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The Falcon Forum Vol 320: Topics include: more odd weather patterns; flooded Mississippi River basin; organic gardening hit squads; food prices still rising; growing herbs for business; forming credit unions practicallly; how ethnic groups invest in new families; Republican Party shuffling; community based solutions; is Ron Paul racist?; IMF chief arrest, a setup?; Sarkozy and the French devils; Israel killing peaceful protesters again; Obama's Nobel "Piss Prize"; African Spring on the horizon?; injecting African babies with HIV?; queers in the schools; and more. (LIBCD2800)
Should the African Centered Movement Split? - This is a disturbing but necessary conversation and debate that we have today. There is growing frustration from many within the culturally conscious movements from some who believe that constant and repetitious lectures, harangues against Whites, "glory boasting" and endless rhetoric have contributed towards a stagnation within our broader movement. Thus, it is proposed and debated that an "action faction" would split off from the rhetorical revolutionaries and concentrate our resources solely on building institutions that are tangible, practical and can be passed on to the next generation. This is a tough conversation today. (LIBCD2799)
Breast Cancer Risks and Prevention - A new study suggesting that drinking coffee could be effective at preventing breast cancer opens up our research to the truths and lies within this story. While one type of breast cancer might have some positive response, the overall effect of drinking coffee cannot justify such an outcome. Therefore, we put that myth in context with real causes and solutions of this modern plague. (LIBCD2798).
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 6 - Making Your Fortune in Medicine, continued. - Our examination continues this chapter of opportunities to redirect many health dollars into the preventative economy. We look at the rise of Mercola.com, well known cardiologists, excercise entrepreneurs, vitamin distributors and chiropractic, for the revolutionary way that leaders in these fields have created enterprises and networks worth billion$. At the end, there is a detailed checklist for your own action plan to get in on the next $400 billion of expected growth in the next two years. (LIBCD2763F)
Looking at Major Business Trends / Winds of War Blowing Towards Pakistan - In the first hour we can see that the big players among the corporate elite are making some dramatic moves will all of the surplus cash they have received from the Obama administration. What do these moves reveal that could be useful for our own development? Next, in the aftermath of the announcement of the killing of Bin Laden, the U.S. and Pakistan are increasingly sabre rattling against each other and U.S. bombing of Pakistan is escalating. Where will this end up? (LIBCD2797)
Mawiyah Duperval: Who Brought Cholera to Haiti? / Preparedness, Vigilant and Resilience Workshops - In the first hour we host the founder of Haitian American Ministries who is on the eve of another trip to Haiti where she has been involved in relief work for over a decade. She explains how the cholera outbreak was a deliberate act of sabotage of an important Haitian watershed, and much more. Next, on the eve of a conference in L.A., we discuss the need to systematically organize our people to be response-able in the event of a disruptive disaster. (LIBCD2796)
Baba Fred Carter: Investing in the Future NOW! / Tammy Hines: WAWA Development - These two programs center around sustainable living projects that are actually building up areas where our re-integration into shepherding Nature is taking place. In the first, we raise funds to install a fruit orchard at the Black Oaks Center for Sustainable and Renewable Living 40 acres in rural Illinois. Next up, one of our members shares conversation about the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, which is recovering 26 acres of land in the city, toward the aim of training our people to get into the dirt and make a change in the larger environment by rebuilding an urban park. (LIBCD2795)
DEAL OF THE DAY - Building. Action and Movement Collection on MP3 - I gathered together a special set of audios from our collection of 3000 digital archives that focus on these three themes because I am concerned that we need to split our movement off, away from redundant rhetoric and "glory praising" and concentrate more on tangible actions, functional organizing and centrally-directed collective investment. This collection contains over 50 hours of MP3 files, all selected because they help us distinguish non-productive rhetoric from true Pan African and progressive action. $40.00 on MP3 (LIBCD2794)
From Hunza Longevity to Kujichagulia Villages - Examining the worlds population for health and longevity we come across a group called the Hunza, who inhabit a valley in Pakistan. The secrets to such a long life center around stress, clean environment, physical work and fresh raw vegetables. We look at these details and then plan on how to apply these insights in an environment we can control. The need for Kujichagulia Villages then arises as practical solution. (LIBCD2793)
The Falcon Forum Vol 319 - Topics include: Faking Bin Laden's death; no money left for war; Obama pre-election drama; new terror alerts; Libyan quagmire for West; Obama and false news; historic flooding on Mississippi River; France ruthless in Africa; recolonizing Africa; strengthening the Diaspora to save ourselves; building an economic base; health tourism and herbal healing; Ecotourism and Agritourism; organic food growing; new careers in food landscaping for youth; and more. (LIBCD2792)
Pesticides are Dumbing Down Our Children / Iruka Okeke: Strengthening Laboratory Medicine in Africa - In the first hour a new study confirms what we have long suspected that chemicals in the food chain are leading toward the development of an "Idiocracy" in this country, lowering the mental capacity of an entire generation. Next, the author of a new book is pleading for more Western medical diagnostics for African countries. She does not say that Western medicine is superior to our traditional inheritance but should be complimentary. (LIBCD2791)
Smarter Than Colt 45 Panel Discussion / Supercell Storms Sweeping the U.S. Global Warming Effect - In the first hour a dynamic group of panelists, including Coach Powell, discusses the marketing of a new fruit flavored malt liquor, the use of Snoop Dogg as promotional agent, and the attack on black youth. Next, huge tornado storms are wiping out entire cities in parts of the U.S. while others are in drought. What is behind this freaky record breaking terrible weather? (LIBCD2790)
Abraham Mamadou Coucoure: Building for Guinea Partnerships / Erin Finley: Understanding PTSD Among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan - In the first hour our brother from West Africa tells us many facts about his native Guinea toward the aim of building solidarity with Diaspora Africans to build upon our own natural inheritance. Next, we look at the special needs of a large number of psychologically disturbed veterans of the current wars and the resources that are available for them to get assistance. (LIBCD2789)
Time for Nation Building is NOW - Faced with so many debilitating crises in so many areas, we raise the temperature of the pot that the frog is simmering in during this extended conversation. At this time our people still have tremendous resources upon which to draw for real solutions. Our aim is to install new habitual patterns based upon new perspective of our individual and collective duties to uplift the race. Far from pessimism and scarcity, we are an abundant people with a long record of high accomplishment. We have the secret to our future and now is the time to share and build upon it. (LIBCD2788)
