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The Falcon Forum Vol 302 - Topics include: Our lack of interpersonal responsiveness; impact of electronic entertainment on our relationships; excluding men from the family; rebirth in the village; cultural values as survival imperative; where are the grandparents?; creating counter propaganda; perfect storm for food crises; California's fiscal mess; food, fuel and credit inflation; how bad are things really?; Ivory Coast electioni crisis deepens; excluding European culture; China's intentions in Africa; near-future solutions we can adopt; and more. (LIBCD2699)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Building Up Collective Action Networks - Assisted by our listeners, Keidi Awadu brings it real strong with two hours of systematic strategic planning science. In order to survive possible hard times in the immediate future we need to all be a part of a dynamic collective dedicated toward mutual support and protection. We can form coops around a large set of different fronts. To be attempting to stand alone as individual or family against the continuing onslaught of corporate intrusion is guaranteed failure, as is already evident. "Unify or Die!" (LIBCD2698)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Walter Beckley: How to Use Your Sexual Power / HK Khalifah: End of the Year Statement from the Nat Turner Library - First hour, the guest shares very wise information on the transmutation of our powerful creative energy into a dynamic force that brings good to the community. Next, our wise and esteemed elder discusses an important new year of activities to consolidate our movement based upon sacred principles and decades of nationalist organizing. (LIBCD2697)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Althea Hughs-Wills: Vegan and Raw Food Life & the African Spirit / Keidi Awadu: Winter Solstice Fasting Revisited - First up, the presentation covers the wonderful benefits of refined dietary practices on a spectrum of disease fronts as well as her role as spirit medium and healer. Next, the Conscious Rasta shares a decade of expertise on the cutting edge of seasonal fasting and detoxification. (LIBCD2696)
Web News & Net Neutrality / Okera Dimani: Hidden Meaning of Christmas - In the first hour Keidi and Bro Jamaal discuss the latest developments in the war over who will control the Internet: the people or the corporations. The danger is that, if we do not pay attention, there will be a caste stratification of the use of the Internet and we will lose out again. Next, the young researcher discusses the African origins of the Winter Solstice celebrations, pagan origins of Christmas rituals and the usurpation of culture by materialism and profiteers. (LIBCD2695)
Living Superfood Demo 9 - This is one collection that is going to be very popular with such delights as: fresh grapefruit juice, black sesame sunflower seed bread, coconut water "egg nogg", tuna-stuffed tomatoes, choconut banana milkshake; chocolate bon-bons, and coconut curry soup. As always, each DVD also contains the wonderful wit, wisdom and real research that makes for our Living Superfood Experience. DVD $20.00 (LIBDVD165)
LIB Empowerment Conference - AA Rashid: Profound Myth at the Center - Our guest, a young rising voice in the consciousness movement, presents a complex conversation centered around spiritual systems, the Mysteries, quaballah and how our understand of these systems and their history is a critical part of our individual development. We also discuss these systems with relation to African civilization. (LIBCD2694)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Phillip Jackson: Making Saturday Academies Work / Keidi Awadu: Bringing Greater Meaning to Our Lives - First, the guest is founder of the Black Star Project, to which he brings a lifetime of high level public service and organization. This strategy to initiate a huge movement for Saturday schools and rites of passage programs in order to lift our youth up as soon as possible. Second, our conversation with callers allows us to utilize specific techniques to keep our life paths on tight focus. (LIBCD2693)
LIB Empowerment Virtual Conference - Prof. Manu Ampim: Primary Research in the Nile Valley; Black Leadership - Our presenter is one of the few primary researchers who work regularly in the Nile Valley as well as exploring museums where ancient artifacts have been secreted away. He discusses the assault on our Khemetic legacy by various forces as well as the peril of the Meroe Dam in the Sudan. In addition, he examines many of the weaknesses of the cultural conscious movement and what can be done to strengthen our efforts. (LIBCD2692)
LIB Empowerment Virtual Conference - Phillip Jackson: Making Saturday Academies Work / AA Rashid: Profound Myth At the Center - In the first hour, our guest is a powerful organizer, with a long record of effective public service. He provides strong instruction on how we can bypass the failing education system and build our own based upon our own cultural and economic imperatives. Cotton Picking is Over. Next, the focus of this powerful young voice is on the esoteric, the spiritual and making it practical and culturally relative. We get a great input from a responsive audience to this presentation. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2691)
LIB Empowerment Virtual Conference - Baz Moreno: Dismantling the Matrix for Black Men / Eshe Faizah: Women's I-Power-Me / Ma'at Sincere: How to Eat Intelligently - Three powerful voices of leadership for today's empowerment conference. Baz discusses how youth can extract themselves from the illicit economy and prison systems. Eshe gives a powerful message to women to avoid having their special powers destroyed by allopathic medicine. Ma'at is the founder of a vegetarian society and gives great inspiring instruction on healty eating.3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2690)
LIB Empowerment Virtual Conference - Paul Ifayomi Grant: Understanding and Improving Black Male and Female Relationships / Jarad Duval: Next Generation Democracy - In the first hour one of our most brilliant scholars shares absolutely accurate assessment and proscription for fixing the dillemma of pair bonding. Next, the author has identified a new generational empowerment using the technologies of social networking for solving real problems in the world. (LIBCD2689)
Extracting the Agents From Amongst Us - One year after a nest of suspicious characters launch an attack on a number of African scholars and myself, we have now assembled the pieces to complete the puzzle. There was a deliberate scheme launched to redirect our concerns away from cultural empowerment to "queer chasing" and we can expose those who were responsible, two of which are current employees of Homeland Security. We name the names as well as chastise others who got too easily sucked into this counter intelligence program. This is a must-have dialog. (LIBCD2688)
LIB Empowerment Virtual Conference - Keidi Awadu: Ghetto Scholarship and the Conscious Movement / Cathy Harris: Health and Business Seminar - In the first hour the Conscious Rasta rails at the degradation in our intellectual leadership since the deaths of Dr.'s John H Clarke, Amos Wilson and Khallid Muhammed. There are steps that we can do to restore relevance and accuracy to our movement intellegentsia. Next, the author and community organizer has a tremendous amount of relevant points and tips to share on how to create dynamic and engagements enterprises. (LIBCD2687)
Falcon Forum Dual Collection: Volumes 270-285 on one cd and volues 286 to 300 on a second. This is our premier think tank here within the LIB network. Our expertise includes politics, economics, international affairs, African developments, conspiracy, conflict understanding and the impacts of the social sciences on our indivitual and collective lives. You can see beyond the horizon by knowing well how all the pieces fit a complex global puzzle. Get both collections today on MP3 for $40, for this limited time. (LIBCD2667) & (LIBCD2681)
LIB Empowerment Virtual Conference - Keidi Awadu: The Shortcomings of the Vanguard. This is an examination on the leadership of the cultural conscious movement which seems to have largely produced a stagnant and non-responsivieness in our community. We examine 6 key failures of this leadership and set upon a group of solutions that we all can bring to bear. (LIBCD2686)
Brainwashed Study Vol 2 - Relationship Wrecks: Using research from the days of enslavement forward, the author deftly puts together information on black family dysfunction, including the 5 dynamics of relationship wrecks, dehumanizing the black family, the arrested development of black men and an action plan to build up our relationship and family integrity. (LIBCD2677B)
