliant research takes us step by step on methods to adequately market to the black consumer market despite the fact of a devastating recession and other challenges. (LIBCD2970)
The Falcon Forum Vol 360 - Daylight stealing time; Israel attacks Palestine again; Tutlow Oil and the phony KONY 2012 campaign; lazy Black Nationalists; wierd weather and agriculture; solar flares hype; getting access to quality food; a unified black economy; sleeping in sync with Nature; spiritual veganism in history; fake black power beliefs; Putin re-elected in Russia is trouble for West; Social Security under austerity; U.S. terrorism in Afghanistan; Trayvon Martin murdered in Florida; Black manhood and security; building armies for development; and more. (LIBCD2969)
Conscious Shopping List and Road Grup / Mastering Monetization: Dangerous Black Business Trends - In the first hour, one online blogger shares her essential vegan shopping list, to which we use our superfood suggestions. We also discuss how to prepare for mobile superfood eating. Next hour, Aunkh Aakhu brings a list of 10 critical mistakes that too many black businesses are making. We also weigh the impact of declining fertility on black business viability. This is must-have information for surviving this critical year ahead. (LIBCD2968)
The Falcon Forum Vol 359 - Topics include: 2012 cataclysm and predictions; food and fuel prices; soul food; serious weather changes; starting food businesses; nutrition lifestyle trends; supporting progressive activity; can the economy recover?; 16 trillion $$$ missing; sabre rattling against Muslim states; China and Russia get tough; defining consciousness; psywar strategies; paying for military power; cutting welfare again; toxic oil production; college debt; immigrant labor; and more. (LIBCD2967)
Living My Life a Second Time / Bad Verses Good Culinary Oils, Who Is the Winner? - In the first hour, we discuss rejuvenation and how the living food lifestyle restores us to half of our current chronological age. Now we can do it all over again. Next, we have a great research article which exposes that some of the so-called healthy oils that are marketed and sold, even at health food stores, are NOT what they claim to be. Which oils come out on top of our research? Which are better for cooking, for salads and for building the immune system? (LIBCS2966)
Mastering Monetization Collection on MP3 - Every week Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi Awadu discuss a broad set of topics related to business integrity, values based marketing and developing our entrepreneural skills to their full potential. Aunkh brings an awesome set of marketing and research skills. Keidi has decades of practical experience in building independent businesses. Together we inspire our audience to initiate their visions and build a future. Includes over 20 hours of programming for $40. (LIBCD2965)
Why Emotions Hold Us Back from Ascension / Mastering Monetization Black Business Hypergrowth Pt 3 - In the first hour we look at the way that opportunities come and go while too many of us are stuck in non-productive routines. How do we access the will to use our tremendous resources for winning again? Next, we revisit the brilliant set of instructions for black businesses to break out of this depression and get additional value out of their relationship to their clients and customers. (LIBCD2964)
The Falcon Forum Vol 358 - A hot show: abandoned collaborators in Egypt; Russia & China stand down U.S.; still believing in Massa?; cultural schizophrenia; revisiting the Black Panthers; Pan Asian vrs Pan African economics; disintegrating America; warning for Whites; urban migration and degeneration; safe police encounters; 2 years to collapse; cutting gov't jobs; politeness; fuel inflation; creative destruction; boycotting Israel; killing NATO in Afghanistan; Obama's bloodlines; and more. (LIBCD2963)
You Do NOT Have a Sweet Tooth, You Are An Addict - We share a new study from the prestigious Nature Magazine in which a renowned research scientists calls for the regulation of sugar just as the nation treats alcohol and cigarettes. This fixationi on sugar is so deeply pathological and Americans consume an amazing amount of this toxic drug-like substance. We give a lot of great alternatives as well as tips to break the addiction for our best health self interests. (LIBCD2962)
Perfect Health Package - Get 20 of the latest 1 hour (plus) broadcasts from Chef Keidi, aka the Conscious Rasta, on subjects of: Living Superfood; preventing the 4 major chronic disease killers; the "cure for diabetes"; the world's easiest weight reduction program; strengthening the immune system; reverse the aging process; the reasons that the raw food movement is growing so fast; keeping our reproductive system healthy; and raising healthy and brilliant children. This is the cutting edge of nutrition research. Get the package on MP3 download for $30, hard copy for $35 and postage. (LIBMP3-2961)
Keidi Awadu: A Fresh Approach to Heart Health / Whitney Houston's Death and Perceptions Management with Brother Jamaal - First hour we use the work of Gary Null's Power Aging book to educate about the mechanisms that make for a strong cardiovascular system and certain changes we can make to greatly reduce risk of chronic heart disease. Next, we examine the way that the nation reacted to the death of the celebrity and the deep connections to mind control strategies of media, military and business. We ask how our passions can be applied to solving our real problems and challenges. (LIBCD2960)
Great Black Women Teachers of Today MP3 Collection - Over the course of the past 8 years we have hosted a number of profound, well informed and powerful Black woman. This collection includes: Marimba Ani, Queen Afua, Jewell Pookrum, The Herb Sistah, Akua Auset, Sister X, Tukoombo Obasi, Sonia Barrett, Nana Sekyeabea and more. $25 for MP3 download. For instant MP3 download, click here to add to Cart (LIBCD2643)
Keidi Awadu: Why Do We Age Prematurely? / Mastering Monetization: Black Business Hypergrowth Pt 2 - In the first hour we use Gary Null's Power Aging as research base for showing some of the controllable mechanisms by which our bodies age, often unrelated to chronological age but environmenal toxicity. Next, Aunkh Aakhu brings more powerful insights about building thriving business despite an economic recession. We also put the example of Whitney Houston's career, death and public reaction into proper context of how his can help us understand prosperity. (LIBCD2959)
The Falcon Forum Vol 357 - Topics: Whitney Houston's death; killing the pain of life; the cult of celebrity; the burden of living; ancient religious history of the Mediterranean and Egypt; the manipulation of God; what is a conservative?; phony Reagan legacy; destroying U.S. industry; wall street coup de etat; can capitalism be redeemed?; learning from the KKK; and more. (LIBCD2958)
Larry Ukali Johnson: History to Destiny Through Afrocentric Poetry / Keidi Awadu: Resurrection of the Great Mother Goddess and the Divinity of Nature - In the first hour our guest has reissued his book of culturally conscious poetry and shares thoughts on Black love, politics and revolution. Next, we look at two great coverups of modern history that were established in the Nile Valley and Western Asia before the Romans took over. Have we still overlooked one of the most important stories of all time? (LIBCD2957)
Keidi Awadu: Glue in the Meat - Vegan Priestcraft of Egypt / Mastering Monetization: Black Busness Hypergrowth Pt 1 - In the first hour we first discuss a technique whereby scraps of meat are glued together, fooling the consumer into thinking they are eating prime cuts. Next hour, Aunkh Aaku takes us through some great strategic moves that businesses can impliment these days to overcome the economic slump as well as build upon their strengths and resources. (LIBCD2956)
The Falcon Forum Vol 356 - Topics: Will Israel start WW3?; Shanghai Cooperative verses NATO over Iran; crazies taking over America; Ron Paul and election drama; Is white supremacy already dead?; the Syria veto at the UN; Davos Conference meeting of world businesses and the death of capitalism; Africa's five mafia families; Said Ghadaffi's return to power; Planned Parenthood on the hot seat; black fertility decline; ANC expels youth leader Malema; China wins the Art of War; What has Obama done to revitalize the U.S.?; the new Eastern alliances; and productiviy for the future. (LIBCD2955)
What Is Your Intent? / Should We Be Eating Fish? Mercury Toxicity - Our first hour talks about intentionality, commitment and how we best set ourselves firmly on pathways of progress and development. Are too many of us just drifting through life in reactionary mode? Next, we examine the link between seafood, metal toxicity and the links to neurological disorders, heart disease and other symptoms of metal poisoning. We discuss chelation as a means of removing these toxins from our bodies. (LIBCD2954)
Larry Tye: The Telling of African American History / Problems with Commercially Processed Fruit Juices - In the first hour, our guest is author of books on the history of Jim Crow, Satchel Paige and the Pullman Porters. We discuss the challenges in uncovering the suppressed history of Blacks in America then and now. Next, we expose the use of chemicals masquerading as foods which are found in too many "fruit juices" sold in markets and given to our children and their links to ADD, cancer and obesity, among other diseases. (LIBCD2953)
Was Jesus an Egyptian Raw Foodist? / Mastering Monetization: How to Thrive in a Recession with Guerilla Marketing Strategies - In the firs hour Keidi shows historical records connecting Christianity to a highly evolved aesthetic
life that was tied to vegetarianism, the raw food life, communal living that had direct roots in Egypt with strong links to Bhuddism. We learn more about the Essenes, Nazurite sects, the Therapeutae of Egypt, the early Coptics and modern communalists. Next, Aunkh Akhu shows how small businesses can thrive in recession times using a deliberate strategy of guerilla marketing. (LIBCD2952)
The Falcon Forum Vol 355 - Hot topics include: (LIBCD2951)
Living Superfood Demo 21 - Our menu and topics include: cucumber water, almond milk, Choco-Banana Milkshake, zucchini Hummis with flax crackers, Spicy African Sesame Soup, Living BBQ sauce, sloppy joe burger mix, apple-walnut salad with honey mustard dressing; pomegranate cheesecake; as well as discussing the science of live food, agave, walnuts, "losing weight" and some awesome testimonials from our esteemed panel and guests. This is the best demo from the whole series. DVD $20 (LIBDVD184)
The Falcon Forum Vol 354 - Topics include: moving community toward development; telling the whole Tuskegee story; how history rules our lives; frustration with Obama; using the Republicans; no war with Iran; Jews threaten Obama's life; Mossad in the USA; growing food progresses; libations for a future; emotional inhibition; food economy; functional Pan Africanism; identifying the season; appreciating the ancestors; and more. (LIBCD2950)
Keidi Awadu: Nutrition Solutions for Hypertension and Diabetes / Aunkh Aakhu: 21 Power Strategies for Business Success in 2012 - In the first hour we go through a number of points regarding the genesis of these disruptive diseases and then go through specific vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods that help or hurt the situation. This is great information for preventing and reversing chronic disease. Next, we have to have better business and economic activity and success for the coming year. Here are some awesome tips that can get your goals accomplished this year. (LIBCD2949)
The Falcon Forum Vol 353 - Commemorizing the Martin King legacy; our generation must follow examples of courage; King's negro critics; Red Tail movie praise and criticism; financing our own blockbusters; promoting aerospace careers; assimilation or separation?; health crisis and inappropriate resposnses; Black women's wellness at question; Republican election dance; Is Romney a white Obama?; WWIII over Iran aligning?; Zuma and the ANC mess; Fukushima radiation in the U.S.; and more. (LIBCD2948)
Nana Sekyiaabea:- Update on Haiti and the DR Congo - Once again we join the founder of www.MothersForAfrica.org and get direct information on the ongoing greatest humanitarian crises on the planet. On the 2nd anniversary of the devestating Haitian earthquake, why has there been little or no progress? What has the U.S. administration done to block critically needed rebuilding of this African Caribbean nation? Then we talk about the post-election situation in the Congo and the news is very bad. It could be that our own LIB activities are being monitored and our Friends of the Congo attacked. This is serious! (LIBCD2947)
Chef Keidi: 64 Advantages of Living Superfood Nutritioin / Aunkh Aakhu: How to Monetize Your Web Site - In the first hour we really go deep to show that this nutritional paradigm is far superior to merely vegan, to dieting or just "eating better." This is very high science. Next, for all those who want to launch a profitable web site, you do NOT want to miss this critical conversation in order to avoid making some very fundamental mistakes. (LIBCD2946)