The Living In Black Virtual Empowerment Conference - Our most ambition monthlong effort to date, this MP3 collection has 50 titles, all recorded during December 2011 / 6251. We cover every aspect of empowerment of a people in a special conference presentation format. Top scholars present on the subjects that matter most to our most critical needs. We cover international affairs, strengthening of the family, accessing political and economic power, health and nutrition, culture, consciousness, education, youth crises and more. This is one awesome collection of solutions upon which we must build. Over 70 hours of audio for $85. (LIBCD2787All)
The Neely Fuller Collection on MP3- From my own archives and our interview here is a collection of 7 titles surrounding relations between Whites and Blacks, as well as relations within our own ethnicity. This paradigm has become the foundation for a broad thought system frequently expressed within Black scholarship, including Dr. Francis Cress Welsing. Developed at a time when the transformation from the Civil Rights Struglle era to the Black Power era, we can judge for ourselves just how applicable this philosophy is to our global affairs and international relationships. About 8 hours of material total. (LIBCD2786All)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 5 - Making Your Fortune in Food and Medicine: The author of this tremendous book goes further into describing just how you and I can create dynamic streams of income because of the many changes in the health environment. Topics covered include the rise of soy milk and veggie burger millionaires, Hippocrates (the Greek immitator), evolution of the vitamins industry, knowledge based health industries, and more. (LIBCD2763E)
14 Signs that the World is Collapsing / Finding Land for Kujichagulia Development - Using great research from the Health Ranger and NaturalNews.com, we can see that the current state of devolution of the U.S. and world economy is pushing us all to the brink of major disaster. So, what do we do about it?, In the second hour our solution is to build "survival arks" called Kujichagulia Villages. We look at land prices around the country and propose that we can make our best effort by returning to Mother Nature (M N'ter) and build our salvation. (LIBCD2785)
Dr. Uwa Osimiri: African Education Renaissance - One of the most powerful and inspiring programs of the year for us, this educator is from the Igbo culture of Nigeria and Cameroon. She has created an online university which teaches modern subjects in context of an indigenous African spirituality called Chiism. We discuss the organic faiths of our ancestors and how the Igbo saw divinity in each of themselves and in life all around them. This is an absolutely must-have conversation, it will be one of your most cherished. (LIBCD2784)
Water and Food Crises Around the World / Breastfeeding Culture - The first hour we look at the ongoing rapid rise in food prices, peaking indexes in cereal grains, fruits and vegetables in record fashion while the most unhealthy food is getting cheaper. Also droughts and floods are making water more precious. Next, conflicting news information on breastfeeding can confuse many women, especially young Blacks. One woman stands up for the right to pump milk at work as an act of empowerment. This is a call to action. (LIBCD2783)
Dr. Jessie Barbour: Seeking Other Alternative Sources (SOAR) Program / Erin Finley: Understanding PTSD Among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan - In the first hour, this beloved Queen Mother is a longtime activist in the Los Angeles area who is reaching out to the conscious community to assist in her ongoing efforts. Next, the author of a new book discusses the various mannors in which the society is striving to meet the needs of a huge number of psychologically damaged returning veterans. (LIBCD2782)
Living Superfood Demo 16 - Our most ambitious set of recipes to daye includes: refreshing cucumber water; strawberry-banana smoothie; Raw Lasagna, consisting of: 1) Bay Laurel olive oil, 2) raw "noodles", 3) marinara sauce, 4) olive nut paste with goji berries, and 5) herbed cashew cheese; Pomme d'Amour tomato dressing; and apple pie with drizzled cinnamon sauce. DVD $20.00 (LIBDVD172)
Black People and Salt Consumption / U.S. Debt Bust is Around the Corner - In one hour the subject is the ungodly amount of sodium that too many of us consume and its link to hypertension, high blood pressure and the degeneration of our body organs. More natural solutions are put forward as well as the critical role that sodium has in our body. Next, the looming bursting of bond debt has the potential to plunge this country back much deeper into recessioni and depression. China and other debt holders are preparing for a world in which the Yankee Dollar is not as important as it is today. Is there anything that WE can do to avoid going down with this sinking ship? We need to build an ark, so let's plan on it! (LIBCD2781)
Urban Gardening is REAL Progressive Action / One Year Anniversary of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster - In the first program we compare the longterm benefits of creating urban and rural farming cooperatives, backyard gardening and food distribution to the current obsessions with racism, news chatter and those things that have occupied our attention. Is is "revolutionary" to grow organic tomatoes and greens for our families? Next, we explore corporate irresponsibility and plunder as well as the way that U.S. government agencies and officials still coddle to the desires of these often-criminal corporate entities. (LIBCD2780)
10 Rules for Young African (Black) Males: Instructions for Younger Brothers to Become Men - In this set of programs we lay out practical values that can and will develop the young males of our community into strong and reliable, committed men. These ten rules embrace every other aspect of our people, culture, and history. While not too complicated, each has within it the seed of something that will complete the wholeness of the man. Now, we need to set up the academies and rites-of-passage programs to instill these values into the generations. (LIBCD2779)
Shaharazad Ali & H.K. Khalifah - Black Literary Awards and the State of the African American Degeneracy - We begin discussing the upcoming salute to independent black writers taking place in June 2011. Next we take broader look at cultural issues, Kujichagulia Villages, farming, Obama's failure to his black followers and the many ways that our people keep buying into mythologies of assimilation and accomation. As usual, Shaharazad Ali is in great form as one of the most powerful black intellectuals of her generation. (LIBCD2777)
Diana Kimble: Colfax Ujima Retreat and Agritourism Report / Dr. ChenziRa and Neb KaRa: Eyewitness to the Egyptian Revolution - In the first hour, our Queen Sister reports on the camping retreat, developments on the 74 acre farmland, the building of Kujichagulia Villages and the reparations movement. Next, our guests have just returned from an extended trip to the Nile Valley after having arrived at the beginning of the 18-day peoples uprising. Their first-hand accounts tell us much more than corporate controlled U.S. media. Hear the real story of the Nubian opposition to the oligarchy. (LIBCD
Okera Dimani: Blacks and Euro Holidays / Sabir Bey: Biographical Film on Noble Drew Ali and Moorish Science - Following the footsteps of our great ancestor Barashango, this young scholar gives us a great breakdown on the way that holidays serve as ground for cultural exploitation. Next, this young filmmaker has made and excellent DVD explaining the significance of the life and teachings of Noble Drew Ali and the body of study called Moorish Temple Science. (LIBCD2775)