The Falcon Forum Vol 300 - Topics include weather changes; Fed monetary policies; industry & economic development; standoff in the China seas; China and Africa; dialog with a Chinese nationalist; Wikileaks fallout; war moves against Iran; German world views; Fascism on the rise; tax cuts; inflation, jobs & labor; Rep. Rangel censured; unemployment riots in the U.S.; Ivory Coast elections; African banks and Africans in the U.S.; and more. (LIBCD2685)
Get Your Healthy On - November Archives on MP3: 37 Separate titles from our month-long broadcasts focused on health issues such as: living food, cancer, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, etc. There is undeniably something somewhere with this set of archives that will improve your life, longevity, vital energy and heath prosperity. We are the premier site for our community on natural health advocacy and this collection proves our preeminence in these areas. Over 35 hours for only $60.00. (LIBCD2679)
Dr. Nancy Turner Banks - Saying No to the HIV/AIDS Deception: The author of our favorite new book: AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, presents at our Virtual Conference on some of the key points from her extensive body of research. In particular, the unreliability of HIV antibody testing, toxicity of the chemotherapies and the terrible epidemiological science are pointed out. This MD is absolutely qualified to give her researched opinions on how we can defeat this campaign. (LIBCD2684)
LIB Empowerment Virtual Conference Day 3- 1) Ampu Waset: Lifestyles from Ancient Kemet, discusses the roots of Egyptian Yoga and how this is integrated into our personal lives as a base for spiritual centering and for group empowerment. 2) Herbert Harris: Economic Empowerment, shows the contrast between our economic self-determination of previous generations and recent expendability, and provides a different course ahead for taking control of our money; 3) Derah Dalene Brown, from Total Health Herbal Products, discusses means of detoxification and nutrition supplementation. All three presentations for $15.00 (LIBCD2683)
LIB Empowerment Virtual Conference Orders / Keidi Awadu: Kujichagulia Villages as Survival Arks - First hour we develop a set of 11 themes that must be conveyed through our conference and which must motivate all who attend to some manner of deliberate action to create a new reality. Next, Keidi Awadu presents the idea of rural development of self-determination villages based upon models of sustainability, economic viability, organic living and non-toxic environment. We discuss progress on 7 already existing developments. (LIBCD2682)
Keidi Awadu - The Great AIDS Hoax and World AIDS Day: On the front edge of health and epidemiological research, there is a large body of data-based evidence which brings us to understand that the massive propaganda of the various HIV/AIDS programs is really concealing a mass of corporate greed, medical malpractice, soul-selling, and murder-by-prescription. Learn why we call the HIV/AIDS campaign one of the biggest lies in history. (LIBCD2681)
Kamau Kambon - Fighting for Liberation from White Domination: Long considered one of the most progressive and uncompromising of African Centered intellectuals and organizers, we have an indepth look at the relationship that far too many of our people have with the brutality of the dominant culture. Our guests suggests that we steel ourselves up for a real struggle ahead. History demands that we break the chains that bind us to a debilitating enslavement. (LIBCD2680)
12 Steps to Raw Food Study: How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food - This is the complete series of 9 volumes of study on this highly acclaimed book on the living / raw food lifestyle. The could be among the most significant changes one can make to overcome chronic diseases, overcome obesity, prevent cancer and resist the perils of highly processed foods. The author approaches this subject using variations of the infamous 12-Step programs for substance abuses and uses science to explain why this is necessary. Get the entire set for only $60 and change your life! (LIBCD2631-All)
Mind to Market - Guest Min. Paul Scott - The Economics of Hip Hop: On the eve of another drunken orgy at the foot of the God of X-mas shopping season, we look a a number of aspects of how our youth generation is squandering its historic moment by continuing the mindless consumer patterns of previous generations. In the end, our creativity is the means to bring solutions forward that can turn this around. (LIBCD2678)
Brainwashed Study Vol 1 - Introduction / The Bottom of the Melting Pot: Our first study session on this remarkable book by public relations expert Tom Burrell. This book will go a long way towards explaining the bizarre consumer patterns of African Americans and the lingering damage from centuries of constant humiliation within American culture. The insights are many and hard hitting. We can all learn much from this book. (LIBCD2677A)
The Falcon Forum Vol 299 - Topics include: A sobering report from Ghana; mismanagement of our resources and debt; land opportunities in Africa; Euro economic crisis & population decline; family verses consumerism; gender confusion; war moves in the Yellow Sea; China's proxy state & Israel; another false flag; Food and Safety Act myths; Wikileaks and the State Department; TSA excesses and more. (LIBCD2676)
The Rev. Phil Valentine Collection on MP3 Vol 1 - Looking through our archives I was surprised at the number of times we've had on this brother, whose position as one of the most indepth and controversial conscpiracy and metaphysical researchers of our day remains largely unchallenged. Always straightforward and provocative, we enjoy the sessions with Brother Valentine and always remain eager to visit his latest research. This is about half of our collection of interviews with our Brother. Over 35 hours on MP3 for $40.00 (LIBCD2675)
The Chronic Disease Collection on MP3: This archive is packed with information on how to understand and ultimately overcome the chronic diseases which have become epidemic in this society. We look at heart disease, cancer, diabetes, immune disorders, high blood pressure, obesity and much more. Over a dozen experts in their field share their wisdom and research with us in this collection. Nearly all of the solutions are quite contrary to the dominant Western medicine paradigm which dominates the healcare industries. This collection can and will extend your life and quality of living. Get this for the entire family. Over 40 hours of material here for only $60.00 (LIBCD2672)
Living Superfood Theory 5 from the AFIBA Center, Los Angeles, November 2010 - This presentation, given at the AFIBA Center Los Angeles, covers many aspects of our recent nutrition research: pending food crises; weight loss; homeostasis & adaptogens; great sources of critical nutrients; cancer-causing agents in cooked food; and the great taste of this delicious cuisine, Living Super Food. We get a chance to sample some dozen of our great creations. This is a very thorough investigation you don't want to miss. DVD $20 (LIBDVD164)
The Ides of November Reverberate On - On the 47th anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy, we consider how the terror of that day still continues in recent years. We consider the deaths of Malcolm X, Martin King, Bobby Kennedy, as well as deaths of Mickey Leland, Ron Brown, John Lennin, Paul Wellston and Ted Stevens, among others and ask if the state-sponsored killing of U.S. leaders continues to the current governance? (LIBCD2674)
12 Steps to Raw Vol 9 - In this final session of studies from this powerful, life-changing book, we first look at the need for gaining clarity in our lives in understanding the complex forces which make up life. Next, we discuss the role of spirituality in our personal lives that gives meaning and purpose to us all. The third chapter discusses giving support to others. Lastly, we conclude with recipe sharing and a discussion of what this entire study means in our lives and how we can best move forward with this knowledge. (LIBCD2631-I)
The Falcon Forum Vol 298 - Topics include: TSA excesses in airport screening; currency wars lead to security threats; U.S. role as world policeman; Chinese and Indian migration into Africa; African leadership & security; collectivism; the UNIA today; natural people empowerment; ethereal verses earthbound progress; U.S. economics getting shakier; bailing out the rich; the scale of redevelopment; Zimbabwe land reform; the USDA; and more. (LIBCD2673)