The Falcon Forum Vol 352 - Cooling the winds of war; U.S. rescues pirates?; election year noise; a coup de etat in the U.S.?; the oligarchy in fear; Nigeria's insecurity mounts; ECOWAS and Pan African security; tribalism verses continental unity; Obama verses the Republic; racism in election politics; sanctioning rogue corporations; creating a healthy nutrition market; organic gardening or conspiracy theories?; Jamaica fires the queen; end of the Monroe Doctrine; the problems with HP; solutions for the new year/season; and more. (LIBCD2945)
LIB Empowerment Health Files - 12 Programs from our December 2011 conference all with a focus on wellness, nutrition and overcoming disease. This is the type of cutting edge research which can assist us to make our health transformation goals a reality for the coming season. Among all the areas of our concern, there should be none greater than being healthy, accessing the natural forces, recovering our wealth and defeating the enemies of our well being. 12 MP3 chapters on CD for $30 or $25 for digital download. (LIBCD2944)
The Falcon Forum Vol 351 - Topics include: news media hysteria; is the U.S. the new Nazi Germany?; Blacks boycott Chinese business again; our economic sphere of power; crisis of leadership and management; Nigerian civil emergency; NEPAD and stunted African development; new African education paradigm; exiting Western civilization; will there be an Iran war?; 3rd party chances in 2012 elections; Saturday academies; Obama signs two bad new laws; austerity for the new year; Kujichagulia Villages and organic gardening; cutting the welfare network; and more. (LIBCD2943)
LIB Empowerment Conference Take the Shackles off Your Mind and LIVE / Steps on the Journey of 1000 Miles - First hour we challenge our audience to stop pretending that they are stronger than our ancestors who were enslaved and brutalized, especially if we are now enslaved to corporations, sickness and limited thought. Next, we further explore the new habitual patterns that will provide a better destination for our own self-determined future. We show how to complete your complex changes. (LIBCD2942)
LIB Empowerment Conference Damian Laster: Healing HIV Through Chakra Awareness / Keidi Awadu: Enzymes A Secret of Health and Longevity - In the first hour the guest was HIV diagnosed but refused to continue with the chemotherapy treatments and instead tuned into alternative methods, including awareness of the body electric. Next, Keidi shares more superfood research which shows why, in part, the impact of raw food is so much more superior for our self-healing and body's nutritional intake. (LIBCD2941)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Charles Campbell: Reparations Now for African Americans / Said wa Dibinga: Critical Update on the DR Congo - In the first hour, the author of a book on reparations lays out his interpretation on how this can be achieved and who owes us what. Next, one of the greatest conversations on the complexities of this central African nation that we have ever had with this brilliant son of the Congo. This goes way beyond the superficial and you will be impressed. (LIBCD2940)
The Falcon Forum Vol 350 - Topics include: Report on South Africa; industrial growth opportunities in Angola; conflict between tribalism and governance; robust African economic trends; a new Cold War over Africa; Can African Americans take the lead in Africa?; Zimbabwe growth rate is 10th best in the world; training technicians for national development; limitations of a two-party system; opportunities in Zambia; technology transfer; an hour with Zambian James Mwape on opportunities in southern Africa; and more. (LIBCD2939)
Gar Alpervitz: America Beyond Capitalism / Living Superfood and the HIV-AIDS Paradox - In the first hour, the author of this newly updated book discusses the critical need to build a social order based upon shared resources, the excesses of the capitalist system and making the changes practical. Next, Keidi shows how full-spectrum hyper-nutrition can literally overcome a diagnosis of HIV-reactive on the antibody tests and what that really means with regard to our natural immune system order. (LIBCD2938)
Winter Solstice Fasting / Update on the DR Congo - In the first part of this conversation, as we enter the Winter season and the beginning of a new Solar year, we again revisit our quarterly detox fasting period and I share some powerful insights gained from many seasonal cleansing fasts. Next, a caller discusses business opportunities in the Dem. Rep. of the Congo and we bring up some of the political and security challenges there. (LIBCD2937)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Dr. Nancy Banks: Searching for the AIDS Virus / Aunkh Aakhu: Power Secrets to a Profit Scientist - In the first hour we again feature the author of the best book on exposing the HIV fraud that has appeared in years as she dismantles the Great Hoax. Next, our marketing genius is best expressed when we have the insights that make it work. This program if for those who want to go beyond the average and deploy exceptional strategies. (LIBCD2936)
LIB Empowerment Conference - A Detailed Plan for Four Seasons: IN this two hour presentation, Keidi Awadu shows how we can move away from generalized complaining about how our world is being controlled by external forces and tap into one of the most fundamental powers of life. We move into seasonal thought with strategic plans, initiatives, and resource management which will advance our position over the next year. My own list of tactics shows an example of how one empowers themselves as individuals as well as groups. (LIBCD2835)
LIB Empowerment Conference H.K. Khalifah: The Status of the Land / Keidi Awadu: Diabetes and Obesity Revisited - In the first hour the founder of the Nat Turner library appeals to our conscious community to support those who are building land bases for the movement. Next, we go deeper into the epidemic of diabetes and show some of the major reasons that the body mutates to this severe disorder and what we can do about it. (LIBCD2934)
The Falcon Forum Vol 349 - Topics include: Economic shift from west to east,; the Pan African window is closing; cultural strength for our youth; restarting the family and fertility; can Obama fix the economy?; could America break up?; manhood training; the greedy oligarchy; creating a 5-year strategy; 11 great ideas for building a strong community, including networking, food, vocation, banking, family and global family; and much more... (LIBCD2933)
LIB Empowerment Conference: Making Our Towns Food Self-Sufficient / Tarik Opalusan Freeman: The Fraud of H.I.D.V. and A.I.D.S. - In the first hour we use the example of a British town that has convereted every available space to growing food free for each citizen to share. Next, one of our best researchers on the subject blows the lid off of the scam that the medical industry, media and government is pulling on us all with the promotion of a phony disease epidemic. (LIBCD2932)
LIB Empowerment Conference: African Development Opportunities - Functional Pan Africanism: In today's two-hour session, we look at how Pan Africans can move beyond the limitation of "rhetorical revolution" to engaging in business, international communications, wealth development and global enterprise in order to affect the change for our Motherland that we have so long advocated for. As we delay, other nations are using our own great ideas to sow seeds of their ongoing dominance over us and our people globally. (LIBCD2931)
LIB Empowerment Conference - The Lap Band Scandal / Mastering Monetization: Simplifying the Plan for Power and Profit - In the first hour we share the LA Times' series of exposes on fraud charges against the promotion of the controversial and dangerous obesity surgery. Next, Aunkh Aamen brings it strong on how we can put serious tactics into place to allow our business to thrive and to raise our group up to its maxiumum potential to affect its mission. (LIBCD2930)n
The Science of Influence Volumes 1-8 - How to Get Anyone to Say Yes in 8 Minutes or Less. This is the complete set of studies of the book by Kevin Hogan. This is a remarkable set of life rules that also make for business and entrepreneural mastery. In all the various manners of human interactivity, the author has done some masterful research and provides awesome insights on how you can be in control of every encounter. Over 16 hours of study only $40 for CD or $30 as digital download. (LIBCD2888H)
LIB Empowerment - What Is Happening to Our People? / It's Harvest Time: We Take Accounting for the Year - In the first hour Keidi Awadu looks at the broad base of the population and laments on the many ways that we are ignoring our obvious lack of successes. Next up, we recount the previous seasons of the year and develop the concept of the garden as metaphor for the way we build our yearlong success. Are we harvesting a good crop this year? (LIBCD2929)
The Science of Influence Vol 8 - Think About It / The Problem With Choices / How Their Brain Buys You - We conclude this study with the fine tuning of the process of getting inside the head of the person whom you wish to accept your idea, service, product or your self. Lastly, the author takes us through the comprehensive step by step process of using all the acquired tools toward getting your business to the greatest level possible. This information really works and there's only your success that can verify it. (LIBCD2888H)
The Falcon Forum Vol 348 - Topics include: domestic detention laws; western nations in collapse; more Iran threats; China and cyber warfare; preparing Black youth; religion division-ism; strengthening the family; politics vrs economics; de-generations; organizing from the block up; EuroZone crisis; transforming cultures; positive steps to take; and more. (LIBCD2928)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Norma Hollis: Authenticity and Empowerment / Closing the Gap Between Black Women and Men with Keidi Awadu - In the first hour our guest details the emergence of a new way of thinking and actin in an authentic manner. Beyond self-help, this movement really restores our sense of purpose. Next, we both take on the deteriorating family and serve up major points by which we can find restoration to this critical social institution. (LIBCD2927)
LIB Empowerment Conference - What's Wrong With Black Boys? / Diabetes: The Crisis Grows - In the first hour, we look at the way that a buck wild character has emerged as grand child of the Civil Rights generation, children of the crack generation. This is a degenerate trend that is the result of a master plan. Next, among the many ways that our people are bucking against disaster is the rapid rise of diabetes diagnosis. Our research goes into the mechanism by which diabetes is spreading through the culture. We have great news to share on reversing the disease. (LIBCD2926)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Keidi Awadu: Strategic Alliances / Aunkh Aanku: Win the War for Profits and Freedom - IN the first hour we discuss how we can better align our talents, our resources, our points of commonality and build strong collaborative networks for our future progres. Next, our guest lays out another brilliant strategy for winning in the Art of War. (LIBCD2925)
LIB Empwerment Conference - Dalani Amon: Surviving In Spite of It All / Keidi Awadu: The United States of Autism - In the first hour the guest is founder of Harambee Radio and long time activist in the Nationalist and Pan African movements. He share many experiences, insights and instructions on how we can do better. Next, using research from the leading expert on raw food, we show how poor nutrition is resulting in the actual physical and mental degeneration of whole societies. We can turn this around in rapid fashion once we quite making the one fundamental mistake of nutrition. (LIBCD2924)
Living Superfood Holiday Gift - Just a thank you to show appreciation for all you have done over the past year to keep me within my blessing. I AM because YOU ARE! Be sure to check out www.LivingSuperFood.com and tell your friends to get this download too. My heart is so full right now and I feel so alive. You have shown yourself to be an inspiration and a great asset in my life. I want you all to know the joy you have shown to me and I want to share my bounteous harvest with my extended family. Click Here for a Free Download
The Science of Influence Vol 7 Mind Reading / Think About It - In the first hour the focus is on developing the ability to correctly read what your potential client or customer is thinking and how to use that insight to better direct your intended outcome. Next, we give extensive analysis to the distinction between the conscious and unconscious minds and how a spectrum of powerful motivators come into play. We can learn how to turn a solid "no" into something quite different using the right strategies. (LIBCD2888G)
The Falcon Forum Vol 346 - Topics: Herman Caine exits Republican contest; media selects candidate viability; pick a Republican; changing our people's behaviors; interracial marriages; revisiting the murders of Fred Hampton and Mark Clarke; Iran shoots down stealth drone; can black men rule in America?; LIB Empwerment Conference; casualties of ongoing warfare; 2012 as a decisive year; will Blacks migrate?; leadership preparation; building relations with youth; creating a self-serving economy; street entrepreneurs; should Pan Africans care about African Americans?; and more. (LIBCD2923)