Cote d'Ivoire Timeline of French Colonial Intervention / Citizens Verses the State in the U.S. - In the first hour we look at the long record of intervention in the affairs of this West African nation and how France has set Ivory Coast up to once again be exploited and disrupted. The satanic alliance between Ourattara and Sarkhozy is exposed. Next, we examine the way that people of the U.S. are rising up against modern tyranny in the way that the so-called "founding fathers" were forced to in an earlier chapter of his-story. (LIBCD2774)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 4 - What you Need to Know About Food and Diet Pt 1 & 2 / Make Your Fortune in Food Pt 1 - Here are three segments of our study (for the price of two) into how we can turn a profit in the rapidly expanding health and wellness movement. First up, some of the basics of food and nutrition science are covered, all critical areas that we must have a strong understanding. Next, we begin to concentrate more on the specific ways in which our own commitment will yield the outcome that can transform our economic lives. Food IS a great path toward salvation in a number of ways. 3-CD's (LIBCD2763D)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 3 - In this third volume of our study, the demographic phenomena known as the "Baby Boom Generation" created a special set of consumer trends that have produced significant economic landmarks. The author, a trained economist, now shows how the aging of this generation combines with their sense of preserving their youth to set the stage for a vast growth in wellness-based products and services within the next few years. The details of this transition make it quite plausible, yet some of the very points of the author are questioned in our scrutiny. (LIBCD2763C)
The Falcon Forum Vol 316 - Topics Include: Composting in Los Angeles; out of sync with Mother Nature; gas guzzling made sexy; teaching our children to life; demographic challenges in America; women's position within society; African women warriors; abortion arguments; urban dead zones; Southern migration; post-urban economics; assimilation into America; making more action than talk; getting land and growing food and family; the great Euro risk in Libya; and positive actions solutions for the week. (LIBCD2773)
The Council on Foreign Relations on Humanitarian Intervention at Home and Abroad / NATO Airstrikes Target Rebel Allies Again - These are two more programs critical of the latest warfare incursion into Libya. In the first, the critique is centered around the misappropriation of limited U.S. wealth toward blowing off million dollar missiles and the fact that this serves no national interest. Next, the Libyan "rebels" have, for the third time, been bombed by the allied intervention they begged for and are now getting pissed off from NATO's incompetence. How did this happen? (LIBCD2772)
Home Based Organic Gardening / Diana Kimble: Women in Agriculture & the Colfax Retreat - In the first hour, I take the listeners through my own evolution over the past four seasons of raising high quality fruits and vegetables in raised bed gardens. Next, our sister is hosting the upcoming Southern Region Ujima Camping Retreat on her family's 70-acre farm in Luisiana. She shares powerful insights and useful online resources on how we can get the support we need to develope our own rural farm operations. Please, do NOT ignore these critical programs! (LIBCD2771)
Anniversary of the Assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. - 43 Years have passed since the U.S. governement, through various agencies, conspired with the corporate power elite and organized crime to commit one of the great crimes of the century. We put details on that conspiracy as well as work to separate the theft of Dr. King's legacy by his killers and the current Democratic Party Agent in Chief. Obama is NOT Martin King. (LIBCD2769)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 2 - We Need a Revolution: The author systematically goes through a spectrum of areas where the need for a revolution is all to apparent: profiteering, drug toxicity, bad education, junk food, processed food, medical expenses, and the failure of federal, state and local regulators all come on the table for examination today. The economics of food, healthcare and wellness are al quite seriously examined. (LIBCD2763B)
The Falcon Forum Vol 315 - Topics today include: critiquing Obama's Executive Actions; Farrakhan's analysis of Libya; Manning Marable Dies; New Malcolm X Bio; Ivory Coast civil war near end?; BRICS vrs NATO in Africa; China as predator; Libya rebels' puppet masters; African solutions for African problems; states in fights with public unions; education challenges and charter schools; Quran burning triggers massacre in Afghanistan; positive actions for the upcoming week; and more. (LIBCD2768)
Paul Ifayomi: Deep Background on the Libya Crisis / Ivory Coast Rebellion Success Imminent: What Next? / Nana Nehande Sekyabea: Mothers for Africa in Haiti - Three programs today deal with practical tangibilities of an increasingly perilous and chaotic Pan African situation. For us to rise to the potential of 1 billions Africans on this planet, we must understand and involve ourselves in global affairs. The time to move is imminent, thus we must focus on action. LIBCD2767)
The Danger of Clotted Blood Drugs and Solutions / Pomegranates and Resolving Plaque Build-Up in the Blood - Too many people are taking extremely dangerous anti-clotting drugs. Some are being told NOT to eat healthy superfoods and to take toxic drugs instead. What is the cause of this madness and what is the link between clogged arteries and the leading cause of death in the U.S.? In this two-hour special investigative broadcast, we do the science of atherosclerosis and blood clots in an easily understand method with some wonderful solutions we can easily adopt. (LIBCD2766)
Brainwashed Study Volumes 1-12 on MP3- This is the entire collection of the landmark book by advertising agent Tom Burrell on Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority. Far more than just a cultural diatribe or accusatory tome against t"the powers that be", this book is a useful and practical handbook for a broadbased action agenda. Most of the suggestions center around the positive use of propaganda to change the underlying attitudes that currently shape our debasement. Much great instruction to our youth is within this study. Over 20 hours of study on this series. (LIBCD2677-All)
Linda Szarkowski: Green Spirit Living Raw Food / Eating to Win - In the first hour our guest is a popular raw food chef in Chicago. She shares her decades of journey to this nutritional pattern, insights into the benefits of eating live as well as many specific tips on how she makes her food so delicious and nutritious. Next, I continue the theme with more specific details on what makes the living foods lifestyle so functional for those who want maximum advantage in their lives. (LIBCD2765)
Living Superfood Vision of Redemption / Profiteering on the Non-War Against Libya - First, we go right to the heart of the tremendous nutritional advantage that we can bring to our lives with a few simple modifications to our habits and an attitude that our health status is primary cause for commitment. Next, there are a number of narrow interest groups which love warfare and this new incursion into Northern Africa is a golden opportunity for their profitmaking affairs. (LIBCD2764)