The Falcon Forum Collection Volumes 286-297 - This is a collection of our weekly public affairs forum and think tank. In the enclosed conversations we make many accurate assessments of the affairs happening in the world. We proudly claim that our group of Afrocentric intellectuals and analysts are superior to those to be found in the corporate media You need to know YOUR view of world affairs. 22 files for $60.00 (LIBCD2667)
Pierre Clavel: Activists in City Hall / Progressive Activism and Governance - The first hour guest has written a book which documents the history of progressive movements in Chicago and Boston during the 1970s. This is a great chapter in a history that has much revelance today. Next, we take the conversation further and explore how we can make more substantial efforts in today's activist environment. (LIBCD2671)
Haiti Cholera Outbreak Sparks Protests / E. Raymond Brown: Ghetto Physics Movement - First up, the failure of the world to be able to stop a disease outbreak in devastated Haiti has raised our anger at the Obama administration. Next, the maker of the new film discusses how people are organizing around many of the themes of empowerment and resisting corporate manipulation are sparking community action. (LIBCD2670)
Cyber Wars Break Out in the World - Two revelations of recent allow us to understand that there is a great possibility that the next world war will be fought in cyber space. In April 2010 much of the world's Internet traffic was filtered through China. In June, Israel launched a major government sponsored effort to develop the world's most sophisticated virus and attacked Iran. This could spiral out of control and shut down societies. (LIBCD2669)
Sadiki Bakari: Tech Moving Beyond Humanism / Shay Fresh: Black Love - In the first hour we explore the many ways that people in developed countries are adopting patterns of behavior that are manipulating them out of their basic humanness. Second, the author of this new book shares her thoughts on Love, youth empowerment, motherhood and culture. (LIBCD2668)
The Delbert Blair Collection on LIBRadio: Over the years Dr. Blair has been featured many times in interviews on LIBRadio. We have enjoyed his yearly predictions, descriptions of conspiracies, schemes, metaphysics and other "out of this world" affairs. Sometimes challenging our fundamental impressions of the world around us, and sometimes over the top, we have always enjoyed the way that this brother gets us to thinking and talking. This collection contains 19 separate interviews with the conspiracy master, over 25 hours. For a limited time only $75.00. (LIBCD2665)
Living Superfood 5 DVD Challenge - I am offering four of our food prep demonstration DVD's, along with one theory DVD in one package for a discount price. I contend that four weeks in a row of this new food paradigm in your life will change your life. Now I am willing to go halfway on the cost of this series to prove the truth of this statement. Live each of these DVDs in your home for one week each. You WILL experience the absolute miracle of the fountain of youth -- It's in the food! 5 DVD's for only $75.00 plus postage. (LIBDVD-SF5)
From Mind to Market - The Four Economic Ages of Humanity: We discuss the evolution from hunter-gatherer, agrarian, industrial and information ages. How was and is wealth created using these foundations of economic activity? Is there a new age looming or will things continue to recycle? What can we do right now to position ourselves in an increasingly automated global economy? (LIBCD2664)
Cancer is a Modern Man-Made Disease / Obesity Rising in the Developing World - We examine a study from the Univ. of Manchester in the UK which looks at the historology of cancer from ancient times to current. The data shows that cancer is a relatively recent chronic disease, thus environmental and preventable. Next, we look at how obesity is now spreading to developing countries as they modernize. (LIBCD2663)
Mwt Dr. ChenziRa - NU Woman Rising to Heal a Woman: On of our favorite voices of healing and spiritual growth, our sister discusses efforts to organize conscious African women throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America and parts of the U.S. toward the aim of creating academies of teachers to show our young sisters a healthy path to their feminine empowerment. This is the kind of wisdom that we would enstill in our future generations. (LIBCD2660)
12 Steps to Raw Food Study Vol 8 - In the first hour we discuss Step 8, which goes into the need for us to actualize our dreams, to find great purpose and mission in our personal lives to make it easier to manifest the willpower necessary to make lifestyle changes. Next, the author discusses healthy habits: exercise, sunshine, good sleep, proper breathing, drinking pure water, stress management and tempering the body with cold water. (LIBCD2631H)
The Falcon Forum Vol 297 - G-20 fallout on U.S. dollar; market forecasts for winter; inflation worries in consumer economy; Bretton Woods chronology; can U.S. industry revive?; banker & usury grip on economy; neo-Garveyism to rebuild the base; short term survival strategies; sorry state of food consuption; 5000 Ethiopians to go to Israel; war against Haiti continues; self-repairing; U.S. sexing India; and more. (LIBCD2659)
The New Economics of Food in the World - We have two years now since the last food crisis scare took place that sent Americans scrambling to find cheap rice in 20 lb bags. Well, according to credible predictions from commodities brokers, it's not gold and silver we should be looking at, but FOOD in the coming months will be the great inflationary item. We examine this in greate detail and predict that this crisis will begin in March 2011. How do we come to this conclusion? (LIBCD2662)
U.S. Engages in Currency War Against China? - Using two conflicting reports from the just-concluded G-20 meeting in Korea, we look at the demand that the Obama negotiators took to the meeting, which was soundly rejected, and the critical need to rebalance world trade. How was both China and the IMF the big winners in the end? Why are these two players now going head to head for global economic hegemony? (LIBCD2661)
- (LIBCD2660)
- (LIBCD2659)
Dr. Eve Allen Collection on MP3: One of the most respected naturopaths in Los Angeles, the good doctor has also been featured a number of times on LIBRadio over the years. Her subjects have included: men's reproductive health, reducing stress, rehydration, toxic personal care, use of language, spiritual aspects of healing and much more. These 12 programs will change your healing awareness. $50.00 (LIBCD2655)
Hispanics Lead Us in Life Expectancy / Eating On the Air - First up, why do Hispanic immigrants, black, brown and white, lead their counterparts in the U.S. in longer life? The answers may surprise you and do lead us to a new way of thinking about cultural patterns. Next, I violate rules of broadcast and eat a full meal while on the air. What do I eat and why should you rush to eat the same way? (LIBCD2658)
Metaphysics of Living Superfood / Bush and Obama Wilding - First hour we talk about the bridge between ideas of karma, chakras, spiritual vibration and such as they interface with the hard science of nutrition, health and the higher brain functions. In this dialog the scientists and metaphysionists have common ground. Next, Obama's 3-part Asian trip has some ominous scenarios and somehow George Bush has managed to write a book in which he sets himself up for a war crimes tribunal. (LIBCD2657)
From Mind to Market - Effective Negotiation - 3 Phases of negotiation, preparation, initiation and counterproposal, all have distinctive values which give advantage to those who know the rules. In our lives we have many, many chances to negotiate ourselves into a better position, yet, too few of us use the opportunity for what it ultimately could be worth. Now is the time to incorporate these techniques and start to reposition ourselves into a better position in the world. (LIBCD2656)
Steve Cokeley Conspiracy Collection on MP3: Over my long years of close association with the master of conspiracy research, I have had opportunity to interview him numerous times on LIB as well as videotape a number of his best presentations. This is a selection from my own archives of these files which showcase his brilliant analysis of key factors, happening all around us but hidden from sight, that have negative impact on our daily lives and civilization ambitions. 15 titles on MP3 only $70.00 (LIBCD2653)
12 Steps to Raw Food Study Vol 7 - Steps 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the 12 Steps covers: acquiring skills and equipment; loving our fellows, no matter what they eat; tips to avoid or overcome temptations to cheat; getting support from your family and larger community; and showing grattitude and forgiveness for those in our world. These instructions are very necessary and apply to so many of us who are making this change and thus want others to also go along with us. (LIBCD2631G)
