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Rough Justice in America - Locking Up Too Many Prisoners: From the Economist this series of 3 articles shows how the massive expansion of the criminal justice systems and increasingly repressive sentencing laws has begun bankrupting state governments and how spending on incarceration is now as high as 7 times spending for educating a child. The drug war laws are exposed for their gross failure. (LIBCD2599)
Michele Alexander: The New Jim Crow of Incarceration - We engage the author of a fascinating new book which is gaining much attention across the nation. She details how the phenomenal growth in the prison system over the past decades, mirrors that period which closed down the Reconstruction after the Civil War. Incarceration, involuntary servitude, loss of civil rights, destruction of family and community all are a part of this new period of the construction of a new repression for Africans in America. (LIBCD2598)
The Big Economic Picture - We devote two hours today to matters of the domestic and global economic outlook. First, from the NY Times we share an article which verifies the two tier / two speed status of recession and recovery. Some are doing extremely well while the masses decline. Next, Barron's describes the vastly underappreciated African market appreciation. China has been cleaning up, with a 10-fold increase in 8 years, but is not the only successful investor in African "frontier" investment opportunities. (LIBCD2597)
Trance, Art and Creativity Study on MP3 - In this 15-part, 30 hour series, we go far beyond mere superficialities in exploring the sciences of metaphysics. Throughout history, mankind has developed methods of peeking through the veil of consciousness which looks at the worlds of other dimensions. Through three different methodologies, each of which emcompasses dozens of practices, we can understand the sciences of spiritual transformation and unlocking from the seeming reality of fixed time, space and personality. 30 files only 75.00 (LIBCD2078-All)
From Mind to Market - The Five Deadly Venoms: These different business mistakes can wreck your company, make it impossible for employees to develop loyalty, and have you drifting along aimlessly without being able to secure your entrepreneural vision. Next, we talk about the fundamentals of an entrepreneural education, networking and what it takes to be successful in a climate of deflation, high unemployment, financial uncertainty and a widening wealth gap. (LIBCD2596)
Corporation Spying on Us and Poisoning Us In Our Homes - These two stories leap from the alternative press and we are outraged at the way that these corporations have gone buck wild at our experience. First, a detergent maker is putting GPS tracking devices and remotely triggered electronics in detergent boxes. Next, most household cleaning products have now been associated with triggering breast cancer. There are solutions. (LIBCD2595)
The Souls of Black Folk Study Vol 4 - We complete the chapter analylizing the role of Booker T. Washington as primary leader for Blacks at the end of the 19th Century. We compare the leadership visions of the two visionaries and draw parallels to today's issues. Next, DuBois makes a poetic analysis of the prospects for progress based upon his experience teaching in a terribly underdeveloped region in his youth. (LIBCD2578D)
The Falcon Forum Vol 287 - Topics include: A deepening recession with austerity and structural adjustment; Army Experience Centers programming youth; fasting, detox and raw food; Ghana oil and the Cosmos scandal; African agricultural challenges; Obama, African trade and leadership; Korean industrialization; fascism vrs holliganism; Sarah Palin and media corruption; and more... (LIBCD2594)
Tech and Future Talk Latest 25 Shows on MP3 - For years we have conducted weekly research on the latest tech trends, social, political and economic factors, and looking into the heart of future studies. We have shown dozens of times where the new opportunities for economic and industrial development would be found. From this "over the horizon" viewpoint we developed the theme: "Get in. Get in early. Get in deep!" Now you can get this information for your own futurist investments. Over 25 hours for only $75.00. (LIBCD2593)
Top Secret America Vol 2: National Security Inc. - Since September 1991, a huge private apparatus has grown within the National Security establishment. Nearly 2000 private firms, lead by giants like General Dynamics, Northrup Grumun, Blackwater and others have taken over key functions of civil servants, many of whom are being laid off for more expensive privateers. The money trail have become untraceable and even the hears of the spy agencies are alarmed that this has gotten out of control. What is the danger of private, profit-driven corporations controlling major countries intelligence and security apparatus? (LIBCD2595)
The Poisoning of Fallujah: US Uses Chemical and Radioactive Weapons - A recent study exposes the shocking rates of cancer, infant mortality, birth defects, horrible wounds and other effects that have risen since the 2004 assault on Fallujah, Iraq. It becomes obvious that the use of chemical munitions and depleted uranium has impacted the population. Could this one day be the fate of Somalia, Nigeria, Detroit or Atlanta? (LIBCD2594)
Tribes Study MP3 Collection - This series has a total of about 50 hours total and covers the brilliant book by Joel Kotkin. This study clearly demonstrates how race, identity, culture and ethnicity are the key factors which have historically, and currently, allow for the rise of great global civilizations. This is the key to our global African empowerment of over 1 billion around the planet. 43 files for only $80.00 (LIBCD2466-All)
Tech and Future Talk - Our panel is back with great discourse on subjects such as: Tesla's electronic theories; "ideas" as future material reality; web designing with Joomla, Wordpress CMS and video; apps war between Adobe and Apple; designing for mobile devices; a cardboard solar food dryer; Mother Earth News' DIY projects; the Fortune 10 smartest tech execs; the value of think tanks; and the right developmental plan for Africa. (LIBCD2592)