LIB Empowerment Conference: Getting Down to Agribusiness in 2012/6252 / Let the Baba's Speak: Instruction From the Wise and Esteemed Elder Males - In the first hour we lay out a comprehensive program to acquire and develop land for a multitude of agribusiness projects, including growing, distributing, marketing, and healthy processing of our own foods. Next, we assemble a panel of accomplished Black Men and ask them to assess the status of our people and to give solid instruction to younger men as a course of action over the coming four seasons. (LIBCD2922)
LIB Empowerment Conference: 1) The Aim of Empowerment Dialog; 2) The Science of AIDS and Living Superfood - In the first hour we share the long list of 62 dialogs from last year's conference and then ask if we really took the endeavor seriously if there are new new strategic initiatives in place. Next, on the event of World AIDS Day, we debunk the mean spirited inititive, explaing what AIDS is and IS NOT, and then propose that this immune disorder is actually easily treated or prevented with full spectrum hyper nutrition. (LIBCD2921)
LIB Empowerment Conference 2010/6251 Collection on MP3. The file contains 62 conference presentations from last year in December on a broad set of themes related to culture, consciousness, history, media, economics, education, health, labor, legal system, politics, spirituality, community and conflict resolution. Get this entire collection for only $50 in digital download or for $70 for a compact disc containing MP3 files. (LIBCD2920)
LIB November Fund Drive Special Number 2 - Detox Collection on MP3 consisting of 13 titles explaining the science of cleaning toxins out of the body: fasting, chelation, colon cleansing, cellular cleansing extending fasting and toxic metal removal. This information can preserve your mental powers, extend your years, prevent cardiovascular disease, as well as prevent various cancers, especially colon cancer. Invest early and spare yourself decades of misery or mental deterioration. 13 Titles only$30 for CD or $20 on MP3 download. (LIB-FDP2)
An Economic Tsunami is On the Horizon / Mastering Monitization: Mastering Irresistable Offers w/ Aunkh Aakhu - First up, we examine 8 news stories from the last 24 hours that all indicate a serious downgrade in the global economy is in motion right now. Next, the subject is how to present "offerings" to our potential parters, clients or customers that cannot be refused. There are some strategic rules that operate here and, as you will hear, some of us consistently make the most fundamental mistakes when presenting our service. LIBCD2919)
Living Superfood Testimonies / Wheat and Gluten Allergies and Celiac Disease - In the first hour we take great pride that several of our members have gone well into the Living Superfood lifestyle and are reporting aweseome changes in their mind, body and spirit. Next hour, we look at the havoc that the Western diet is imposing on people. One of the most damaging culprits is the gluten we get in bread, cereals and a very long list of other processed foods. The symptoms of Celiac (wheat allergy) disease are too common for us not to be suspicious. (LIBCD2918)
The Science of Influence Vol 6 - Applying the Laws / Secret of Oscillation - First hour, there are 10 fundamental laws that are being developed as key to making the behavioral shift successful. This is explained so logically that it seems to be somewhat a no-brainer for those who have the will. Next, the rule of oscillation, or constant mind-changing, can be brought to our advantage if we know the rules and anticipate the resistance. (LIBCD2888F)
The Falcon Forum Vol 345 - Topics include: Good news vrs bad news; comparing depression eras; urban gardening; paralysis by F.E.A.R.; decline of the family household; new austerity measures ahead; Germany breaking Euro unity; moving the Empire east; Why no United States of Africa?; special extended look at Cote d'Ivoire with guest Gnaka Lagoke; kicking foreigners out of Africa; three areas for African global economic development; and more. (LIBCD2917)
We Are Stardust We Are Golden / Steve J: From a Kushite to a Thug - First hour we revisit some poetic lyrics from the 1970s and see just how they point us to a magnificent destiny that reflects our teachings from ancient Khemet and lead us back to our divine origin. Next hour, the author describes the urban environment that is reducing too many of our youth to nearly beastial conditions and we envision practical steps that will reverse this degeneration. (LIBCD2916)
Gye Nyame Acceptance of the Divine Creator - On this day of a Euroday called "Thanksgiving", we look at the holiday brought to us by the Ascended Ancestor Khallid Muhammad, Gye Nyame. We discuss its founding, the traditions which are replicated and why this is much more than a reaction or substition for another peoples cultural tradition. Ultimately we come to realize that it is not good enough for us to be against something, but we must stand for something much stronger. Along with this new understanding we can now build a true power base. (LIBCD2915)
An American Dilemma: Solutions to Practical Problems of Economics / Mastering Monetization: Power of Strategy in the Age of Value - In the first hour we revisit the so-called "Blueprint for Genocide" to look at how to use cumulative causation theory to solve our bigger problems. Next, this hot new show on marketing and economics deals further with effective strategy and how to tap the energies of our target group to make for a positve and well-defined outcome. (LIBCD2914)
African Import and Export OR Hot Ghetto Mess? / JFK Assassination Plot in Chicago - In the first hour we debate as to which type of news information holds our attention to the point of action and investment. While we could enjoy a great future for Global Africa, too many are more concerned with scandal. Next, on the anniversary of the killing of President Kennedy, we discuss the little known plot to kill him one month earlier in Chicago. (LIBCD2913)
The Science of Compliance Vol 5 - Framing Principles and Persuasion Techniques: Many important ideas are brought forward in this chapter such as when "no" doesn't have to mean "no", how framing the exact same outcome can yield dramatically different responses, foot-in-the-door techniquest; four tested persuasion techiques, using hypnotic disorientation and tapping into the energy of future regret. All this and even more in this important chapter of the book. (LIBCD2888E)
The Falcon Forum Vol 344 - Topics include: Need to raise youth and women's voices of leadership; Occupy Movement undermined by city mayors; the oligarchy afraid of being eaten alive; Germany-dominated Europe firghtens UK; Kujichagulia Villages for survival; 360 degrees of progressive environment; British interference in Ghana politics; Black towns a threat to security?; working alongside religious groups; nutrition evolution; should we sell chicken too?; cancer drug scandal; military control of African states; and more. (LIBCD2912)
Queen Afua: Man, Heal Thyself Warrior Wellness / Dr. Uwa Osimiri: The Village of Hope / Keidi Awadu: PSA Screening Fraud - Today is a powerhouse of dynamic information from powerful voices of leadership. First up is the founder of African Women Economic Consortium which is doing a myriad of projects in the U.S. and several African countries. Dr. Osimiri is an African Chief and a perfect example of leadership in action. Next, Keidi exposes the money making scheme of PSA testing and how these campaigns do NOT save men's lives. Next, we have more than an hour with the Empress of whole healing. Her new work is directed at black men's healthy lifestyle processes. (LIBCD2911)
Mastering Monetization w/ Aunkh & Keidi - Your F in Success / Facebook Sued Over Internet Spying - First, we discuss a set of strategies to get our business focused and to carefully select and reach our target market for more evffectiveness. Next, it is confirmed that Facebook tracks your Internet activity even after you've logged off and reports you to other agencies or corporations. We bring some great fixes to get the spies out of your computer. (LIBCD2910)
Specific Instructions Bring Specific Actions / Why the Winds of War with Iran? - What Do WE Do? - We look at the way that our actions reflect a broad sense of unfocused energy. Yet, when we are lectured by many of our cultural scholars they spend too little time giving clear courses of action towards remedy. Next, as the sabres are again rattling for war with Iran, we take a selfish perspective and consider the possible impact on Africans. Are we under threat also? (LIBCD2909)
The Science of Influence Book Study Vol 4 - This volume of our studies discusses the many ways to turn off an automatic "No" to your proposals. We must have techniques that result in reduction in resistance to relationships, business outreach and life situations. These methods are very insightful and obviously the author Kevin Hoagan is a master in this area of behavioral research. (LIBCD2888D)
The Falcon Forum Vol 343 - Topics include: Call for a new leadership to step up; Black wealth for Black labor; our own credit union; corporate media is horribly deceptive; Ron Paul vrs the seven dwarfs; acting with autonomy; Obama violates 4th ammendment; Occupy movements get nasty; indicting U.S. governemnt officials; what about the Illuminati?; F.E.A.R. & nag-ativity; slaughtering Somalis with drones; setting practical goals; dismember the corporate beast; and more. (LIBCD2908)
Robin Bernstein: Racial Innocence & Childhood Abuse / Childhood Molestation Scandal and Black Manhood - Our guest in the first hour has produced a comprehensive study of the abuse of Black children in U.S. history. The "Doll Test" is put into a completely different light under this viewing. Next hour, amid the current scandal of child rape at Penn State, we seek to challeng the men of our community to stand up and protect the children and their mothers from systemic abuse. (LIBCD2907)
Conversations On The Way w/ Nana Gyamfi & Sister Ma'at - Land, Food & Identity: Guest is Keidi Awadu and the subjects of discussion all weave together to provide not only a sence of cultural belonging for our people but also a rapid path toward developing self-determining and sustaining systems of economy. Within this community of cultural centered thinkers and activists, we have a great opportunity right before us to capture vast resources and apply the sciences taught to us by our esteemed elders and scholars. (LIBCD2906)
Childhood Obesity and Diabetes: 1) Our Strategies; 2) Black Consumer Power Access - Today's programs address the crisis of obesity, the terrible epidemic within our youth, the shocking rise of diabetes within our young people, premature mortality and other adverse health trends. In the second hour we debate whether or not we should consider a trillion $$$ of "Black Consumer Power" as a realistic resource for our evolution. The field is stacked against my own optimistic position. You should consider both arguments. (LIBCD2905)
Mastering Monetization: Success Strategies 101 for Warriors and Profits / Norma Hollis: Your Life Assignment - This week's program on specific rules and strategies for projecting our ideas and building values for our services is absolutely outstanding (again). Next, I'm joined by the founder of a speakers training bureau who shares many tips on what you and I can do to find our purpose and allow it to move us successfully through life's progressive engagements. (LIBCD2904)
Kathleen Sharpe - Blood Feud: Whistle Blowing on Big Pharma. Our guest has written an epic non-fiction novel based upon the lives of two former drug reps for two of the world's most powerful drug companies. The gross excesses that are standard practice of this industry are beyond belief. This information will save many lives as we come to realize how 50% of the population has been made slaves to drug dependence and F.E.A.R. (LIBCD2903)
How to Keep Inspired for the Road Ahead / Advanced Marketing Strategies - One of the symptoms of pessimism is the frequency of latching onto negative news or unresolvable problems as point of focus. First we show how this obsession can be reversed and we can then focus and obsess on engaging our true talents. Next hour, I go through current research on how to use the Net and social marketing the way the most successful businesses have come to do. (LIBCD2902)
The Science of Influence Book Study Vol 3 - Establishing Credibility & New Principles of Influence: In the first hour we discuss number strategies for you to become established as an expert in your field and to be able to communicate that idea without triggering negative responses. Next, many of the techniques in this book are recently developed and the author systematically takes us through understanding and mastery of these advances in behavioral research.. (LIBCD2888C)