The Falcon Forum Vol 296 - Topics cover: US arms exports increase; $600B more fiat money injected by Fed; fish farm biz opportunities?; toxic environmental challenges; Obama starts Asia trip; California's unique politics; Hispano-linguistic demographics; making sports Pan African; advancing UNIA values; teaching wealth principles to youth; Oscar Grant's murderer sentenced; police and judicial injustice; and more. (LIBCD2654)
The Maafa Research Collection - This time our Deal of the Day combines 1) a book: POST TRAUMATIC SLAVERY DISORDER: Definition, Diagnosis and Treatment, by Omar Reid, Sekou Mims & Larry Higginbottom; 2) a DVD: MAAFA 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America; and 3) an audio collection on mp3 with a collection of 17 different programs with themes of abortion, genocide, population control, eugenics and counter-strategies to strengthen the family. This tremendous resource for only $75.00 (LIB-DODM21)
The Malcolm X Collection on MP3: From my extensive archive I have selected a large body of essential audios from and about this brilliant social scientist. Voices include not only Malcolm X but also: Dr. Yosef ben-Yochannon, Earl Grant, Gil Nobles, John Henrick Clarke, Keidi Awadu, Junius Stanton, Mbandaka, Zak Kondo, Tony Brown and more. There are many, many hours of programming on this collection. Please, don't let this one pass you by. One day only at $70.00 (LIBCD2650)
Sprouting for Health and Nutrition - For those who know the benefits of organic gardening but don't have access to land, you need to know that you can turn any space, anywhere into a wonderful productive garden with sprouting. We look at the amazing advantages of sprouts as nutrition as well as a number of ways that you can begin this life-enhancing process almost instantly with very little costs involved. Sprouts represent the highest form of living food. (LIBCD2652)
High Blood Pressure: The Problem and the Solutions - We conduct a careful and detailed research into the widespread epidemic of high blood pressure amongst Africans in the U.S. and UK, which lead the world, and other vulnerable people. We study the processes within the body, systems, and the role of the heart, liver, kidneys and hormone system in this process. We develop safe alternatives to the toxic drugs, which includes nutrition, exercise, herbs, relaxation techniques and environment. This is great news! (LIBCD2654)
Essential John Henrick Clarke Collection on MP3 - For decades I have collected everything I could gather on the master teachers of our generation. Among the greatest of them all is the late Dr. John Henrick Clarke. More than a great historian and confidant to the radical progressives of the latter 20th Century, Dr. Clarke was a living witness to the tremendous changes and thus a perfect voice to guide us toward a distant Pan African horizon. This is one of the greatest collections of Dr. Clarke on mp3 audio you will ever find. Over 50 hours for only $80.00. (LIBCD2645)
Nigeria Now Manufacturing and African Car - We profile the brilliant vision of Innoson Group Founder Chief Innocent Chukwuma who is fulfilling the need for indigenous African made transport. In partnership with Chinese industry, he has set up factories to manufacture busses, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles and autos which are distinctly African in design and manufacture. We discuss our role in bringing such technical expertise to our mother continent. (LIBCD2649)
Early Puberty in Girls / Male Wildlife Reproductive Disruption - We discuss the crises in human and animal reproduction which has occurred because of chemical and hormone intervention in the environment over the past century. Girls are now sexually maturing at ages of 7 years and younger. Males from a spectrum of species in various environments are showing intersex development. This spells disaster for those who do not make the right moves to counter the corruption. (LIBCD2648)
Dr. Nathan Rabb: What Does This Election Mean? - From a simulcast with Inner Light Radio, the naturopath, Brother Jamaal & Keidi Awadu discuss the odd political mix and how it has distracted our larger community from some of the essentials which must be addressed. In particular we discuss the failure of the Healthcare Reform Act of 2010 and it's failure to address real health needs. We take some great calls during the program. (LIBCD2647)
Mid-term Elections and the Fractioning of America / Political and Economic Path to Freedom and Security - In this two hour program block, we examine the recent mid-term elections, the strange emergence of the so-called Tea Party, big money players behind the scene and Obama's Democratic Party incompetence. Further, we demand that our own path toward the future be unchallenged by flighty political winds. (LIBCD2646)
Great Black Women Teachers of Today Collection on MP3 - Within this network, over the course of the past 8 years, we have hosted a number of profound, well-informed and powerful Black Women who have risen to a high level of teaching capacity across all fields: Marimba Ani, Queen Afua, Jewell Pookrum, The Herb Sistah, Akua Auset, Sister X, Tokumbo Obasi, Sonia Barrett & Nana Sekyabea are featured in this packed MP3 collection. For a limited time get more than 30 hours for only $50. (LIBCD2643)

Chris Rabb - Invisible Capital: ThIs well-informed author exposes how unseen forces become key to gaining access to various means and opportunities for successful entrepreneurship. Yes, there is a conspiracy going on and we have got to be aware of what we can do to stack the odds in our favor in order to be successful in business and finance. (LIBCD2644)
12 Steps to Raw Foods Study Vol 6 - In the first hour, Boutenko illustrates the first of the 12 most important steps in the program. Like the substance abuse 12 steps programs we are familiar with, first the depth of the problem must be fully acknowledged. Next, full and complete nourishment will the the key to eliminating the food cravings that break most people's attempts to eat correctly. (LIBCD2631F)
Amos Wilson Collection - Among my most prized collection of thousands of titles, I have amassed perhaps one of the greatest collections of audios and videos of one of the greatest scholars of all time, Dr. Amos Wilson. For today's deal, you can get a great mass of this collection, more than you will ever find in one deal anywhere else. For those who know the core of the African centered movement, this is the treasure chest. Only $100.00 for this collection on MP3. (LIBCD-AMOS)
Melanie Perry - All About the Benjamins - Our guest is certifying to become a financial planner and has written a book that should guide the reader toward a lifetime of good decision making toward the aim of amassing an asset profile worthy of passing on to the next generation. Her insights are very practical as she teaches how to turn our excitement about life success into becoming a "zealionaire." (LIBCD2642)
The Path to An African Future - In this impassioned presentation before the Reality Speaks group, the Conscious Rasta reviews the state of our nationalist and Pan African movement in the era of “the first Black president.” We look at the instructions given us by visionary intellectuals such as Dr’s Clarke, Wilson, Anta Diop, Malcolm and others. We re-examine the last book of the Conscious Rasta series, The Road to Power: Seven Steps to An African Future. Where have we failed to follow our own best plans? What do we do next? For today's deal, the price is 1 cent plus postage.
DVD $20 (LIBDVD162)
Living Superfood Demo 7 - Today's tasty and healthy delights include: Watermelon juices; nut milk; corn salsa; squash spaghetti with a mariana sauce; zucchini hummus; falafel; and cheese pirogues. As usual, each DVD also comes with a generous sharing of research into the high nutritional benefits of this lifestyle shift. The testimonies of our sizeable participants consistently shows how wonderful this natural medicine tastes. DVD $20 (LIBDVD160)
DEAL FOR YOUR LIFE : Fasting and Detox Collection - Newly expanded set of 45 separate MP3 files, covers a broad expanse of areas including fasting, detox, chelation therapy, weight reduction, systemic organ cleansing, hyper nutrition, going vegetarian, vegan, raw and superfood, as well as how nutrition is directly related to the chronic diseases. Within this package is all the information needed to jump start your brand new self. We all deserve radiant and vibrant health, longevity and vital energy for ourselves and our family. Now, you will have the correct research to do so. On MP3 files.