Neo-Colonial Proposal for Charter Cities in Developing Countries - The newest edition of Atlantic Monthly magazine has an article from a CFR member which covers a radical proposal from economist Paul Romer to establish foreign-run charter cities in Africa and other poor countries. This coincides with old threats of a new form of colonialism which have alarmed Pan Africans for decades. Much of what we have covered in the past is now brought to alarming new light. We have the right ideas but can we move fast enough to prevent another colonial disaster? (LIBCD2591)
Satanic Policies from Washington DC - We examine a convergence of stores: Additional $37 billion funding for the Afghan war; fight to extend support for recently unemployed Americans; increased funding for African Askaris in Somalia; prosecution for those who expose war crime activity by U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan -- All of this seems to indicate that the Obama administration is being governed by Satanic values. (LIBCD2590)
Explosive Afghanistan War Document Leaks / Top Secret America Pt 1 - These are two extremely important breaking news events. In the first, a huge number of secret documents are now available on the U.S. conduct of the war and much criminal activity. In the second hour, we delve into the vast and uncontrollable empire of intelligence agencies which have exploded since 9/11 events. What could be the purpose of such a vast spying empire and its cost to the citizens? (LIBCD2589)
The Competitive Spirit in Us - We look at the primary motivation that we are expressing as individuals and as a collective. What can be done to increase our competitive spirit? Remember how we dominated sports, entertainment, fashion and other areas? Now we seem to only dominate those areas of society, economics and politics where an example of human failure is the topic. We can reach into our very being to see the dawn of a new destiny. (LIBCD2588)
From Mind to Market Collection - This is a collection of our 25 most recent programs which covers our weekly classroom on entrepreneurship, finance management, the philosophy of business success, strategies for wealth production and accessing strategic economic tools for empowerment. Over 25 hours of dynamic programming. $70.00 (LIBCD-M2M25)
Black Africa Study Volumes 1-5 - Over ten hours of study of this critical book on African Federation and development from the great multigenius Cheikh Anta Diop. Herein is presented a clear pathway toward a unified Black African State. Subjects focus on energy, language, industrialization, 14 steps to unity and the 5 key imperatives. A must-read for all Pan Afican realists. Over 11 hours for only $35.00 (LIBCD277-All)
From Mind to Market - How to Build a Black Economy: Tonight we emphasized the critical role of taking care of the basics towards the aim of rescuing the larger black community from its downward wealth spiral. From culture, to education and the four busines categories, our aim is to be comprehensive in giving forth a vision that can really work. In addition, we discuss the role that African American countries must play in building on our larger global resources. (LIBCD2587)
Afghanistan Secret War Documents Release - Once again, Wikileaks has shaken the foundation of the western world with a huge release of formerly classified U.S. documents on the Afghanistan war. We look at some of the more shocking aspects of these revelations of abuses, secret killing units, killing of civilians, and the wider implications of this unholy war are discussed from our distinct culturally relevant perspective. This is a big historic event, comparable to the release of the Pentagon Papers. (LIBCD2586)
The Souls of Black Folk Vol 3 - In this third volume we complete DuBois' analysis of the procession of strategies which followed the un-Civil War, including formation and termination of the federal Freedman's Bureau, failure of the various instutions and relapse into defacto servitude. Next, we begin analysis of Booker T. Washington with an examination of the formation of rebellion, accomodation and assimilation leadership. (LIBCD2578C)
The Falcon Forum Vol 286 - Topics include: health is wealth; Ghana Korea $10 billion housing deal; Black couple biriths white baby?; ggrowing food at home; economic disaster beginning; federal debt and failed stimulus; China's new credit rating agency; So. American oil cartel moves; reversing the leadership crisis; AIDS bloodseekers stalk Blacks; African Union summit; 21-day raw food detox; international market trade opportunities; and more... (LIBCD2585)
Blueprint for Black Power - We have a number of chapters from the tour de force from Dr. Amos Wilson as well as two hours of his own presentation on this theme. This is among the most critical and relevand discourse we could elevate that will direct our group toward national empowerment. 20 hours for only $50.00 (LIBCD055-All)
Obadele Kambon - Language Classes at Abibitumi Kasa Online Learning Institute / Jabari Natur - Tribute to Nat Turner: In the first hour, joining us live from Accra, Ghana is the founder of this wonderful online academy which is teaching 5 African languages. We also discuss current Pan African issues. Next, the founder of the dynamic speaker series Reality Speaks joins us to give homage to the great martyr Reverend Nat Turner. Also we showcase the music of some talented young artists. (LIBCD2584)
Operating Without a Plan / Lee Gordon - National Teen Empowerment Expo - In the first hour, this past week of scandal, reaction, apology and retreat surrounding the insults against USDA appointee Shirley Sherrod, lead us to determine that African Americans are in deep need of a plan for the group. Next, the plan to uplift our young adults is given a great platform and organizational structure within this dynamic organization.