Living In Black October $10 Donation Bonus 2: Womb Wellness 5-Pack - This set of dialogues with Queen Afua, The Herb Sistah Eshe Faizah, Keidi Awadu and others is centered around women's reproductive health, population and fertility issues and keeping the body temple purified for the most sacred process of family and community. This is undeniably cutting edge research from reliable researchers that will produce a direct benefit to the health and wellness of our generations. There could be no greater investment than in our reproductive health. 5 titles on MP3 (LIBCD2876)
The Falcon Forum Vol 342 - Topics include: the Occupy Movements get serious as police attack; congress frozen on jobs creation and deficit reduction; Blacks' interests verses the street occupations; our frustration over lack of progress; getting an agenda in the mass media; African leaders as prostitutes; new legislation aimed at freeing small investors; Living Superfood is now award winning; Africa's good population growth; China's complex development problems; foreign investment in African land; is AFRICOM our friend?; U.S. military in Africa brings peace or war?; the South African gateway; student exchanges with African countries; and more. (LIBCD2901)
Metabolic Re-Ordering with Living Superfood / Charles Brister: Black Economics - In the first hour we discuss how, thru nutrition, environment, excercise and right living all combine to deliver a wonderful or terrible life experience. "Syndrome X" is spreading throughout modern societies and it is based upon imbalance among the body's complex interweaving of systems. Next hour, the founder of 1-800-UniteUs, a black business directory, joins us to discuss the ways that we could restart our own economic prosperity. (LIBCD2900) The Antidote / Toxic Metal Poisoning and Chelation Therapy - In the first hour we address the high level of anxiety and "nag-ativity" that permeates our co-called conscious community. Is there another alternative to constantly complaining about issues we are impotent to change? Yes. Next hour, we go deep into the issue of metal poisoning and how to use EDTA to get rid of excess metals that are causing a spectrum of chronic and degenerative disorders. (LIBCD2899)
Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi Awadu: Making Money Made Easy For Conscious Folk - Certain fundamental mistakes have separated too many so-called "conscious folk" away from being able to make money and create a resource base to solve problems. We have a great discussion as to how this trend has emerged and just what we can do to move beyond our own self limitations. Can we make money in a recession? Yes, if we follow the 8 key points of the Value Formula and apply this set of practical actions. (LIBCD2898)
Should Mammograms Be Banned? - We research the emerging controversy regarding the value of early mammograms and the high incidence of false positives among younger women, as well as the negative impact of treatment based on false positives. We also debunk much of the misinformation regarding genetic factors for cancer verses environmental factors. Lastly, we question whether radiation and compression of the breast is itself a significant cause for disease formation. Please share this info with your sisters and brothers. (LIBCD2897)
Organizing a Black People's Congress / Living Superfood: Taking It On The Road - In the first hour we have a vision that within our network of thousands of committed Blacks, we have the ability to create circles of leadership that can develop already-existing resources for self-governance and problems solving. Next, the word is spreading about food as "Nature's perfect medicine" and we discuss just how we can better propagate the idea that our health and nutrition well-being is ready to take on the road. (LIBCD2896)
Understanding and Using Orthomolecular Medicine - Dr. Linus Pauling was awarded two Nobel Prizes for his extensive work on nutrition and cellular biology. The term "orthomolecular" was coined to lead a whole new field of research that shows how the body's self repairing mechanisms were modulated by nutrition. Today, the field has grown vastly yet still receives a lot of hostility by a medical orthodoxy which is too committed to drug suppression of symptoms, cut, poison and burn methods which do more harm than good. "Put nutrition first" is the mantra of orthomolecular medicine. Also, Pianki gives the best testimony yet for the Living Superfood Recipe book. (LIBCD2894)
The Marcus Garvey Collection on MP3 - This is an extensive set of dialogs, interviews, lectures and actual voice recordings from the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  Garvey's life is a great example of true leadership and his words continue to inspire us a century later.  Includes Garvey's son, JH CLarke, Runoko Rashidi and readings from great books on Garvey's life. Special price for this collection $25
The Science of Influence Book Study Vol 2 The Delta Model of Influence- This chapter focuses on the many subtle ways that we can direct our encounter with those who could buy our product or accept our ideas. We go through 7 keys to building rapport, the 21-Point Delta Model, 15 never-befiore-revealed secrets to optimizing persuasive messages and many details on pacing, modeling, leading and dealing with both expert and non-expert clients. Should these techniques only be available to the corporations?. (LIBCD2888B)
The Falcon Forum Vol 341 - Hot show today includes: Organizing a Black People's Congress; the underrepresented voice; Black farmer's settlement; various agri business schemes; women's leadership ascension; workshops verses lectures; withdrawing from Iraq & dispursing the military; Libya's effect on the Euro zone; reconstituting the Prussian Empire; looking at today from the future; Africa: one state or several empires?; media lies; liberalism and our agenda; planning our change; and more... (LIBCD2895)
John Maher: Learning From The Sixties / Occupy LIB: Creating Our Ministries For Leadership - Our guest in the first hour is the author of a new book detailing his activiites of growing up in a priviledged household, graduating from an Ivy League university and then becoming a radical, anti-war progressive who was targeted by the FBI. We discuss the parallels between that time and today. Next hour, we continue the Occupy LIB theme and look toward leadership development as our primary concern. We also discuss the succeses people are having with their new Living Superfood life. (LIBCD2893)
Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi Awadu: Marketing to the Wealthy - Our second program in the series goes into key areas which should increase our successes in marketing our products, services or ideas to the wealthy. This research goes far beyond the obvious and taps into more fundamental or archetypical values which are what the truly wealthy are interested in. The wealthy don't care about money, they care about VALUE. Now, what are we doing to exploit this? LIBCD2892)
Occupy LIB: The Power of Umoja (Unity) / (Bonus) 30 Days of Collective Action - This series will continue throughout the next 30 days. Today we emphasize that our greatest successes of the past, present and future, are undeniably connected to our ability to work together. We list key areas in which this collaboration and cooperation can immediately become engaged. These are all practical solutions that do not depend on having a lot of money to invest. Our greatest contribution is our commitment and the valuing of our final destination together. (LIBCD2891)
Kemet Synthesizing Conference - H.K. Khalifah and Keidi Awadu host and participate in a discussion intended to restore our sense of the Nile Valley origins and seat of culture for our future ambitions.  There are a number of Neteru (Nature) elements which were at the foundation of this highly successful ancient culture.  These elements can be brought back today and utilized as new foundation for an accelerated ascendance once again to our throne. (LIBCD2890)
Jane Dwinell: Freedom Through Frugality / Occupy LIB: 30 Days of Collective Action - In the first hour the author describes how and why her family committed to a life unbound by consumerism, overpriced gadgetry, low cost living and staying out of debt. Yet, their life is rich, creative and full of fun. Next, with all the Occupy Movements taking place, we admonish our LIB Family members to take advantage of our own wonderful network and contribute a lot of great, uplifting information over the next month. We've got to do SOMETHING! LIBCD2889)
The Science of Influence Book Study Vol 1 - First hour we introduce some of the basic ideas of how we do influence others to change from this highly respected author in the field of behavioral research, Kevin Hogan. Next there are many details which go into the first impression including appearance, body language, pre-programmed responses and how we can override that natural tendence of others to reject us at first sight. (LIBCD2888A)
The Falcon Forum Vol 340 - Topics center around our function as think tank today: resource identification and management; what do Blacks produce? (the list is remarkably long); what readiliy available resources can be brought to our mission immediately?; where can we begin action right now and expect quick results? (we list some 20 opportunities); most of our input today is from our audience inteacting with panel directors. This is priceless and must be recirculated as much as possible. Please get this file. (LIBCD2887)
Sister Modupwe Morris: Raw Food Chef is Forever Young / Dr. Ayo Bankole: The Crisis of Diabetes - Two awesome shows today. First we have a raw food chef whose mastery of this culinary breakthrough have brought unbelievable results. Why is raw food and detox so effective? Next hour, this doctor of naturopathy gives us a great science lesson on the issue of diabetes as well as other body systems. We can get our people off of toxic drugs and into their natural vibrant health. (LIBCD2886)
Muammar Gadhafi Killed in Sirte / African Americans Dying in the U.S. - In the first hour we examine the first reports appearing in the world press to get an accurate picture of just how the Libyan leader was summarily executed after being taken alive. We look at the role of French and U.S. warplanes in the assassination. Next, from the unborn to the elderly, Africans in America are dying at an unsustainable pace, far beyond the already sick average American. We have the tools to reverse this morbidity if we would choose. (LIBCD2885)
Khallid Muhammad Collection on MP3 - A collection of 12 wonderful presentations by one of the most brilliant analytic minds of the past century.  Far from a one-dimensional character, this brother carried within his intellect a complex genius and this was communicated within every speech that he made.  It is our collective responsibility to assure that our-story reflects accurately just what this Great Ancestor and Martyr was truly about. $25.00  (LIBCD2884)
Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi Awadu: The Alchemy of Monetization - In our first of this new weekly series, the subject on the table is the Alchemy of Monetization. We refer to the tools and specialized set of values which we have inherited from the greatest civilization in world history. How can we make practical a set of skills that empower us as modern day alchemists? We talk about the power of values, Ma'at, alchemy and the process of externalizing our inner potentials while keeping the corrupting external influences away from our core being. This is a great new program. (LIBCD2883)
Damon Diddit & Natural Langdon - Open Mindz Productions Indi Filmmaking: Our guests have now completed their second feature film, Bulletts Over Bronzeville, which seeks to address the high level of violence within the urban black community. We discuss their films, taking their message to the world, the techniques of film producing and their online web series OpenMindz on the Grind reality series. (LIBCD2882)
A New Great Migration of Blacks to the South / Occupy Movements Get Soul Power - First up, years since we first pointed out the trend, many northern and western cities are losing black population while the southern states of our foreparents are growing steadily. How can we best make use of this trend and build a new Pan African reality? Next, we are starting to see the face of Black Power within the Occupy the cities movement. What particular dynamics are there that work for or against us as a group? (LIBCD2881)
Collective Visioning Book Study Volumes 1-6 on MP3 - This entire study is about social, political and community organizing. The author has decades of experience at organizing grassroots communities toward the aim of the resultant group effectively galvanizing sufficient force to change the long run outcome for the groups's best self interest. The techniques used throughout the book are brilliant means by which a small or medium sized group can leverage its power toward real goals and get success. Over 12 hours on MP3 including our interview with the author Linda Stout only $25.00 (LIBCD2851-All)
Collective Visioning Book Study Vol 6 - For the Long Haul Conclusion / Kujichigulia Village Visioning - In the first hour we conclude our 6 week book study strategizing how to practically overcoming setbacks and attacks as well as putting all that we've learned into a strategic action plan. Next hour, we organize our own online collective visioning demonstration and come up with an impressive list of components of our soon-to-be Kujichagulia Villages, and how they would actually serve their residents. Specially priced 1/2 off. (LIBCD2851F)