The New Wellness Revolution Vol 1 - This is the first of the series of studies of the book by Paul Zane Pilzer. The theme is how you and I can take advantage of a virtual explosion in investment in a spectrum of "wellness" industries. As we have rebelled against the terrible crises of disease epidemic and skyrocketing costs of "sickness" industry, now is the time to marshall the resources and get in on the trend toward investing in heal, longevity, vital energy and prosperity. Do it right now! (LIBCD2763A)
We Awaken the Sleeping Giant / Stop Eating Slave Food - Buried beneath layers of externally imposed programming, each of us was born to demonstrate greatness in some field of endeavor. This set of programs is designed to give rebirth to that spirit that infused the great heroes and she-roes of our past. In this generation we will do the work which future generations will praise and attempt to emulate. Sow a great crop, tend it well and reap a bounteous harvest. (LIBCD2762)
Kitchen Garden Sprouting - In another program aimed at creating a dynamic within our progressive community towards food integrity and self-sufficiency, we look into the possibility of sprouting within our homes. Sprouts are about the healthiest and easiest foods to be able to prepare. We go through the equipment needed, techniques for starting, the health benefits as well as online resources where materials can be acquired to start this process. For those who don't have access to garden space, this is a great solution. (LIBCD2761)
Lenon Honor: Family and the Challenge of Black Manhood / Obama, Africom and the Libyan Invasion - In the first hour, the guest is an independent documentarian and social critic. We discuss the complex issues that continue to disaffect the Black family in an often contentious conversation. Concrete solutions are put on the table. Next, once again many feel betrayed by the behaviors of the first African Amercian president as he goes along with the old paradigm of colonial and imperialist behaviors toward an African country. (LIBCD2760)
Nubia Rahim: Visionary Young Filmmaker - We have always sought out and elevated dynamic young visionaries as the critically needed next generation of leadership to be elevated for the benifit of the group. This young woman has very defined goals of being a filmmaker and using her creative talents to tell the critically needed stories of a generation. We discuss film markets, cultural integrity, youth leadership and intergenerational partnership to accomplish these goals. (LIBCD2759)
A Natural Mystic is Reaching Out to Us / More War Against Arab-Islamic Nations - Looking inside to our deep spiritual mind, many of us are feeling a calling forward toward a distinct destiny at this critical time in history. This is a time for action upon those sentiments. Next, over the weekend "the White Alliance" once again launches another war furthering our understanding of "the clash of civilizations." We should have long ago expected this. But, what will happen next? What does this truly mean to the African civilization and others? (LIBCD2758)
The Pace of Major Change is Speeding Up / Encouraging Our People to Grow Food - First hour we examine the seemingly overwhelming amount of bad news entering our heads each day: wars, earthquakes, nuclear threats, chronic disease, high unemployment, foreclosures, imprisonment, collapse of the family, etc. What does this mean and what to we do? Toward solution one thing we can do immediately is start to grow our own locally grown, organic and inexpensive food. Beyond sustenance, food production is a fundamental part of the real economy. (LIBCD2757)
Combating the Threat of Nuclear Radiation / Solution to Atherosclerosis is Orthomolecular Medicine - These are two strong programs which demonstrate, through science-based data analysis, that nutrition based alternative health methodologies are superior. Toxicity of anti-radiation drugs propose an unacceptible way of reducing the threat of radiation caused cancers. Next, we look at the research of Dr. Linus Pauling and others and express the seeming miracle of nutrition based healing and prevention of chronic diseases. Please take deliberate action based upon these revelations. (LIBCD2756)
Libya and Bahrain: Double Standard and Hypocrisy - We take a close look at the way that the Western powers have aggressively postured against the leader of Libya, North Africa, and compare that to the brutal monarchy from the Arab state of Bahrain. It is obvious that two competing standards of ethics and morality are at work here. Our critique of the role of the U.S., Britain and France centers around their historic racism and imperialist tendencies. (LIBCD2755)
Starting Your Own Raised Bed Garden / Ada Cooper: Village of Natural Healing - First up, Keidi shares techniques and insights from years of experience for the fastest and easiest way to build our own backyard garden with raised bed square food gardening strategies. Next, the guest is an elder in the natural health community and an absolute perfect model of the type of health wisdom that will save our generation from the tsunami of ill health and chronic disease that is all around us. (LIBCD2754)
Brainwashed Study Vol 12 - Our concluding week of studies continues the theme of "Yes We Must" as the author brings it all together with a solid action agenda program. Much of this set of solutions is centered around the intelligent use of propaganda, mass marketing techniques as well as a call to the larger community to fix upon certan standards of morals and ethics which do not allow for compromise of the group integrity and self interest. This is a great book and a great set of action recommendations. (LIBCD2677L)
Falcon Forum Vol 312 - (LIBCD2754)
What to Do When Jobs Go Away / Your Subconscious Mind: Realm of Unlimited Possibilities - First hour, with so many layoffs happening, the economy still tanking and other factors looming, we prepare our listeners for the day when they will have to find a new stream of income. Next, using research culled from decades of intense study, Keidi takes the listener through an exploration of the subconscious mind and provides powerful tools to affect behavior in ourselves and others using the "reflex arc." (LIBCD2753)
Vitamin D Hormone Activity / Emergency Preparedness and Ujima Camping Retreats - First, we look at the "sunshine vitamin" and are amazed at the critical functions that this blood chemical has in maintaining our health, preventing cancers, strengthening the immune system and much more. Next, toward the aim of elevating a new leadership as well as furthering the idea of Kujichagulia Villages, we propose a set of camping retreats throughout the country to bring the LIB Family together and prepare for good times. (LIBCD2752)
Kingsley Jones: Economic Research Institute / Black Folks Negative Demographics - In the first hour our guest explores the dynamics of the poor status of African Americans with regard to economics, wealth development and business success. Key areas of development are emphasized for our elevation in the global economy. Next, along with Bro Jamaal, we look at the new Census data and lament the way that our fertility has faltered . In certain areas of the country, like Detroit and California, Blacks are disappearing too rapidly. (LIBCD2751)
Brainwashed Study Vol 11 - The author continues his biting critique of "The New Coons" which are African Americans in league with the entertainment industry which constantly saturates the media with degrading, backward and degenerate images of black manhood and womanhood. Next, the subject moves to the progressive and positive actions that we know can be accomplished for our redemption. (LIBCD2677-K)