The Falcon Forum Collection Volumes 270-285 - This is a collection of our weekly public affairs forum and think tank. Our panelists do constant research and are well-prepared to speak on subjects such as: globalism, economics, culture, history, conspiracy, war, family, community development leadership, education and popular culture. Many times, our forecasts of what is occurring in the world are months ahead of mainstream media. 33 files for $75.00 (LIBCD2581)
SCANDAL: Shirley, Sherrod, Obama, the USDA, the NAACP & the Tea Party / Meat Protein Diet, Cancer and Bone Loss - In the first hour we look at the latest "under the bus" casualty of the Obama administration and shake our heads on the way that they were Foxed-out. The leadership of the NAACP is also scrutinized. Second, a set of studies further confirms our vegetarian stance in preventing osteoporosis and colon cancer. Check the facts. (LIBCD2582)
Mind Power Study Volumes 1-11 - Based upon the book by noted natural healing researcher Gary Null, we explore the emerging science toward rejuvenating our brains and memory naturally. This can help overcome depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsons, dimentia and age-related mental disorders. This information includes dozens of great recipes and nutritional supplement recommendations. 25 hours of programming for $75.00.

Sister Nosipho - Natural Beauty Care: The proprietor of www.TiedByT.com, a collection of natural beauty products shares with us some of the fundamentals of non-toxic beauty care. Her insights on hair care, skin care and the impact of good nutrition on natural beauty are absolutely valuable. We can interrupt the process by which so many of our community are victim to toxic beauty care products which are marketed under false pretense. (LIBCD2580)
Special Report on Entrepreneurship from Inc Magazine - Revitalizing America, Bring on the Entrepreneurs: This series of four programs from a wide variety of finance and economic leaders and academics provides a detailed 16-point plan to create many thousands of new start-up businesses and millions of new jobs. This is a practical and doable plan which any organization or group could use as a model for economic recovery. 4-Parts $15.00. (LIBCD2579)
The Souls of Black Folk Vol 2 - Du Bois gives a magnificent accounting of the role of freedom seeking Africans during the Civil war and how they forced the federal governement to come up with some sort of solution for the millions of refugees under their watch. In addition, he goes through the frustrating chronology of solutions that didn't work from liberty, to the voting franchise, to education, to consciousness, to economics. We deduce that much of this still is malfunctioning today and a viable solution is proposed. (LIBCD2578B)
The Souls of Black Folk Vol 1 - Based upon the classic historical work of the great scholar W.E.B. Du Bois, this is the greatest study of the period from the end of direct enslavement until the turn of the 20th Century. The first volume includes an extensive modern introduction to this classic by Farah Jasmine Griffin in which she extensively puts the chronology of this work and its significance into perspective. Within a few short chapters it will become clear just why this book has never been out of print in over 100 years. (LIBCD2578A)
The Falcon Forum Vol 285 - 97-18-2010) Topics include: U.S. economy in BIG trouble; BP caps gusher; African energy development; multinationals and taxes; AEG settles suits for $1 billion; immigration politics and economics; population control and global profits; presidential ambitions vrs plane crashes; governance systems in collapse; blown energy opportunities; Ghanaian culture vrs Jesus; religion, economics & education; U.S. war moves on Somalia; hard times coming - what to do?; and much more...(LIBCD2577)
Dr. Delbert Blair and Bro Jamaal - Natural and Un-Natural Phenomena: The widely followed researcher and metaphysicist examines many of the significant global events of our time and give his spin on the source of the disruption and possible conspiracies to such issues as: the BP Gulf oil spill, global warming, the Obama administration, rule of corporations and the healthcare crisis. You may be quite suprised at some of the conclusions he draws. (LIBCD2576)

The Falcon Forum Vol 274 - Topics include: Race war in South Africa?; Bretton Woods processes failing; neo-colonialism and the future of farming in Africa; urban gardening; making history work; youth leadership rising; diet, nutrition, fasting and raw food; the tortise vrs the hare in Black progress; Goldman Sachs vrs Morgan Chase; VAT tax and bank reform; alternative currencies; Kujichagulia solutions; austerity measures predictions; and more. (LIBCD2564)