The Falcon Forum Vol 339 - Topics include Black bodies used as commodotites; new push on ADHD; report from Global Trade Conference; where to find African Americans and how to reach them: Living Superfood successes; King memorial dedication is a humiliation; new U.S. trade agreements, what do they mean to us?; building Koriea; stealth Christianity by Pan Africans; outreach strategies; teach young Black males; tangible solutions to implement today; and more... Specially priced 1/2 off this week.(LIBCD2880)
The Mind Sciences Collection on MP3 - This is a vast catalog over 50 hours of interviews, conversations, book studies and documentaries on a spectrum of behavioral sciences. This covers mind control, conspiracies, technology, damaging environmental control, brain nutrition, the Reflex Arc, the pre-frontal cortex, media brainwashing, Pavlov's Dogs, Tavistock Institute, intelligence increasing excercises and many other subjects. I've gathered this material for decades and this represents only a proportion of my collection, but most of the most useful material. $40 on CD of MP3 files or only $25 for digital download. (LIBCD2879)
Factory Farmed Meat is Cruel and Toxic / Brain De-Evolution From Environmental Toxicity - In the first hour the shocking details of how mean, dirty and toxic modern factory meat production really is. Are we as humans really so cruel as to kill 10 billion animals a year in the U.S. alone in this manner so that we can eat their dead carcasses? Next, the part of the brain that distinguished humans from other animals has hit a brick wall and started to devolve. This affects the highest reasoning aspects of the mind. WTF? (LIBCD2878)
The Time to Sieze Momentum is Now / Eshe Faizah: Fourth Annual Womb Wellness Conference - In the first hour we emphasize that way that a number of factors have come together to create another golden moment in which our prompt and deliberate action is called forth. We can seize the moment or... In the second hour, another great conversation with The Herb Lady, Esche, about womb health, the upcoming Atlanta conference and the broadbased movement to replace slash and cut medicine with natural based wellness strategies. (LIBCD2877)
Living In Black October $5 Donation Bonus: Kujichagulia 5-Pack - To show our appreciation, and to gage just how many of our members are responsive to our appeal to work together collectively, I have put together over 6 hours of programming related to the subject of our independent nationalist development and building of our own homelands. I hope that these dialogues and ideas spread far and wide and convince more of us to work together for self determination and sovereignty. All for $5 (LIB-Kuji5) For instant MP3 download, click here to add to Cart
Collective Visioning Book Study Vol 5 - Creating a Road Map / For the Long Haul Pt 1 - In the first hour the task is to make practical plans to take our group and its agenda step by step to its future destination. This brings us to short term, mid term and long term planning. Next, we begin the discussion of how to keep our leadership focused on completing the long journey amid the many setbacks and petty conflicts which will arise. (LIBCD2851E)
The Falcon Forum Vol 338 - Topics include: Nutrition solutions; cancer profiteering; new German-Russian alliance; worldwode socialist workers alliance; the Nazi's and pure fascism; can the U.S. revive industries?; building our independence; teaching technology to our youth; fixing the culture; land development; Falcon Forum must read book list; Obama verses Nixon; who is Herman Cain?; siezing opportunities today; China's new gold market; and more. (LIBCD2875)
Chewicide - Turning Around Emotional Eating / Full-Spectrum Hyper Nutrition - Two very important chapters in our striving to turn on the self-healing processes of the body and to regain the health and vitality that we knew when we were much younger. First we tackle the difficult issue of why people eat bad when they know better. Next, our method of getting maximum nutrients into our bodies is shared and proven to be far superior to the standard American diet. (LIBCD2873)
Living SuperFood Demo 18 - This is a sure-fire hit set of recipes that are innovative and not difficult at all to put together. Menu includes:Avocado-Carrot Smoothie; Nori Wrap Sushi with Dipping Sauce; Wild Rice Mushroom Burger Mix; Un-Chicken Nuggets; and Cran-Apple cookies. As with each class, there are many lessons on the great benefit of eating living food and maintaining great health and vitality. This set of dishes is going to be a big hit with you AND yo' cousins. DVD $15 (LIBDVD181)
Steve Jobs Victim of Cancer Industry Machine / H.K. Khalifah Plea for Kujichagulia Village Support / Akeem Jamaal: African Holocaust Committee - In the first segment, the founder of Apple dies at 56 years of age due to the gross incompetency of the cancer treatments he underwent. Next, we talk about building Black Nationalism in our own time with already acquired resources, but we need more help and commitment. Next hour, we talk about the yearly commemoration of the Black Holocaust, the Maafa. (LIBCD2873)
Wealthy Oligarch At War with Itself (Revisited) / Occupy Wall Street Grows, Where's the Black Agenda? - A day after sharing this stunning Bloomberg report, we relate how various pieces of a greater puzzle are fitting together. Is the take down of Koch Industries related to a global battle for wealth supremacy? Next, the Occupy Wall Street movement has gone global yet it is absent a strong Black agenda presence. Are we missing another great opportunity? (LIBCD2872)
War Within the Oligarch / NASA Research Shows the Oceans Sank in 2010 - Bloomberg published a major research report detailing criminal activities of the Koch Brothers for over a decade. This battle within the ranks of the billionaire oligarch is connected to the Tea Party, Goldman-Sachs and many other aspects of the shadow power in the world. Next hour, last year was a year of really freakish weather events and the trend of rising ocean levels actually reversed itself. Where did all that water go? What does this mean for the next decade? (LIBCD2871)
Collective Visioning Study Vol 4 - Subject in the first hour is Storytelling, as a means of bringing members of the collective closer together. A number of ways in which this works and can be facilitated are discussed in detail. Next hour, despite our different approaches to the problem, we must work together using our particular experiences and talents. The four principle ways of getting to organized activity are revealed as well as specific workshop exercises which will bring them to bear. (LIBCD2851D)
The Falcon Forum Vol 337 - Topics include: Bad news is coming fast; the empire in chaos; how to bring down white supremacy; German power rising; wage gap widens; Occupy Wall Street spreads nationally; Euro Zone in trouble; Libya war vrs German rise; Zambia and China; China links to ancient Egypt; caste-based hierarchy; Solar Decathlon report; colllaborative economic units; black security systems & Garvey; honoring Ida B. Wells; re-enacting Black history pageants; Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizens; a diabolical presidency; and more. (LIBCD2870)
Al Washington: Tripartite Agreement in African Union and Trade / Vision of a Healthy Organic Food Future - In the first hour the executive director of the USA-Africa Chamber of Commerce joins us to talk about new strategies to link together African economies with the Diaspora and why this is such a practical agenda. Next, we look at the way that organic, locally grown food competes with pesticide laded corporate food. In particular, from pre-pregnancy to early childhood and beyond, the discussion of overweight, obesity and diabetes must produce a different reality or we are all going to be sick in a few decades. LIBCD2869)
Occupy Wall Street Verses Black Dis-Empowerment / Dr. Eve Allen: Optimal System Cleaning - We see that the momentum of the anti-corporate political machine and its disproportionate control over the government is spreadint beyone Wall Street to other cities. Now, what are we prepared to do to take momentum? Next, our guest is a natural practitioner and has a great program for seasonal detoxing. We discuss a dozen different angles of the critical need to cleanse our insides and restore homeostasis. (LIBCD2868)
Dr. Nancy Banks: The Politics of Greed, Colonialism and Disease - Once again we are blessed to interview one of the most active and informed researchers of our generation. Her book AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS & EMPIRE has stirred a lot of interest in many different circles. Her continuing analysis of health reseach, world events, politics and money are always cutting edge. Paired with the Conscious Rasta and lots of input from our audience, this is one of our best interviews of the year. An absolute must have dialog! LIBCD2867)
Coleridge King: Planet Nibiru and Revelations of Wormwood / Occupy Wall Street Movement is Spreading - In the first hour our guest explains a number of esoteric subjects regarding Planet X, impending catastrophes, government conspiracies, UFOs, etc. which he regulary gathers from the Internet. What's wrong with this picture? Next hour, similar to, but different from the uprisings in North Africa, we see massive protests rising in U.S. cities. Where will this go in the coming weeks? (LIBCD2866)
H.K. Khalifah: CBC Conference Report - Joined also by NCOBRA co-chair, we get a first hand report from the most recent Washington DC conference of the Congressional Black Caucus. The news is not good. Rep. Conyers' Reparations Conversation Bill, which has been rejected for 21 straight years, needs to be dismissed. Further actions by other committees are meaningless. We come to conclude that an alternative, bottom up leadership is being called to provide solid direction and practicality for our progress. LIBCD2865)
Collective Visioning Vol 3 - Personal Visioning - One of the reasons that too many of our members are unable to work effectively within an organization is that they have not prepared themself to be collaborative. This chapter is intended to help that person find their own focus, dynamic energy and initiative. Examples are give and techniques shared on how this individualization process can be motivated toward group investment and progress. (LIBCD2851C)
The Falcon Forum Vol 336 - Topics include: Autumn Equinox traditions; seasonal fasting and detoxing; Wall Street woes & Occupy Wall Street; secret drone bases in Africa; China in Africa; Greek economy teetering; Germany on the rise; gold price plunge; more bank defaults; nutrition and cancer; Venezuelan gold withdrawal; survival preparedness; educating in practical sciences; drones over America; saving ourselves, the Paradox of Blackness; Kujichagulia Villages; the DOE Solar Decathlon; and more. (LIBCD2864)
Understanding and Preventing Cancer Collection - I have been collecting, researching, teaching and developing working programs to defeat cancer for two decades. I am claiming that we have amassed a vast amount of understanding of the multiple factors which allow this frightening pathology to develop. Cancer is not only preventable, but its development can be arrested if the right internal and external environmental conditions are set and controlled. With the spread of cancer rising at rates beyond comprehension, we must all begin a serious cancer prevention strategy immediately. 40 titles for only $30 in MP3s. (LIBCD2863)
10 Minute Detox Cleanse Phone Consultation - We can custom tailer a program for your seasonal cleansing and detox with a one-on-one conversation. You may have issues of medication, overweight, age, parasites, medical condition that require specific strategies. We can suggest great strategies for dealing with deteriorating eyesight, abdominal obesity, clogged arteries, weakness, diabetes and other nutrition or toxicity caused symptoms. This WILL work for you in a surprisingly quick fashion. Happy Autumn Equinox to everyone. (DetoxFast-10) (Click here to order)
Autumn Equinox in the Ways of the Ancients / How to Clean Your Body with a Detox Fast - In the first hour we discuss the way that the seed civilizations used the rhythms of the sun and moon to guide their lives and spirituality. We seek to "Sankofa ourselves" in order to move forward with the strength of our ancestors. Next, Baba Pianki joins Keidi to discuss the miracle of periodic cleansing fasts. We discuss cleansing the colon, water fasting, cleaning our internal organs, parasite cleansing and some of the side effects from radical detoxification and rapid weight reduction. (LIBCD2862)
Obama Creating Secret AFRICOM Bases in Africa / AK Kenyatta: S.T.E.P. Manhood Training Program - In the first hour, news reports expose a series of secret drone bases from which the U.S. military is attacking 6 Islamic countries and working with the discredited Blackwater mercenaries to create an illegal private military. Next, the guest has a brilliant and effective rites-of-passage program for young males that can and will redirect their lives to productivity and cultural orientation. (LIBCD2861)