Chairman Jabari Natur: Watoto From the Nile Letter to Li'l Wayne / Food Prices Continue to Skyrocket: Solve the Problem - First hour, their YouTube video hit nearly 1 million views in 1 week and drew international press. We discuss the controversial video and shocking response from black youth. Next, we see evidence all around to show that the cost of food is reaching crisis in many countries, including the U.S. Okay, now what do we do about it? (LIBCD2750)
The Falcon Forum Vol 311 - Topics today: Libyan "Rebels" revealed as violent racists; the complexities of the Libyan revolt; Western Imperialism in desperation; U.S. Sec of Defense in opposition to new war; secret relationship between Wall St and Libya; Hip Hop degenerates vrs. Sankofa Children; retarded African Americans; breakdown of the family and the role of the mother; finger pointing as the problem; creating solutions for the family; can Black women raise strong sons?; and more. (LIBCD2749)
The Falcon Forum Vol 310 - Subjects include: terrible weather and the affect on food supplies; food growers threatened by new laws; oil prices skyrocket; small wars throughout Africa are ignored; small flames ignite the world; 13% control 87% of U.S. wealth; what can we do about Africa?; solutions lie within us; Black family and abortion; unsustainable U.S. economy; extensive analysis of Libyan civil war, Ghaddafi and Pan Africanism; Obama and U.S. foreign policy; making the impossible possible; March Madness and the economics of sports; and more. (LIBCD2748)
Gathering Our Resources for Health Liberation / Obtaining Seeds and Seed Starting - In this two hour series we return to our common themes of extracting ourselves from the grasp of a greedy and bloated medical-pharmaceutical complex as well as providing the healthiest, fresh, flavorful and organic food for our family. For so many reasons, we cannot continue down this path of corrupted medicine and highly processed food any further. Each of us must have this knowledge and then make a firm decision to apply it practically asap! (LIBCD2747)
Should Planned Parenthood Be Defunded? / Dr's. Chepelle & Ahmses Maat: Decisions That Affect Self-Determination - In the first hour we look at the attempt by the incoming Republican congress to stop federal funding of abortion. We look at the record of Planned Parenthood as a racist eugenicist organization. Next, three guests explore our group's health, economics, family and ability to marshall our own resources to solve our most persistent problems. (LIBCD2746)
Creating Jobs in 30 Days with Greenhouse Seed Starting - Marcus Garvey said that the Black Man and Woman will not know their destiny until their back is against the wall. Well, we are definitely at that moment and some of us are in deep creative and talent mode. In the face of the food price crisis and chronic disease epidemic, I have come up with a plan to invest just about $200 with expected rewards of up to 10 times that amount in 30 days by setting up a home based business. My work has already begun. You can do this too. (LIBCD2745)
Libya Revolt Turns Into Civil War / Chicago Mayoral Race and the Future of Black Urban Politics - In the first hour we follow the rapid deterioration in the status of the schizophrenic leader of the North African country and ask what this means for the larger topic of African unity and progress. Next, with the new Jewish mayor of Chicago trouncing the black candidates, is the era of black urban power politics over? If so, what is the future for those who would organize our mass for Black Power? (LIBCD2744)
Carcinogens in Your House to Be Removed / Overview of the Body Systems - In the first hour we discuss three main topics: 8 cancer causing chemicals in your home; the top 10 cancer causing foods; and the substances in cooked meat that cause cancer. In the second hour we go into our anatomic sciences and study the functions of the body's communication, hormone, nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems and the manner in they are all integrated to create balanced health status. (LIBCD2743)
Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson - Psycho Slavery: White Female Teachers, Black Boys and the Rise of A.D.H.D. - We have for our first time one of the most powerful young voices within our community, a certified education psychologist, who takes on the great problem of the misdiagnoses sending huge numbers of black boys into drug-induced stupor, failed socialization and deliberate miseducation. You need to share this program with everyone in your conscious action circle. (LIBCD2742)
Brainwash Study Vol 10 - Diss-Unity: Why Can't We Stick Together? The author discusses the five topics of: crabbin', backstabbin', lack of coalescence, lack of support and mistrust of black goods and services and "exceptionalism", the idea that some of us are better because we are more accepted by outsiders. Obviously, these topics have much detail necessary to understand how the great dynamic of unification within our ethnicity is made so much more difficult because of our environment. (LIBCD2677-J)
The Falcon Forum Vol 309 - Topcs include: absorbing the ancient wisdom of Ra-energy; more Arab Islamic uprisings; global oil price increase and manipulated commodities; political inneptitude; union revolt in Wisconsin; union movement's racist history; food prices soar; globalists in danger?; black farming and food security; using the Net to build organic communities, leading our own children and rebuilding the community; black leadership, fantasy and superstition; and more.(LIBCD2741)
Live-Food Nutrition, Gift of Nature - We examine the writings of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, considered to be one of the most knowledgeable of the raw food lifestyle. He discusses some of the basic science of living food as well as more complex issues. In particular are the four types of eating that range the spectrum from generating life and youth, verses generating chronic disease. What is the difference between entropy and reversing the again process? This is a very powerful lesson on the merits of a living food lifestyle. (LIBCD2740)
How Important is your Blood pH? / Are Uprisings in Islamic Countries False Flag Ops? - In the first hour we discuss the critical subject of acid verses alkaline blood and the conditions that can result when our pH is imbalanced. We share those foods which produce the good and bad internal conditions for health or sickness. Next, uprisings spread throughout the Arab Islamic countries. Could it be possible that some of this is deliberate covert manipulation? We should be able to easily tell the difference. (LIBCD2739)
World Bank Warns Food Crisis Endangers 44 Millions / We Already Have the Food Solutions - Every day the news confirms our forcaste that food price increases around the world are putting more pressure on already beleagered populations. A huge mas of the planet is getting desparate as the situation continues to worsen. Next, we discuss what we are already doing, and what any of us can similarly do to make sure that the impact of this crisis is lessened within our own family's affairs. We'd better get focused and serious right now! (LIBCD2738)
Jamaal Brown: Sports and Media Industry Really Run Tha Streets - Assisted by Bro Jamaal, we look at the back side of millionaire athletes and entertainers and challenge the ways that their talents are utilized by external groups to the disadvantage of the communities which bring these individuals forward. Why don't these rich people create permanent wealth within their own families? Are they merely high-tech slaves bred for competition? (LIBCD2737)