Living Superfood Theory 1 - From the African Culture and Research Center Long Beach study group, we take a broad overview of the Living Superfood paradigm shift. We talk about the difference between cooked food and raw, organics, the nutritional needs of the various body systems, the evolution of nutrition science and our critical need to have some means of fighting back against an increase of chronic disease in an increasingly toxic environment. Our audience samples a broad selection of our prepared delights and shares their reaction.
DVD $20 (LIBDVD156)
Naazir Ra - The Hidden Power, the Self and Metaphysics: Beyond limitations of pop culture related in the DVD The Secret, the guest goes into a series of explorations of the workings of the inner mind, spiritual empowerment, higher vibrational resonance and the legacies of the sciences of alchemy. Sometimes the conversation is challenging and we seek to make these sciences relative and practical in peoples' real lives. (LIBCD2641)
The Falcon Forum Vol 295 - A report from the 1st Annual Pan African Global Trade Conference; ongoing initiatives to stimulate increased trade with the continent; the promise of organic food exports from Africa; predictions of the tripling of diabetes in the U.S. in the near future; black women and overweight trends; cholera outbreak in Haiti and what we would do about it; conspiracy talk verses action; the upcoming G20 meeting snd global economics; and more. (LIBCD2640)
12 Steps to Raw Foods Study Vol 5 - In the first hour we discuss the impact of addictive foods which are commonly eaten, such as bread, sweets, meat and salty foods. What is in these foods that triggers addictive and satiating foods in the brain? The next two chapters also cover the addictive powers of food on the psyche and spirituality, by talking about our comfort with cooked foods and how we try to satisfy our spiritual hunger with improper eating. (LIBCD2631E)
12 Steps to Raw Foods Study Vol 4 - First we examine the conflict between convenient food aquisition and truly healthy eating. Next, the author describes the unique way that her own family eats after many years of the raw food lifestyle, as each has their own unique style. Third topic is the sensitive subject of eating insects, deliberately and by incidence. Last topic covered today is the contrast between cooked foods and the 100% raw distinction. There is great knowledge all the way around in today's sessions. (LIBCD2631D)
THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK CIVILIZATION: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D.- This collection of 12 volumes from our study series includes and interview with another scholar on the significance of Chancellor Williams' great work. This book provides a great grounding on the etiology of great Nile Valley culture and the long and sustained attack which emerged from the northern barbarians. Within this volume of study, we come to have great understanding of many of our modern challenges and what history forces us to do for our own civilization integrity. 12 volumes only $45.00 (LIBCD416-All)

Curtis Duncan - The Chemical Effeminization and Castration of the Black Male: Our guest focuses on a broad set of chemical and environmental influences which are taking the man out of manhod in the U.S. Increasing rates of gender confusion along with reproductive disorders and cancers are related to the corruption of our food chain along with endocrine disrupting chemicals all around us. This is a subject we'd better start paying attention to. (LIBCD2639)
The Falcon Forum Vol 294 - (LIBCD2638)
Acrylamide and Asparagine in Cancer Formation / Overcoming the Resistance to Change - Two important programs in our seizing our health and mental destinies. In the first, we discuss the toxic formation when certain foods are heated and why cooking food by definition increases the risk of cancer and other chronic disorders. Next, we ask why it is so hard for too many of us change course and do the right thing for ourselves and our family. We must understand this part of the human psyche and get the most practical tools to make us again functional, practical and emotionally bound to doing the right thing at all times. (LIBCD2637)
A Billion Destinies: The 15th Commemoration of the Million Man March - Guest include two UNIA officials, Senghore Baya and Akili Malik, along with filmmaker Glenn Towery and young leader Lamoomba. Our discussion is on the history of the MMM and it's living legacy, the role of the new U-NIA in the critical leadership needed for our day, as well as taking problems and ideas and giving them practical flesh and form. We discuss making this global transformation as real as possible. Don't miss this dialog! (LIBCD2636)
Dr. Nancy Turner Banks: AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire / Mobilize Like You Mean It, Black Folks - In the first hour, the author of the new book has completed one of the most impressive and comprehensive conspiracy research books of the generation. Our conversation goes way beyond superficialites and discuss what we can really do. In the second hour, the theme is furthering our own empowerment and getting out of the camp of perpetual victimization. This is a great time to seize our destiny. (LIBCD2635)
The Falcon Forum Vol 293 - Tactics for healthy living; health disparities; collapse of welfare systems; debt, austerity and structural adjustment in the U.S.; dumbass Americans; pharmaceutical indiscretions; China's global moves; selling off U.S. assets; more public shootings; Guatemalan syphilis experiment exposed; ongoing guinea pig studies; Blueprint for Black Power for real; research economic sources; retirement strategies; Jews and Arabs again. (LIBCD2634)
The Falcon Forum Vol 292 - China's moves into Africa; Eddie Long's queer dilemma; mass media playing Blacks; new media initiatives; the "sterling empire"; dollar competing against yuan; gold prices skyrocket; drugging our children; nutrition for a new reality; bringing real solutions forward; investors are buying up farmland; planning for a new industrial development; and much more. (LIBCD2633)
The Falcon Forum Vol 291B - Obscure preach becomes media star; inmates in charge of the U.S. asylum; rising tide of African progress; domestic poverty rates increase; weak Democrats and mean Republicans; White House rats jumping ship; Quadafi proposes Euro racial solution; "clean Negroes"; Sudan's new climate of civil war; preserving African borders; abortion and responsibility; Dr. Ron Walters legacy; and more. (LIBCD2632)
Living Superfood Theory 2 - We share a critical reading book list; the top 10 super foods; food as medicine and essential nutrients; the various body systems; cellular mechanism and anti-aging process; unhealthy vegetarians and vegans; exercise, detox and hypernutrition; enzyme abundance; chronic diseases & the immune system; food & ethnicity; a new immune system and more. DVD $20 (LIBDVD149)
Living Superfood Theory 3 - Main topics include: The high prevalence of overweight and obesity in the U.S.; Human chorionic gonatropin (HcG) hormone, weight loss and infertility; Pellagra and vitamin B deficiencies link to malnutrition & AIDS; Tryptophan and the brain chemistry of seratonin and dopamine; the miracle of adaptogens and reversing the symptoms of aging...and much more! DVD $20 (LIBDVD158)
Living Superfood Theory 4 - Our primary focus tonight is on herbs, including: David Wolfe's Top 5 Super Herbs; 7 superherbs for the medicine cabinet; and herbs to reverse balding and hair loss. In addition we cover the evolution of conscious eating habits from junk food to Living Superfood; emotions and food; and what is the difference between good and bad chocolate? This is a very powerful session. DVD $20 (LIBDVD159)
12 Steps to Raw Food - Forward by Dr. Gabriel Cousins / Let the search begin. In the first hour, one of the world's foremost nutritional research scientists discusses the importance of raw food to quantum healing. This is leading edge information from one of the movement's leaders. Next, the author Victoria Boutenko describes her family's journey from catastrophip chronic disease for every member, to almost instant relief with the adoption of raw food consumption. (LIBCD2631A)
12 Steps to Raw Food - Discovering Green Smoothies / The Science of Uncooking: First up, the author struggles to maintain progress with raw foods and then comes upon the miracle of fresh green juice blending as the next level. Second, there is serious science to show how cooking our food not only hinders access to vital nutrition but creates toxic compounds which cause many chronic diseases. (LIBCD2631B)