Comparing Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama / Melvin Dubose: Debate About Culture and Economics - In the first hour we share a great article comparing two presidential candidates up for re-election in 2012. In Venezuela the government is investing in a bottoms-up solution to economic challenges, contrary to the U.S. top-down investment. Next hour, we engage a new listener in an intense and sometimes contentious discussion of the role of culture in the successful evolution of economic order for our group's self interest. (LIBCD2860)
Why Kill Troy Davis? / Troy Davis is Dead. What Next? - In these two programs, the day before and the day after the martyrdom of this young black man, we first examine the attitude within the U.S. judicial system and the general public which calls for frequent blood sacrifice of the innocent. Is this a Satanic rite? Next, the day after the execution, we ask that this movement not make the same mistake which has been made so many times, becoming a one-time reactionary effort and not a sustained battle against injustice and racist terror. Can we move to protect all of the Innocents from slaughter? (LIBCD2859)
Aunkh Aakhu: Black Marketing Success Achievement / IMF World Economic Outlook and U.S. Federal Reserve Crimes - In the first hour, the guest is a marketing expert and business consultant. We discuss the myriad of ways that Black businesses can overcome hurdles and position themselves to gain better control over their cash flow and tap the black consumer. Next, a new report from the IMF paints a pretty gloomy picture of economic conditions in the Euro, U.S. and Japanese countries while shining a light on emerging nations. (LIBCD2858)
Collective Visioning Book Study Vol 2: Laying the Groundwork - The author describes here experiences in conducting workshops over the years, Subjects include: getting the right audience to attend the event; establishing working ground before meeting; preparing the space; feeding the group, as well as a number of tips for establishing ground rules, facilitating interactivity, creating agreements and power sharing amonts diverse participants. This is all very practical organizing information. (LIBCD2851B)
The Falcon Forum Vol 335 - Topics include: How to create jobs for Black youth; developing agriculture; the state of Black Colleges' technical development; the DOE Solar Decathlon on the National Mall; educating Black children responsibly; consistency and discipline; Saturday academies and vocation training; availability of development money; America's failing economy; Cherokees exclude Blacks; finding food and shelter; building our future housing; Detroits food movement; saving as many of our race as possible; and more. (LIBCD2857)
Al Washington: 2nd Annual Pan African Trade Conference / Nana Kedyiaabea: Report from the DR Congo - In the first hour, numerous issues regarding trade with Africa, rapidly changing economic environements, the East African Tripartite Agreement and advantages to Diaspora Africans for trade and business are explored. Next, our guest has just returned from this troubled Central African country, the Congo, and has much to report on the conditions there and we we can do to bring greater influence on developments. The Congo is the greatest humanitarial crisis on the planet. (LIBCD2856)
Didi Emmons and Eva Sommaripa: Wild Flavors Cullinary Gardening - Our guests are a reknowned chef and the owner of a permaculture farm where much organic produce and herbs are created. They are announcing a new book which celebrates one year of garden produce recipes as well as the joys and responsibilities of permaculture farming and the whole food natural movement. The job of maintaining a profitable farm is difficult and these ladies have great info to share. (LIBCD2855)
Land-Based Indigenization / Saving Troy Davis From Execution - In the first hour we focus on how acquiring and developing land is key to identity, of the individual, family, community and larger group. Our grandparents, as well as African ancestors, all knew that they were connected with a village or other rural location, and thus always knew that they belonged. Now, we are bringing back such a movement. Next, the impending execution date of a possibly wrongfully-convicted Georgia man is explored in detail. (LIBCD2854)
Gun Violence in Urban and Rural Youth, Problem and Solutions / One Profound Finding on Cancer Promotion - First hour, we use numerous studies to point out the huge difference in vulnerability to gun violence between different ethnicities in the most violent developed nation on Earth. What should we do if the federal governement will NOT raise this issue as a priority? Next hour, we discuss the profound conclusion from the book THE CHINA STUDY, that shows that there is one overriding factor that promotes cancer growth or cancer suppression. Now we have the key to preventing this devastating disease. (LIBCD2853)
Phil Williams: Li'l Jimmy and Childhood Health Advocacy / More Problems with Monsanto's RoundUp and GMO's - In the first hour this Pastor has created a mascot that children can really relate to and is using this as opportunity to promote healthy lifestyle and self esteem programs in urban youth. We discuss the many ways to support healthy youth development. Next, new research on the popular herbicide shows that it is far more dangerous than decades of suppressed research has been able to reveal. We have got to get a handle on this widespread corruption to where these toxic chemicals in RoundUp are now found in rain. (LIBCD2852)
Collective Visioning Study Vol 1: Introduction / How Collective Visioning Works - Our first week of study on this dynamic book, we examine the ways that progressive groups can create greater cooperation and collaboration through the process of creative visioning. The author describes the process and then gives examples of this technique in action. Toward the aim of improving all aspecs of our community and larger society, we will have to access better social organizing tools to improve our outcome. (LIBCD2851A)
The Falcon Forum Vol 334 - Topics include: 10-year anniversary of 911 terror; failed PNAC plan to contain Asian giants; Western failure and collapse of oil regime; 911 Truth Movement; Obama's jobs bill speech; failing Bank of America crooks; hard life in the big city; Kujichagulia Villages and evacuation plans; bankrupting America; youth initiatives; agritourism and economic development; moving industry to China; teaching robots and mechanics; survival strategies; and more. (LIBCD2850)
Reparations Strategy Panel Discussion - H.K. Khalifah and Keidi Awadu host a panel discussion along with various officers from the National Coalition Of Blacks for Reparations in America on this critical topic. Areas such as the current activities of the organization, legislative efforts, a new strategy for linking groups together and the idea of Kujichagulia Villages as demonstrations of self-Reparations in action are all discussed in detail. Now is the time for us to re-energize this critical movement. (LIBCD2849)
Walter Fauntroy's Witness to NATO Genocide in Libya / Obama's Job Speech Omits Blacks - In the first hour, the former U.S. congressman spent a month in Libya and witnessed firsthand atrocities commited by NATO troops, eventually going underground for fear of his own safety. This is a compelling narrative. Next, we look in detail at the highly touted Jobs Speech by the desperate president. Within this text we ask the question as to whether there are any advantages that we can seize to fulfill our desire to empower ourselves. Surprising results occur. (LIBCD2848)
Innovative Idea Formation in the Black Cultural Movement / Toxic Hair Care Products Causing Diseases - In the first hour, we discuss a process to tap the creative, inventive resources in think tanks, cooperatives and Master Mind groups. Our first plan is a brilliant idea for funding HBCU's with holiday shopping. Next, the most popular hair straightening processes are contaminated with cancer-causing formaldehyde. Looking at beauty care products, its much worse than we had imagined. (LIBCD2847)
UN Sexual Abuses and Rape in Haiti / Kujichagulia Villages: Help Us Design Them - In the first hour we declare our outrage at the way that the people of Haiti are being abused by foreign powers, the UN and corporations. Are we powerless to do anything about this abuse of our family? Next hour, toward our upcoming return to the land of Nat Turner's birth, we float a number of ideas of what we can do within our own permaculture villages. This is very exciting stuff. (LIBCD2846)
Labor Re-Dedication - Do For Self: On this Labor Day national holiday, we question whether this date was set up to circumvent May 1st as International Worker's Day and that this was done by the corporations who have really tricked us out of our power to unite as workers. Beyond being victims of manipulation, we lay out a viable plan to retake our power, create as many jobs as we can handle and to bring out youth out of the desperation they are facing as jobs are being withdrawn from the national economy. (LIBCD2845)
The Falcon Forum Vol 333 - Topics include: Gye Nyame holiday honoring Khallid Muhammad; is 2012 a transition point or media hype?; supercell storm hitting Louisiana; creative responses to the troubles ahead; Zambia holds great investment prospects; extended country report on Zambia; honoring Nat Turner with Ujima work; Obama, jobs and his failing presidency; austerity and SAP for the U.S.; the unemployment dilemma; Turks verses Israelis; CIA linked to Libyan torture; cooning in Amerikkka; and more... (LIBCD2844)
LIBRadio Returns - Setting Our Priorities: Now that we are black on with our daily broadcasts, we have set out a list of 14 priorities that LIBRadio can do well which will establish ours as the best vehicle for organizing the masses toward actions. The background to our current situation would demand that we initiate a series of actions that will change our circumstance and bring greater opportunity to our youth. (LIBCD2843)
Harambee Connection: The Power of Media Panel - We have a panel discussion hosted by Brothers Amenseph and Mxalisi on the prominent role that mass media communication has achieved in our personal and collective lives. Keidi participates and our aim is to get our people thinking outside of the box which has hemmed in black thought in the Diaspora. (LIBCD2842)
The Falcon Forum Vol 332 - Topics include: Hurricane Irene bears down on East Coast and Blacks are NOT prepared, even after Katrina destroyed New Orleans; Khalifah's Kujichagulia Village developments; failing to prepare for disaster; France's African adventurism; Is Libya beyond our reach?; resourcing self-determination; Europeans recolonize North Africa; aftermath of UK race rebellion; African centered development at home or abroad?; Chinese or Afri-American made African cars?; practical solutions for labor engagement; getting beyond pointless chatter; and more. (LIBCD2841)
The Falcon Forum Vol 331 - Topics include: Bio-geographical adaptation & devolution; wealth production as group security; U.S. industry woes; UK Blacks in serious trouble; future U.S. social unrest; further austerity coming; creating a new reserve currency; details on UK "austerity riots"; demographic collapses; class and race in the media; African verses Blacks?; African financial markets booming; take or build an African nation?; to migrate or to stay and build bridges to Africa?; and much more. (LIBCD2840)
The Falcon Forum Vol 330 - Topics on this 3-hour special include: U.S. debt crisis deepens; currency wars; civil unrest in UK and Israel; African American banking proposal debate; Black Labor Black Wealth; new reserve currency; surviving the collapse; black business investment; food service industries; wealth opportunities; selling Black Nationalism; a plan for redemption?; extra hour discussion with Wise Esteemed Elders on the Nat Turner Kujichagulia Village; and more... 3-CDs $15.00 (LIBCD2839)
Fighting Back - Strategies to Take Charge and Get YOUR Money Back: From the AFIBA Center in Los Angeles, Keidi Awadu discusses 1) seven predictions to occur under Obama; 2) the need to form your strategic survival unit; 3) 17 home based industries that we misplaced; and 4) how to produce our own food. - DVD $20(LIBDVD142) Purchase from this link and get half off: just $10
Kujichagulia Village Collection on MP3: This is a selection of programs illustrating our vision of detaching from urban decay and insecurity and creating a series of villages wherein we can take primary responsibility for creating a totally embracing environment for ourfamilies, children, elders and productive age labor class. Self-Determination equates Self-Reparation. We can grow our own food, build homes, generate economy, provide security, educate all ages, heal our chronic diseases, govern our village and pay proper respect to our long and glorious history. The time to act is NOW before we lose more of our resources in a futile struggle to survive the cities. MP3 collection on CD $25.00 (LIBCD2838)