Living Superfood Theory 6 - In this ongoing analysis of the many factors that contribute to the massive waves of chronic disease epidemic, exorbitant expenses and profits associated with the crisis, and practicable solutions for our own protection, we go deep into 5 topics associated with the failure of modern medicine: 1) Healthcare in the U.S. is too expensive and performs poorly; 2) Doctors and nurses are poorly educated; 3) Greed and profit have undermined the whole industry; 4) Nearly a million die annually in this country because of bad medicine; and 5) Big Pharma is constantly manipulating the public with the creation of "new" diseases and disorders. DVD $20.00 (LIBDVD172)
What's Wrong With Modern Medicine? - We look at several key areas such as America's extreme healthcare costs verses very poor performance; doctor's poor educational level; the gross profits in medicine and CEO salaries; death-by-doctor claiming 780,000 lives a year in the U.S.; and the invention of new diseases and disorders by big pharma companies. If we are to avoid being used up by these exploitating industries, we must first understand the depth of their pathological attitude toward the public. (LIBCD2736)
Brian Miller: State of the Dream Report 2011 / Millions Against Monsanto - In the first hour the guest, executive director of United for a Fari Economy, deals with a number of aspects of the income and wealth gap in the US between Africans and the rest of the population. He addresses many government policies as well as how corporations discrimate against our group self interests. Next, we seek to give energy to a broad movement to battle the GMO food corruption as well as the cruel methods of meat production. We could unite and ruin these big corporations. (LIBCD2735)
The Falcon Forum Vol 308 - Egypt protests, what's next?; neo-capitalism vrs Islamic socialism; a possible rebellion in the USA?; America's collapsing system; LIB emergence as leadership; growing our own food and preparing for crisis; Obama's new budget proposal; Israel under new pressure; black actors in drag again; Egypt vrs Khemet; Hollywood war on African image; Zimbabwe survives sanctions; abandoning Sub-Saharan Africa; rediscovering libraries; susu savings collectives; Wild Oats CEO in child prostitution sting; organic gardening tips; and more. (LIBCD2734)
Living Superfood Demo 13 - We continue our powerful series with some great food research and raw food preparation, highlighting the power of enzymes, and today's menu: fresh orange juice; falafel, hummis, couscous tabuli, goji jam and juice and crangerine. DVD $20.00 (LIBDVD171)
Revolution, For Real This Time - We feature a number of voices today, led by Keidi and Bro Jamaal, about what constitutes "revolution". By examining the conditions which led to revolt in Norther Africa, comparing them to similar trends within the Diaspora, and looking at the culture and behaviors of Blacks, we come to conclude that we are operating at far below our intended intelligence and resourcefulness. Yet, many suggestions for practical "revolution" are readily available. Now, when do we begin? Has it already started? (LIBCD2733)
How Much Can We Take Before Rebellion? / Food Warriors Rise and Take a Stance - If the conditions that are giving rise to mass protest, rebellion and revolution in North Africa and Western Asia are very similar to what we are experiencing, why do we continue to take the abuse? Just how far is the US public from open revolt also? Next, I am excited at sticking it to the corporate vampires that corrupt the food, try to control the world's seed stocks, poison our families and make us sick. I give two great strategies for all real warriors to stand up and fight for freedom right here and right now. (LIBCD2732)
Carnosine: The Anti-Aging Supplement - This "dipeptide amino acid" supplement, which bridges together two critical amimos, is linked to human growth hormone, regulates our blood sugar, and is a critical factor in maintaining youthful skin, as well as rejuvenating body tissues. To get it from meat, you'll have to eat three steaks a day. Yet wit supplementation it is shown to have amazing "fountain of youth" properties and only one minor effect when used in too high doses. You need to know more research like this on how to reverse the aging process and combat chronic diseases like diabetes. (LIBCD2731)
Brainwashed Study Vol 9: "D's Will Do" - In our review of chapter 8 of Tom Burrell's superb book, we look at our relationship to education and ask just why too many of our people have come to accept such abysmally low standards for education. For many, if they do not fail then they have succeeded. No other ethnic group in this country has such a rate of failure, this despite our historic striving for life successes through education that our grandparents knew was our standard. (LIBCD2677-I)
The Falcon Forum Vol 308 - Topics include: Egyptian crisis exposes fraying edge of NWO and PNAC; the cost of food, fuel, housing and unemployment; black life expectancy lower than Iraq; controlling revolution; Islamist revolt vrs Boliverian Revolution; AU hypocrisy on Egypt; comparing Afri-Americans to S. Korea; effective leadership in question; Chinese chickens sold in Zambia; family-based economic empires; finding gold in our own backyard; building endowments for black NGO's; plant food, buy farmland & teach people to grow food; recommended books for youth; and more. (LIBCD2730)
Digestive Leukocytosis Caused by Cooking Food / Leukocytosis and Wheat Intolerance - There are two very, very important research programs for those who want every advantage possible to secure and maintain optimal healthy, youthfulness and vital energy. We can extend our lives and resist the occasional opportunistic infections by following this fundamental rule of nutrition. What happens in our bodies when we eat meats, processed foods, chemicals and cooked foods is shocking! (LIBCD2729)
Cancer: A Disease of Civilization / Egyptian Crisis in Perspective w/ Bro Jamaal - In the first program we look at the facts which support the factors of a so-called "civilized society" which continue to lead to high rates of cancer diagnosis. Decades of mainstream methods to address this epidemic are useless to stop this rise. Yet there is a proven method of preventing cancer in most cases. Next, we look at the revolt against the NWO and PNAC which is taking hold in various parts of the planet. Has capitalist imperialism finally met its Waterloo? (LIBCD2728)
Living Superfood Demo 12 - It just keeps getting better each week: Seaside Smoothie; Applenut Salad; Honey Mustard Dressing; African Spicy Sesame Soup; Avocado Burritos; and Chocolate Haystacks. By the enthusiastic response to our audience as they taste each dish, this one is a total hit! DVD $20.00 (LIBDVD169)
The Food Crisis of 2011 is Imminent - We cull from a number of news articles from the financial markets, from the United Nations organizations, from the mainstream and alternative press that all confirm a single consensus that a food price increase worldwide will cause many problems for individuals and governments. We offer solutions to avoid major disruption from the strong possibility that our food expenses would rise dramatically at a time when the overall economy is in such bad condition. (LIBCD2727)
Brainwashed Study Vol 8 - Buy Now, Pay Later: In this chapter the author looks at the strange and illogical spending patterns of African Americans, from conspicuous consumption, to obsession with brand names and the need to give others our hard earned money. As usual, he gives great historical background as well as great solutions to create a different mindset within our people to use our hundreds of billions in consuming dollars to empower the race. (LIBCD2677H)