12 Steps to Raw Food - What is Life / The Body Makes No Mistakes / What the First Humans Ate: First hour, we talk about the miracle of 70 trillion living cells as well as the incredible logic by which the brain coordinates this incredible, self-repairing complexity. Next hour, the author looks at the evolution of humans as the naturally fruit and vegetable master of the tropical environment and how that became corrupted as we migrated away from our source. (LIBCD2631C)
Living Superfood Demo 1 - Our initial kitchen laboratory demonstration of techniques of making this delicious and health inducing cuisine. We share preparation techniques and tasting of a variety of Living Superfoods each week: This weeks lesson focuses on hibiscus tea; healthy sweetners; un-tuna; veggie wrap; mock cheese; and tour the new garden space and composter. DVD $20LIBDVD151)
Living Superfood Demo 3 - Today's food preparation demonstration includes: Trail Mix; Fasting and detox strategies and warnings; Veggienaise vegetable dip and dressing; Sprouted garbanzo hummus; Corn Crackers from the dehydrator; Nori Wraps, vegan sushi; Frozen Fruit Delight. DVD $20 (LIBDVD155)
Living Superfood Demo 4 - Today's food preparation demonstration includes: our own Living Trail Mix; Rah-Ket Fuel smoothie; Guacamole; Super-Salsa; and one of our most popular dishes, Mock Chicken Salad. Each demo class also comes with a wealth of insights, research, tips and superfood theory. DVD $20 (LIBDVD152)
Living Superfood Demo 5 - In this session we begin with a cleansing tea, Break-Down, Build-Up to prepare the body to receive hyper-nutrition. Then we prepare: Honeydew Melon Juice; Walnut Pate; Papaya Blueberry Pie, Living Burger; Live Chili Fries with a Tomato Basil Sauce. These are dishes that will convince anyone that they can eat living food. DVD $20 (LIBDVD153)
Living Superfood Demo 6 - We begin with discussion about Detox Juicing and show a spectrum of juices for different body systems. Preparation includes: Baby Carrot Juice; Mexican Stuffed Peppers; Red Pepper Sauce; Papaya Dressing; a Color Salad; and for desert, Papaya Banana Pudding. DVD $20 (LIBDVD156)
To Heal A People Book Study: Afrikan Scholars Defining a New Reality - This collection was edited by Arial Kofe Addae and has contributions by some of the top African centered black psychologists of our era. Within these eight study chapters, we can get great understanding ot the mindset, ideologies, ethics, values and essential spiritual asili of our people and thus, the means by which we can become self-determining and empowered. Over 16 hours on MP3 for only 40.00 (LIBCD2229-All)
Missing Assets Study - From the book by Keidi Awadu, this is our collection of the examination of The Cultural, Psychological and Biological Origins of Infertility. We cover such issues as population control, eugenics, racist sterilization schemes, psychological warfare, cultural war against the family and deliberate plans to create a culture of infertility through media, pharmaceuticals, contaminated food, vaccines, homosexuality and toxic birth control chemicals. The solutions to these problems is also proposed throughout the book. Over 10 hours on MP3. $40.00 (LIBCD1602All)
Tech and Future Talk - Our panel discusses the ongoing controversy of a large wave of Chinese migrating into African countries and seizing sectors of the economy. Particular focus on Dakar, Senegal, and a growing community there is typical of what is happening all throughout the continent. At the same time, we must come to terms with the fact that Africans in the Diaspora are NOT seeing the same great opportunity in our own mother continent. What are the factors which are determining the future of African economics and technical development that we can control? (LIBCD2630)
Water Fasting - Continuing our terrific coverage of natural health and sickness prevention, we begin our Autumn Equinox with an examination of one of the most powerful techniques for cleansing, purification, detoxing, cleaning parasites and eliminating both acute and chronic diseases. This is an amazing technique and can rapidly reverse some of the most common ailments which plague this society. Water fasting does require us to pay close attention to our body's subtle signs. (LIBCD2629)
Rev. Phil Valentine - De-Constructing the Illusion: Assisted by Brother Jamaal, our examination with the noted researcher covers a broad spectrum of topics relating to the vast hand of control that has taken too many off their life track. We were not born to be slaves to an omnipresent oligarchy and so we do need practical means by which we revolt, we fight back and we secure our critical needs of economics, security, community and spiritual unfolding. (LIBCD2628)
Towards Black Community Development Book Study - This book by the brilliant young Dr. Many Ampim, is perhaps the most critical review of our African centered movement and analysis of much of what constitutes Pan African advocacy in the U.S. He contrasts our obsession with lectures with the 19th Century Lyceum Movement and as well describes how the M.E.S. is keeping us from moving to a higher level of conscious organizing and practical transformation within our stated goals. This criticism is desperatedly needed in order for our movement to advance. 1Over 16 hours, includes interview with Dr. Ampim. Limited time only $50.00 (LIBCD578-All)
12 Health Myths That Can Hurt You / Reasons For a Vegetarian Diet - Tapping the excellent research from Mercola.com, we examine this list of commonly held believes by the public and most medical professionals. This analysis is in great contrast to a bit of entertainment fluff from CNN which trivializes our great need to have media expose those avenues by which our health is threatened. From cardio exercise, to vaccines and flouride, we get the real deal research information that can save us from a lifetime of chronic disease risk. A second bonus program examines the need to eliminate meat, dairy and cheese from our nutrition. (LIBCD2627)
Souls of Black Folk Study Vol 11 - Our final study session on this important book has two sections: first, The Coming of John is a poetic mythical tale of the rise of one black and one white son of the South, sent away to the North for college education, both to return to great disappointment and conflict. Next, we end our study with the evolution of the great gospel songs which were our bridge first to Africa and then to the hardy sufferenings which gave birth to our present strengths. (LIBCD2578K)
Del Jones Collection - This bold voice, known by many as "The War Correspondent" truly was our voice reporting from the front line of cultural political and economic war, global war against his beloved African race. We honor this great ancestor with this body of work. His reporting on culture bandigry and the means by which mas media disaffected us is truly first class. We honor Del with this offer. 13 titles, over 20 hours only $65.00 (LIBCD2624)
Jeremiah Camara - The New Doubting Thomas: The subject of religion is one that always generates a passionate response within our community. The author of this new book talks about biblical myths, blind belief and the ways that religion has come to be used as a weapon of cultural, spiritual and psychological warfare. This program generates quite a bit of feedback from our audience, pro and con. Beyond throwing stones at others for their beliefs, what can be done to assure that our spirituality serves our progress? (LIBCD2626)
Has Mass Media Amplified the Tea Party? / The FDA, USDA and EPA are Failing to Protect Us - In the first hour, we propose that the Tea Party movement is largely a product of mass media manipulation, just as was the overhyped case of threats to burn the Qur'an. What is the real purpose of this party of disgruntled mass of Americans and do they pose a danger to us? Next, we look at three federal regulatory agencies and show how they are miserably failing to protect the health of the public. We are all at risk of environmental toxins and these agencies are clueless, or so they seem. (LIBCD2625)
From Mind to Market: Success Verses Significance / Stupid Small Business Mistakes - Two more great additions to this series intended to create viable small business and entrepreneural development in our community. You can follow this series and use these recordings as constant inspiration and information toward your goal of business independence, self-determination and wealth generation. (LIBCD2628)