Heather Rogers: Green Gone Wrong - The author of this new book has traveled the world to expose the many failures of the so-called Green Movement in key areas of food, housing and transportation. Truly all the claims to be healthy, organic, green and eco-friendly is not what it appears to be on the surface. Learn how big corporations move bogus green products across continents in order to exploit our needs and our naevity. (LIBCD2563)
Mind Power Study Vol 2 - We continue our study by completing our analysis of toxic effects of polution, chemical exposure, stress and malnutrition on the brain, body and natural chemistry. In the second hour we begin to explore the positive things we can do to restore and regenerate our brain and memory, including a list of simple exercies for our brains. (LIBCD2556B)
The Falcon Forum Vol 275 - Subjects today include: corporate reductionism of our humanity; class separation among food elites; people's food supply networks; oil rig explosion in the Gulf; burying minors and Obama's corporatism; Hollywood and the Black identity; ridding ourselves of Arab exploitation; the viability of Kujichagulia Villages; economic redemption; going global with African supply and manufacturing; and more. (LIBCD2561)
Tech and Future Talk: African Infrastructure and Development Technology - We discuss the impact of high speed fiber optic bundles on the African continent for the second time. Months after our first conversation examined the possibilities of this development, we now report on how foreigners to Africa are putting in industries based upon this new technology. As we do the advanced research on the future of African technology, how can we turn our visions into reality? (LIBCD2560)
South Africa on the Brink of a Civil War / Scott Whitaker: Murder by Prescription - In the first hour, assisted by Brother Jamaal, we examine in detail the latest developments that are briniging South Africa again to the brink of race war along the lingerin impact of the Boer invasion and control of natural resources. Next hour, natural healing practitioner Dr. Scott Whitaker shares his wisdom and insight into how the medical industries are at war with our health self-interests. (LIBCD2559)
Obama Budget Increases Military Spending in Africa - Once again the Conscious Rasta rails at the actual, verifiable actions of the Democratic Party president as agent of a sinister and destructive U.S. foreign policy. Specifically, we look at increases in the spending on military intervention in Africa, the State Department failures, propping of proxy governments in Africa that sell out other states and the abandonment of diplomacy and investment. (LIBCD2558)
Tiffany Denise: Simply Wellness Wisdom / Earth Day in Your Home - In the first hour, our guest is an advocate for natural means of maintaining our health through diet, nutrition, lifestyle modification and herbal therapies. Next, we discuss practical means of making Earth Day a reality in our own homes and lives with raw food, dehydration and non-disruptive food acquisition. (LIBCD2557)
Mind Power Study Vol 1 - Based upon the book by noted natural healing researcher Gary Null, we explore the emerging science toward rejuvenating our brains and memory naturally. In the introduction, we deal with the basics of brain physiology, the body's natural systems of maintenance and the role of hyper-nutrition in keeping everything in balance well into our senior years. (LIBCD2556A)
Stolen Legacy Vol 12 - We conclude our long volume of studies of this critical book with the vision of the author that we could take this information and change the world. The conversation gets a little heated and divisive at times as positive and negative outlooks clash. You must make your own decision as to which side is correct. Can the powerful information in Stolen Legacy cause the formation of a new global understanding? (LIBCD2553L)
Corporate Irresponsibility is Killing Off Useless Eaters / Child Rape in New Jersey - Our security and safety are central to today's two discussions. In the first, we discuss bad food, medicine, criminal activity and the failure of the federal government to protect us. Next, what about the case of 5 men charged with raping a 7-year old girl while her sister sold her off? (LIBCD2562)
Eating Right and Prospering - We have had a lot of focus on diet, obesity and nutrition within our community, even up to the level of the First Lady, Michele Obama. Why can't the majority of us make the decision to eat right and stick to it? Are there other factors which work against us and hold us into enslavement to the poor quality standard American diet? (LIBCD2555)