The Falcon Forum Vol 307 - Great topics today include: need for effective leadership and transfer of power; unrest escalates in Egypt and other nations; Monsanto's private army and Blackwater; Egypt's invisible poverty; the failure of the NWO and PNAC and it's aftermath and blowback; impact of high costs of food, fuel and housing along with high unemployment; MOO, ETF's and food commodity wars; CIA manipulation of world leaders; uprising in the USA or March Madness (sports)?; and a plethora of positive news of the week in finance, Ghana economic growth, the USAfrica and growing organic food. (LIBCD2726)
Black Consumer Patterns: Do WE Supply the Poison? - In one of our most energetic and contentious broadcasts in years, we look at the way that toxic substances are sold in the Black community, at those who profit from this consumption, those who will continue to purchase these toxic substances and what role so-called "conscious Blacks" should play in it all. Should we also profit off of the consumption of legal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and toxic food or should we stand morally and ethically strong and say NO to profiteering off of ignorance? (LIBCD2725)
Protest and Uprising in the Islamic World / World is Approaching Chaos Over Food and Fuel Prices - From Tunisia the fire of protest and uprising is rapidly spreading to Algeria, Egypt, Palestine and other Islamic nations in conflict with their former European colonizers and we need to know why. Next, the rapid increase in prices of food, fuel and housing, combined with sustained high unemployment, is now creating a dangerous reaction in the people who feel the pain the most. Could the US and other developed nations be next on the list of people's uprisings? What could prevent such violent explosions here? (LIBCD2724)
Situation Room Analysis of the State of the Union / Should We Take the Tea Party Seriously? - President's Obama's superb SOTU speech had a lot of empty promises, coded phrases and glimmers of opportunity. We strive to create an analytical dialog that can bring whatever advantages and insights that will benefit our self interested group. Next, with the SOTU analysis by Rep. Bachmann being rediculed, we look at the so-called Tea Party and ask critical questions about it true value and mission. All that appears to be on the surface may not really be what's real. (LIBCD2723)
Organic Gardening: Defeating Hunger in America / Ask a Vegan: Soy Products? - Two more great programs from our extensive archives of research related to promoting and projecting our health, prosperity and empowerment. In the first, progressive organizations have real plans to avert the rapidly rising global food crisis. Next hour, we look closely and the problems with soy products, GMO engineered foods, hormone disrupting chemicals and phyto-nutrients. (LIBCD2722)
Dorothy Muhammed: What Your Name Says About You / Douglas Starr: The Roots of Forensic Science - In the first hour, the guest is a wise Seer, able to take the letters of your name, and other words, and bring them into a larger meaning of the purpose of your life. Next, for those of us who really like science, the professor author gives a great accounting of the rise of forensic science, a guilded age in France, a detailed account of a monstrous serial killer and the projection of CSI in the minds of audiences verses the reality of cutting edge criminal science. (LIBCD2721)
Food: Healthy and Self-Sufficiency Priorities / Organic Gardening: Defeating Hunger in America - These are two more great contributions to our vast catalog of programming designed to stimulate our listeners to practical action which will change our dependency reality. We share motivation and tips for producing fresh, organic, inexpensive and locally grown produce in our kitchens, backyards, patios and community gardens. We can no long afford to ignore the dangerous position within which we have been placed with our food insufficiency. (LIBCD2720)
Brainwashed Study Vol 7 - The Historical Roots of Bad Diet / Health Disparities Pt 3: The author again explores the many ways in which corporate marketers and profiteers have convinced us to sacrifice our health for emotional motivators, many of which were embedded within our culture from the days of enslavement. When it comes to examining modern solutions to these health disparities, we sometimes have to question whether the standard American approach is the best pathway for our health and longevity. (LIBCD2677G)
The Falcon Forum Vol 306 - Bitter weather in the U.S.; food and fuel prices increase; NWO plans collapse; a "new Dark Age" upon us?; land reform in Zimbabwe; are conscious Blacks practical?; commodities stocks; Erik Prince, Blackwater and AFRICOM; corporate globalism; the Sudan split; Boxer Rebellion in China; how long for the African rise; solving Cote d'Ivoire's election crisis; elections in C.A.R., Nigeria & Zimbabwe pending; Baby Doc returns to Haiti; and more. (LIBCD2719)
Mzuri Moyo - Fannie Lou Hamer and African Spirit Rising in Women - The guest has a dynamic one-woman play on the great civil, political and human rights activist that brings valuable lessons of life forward for this generation. She also was featured in the movie Sankofa. We discuss culture, theater and art, music, education and the dynamic life of the Great Ancestor Fannie Lou Hamer. This is amust-have our-story lesson for every family. (LIBCD2718)
Loren Cooper - Vegan Chef and Health Advocate - Our guest has a vast knowledge acquired over the years as master chef, vegan food preparer and nutrition scientist. The conversation is fun, informative and accepting of the fact that we have a diversity of eating styles. All of us will learn something valuable from this engaging conversation. All of us can eat healthier and have a great time in the kitchen laboratory preparing wonderfully healthy and delicious food. (LIBCD2717)
Health Disparities in the U.S. CDC 2011 Report / The Culture of Life vrs the Diabetes Cult of Death - These two programs are intended to provide us a reliable base of science-based evidence that our individual and collective health is in great danger if we do NOT redefine an alternative pathway toward health, vitality and longevity. According to the latest government study, African Americans are doing a very poor job of making choices that affect our health. Diabetes may be the most dramatic area wherein our lack of knowledge is adding to a huge trend towards morbidity and mortality. (LIBCD2716)
Seestah Imakhus - The Power of Culture to Transform or Confuse - A great discussion with one of the most influential African repatriates to Ghana. She is owner of the One Africa Health Resort in Elmina, Ghana and has become an expert, as author and business owner, on issues of repatriation, culture, relations with African governments and the everyday workings of West African culture and community. She dispels some of the myths that are being perpetuated within the so-called "conscious community" and explains many of the customs of marriage, family, sexuality and much more. (LIBCD2715)
The Deep Well of Creative Possibilities - With so much fear and hysteria based subject matter permeating our community, we have to ask whether or not we are capable of mounting a successful challenge to the degeneration. Everyday, in most of the nations of the world, Ra-Shine (sunshine) sends an unlimited amount of exceptional energy to every corner of the land. Why do we then fail to tap this unbounded energy and the other Earthly forces in order to manifest our divine will? We must start to recognize our own Universal Life Force power! (LIBCD2714)
Dick Gregory: Chinese Challenge, Tucson Shootings and Conspiracies Abound - In this two-hour plus conversation, the master researcher and health advocate shares insights into: China and other BRICS nations exceed the U.S.; the real story behind the Tucson shootings; leading causes of early death; death of capitalism; fear and the police state; bird and fish kills; cop shootings; the King assassination; Duvalier's return to Haiti; GMO food assault; chickens raised with no heads; Black conscious comedy; and much more. (LIBCD2713)