Kwame Toure Collection on MP3 - Formerly known as Stokely Carmichael, Toure has long been regarded as one of the premier voices of Pan African inteligentsia and strategic analysis of thi generation. From his rise as Black Power advocate within the student consciousness movement, to his forced exile in Africa, he never failed to enlighten us all along the way. 8 Lectures $50.00 for a limited time. (LIBCD2623)
Road to Power: Seven Steps to an African Global Order on MP3 - This set of 8 lectures and one program will answer so many questions as to how we really can move forward a global Pan African agenda while building up our selves, families, communities and groupings around the world. The 7 steps are practical, visionary and based upon a solid body of research that can be easily confirmed. Now that we have this brilliant plan, can we mobilize as individuals and as cooperative groups to delive this victory for our children's benefit? 9 titles on MP3.(LIBCD2622-All)
Dangers of RFID Chips in Preschool Children / HK Khalifah: Understanding Post Enslavement Trauma Disorder - In the first hour, a head start program in California is allowing the federal government to experiment with microchps for pre-schoolers. Next hour, the wise Baba shares his insights into the complexities of the psychosis that disaffects so many of our people and makes our responses to crises so ineffective. What can be done to make for better responses to social and economic problems? LIBCD2623)
The Chicago HIV/AIDS Debate: HIV: Reality or Myth? Panelists: Ida Smith, Yaa Simpson, Keidi Awadu and Brittnee Burke share their research, insight, perspectives and arguments on the facts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic as it is manifesting in the African global community. A good measure of scientific examination, personal testimony, pointed exchange and emotional hysterics make up this important dialog. There are some great surprises to be witnessed. DVD $20 (LIBDVD147)
Souls of Black Folk Study Vol 9 - Of Master and Man: We continue the chapter on the new set of relationships between the formerly enslaved and the former enslaver. A new form of slavery is deliberately being instituted during this period. Faiths of Our Fathers (1), we begin our study of Du Bois' eloquent examination of the distinct African traditions of Black Christianity in the various areas of the U.S. in the late 1800's. (LIBCD2578-I)
The Falcon Forum Vol 291: Topics include: community participation; ignoring the trivial news; setting up food markets; global food crisis; waking up the masses; the oligarchy fighting itself; 5 Doomsday economic scenarios; escaping America; raising our ethics and moral values; what is a "conscious Pan African?"; food riots resume in Mozambique; and much much more. (LIBCD2621)
An American Dilemma Book Study - We devoted 26 study sessions to this 1400 page book, the largest study of Africans in America which was ever published. Some have come to call this book "a blueprint for black genocide" because at one point it goes beyond mere social, economic, cultural, political and religious study; the book actually proposes a plan to greatly reduce or eliminate the Negro from the U.S. population by fertility reduction. Yet, within the covers of this massive study, we can see the seeds of our own empowerment and liberation. Over 55 hours of MP3, only $100.00 (LIBCD1190-All)
An American Dilemma Discussion: 3-Part discourse includes: 1) Facets of the Negro Problem; 2) The Vicious Circle; and 3) Theory of Cumulative Causation. From this landmark book, which serves the oppressive oligarchy as the most comprehensive study by which to control Blacks in the U.S., we can gather major strategic points of reference by which we can deliberately engineer a new order of empowerment. We debate, at length, whether economics alone is the factor to change our destiny, or whether we must have a well-rounded strategy encompassing a dozen areas of attack. (LIBCD2620)
City of Wellness Book Study - Our analysis of the tour-de-force from Queen Afua gives us a solid foundiation to obtain and maintain optimal health, spiritual and psychological balance as well as longevity and vitality. The study is filled with practical exercises, delicious recipes and meditations that are all practical and easily fit into the busiest of schedule. This is undeniably one of the most important books of the generation that leads to health and wealth. Over 21 hours, includes Queen Afua Interview, only $50.00 (LIBCD2425-All)
Tech and Future Talk - Examining Today As Envisioned 15 Years Ago: Based upon various angles of examination, we look at the facts of our everyday life today and compare this to what we imagined would be in the mid-1990's. So much has changed yet certain patterns remain essentially the same. What golden opportunities to reshape the future did we take advantage of? What were the areas where we didn't even follow our own best warnings? LIBCD2619)
Walter Beckley: Imperatives of Black Manhood / Yaa Simpson: Science for Community Interest - In the first hour, assisted by Bro Jamaal, we discuss many of the esoteric angles to the position of African American males in the larger social, economic and political arenas. Next, our guest is highly educated in public health sciences and brings often challenging dialogs regarding our health, STD's and the need for increased scientific literacy within the black community. (LIBCD2618)
Fasting, Detox and Colon Cleansing Collection - Well over 25 hours of MP3 files featuring some of our most powerful voices with critical health research, including: Doctah B, The Herb Sistah, Queen Afua, Keidi Awadu, Dr. Eve Allen, Baba Pianki, Djehuty Maat Ra, Sistah X, Tokunboh Obasi and more. Life begets Life and purity is the basis for longevity. This is exactly the type of information that will liberate our bodies from the toxic environment all around us. 25 titles for only $40.00. (LIBCD2617)
Mind to Market - Stupid Small Business Mistakes: We use Research from author Ruth King to look at a number of fundamentals key to making small business work. Looking at this list of 8 stupid small business mistakes, we ask first, whether we have ourselves made these same errors, and second, what can be done on our part to assure that our entrepreneurial training can help us to overcome such shortcomings. This is the practical economics we must be developing. (LIBCD2616)
UN Report Accuses Rwanda of Genocide in Eastern Congo - We devote extensive time in this 2-hour broadcast to our ongoing analysis into the world's worst war zone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The 1994 genocide in Rwanda was an explosion in a cycle of violence in the Great Lakes Region that has gone on since the late 19th Century. The story is incredibly complex and requires our detailed examination. Yet, all who tuned in weren't in accord that we should be paying attention. (LIBCD2615)
Souls of Black Folk Study Vol 8 - . (LIBCD2578H)
Shola Arewa: Energy 4 Life Conscious Living / Food Going to Waist-Waste - In the first hour we share insights from one of the world's most recognized energy healers. Her techniques and inspiring message are helping people around the world to find that spirit within to change and transform their reality. Next, we look at the excess food consumption and wasting in the U.S. and propose a better way to respect our Mother Earth. (LIBCD2614)
Awakening the Genius of Black Children Study - From the book by Dr. Amos Wilson, we examine the many ways in which the cultural environment surrounding our children has been corrupted with the seed of their perceived inferiority. Yet, the facts of Nature say that our children come into life with a number of natural advantages, measurable as fact. Now we can gain the advantage by seizing this natural momentum with the right environment. 5-part study, over 11 hours for only $35.00. (LIBCD2000-All)
A Way Out Book Study: Disease Deception & the Truth About Health - From the book by Matthew Grace, this study series provides a wonderful perspective on a broad range of subjects regarding dis-ease formation and healthcare. From vegetarianism, to chronic illness, the malformation of the healthcare industries, the tragedy of the standard American diet and many steps we can make to protect ourselves and our family, it's all wonderfully covered herein. 7 Volumes of 15 hours for only $40.00 (LIBCD1635-All)