Austerity Measures in the U.S.: What Are We Gonna Do? / Austerity to Impact Our Lives / Soaring Prices and Austerity Measures Triggering Riots - This 3-part series over the course of 18 months details how the U.S. economic order is in an unsustainable position and, like too many developing countries in the past half century, must now be restructured to conform to global norms of sustainable finance. The lifestyles that we have come to enjoy during this time can no longer be justified. Still, with the right moves we can survive, thrive and raise our children above our own status. We must be smart and disciplined in order to secure a desirable collective status. 3-CD's $15.00. Digital download for $10. (LIBCD2837)
Kemet Synthesizing Conference Day 1 - H.K. Khalifah, Keidi Awadu and Fronse Smith all present ideas on the linking between ten themes from the Tree of Life to our needs to construct community, industry, economics and environment to reflect the great civilization created in ancient Khemet. A number of critical themes are presented on the ethical and moral base of the past as well as strategies for implementing today's necessary institutions and development. This two hour conference has some major points for further research on the part of the listener. A portion of all sales goes to construction at the Nat Turner Library in Virginia. (LIBCD2836)
The Falcon Forum Vol 239 - Topics include: Strange weather continues; Obama, the stealth Republican; stealing from the elderly and middle class; austerity and SAPs for America; corporate greed; gold beats up the dollar; admitting depression; Bretton Woods and globalism; reviving black labor; black abortions skyrocket; Why don't black men marry their women?; an extra hour of program today focusing on the failing family and what we should expect to do to save the institution. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2835)
Reparations: The 7MAC Paradigm - In this 15-minute video, the Conscious Rasta lays out a thorough and well designed platform for self-reparations. This set of strategies is practical, easily implementable and can be started immediately with already available resources. While there is a need for other ethnic groups to correct the legacy of their great crimes against our humanity, we cannot and will not wait upon them to change their attitude to save our group from an impending catastrophe. Please duplicate and share this DVD as much as possible. DVD $10 / digital download only $5 (LIBDVD180)
The Falcon Forum Vol 328 - Topics include: Extreme weather, heat waves and earthquakess; praying for, verses working for change; strange police killings in Seattle; black abortion rate dramatically increases; obsession with other-worldliness; epidemic of obesity and overweight; fixing our fertility rate; Christian terrorism in Norway; Obama's mismanagement of the debt negotiations; the Black Family fix; passing intergenerational authority; Black Manhood; the new Globalist civilization; Germany supports Khadafi with $145 million; Kujichagulia goes urban with block clubs; and more. (LIBCD2834)
Dr, Jewel Pookrum: 21st Century Woman / Our Youth Are Being Killed In America's Cities - In this first hour, the noted researcher goes into a complex description of metaphysical and esoteric aspects of our body electric. She proposes that we can learn techniques of adjusting our perspectives we can live thousands of years and walk through walls. Next hour, a spate of mysterious and terroristic murders of Black youth in San Francisco leads us to ask what is happening and what can we realistically do to solve this problem. These 11 solutions will work and can be started today. (LIBCD2833)
The Falcon Forum Vol 327 - Topics include: Health, vitality and fasting; path of the Action Faction; health benefits the entire family; beating a sustained depression; gold prices soar; investing in the demons of mercantilism; Rupert Murdoch's empire in trouble; honoring Nat Turner for real; losing obese children; the importance of ancient Nubia; a Nat Turner movie from Hollywood?; looking at the Mormon model of self-determination; Africans training for development; and more... (LIBCD2832)
Prof. Manu Ampim - Ethiopia and the Cultural Origins of Nile Valley Civilizations - This lecture presentation was given at the AFIBA Center, Los Angeles, right after returning from Ethiopia, the modern name for the ancient Kushite Empire. To understand ourselves we must retrace our steps through civilization. Beyond Egypt, Khemet and Nubia, the seed civilization is Kush. Even today the evidence of Kushite influence can still be found in the daily lives of many people in Northeast and Central Africa. We can now see that this is an enduring legacy. DVD $20 Half of all proceeds go to assist Prof. Ampim's ongoing research. (LIBDVD179)
Prof. Manu Ampim - The Flooding of Ancient Nubia: A Report on the Kajbar Dam Project, Sudan - This lecture presentation was given at the African Restoration Project Long Beach one month after returning from an extensive work study trip to the Upper Nile Valley. Professor Ampim is an expert in ancient Nubian and Kushite civilizations and is one of few primary researchers to regulary to to those areas far off the tourism beat. His work documents the ongoing efforts to remove all evidence of the African roots of classical civilizations / high civilizations. DVD $20 Half of all proceeds go to assist Prof. Ampim's ongoing research. (LIBDVD178)
Living Superfood Demo 17 - You are gonna LOVE this set of living meals: Jack LaLane Mexican Juice; Pico de Gallo; Living Pizza, consisting of 1) Flax seed crust; 2) Spicy Nut or Seed Cheese; Hemp Seed Olive Paste; and more pizza stuff from our Raw Lasagna recipes on Demo 16; Sweet Carrot Corn Chowder; and Fruit "Ice Cream". DVD $20 (LIBDVD177)
The New Wellness Revolution Collection, Volumes 1-10 on MP3 - This is the entire set of audios, over 20 hours, from our study of this book by economics and health entrepreneur Paul Zane Pilzer. Within this set, you will understand how the response to the overbearing sickness industries is to create and promote a countering wellness revolution. This has been going on for decades and a number of individuals have gotten phenomenally rich in the process. Now is time for you to take advantage of the still rapid growth. 20 audio files for $$40.00 on mp3.. (LIBCD2763-All)
Living Superfood Theory DVD Volume 7 - This is another cutting edge session with the African Culture & Research Center Long Beach. Topics include: abdominal obesity; the danger of visceral fat, so-called "beer bellies"; pre-diabetes and inculin receptivity; the natural 21 day cure for diabetes; the top 10 worst foods of all time; and great information on detoxification and fasting. We also visit Dr. Gabriel Cousens' book "There Is a Cure for Diabetes" for workable solutions for this raging plague. DVD $20 (LIBDVD176)

The Falcon Forum Vol 326 - Topics include: Bad economic background; tyranny of the rule of the oligarch; bad habits holding us back; abdominal obesity and chronic disease; good and bad church leadership; dancing but going nowhere; motivating the masses; Murdoch busted in press crimes; America goes tabloid; toxins in the food and water; conspiracy or environmental errors?; targeting Blacks for poison and cultural destruction; the "niggerization" of America; a special extra hour discussion on White Supremacy: myth or reality along with the question: Was LIBRadio a Failure? that got really hot! (LIBCD2831)
The Falcon Forum Vol 325 - Topics include: Bad weather patterns continue; agricultural and industrial expansion; stagnating tech growth in Africa; government ineffeciency in services; exporting intellectual resources; Ghana's lagging development; fasting, detox and disease epidemics; intergalactic victimization; status report on Blacks in the U.S.; Strause-Kahne conspiracy revealed; Obama and the royal crown; empowering "The White Man"; country life is better; the Greek rescue risk; positive solutions for health and psychology; and more. (LIBCD2830)
Imminent Collapse Vol 5: Health and Family Solutions / Restoration of the Nation Throught Industry / Moving Resources Around the Globe - This extensive 3-part archive discusses: 1) Getting to the basics of personal and family-based changes in habits, routines and investments to build up strong community; 2) How to utilize our creative and industrial talents to re-energize the various communities toward economic revival for the group; and 3) How we can practically compete in a global economy where ideas, finances and resources move rapidly across international borders between diverse ethnic groups. 3-CD's / archives(LIBCD2827E)
Imminent Collapse Vol 4 - Environmental Connection to Disease and Disorder / Vigilant, Prepared and Resilient Community: Returning again to the training manual we obtained from attending Homeland Security sponsored conferences on community organizing for disaster preparedness, we adapt this model for the current set of crises that are staring our self-interested group in the face. Our threat is not from would be Islamic terrorists but from the unsustainable systems of exploitation that are serving a desperate ruling class. Now we need strategies to begin winning the important fights. (LIBCD2827D)
Diana Kimble - NCOBRA Reparations Conference Report - Our sister is a long time organizer among various circles of progressive African centered organizing. Having just returned from the Chicago conference of the premier reparations organizing group, she gives a conference report. How can we keep youthful energy and measurable progress in this key critical area of our group self interest? Reparations is one of the most important challenges we face. (LIBCD2829)
Pilar Penn - Reparations, the Next Chapter: This Atlanta-based attorney is part of the Reparations movement and we engage in a lively discourse setting to correct many of the great misunderstandings about the subject. We discuss the critical areas in which the reparing would best be invested in. More importantly, we discuss the ways in which we, in small groups or large, are responsible to begin this repairing process as soon as possible with the resources that we already possess. There can perhaps be no greater issue of the day on a global scale than Reparations yet the political forces refuse to cooperate. (LIBCD2828)
Imminent Collapse Vol 2: The World Economic System is On the Brink - We take a close look at Greece's current condition as a key indicator of what is happening in the broader world of Western-dominated capitalism. The age of industry has been overtaken in many places by the world of vulture capitalism and it has created an unsustainable debt crisis. Germany and France are offering to bail out Greece but by which means do they have such clout? What about the unrest and upheaval taking place on the streets of Athens? How does this directly relate to this country and the disaffected minority populations? (LIBCD2827B)
Imminent Collapse Vol 1: Context is Everything / Population Control and the Collapse of the Negro Family - This is the first day of our weeklong theme. We begin by laying out the general premise of "imminent collapse" and cover the general background to which various connected themes all indicate one big picture. Next, we look at the connections between the eugenics movement, population control and the "theory of competitive reproduction" and relate that to the rapid decline in black family status in recent decades. (LIBCD2827A)
The New Wellness Revolution Collection, Volumes 1-10 on MP3 - This is the entire set of audios, over 20 hours, from our study of this book by economics and health entrepreneur Paul Zane Pilzer. Within this set, you will understand how the response to the overbearing sickness industries is to create and promote a countering wellness revolution. This has been going on for decades and a number of individuals have gotten phenomenally rich in the process. Now is time for you to take advantage of the still rapid growth. 20 audio files for $$40.00 on mp3. (LIBCD2763-All)
Tokumboh Obasi: Global Medical, Economical and Spiritual History of Hemp / BPA Connected to Cancer and Other Diseases - In the first hour, this young scientific genius has conducted a significant study of the many historic uses of cannibus in its various functions and uses in global history. Next, we again raise the alarm over the epidemic of cancer overtaking the industrialized societies and closely examine the role of BPA, a petrochemical that is used in far too many readily consumed products. We can begin to control this toxic exposure immediately. (LIBCD2826)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 10 - This is the final volume in our series examining this great book on how you and I would be wise to capture a section of the vast and rapidly rising set of industries called wellness. In the final chapters the author sets the student off onto their enterprise course and recaps the major areas where opportunities lie and how we can best position ourselves for success. (LIBCD2763J)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 9 - The Direct Selling Industries: The focus this week is on "direct selling" for which the most successful model has been network modeling. The author, an economist, describes two distinct paths, one is to market directly to the customer yourself, and the other is to create a network of partners (downline) who can do the hard work with yourself capitalizing on residual payments. The advantages of either is discussed. (LIBCD2763-I)