What to Do About the Obesity Crisis? / Getting Black to Our Natural Health / Nathan Rabb: Beating Obesity - These three programs bring cutting edge research and first hand analysis of the problem and the solution to the raging epidemics of overweight, obesity, chronic disease and metabolic disorders that are decimating the hopes of our people to raise healthy generations. This is a highly motivating conversation. 3 CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2712)
From Mind to Market - Yorli Huff Entrepreneur - The former undercover drug agent, whistleblower who successfully sued Cook County Illinois for its racist practices, had diversified her life with a book, lecture tour, movie script and other entrepreneural enterprises. Her vision of self development is a wonderful and inspiring model for any of us who want to break out from the mold and create a dynamic business life for ourselves. (LIBCD2611)
The Falcon Forum Vol 305 - Food self-sufficiency; black "navel-gazing"; priorities vrs self indulgence; Ye-Fa Agnamu tribe; culture supports a people; spirituality verses science; Israeli-U.S. dealing in devil together; blacks, guns and cops; new jobs on the horizon?; emerging GDP; entertainment culture hypnosis; jobs vrs environment; We the Black Gods; Chicago mayoral race; and more. (LIBCD2710)
Living Superfood Demo 11 - Special emphasis today on juices, includes: citrus refresher; sweet potato pancakes; pomegranate smoothie; almond milk; spicy almond cheese; portabello "tofu"; satay (peanut) sauce; peanut butter cocolate milkshake; goji berry jam and juice; along with a lot of wisdom. DVD $20.00 (LIBDVD167)
Living Superfood Demo 10 - "Awesome!" is what you'll say about this latest installment in our live food series. Delights include: cranberry bread; Pina Colada; Breakfast Fruit Nut Bars; Ginger Cashew Mayonaise; Sprouted Lentil Chili; Avo-Rosmary Salad; Brazilian Choco Milkshake; Buckwheat Crispies; and the usual bunch of Living Super Food wisdom. DVD $20.00 (LIBDVD166)
Living Superfood Demo 8 - Delicious menu items on the menu along with some great information on reducing high blood pressure without medication. Recipes include: Cucumber water and juice; watermelon juice; hemp seed milk; banana-walnut pancakes; crangerine sauce; tangerine juice; butternut squash soup; nut loaf. DVD $20.00 (LIBDVD163)

LIB Empowerment Conference - Obadele Kambon: The Rebirth of Abibitumi Kasa Institute / LIB Conference Wrap - In the first hour, this highly accomplished Son-of-the-Revolution, has created a dynamic online learning academy. We are proud to showcase just what can be done using the Internet as a teaching vehicle. Next, we summarize our month-long set of dialogs and give an assessment of what we should be expected to do with this great body of knowledge. (LIBCD2709)
The Falcon Forum Vol 304 - Topics today: Report from Angola; US Rep and federal judge shot in Arizona; "Wing-Nuts" armed and dangerous; food prices triggering riots; Sorcha Faal Internet hoax "queen"; China military advances; U.S. global chess losses; patience in Ivory Coast; Ghana's politica and economics; repatriates building in Africa; technology transferal; what does Africa need?; South Africa joins BRICS; Growing our own food for survival; and more... (LIBCD2708)
The Falcon Forum Vol 303 - Subjects: Seasonal rebirth; holiday shopping reports; 2010 yearly events; Chicago mayoral election; decline of America's cities and power; the idea of "the commons"; Saturday schools; village structures; oil prices skyrocketing again; China's resource hunger; NATO coming apart; U.S. debt-ridden economy; austerity and SAP's; technical solutions; intellectual capital; Ifayomi's great solutions; family and community-based solutions; and more. (LIBCD2707)
The Falcon Forum Vol 302 - Topics for today: Interpersonal responsitivity; electronic umbilical cords; pushing the Black man out of the family; rebirthing the village; how culture can save our people; grandparent's wisdom; countering negative progapaganda; food crisis is looming; California's fiscal mess; inflation takes hold; how bad is it?; China's intention in Africa; solutions; and more. (LIBCD2706)
The Falcon Forum Vol 301 - Subjects include: Ghana's Jubilee oil field comes online; Cheney let off after Nigerian payoff; colonilized leadership in Africa; Iran smuggling weapons to African rebels; Ivory Coast election crisis; Is Julian Assange a covert agent?; Pfizer's murderous record in Nigeria; Bill Gates and population control; extreme winter weather; South Korea saber rattling; eco-terrorism in Mexico; Homeland Security's messy affairs; technical and capital positioning; getting into oil resources businesses; and more. (LIBCD2705)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Brother Jamaal: Ethnic Tokens and Perceptions Management / Kwame Osei: Ivory Coast Crisis and Pan African Leadership - In the first presentation we are given a deep insight into mind control through mass media and the shaping of a distinct Negro mentality within our people through entertainment. Next, our guest shares powerful insights into the election crisis in the Ecowas nation and its role to a compromised leadership that persists in too many African nations. (LIBCD2704)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Eating Meat and the Danger of Antibiotic-Resistant Disease / RFID Electronic Pickpocketing and Our Resistance - Keidi Awadu presents these two dialogs that center around maintaining our health and wealth integrity in a world where technology, in the hands of exploitative corporations, threatens to undermine our prosperity. The danger of getting killer infections increases when we eat food that destroys our immune resistance. The convenience of fast-pay technology makes us all the more vulnerable to ID theft. (LIBCD2703)
From Mind to Market: Biz-Fu Entrepreneural Martial Arts -We go through a broad spectrum of talents, skills, sciences, methods and practices which make for the successful entrepreneur. All combined into one system, this is described as this were truly the skills set of one trained in the Art of War for business successes. (LIBCD2702)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Donette Black: Madame CJ Walker and Children's Empowerment / Curtis DuncanL: Emotional Freedom Technique - In the first session the subject is the publication of a new book for children on the great Black entrepreneur and social investor and her lasting legacy, along with methods of teaching business philosophy to our youth. Next, the presenter discusses the benefits of "tapping" for pain relief and for creating a healing mental state using this simple technique. (LIBCD2701)
LIB Empowerment Conference - Dr. Cherilyn Lee: Integrated Medicine Healing / Jamilla Manigault: Sensual Healing Secrets - These two sisters present different faces of the healing sciences. Dr. Lee is a trained allopathic practitioner who has made a firm commitment to bring new energy-based healing to the profession. Her approach utilizes a number of diagnostic methods that are on the front edge of technical science. The second guest explores the boundaries between reproductive systems and our mind-healing connection. Sometimes controversial, this dialog expands our understanding of healing art and sex. (LIBCD2700)

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Ras McPherson - Rastology and Pan-Ethiopianism: Our guest is author of dozens of books and numerous books on the role of African spirituality, culture and history. We have a deep and engaging discourse on the role of Rastafari religion, culture and political influence. As well, we discuss the critical role of Ethiopia in global affairs. (LIBCD2270)S