Empress Nandi: Soul Transformation Healing / Ida Smith and Curtis Cost: HIV/AIDS from Different Perspectives - In the first hour, our sister has a long record of education in natural healing sciences. She discusses the value of realigning our spiritual and soul energies toward the aim of creating a more balanced life. Next, one guest has produced very significant research calling into questions much of what we have come to believe about HIV and vaccines. The other guest has lived with an HIV diagnosis for over 23 years. Listen as these two perspectives come to common ground. (LIBCD2613)
Souls of Black Folk Study Vol 7 - . (LIBCD2578G)
Souls of Black Folk Study Vol 6 - . (LIBCD2578F)
Souls of Black Folk Study Vol 5 - On the Wings of Atlanta University / The Training of Black Men - In the first segment we share Dr. Du Bois' tenure at Atlanta University and the special challenges faced in such an environment which made higher education so precious and so perious. Next, we take our first look at the specific manner in which Blacks were separately educated and miseducated in the U.S. at the turn of the century. (LIBCD2578E)
Positively False Study - We have 7 study sessions on this incredibly well-documented expose of the tremendous gap in the so-called "science of HIV". From the phony discovery, false claims from major HIV scientists, the bizarre manifestation of the proposed epidemic, the incredible and admitted toxicity of AZT and other AIDS chemos, and the horrible record of accuracy from so-called HIV tests, this author pulls it all together in an easily digestible form for those who don't know the medical jargon. Over 15 hours for only $50.00 (LIBCD1822-All)
The Falcon Forum Vol 290 - Topics include: An hour of HIV dissenting info: Blacks and AIDS. advocates' greed and ignorance, eugenics, population control, mandatory testing; Iran's powerful new weapons; recall of nearly a billion eggs over food poisoning; WikiLeaks founder accused of rape; vaccine and flu season scams; economic indicators getting worse; Katrina disaster 5 years later; another disaster looming?; trivial news amplified in election year; Jews unhappy with Obama?; and more. (LIBCD2612)
Egg Recall and Food Surveillance Scandal / Voluntary Simplicity and Inner Wealth - In the first hour, we look at the recall of hundreds of millions of eggs due to salmonella poisoning, and the failure of the CDC and USDA to prevent this catastrophe. Next, we look at the complicated ways we have come to live and what can be done to back away from the confusion and chaos that we make of our lives these days. (LIBCD2611)
Six Dangers of Intestinal Parasites / Brittnee Burke: What If...HIV Diagnosis - In the first segment we look at the proliferation of gut parasites and what we can do to avoid contamination through food, water, pets and other exposures. Next, our guest was diagnosed and HIV infected nearly 20 years ago. Her story of self-empowerment and fighting for her health is truly inspiring and eye opening as she opposses the AIDS establishment. (LIBCD2610)
Falcon Forum Vol 289 - New Afghan war strategies; crusade against Islam; the African American decline; education for a new global economy; Asian American education standards; crisis of the Black Family; women in the workforce; pop culture & entertainment impact on youth; social engineering; Africa and U.S.-trained technicians; building self-serving institutions. (LIBCD2609)
Falcon Forum Vol 288 - Power shift from West to East; consolidating power post-imperial So. America; Rep Rangel in trouble; politics and economics in urban America; Blacks and African development; blue collar crime stupidity; Omar Thorton and Nat Turner complex; assimilation and rejection; finding health; China and Afghanistan, Pakistan & Africa; Obama still popular?; weak leadership in the U.S.; selling the nation's assets; and more. (LIBCD2608)
From Mind to Market - The Ultimate Money Raising System (LIBCD2607)
Dangers of Fish Oil Supplements / Ra-Sun: The Addictive Brain Analysis - In the first hour, we look at new research from Joe Mercola pointing out the poor state of fish oil supplementation in order to get Omega 3 fatty acids, a critical part of our body's systems. Next up, we break down the science of addictions and the way that complex hormones and brain chemicals respond to environmental stress, and the way that a spectrum of chemical drugs are falsely being proposed as solution. (LIBCD2606)
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Study Volumes 1-12 - This is our complete series of files from our examination of the landmark book by Guyanese political scholar Walter Rodney. From the imposition of European imperialism on the continenty, the colonizers systematically imposed a system to deprive the natives of their land, wealth, culture and dignity. The lasting residue of this historic denigration still is evident throughout the African world. 24 hours only $30.00 one day only. (LIBCD1032All)
Dr. Chenzira Kahina - Per Ankh Institute and African Spiritual Progress / Losing Government Jobs in the US - On these cd's we look at the rise of Ma'at centered consciousness and how we can tap into the rich historical and cultural legacy of the Nile Valley in order to center our lives and create order out of chaos. Next, we look at the ongoing effects of IMF imposed austerity and structural adjustment programs on the U.S. as the dependence on government jobs for many of our people finally comes home to rest. What in the world will our people do to survive the SAP'ping of America? (LIBCD2605)
Abdoulah Furquan - Codex Alimentarius and Health Issues: There has been much dialog and consternation regarding this UN convention on food regulation and trade rules. Our guest joins us from the Bahamas and shares some of his research on the subject. We ask critical questions as to the sources of this dialog and whether or not we can really believe much of the hype surrounding this very important subject. We also discuss alternative treatments for chronic diseases using herbal therapies. (LIBCD2604)
Tech and Future Talk - We go through a spectrum of news stories out there on the latest tech innovations before we focus extensively on the proliferation of mobile device apps, software programs which turn our cell phones and portable media devices into a broad range of other functionalities. We look at some of the top 100 free apps for mobile devices. This is some groundbreaking research. (LIBCD2603)
Happily Natural Day, Black August and the FTP Movement - We have a group of young leaders, Ruff Mic, Freedomwriter, Eboni and Kalonji, who all share powerful themes of culture, consciousness, youth empowerment, political and economic empowerment. Their insights and strategies give us great ground to believe that the next generation will have some very strong leadership. (LIBCD2602)
The 12 Universal Laws of Success & Herbert Harris author interviews - These 15 hours of audio recordings will go far to develop a mind state based upon highly motivating and informative information on becoming the high achiever that you know is your true destiny. These rules will guide you through to all life's successes. 14 MP3's for 45.00 (LIBCD1476-All)
Vanetta Lockridge - Real Estate 1031 Exchange - In this fast paced conversation, we look at a little known strategy for current real estate investors to upgrade their property and investment while paying no taxes and taking advantange of record low interest rates. Too many of our people who have rental properties are just sitting still while the big players are scooping all the hot deals and making the big money. With this 1031 Exchange strategy, now we can get in the game. (LIBCD2601)
Intro to Living Superfood - Learn more about this exciting new strategy for keeping our health and vitality through nutrition, fasting, detox and "full spectrum hyper nutrition." We have too long suffered from debilitating chronic diseases which, most often, have a basis in poor nutrition, toxic environment and improper understanding of metabolism. In our second hour we continue the conversation with Dr. Nathan Rabb. (LIBCD2600)

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Ras McPherson - Rastology and Pan-Ethiopianism: Our guest is author of dozens of books and numerous books on the role of African spirituality, culture and history. We have a deep and engaging discourse on the role of Rastafari religion, culture and political influence. As well, we discuss the critical role of Ethiopia in global affairs. (LIBCD2270)S