The Falcon Forum Vol 324 - Topics include: Uncertainty all around; Japan's response to the ecconomic collapse; Asian cultural paradigms; Is the West breaking up?; America's collapsing empire & the civilization shift; rebuilding African dignity; report from Byran in Rwanda; stabilizing Africa; Obama's Afghan withdrawal plan; Michelle Obama in South Africa, is she good for Blacks?; running out of time; population control; Christian revisionism; and more. (LIBCD2825)
Government Agencies Up to No Good, Again / More on Cancer Prevention - In the first hour we question the authenticity of U.S. Government regulatory agencies that don't regulate, suck up to corporations, allow known toxins to cause major health disasters in the population and are staffed by incompetants and sellouts. Next, we add more critical and cutting edge research to our long understanding of the cause and solution to cancer. There can be no denial that having the right information and acting upon it is the best way to prevent this frightening epidemic from claiming our own household. (LIBCD2824)
Taki Raton: Black Fatherhood and Nation Building - This brother is one of the wisest and most experience nation-building members of our nationalist community. He is an adjutant professor, scholar and organizer. Today the topic is how to successfully integrate the Black Man back into the family as leader, protector, visionary and strong life partner to his queen and children. We cannot rebuild our nation and community without this critically necessary transformation of black males into Black Men. (LIBCD2823)
Hershel Grimes: The Jesus Debate / There IS a Natural Mystic Blowing in the Air - In the first hour a caller starts testifying about his Christianity and sparks an hour-long debate over the role of religion, superstition and historical truths. It gets deep and heated but we must get to the heart of this big divide. Next, Keidi goes metaphysical again and relates to the audience about his own psychic ascendence in order to encourage others to believe in their own divine providence. (LIBCD2822)
Building Edible Landscapes for Our Nation - Over the years we have gotten excited over a number of issues related to food, economics, security, our youth and our people's health. We bring them all together with this strategic initiative of the action faction of our consciousness movement. The plan is to teach masses of our youth, and elders, how to install beautiful gardens at homes, businesses, schools and farms. We must grow our own local, organic, fresh and inexpensive food to raise up a Great Generation. (LIBCD2821)
Tokumboh Obasi: Hemp Medical, Economical and Spiritual History / BPA Connection to Cancer and Other Diseases - First hour, our guest is a profound and wise young researcher and has just published a book that details the long historical presence of marijuana in world culture and medicine. Many misconceptions are cleared up with this detailed research. Next, the presence of this chemical molecule in so many products lends us to tremendous alarm over its tolerance. Learn how this commonly used substance creates so much cancer and disease yet is still allowed by regulating agencies. (LIBCD2820)
The Falcon Forum Vol 324 - Topics include: Catching the bottom of a cultural fall; motivating the masses; study groups verses action groups; focusing the people; collaborative strategies; teaching Black children effectively; pre-birth cultural programming; threats to the Internet; finding spiritual faith again; bunker busting bombs over Tripoli; NATO bombs colleges and hospitals; news from ECOWAS; a new colonialism descends over Africa; Gambia report; the impact of LIBRadio and more... (LIBCD2819)
Dr. Nathan Rabb: Poop Burgers and Good Health Advice / Detox Fundamentals - In the first hour, we share programming with one of the most respected naturopathic doctors in L.A. and his opinions on eating meat, cleansing, doo doo burgers and more are all highly valued in this fast paced conversation. Next, Keidi shares great insight on parasites, chelating, cleansing the colon, charcoal, aloe vera, and other key aspects of successful detox cleansing. (LIBCD2818)
Dr. Charles Finch: Christianity, the Message and the Messenger - The noted author and African historian looks at the Khemetic roots of Christianity for some of the foundation material. In addition, he lends his expertise to clear up the identity of the individual known as Jesus the Christ and gives background to the actual existence of such a man and the culture from which he would have evolved. Much clarity is given to the difference from Nile Valley spiritual science and the common religiosity we witness today. (LIBCD2817)
Black Women and White Men Interracial Coupling / Making Meat Out of Poop - In the first hour our telephone lines burn up as we discuss the rising phenomena of Black women who just are fed up with Black men and are deliberately seeking out men of other ethnicities. Not everyone is happy with this development. Second, a Japanese research group is now making synthetic meat out of sewage sludge that they claim will be accepted as a reasonable substitute for real beef and pork. Is this the future of food? (LIBCD2816)
Follow the Food Lecture by Keidi Awadu - From the AFIBA Center, Los Angeles, June 2011 / 6251. We discuss the critical need for culturally conscious members to become more active and the best vehicle for our action is to supply our own food. We also share a lot of information about the Organic Garden Hit Squad, and how we are putting gardens, beautiful spaces, into as many properties as possible as quickly as possible.. DVD $20 (LIBDVD175)
The Rapid Rise of Dangerous Allergies in Children: The Cause and the Solution - In this two-hour presentation we look a the way that childhood allergies are getting so much worse so quickly. We can conclude that environment has changed and thus this change could be controllable. When measuring all the controllable factors, we are able to cite evidence that the difference between the standard Western diet and that of a rural community in Burkina Faso has demonstrated what has been the culprit in this disease epidemic. Now, we have the tools to get rid of childhood allergies to a great extent. (LIBCD2815)
The Vaccine Awareness Collection on MP3 - An estimated 25 hours of programming in one collection on a number of topics related to vaccine safety, effectiveness, making the decision to vaccinate or not and the stories of the rise of new childhood diseases related to vaccinations. There are many familes, including medical professionals, who are now skipping this injection of unknown and known substances into their babies. You need to know this before you make the decision. This very well could save a life or the quality of life. $40.00 for the MP3 collection. (LIBCD2814)
Innervation and the Black Struggle / Follow the Food Trail - In the first hour we discuss the impact of working so hard for the revolution that the body itself revolts. We must be aware of stressing ourselves too much, resulting in acute disorders that can signal larger problems if ignored. Next, toward the aim of building our businesses, organizations, vocations and economy, the single subject of "food" holds an immense set of possibilities. We should take a hard look at food solutions for a spectrum of problems. (LIBCD2813)
Nutrition, Health and the Shrinking American / 6 Reasons to Avoid Consuming Dairy - In the first hour, we examine the trends that have the citizens of other nations growing taller in relationship to the once-dominant American. Next, the utter failure of the USDA to protect the citizens from the dairy industry is exposed with the replacement of the food pyramid with an even worse nutrition model. Milk, dairy and cheese does nothing good for humans. (LIBCD2812)
The Decline and Fall of the American Empire - Using an article from the economics editor of The Guardian, we examine how the shift of the U.S. economy over the latter part of the 20th Century produced an economic downward spiral that is most likely to crush the empire within a few decades and further the ascendence of China and other powers while burying the American workers' hopes for prosperity. This is very good research. (LIBCD2811)
Pete O'Neal - The Death and Life of Geronimo Ji Jaga (Pratt) - We connect with Ji Jaga's best friend in Africa and recount the last days of his life and struggle with an unknown ailment. Beyond the transition, the life of this brave and committed Pan African soldier is one of the most amazing accounts we can enjoy. Ji Jaga is one of the greats of our modern story and we must always uphold his memory. (LIBCD2810)
Who Speaks for African Americans? / Bruce Levine: Get Up Stand Up, Uniting the Defeated - In the first hour, the crisis of Black leadership has peaked with many of the former Obama cheerleaders now battling each other to be credible critics. Our program exposes their hypocrisy and asks just who can be trusted now. Next, the author of a new book about battling against the ruling corporate elite shares some inspiring messages about real people power and taking back national resources. (LIBCD2809)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 8 - Distributing Wellness: From the standpoint of an economist, the author Paul Pilzer shares some radical thought about how the cost of delivering goods and services can be radically reduced, often in direct contradiction to conventional thought. With this chapter, certain fundamental ideas which lock us into non-action are overcome. We can new begin to build this new wellness financial empire unhindered by old backward thinking. (LIBCD2763H)
The Falcon Forum Vol 322 - Topics include: Odd weather patterns; agriculture impacted by storms; escalating prices of food; Africans losing land worldwide; raising the community; getting our ment to work; essential selfishness within our women; culture to correct the people; wealth concentration in America and unemployment; Byron's extensive report on Angola; doing business in Africa; technology transfer and biz partnerships; the world's hottest economies are in Africa; taking hard criticism; find a job or build a business?; France's lates demonics; Black churches and unemployment; and more. (LIBCD2808)
Rev. Phil Valentine - Collective Visioning, Racial Progress and the Wounded Womb - Two-hour conversation on critical topics of the day and looking at the path ahead for our people. As always, our brother is controversial and opens up new avenues of thought as to the source of problems and the root of solutions. This conversation will undoubtedly shock and surprise some, but reinforce others in what we are already doing to solve long term issues relevant to our ascension. (LIBCD2807)
Black Family and Food Solutions 4-Pack - On this day we put together four of our most powerful dialogs aimed at sending us as a collective into a dynamic future. These programs inlcude: 1) The Black Woman as the Most Unattractive in America? 2) Black Males in America Aren't Doing Too Well 3) FOOD - Key to Saving our Movement 4) Return to the Land - I AM I WILL. Within these programs you will be inspiried to do your absolute best and have key tools to assist your efforts. 4-CD's $20.00 (LIBCD2806)
Kola Boof: The Sexy Part of the Bible / Black Men and Women Working Together - In one of our most spirited conversations, the noted novelist shares her thoughts on culture, sexual politics, the persistent fascination with skin color and the clash between cultures. Also, the former mistress of Osama bin Laden weighs in on the recent announcement of his assassination. Hold onto your seat. This is HOT! (LIBCD2803)
Do We Really Know Ourselves? - This dialog address the lack of self confidence, ability to focus on task and general weakness of our people these days. Whether it is physical endurance related to some underlying health condition, to a failure to act decisively when needed, too often we expect ourselves to come up short. We come to conclude that the number one problem we have to deal with is indecisiveness and the only evidence of correct decision making is immediate and deliberate action as habitual behavior. (LIBCD2802)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 7: What You Must Know About Health Insurance: The author Pilzer, a trained economist, examines in detail the evolution of health insurance in the U.S. and thus shows how it has evolved into a beast which, by nature, causes more harm in the health care delivery system, than good. Learn about the three functions of health insurance and why you should discard two of them and do this for yourself, whether you are an employer or consumer, and save thousands of dollars a year. (LIBCD2763G)


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Ras McPherson - Rastology and Pan-Ethiopianism: Our guest is author of dozens of books and numerous books on the role of African spirituality, culture and history. We have a deep and engaging discourse on the role of Rastafari religion, culture and political influence. As well, we discuss the critical role of Ethiopia in global affairs. (LIBCD2270)S