Erykah Badu Video Controversy / Lifting the Black Woman's Burden: The first hour is a discourse about the hot controversy sparked when the soul singer bared it all in her latest video. Half the people think it was high art, and the other half thought it was cheap theater. We examine a different perspective. Next, we take ten burdens which are hurting Black women in America and give positive solutions for this great burden. (LIBCD25554)
The Raw Food Nutritional Paradigm - Along with Brother Ka'Ba, we discuss our recent conversion to raw food after a 14-day spring cleansing fast. The amazing energy that one gets, along with the joy of food discovery and preparation, make this one very enjoyable and informative dialog. We also talk about the miracle healings that take place on raw food in cases of sickle cell, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases. (LIBCD2553)
From Mind to Market: The T.R.U.S.T. Factor - This is an acronym of the fundamentals that make businesses successful. As usual, we attempt to utilize practical examples of the way that this information is applied. Our callers also help us to keep it all real and meaningful for those of us who are tired of marching to the matrix of the work-a-day environment. (LIBCD2552)
Tech and Future Talk - Our primary focus tonight is on how we can make a thriving future based upon traditional African cultural patterns paired with with emerging technical trends. We discuss the idea of Kujichagulia Villages as the proper forum for this integration of Sankofa with New-Tech. Also, we take a few moments to sing the praises of open source software and the miracle operating system called Ubuntu. (LIBCD2551)
Can Polygamy Work in Our Future? - Along with co-host MushemSut (Rita Stewart) we explore the controversial subject of multiple marriange both in the traditional setting of African village life as well as adaptations of which here in the Diaspora. No doubt, polygamy is NOT for the overwhelming majority of us who have been denuded of our indigenous values by the process of enslavement and enculturation. We hear from two people who are in separate multi-wife marriages. (LIBCD2550)
Rodney Allen and Mushemsut - The Crisis of Black Manhood in America. Our discussion today is quite often contentious, yet goes far to demonstrate the different approaches to life and problem solving that are common to men and women. What are those fundamentals that define manhood and how did this become so distorted over the course of the past 5 decades? We debate these topics from Pan African and gender specific perspectives. (LIBCD2549)
Jorge Puello Exposed - Child Trafficking in Haiti / Weak Black Leadership in Protecting Children - We use four research sources to show the sophisticated network of child trafficking and sex slavery goes on. This story involves a jewish fugitive, governments of the U.S., Canada, El Salvador, Haiti and the Dominican Rep. and we now have some more info on the con woman who organized the missionary trip. (LIBCD2548)
Paul Ifayomi: Manhood, Masculinity and Relationships - Assisted by Brother Jamaal, we speak with the phenomenal UK-based researcher about a spectrum of subjects relative to the current state of black manhood in the Western societies. Why do our young men fail across the spectrum in social, economic, political and cultural areas? What can be done to raise stronger, more competent sons? (LIBCD2447)
The Falcon Forum Vol 173 - Topics include: Tavis Smiley's latest forum; leadership issues; self-limitation; a Black economic power cartel; globalism for Africans; botched Iraqi election; Hillary Clinton and Blacks; myths and truths about the healthcare plan & Kucinich's sellout; unfunded obligations; austerity; African investments; fleeing the dying empire; and more. (LIBCD2546)
Akua Auset - Finding Feminity in Black Women / Environmental Impact on Feminity - These two programs are intended to help us to unravel the mystery of why women and men are acting so differently in this generation and subsequently finding it difficult to come together and form permanent bonds. Toward the aim of healing our loving relationships, the family and the whole community, we must come to understand and conquer the negative impact of external influence on Black Love. (LIBCD2545)
Kola Boof: Culture, Sudan Conflict, Language of African Unity - We discuss a very wide variety of subjects that are critical to the development of African people worldwide. On certain subjects we firmly disagree and the conversation gets really hot. Yet, toward the aim of African global unity and progress, these can be the most productive conversations for our people. Our guest has insights and opinions that cannot be overlooked. (LIBCD2544)
What Would Make You Give Up Eating Meat? - Brother Jamaal co-hosts this discussion that addresses the conflict between emotional and logical approaches to diet and nutrition. The reasons to eliminate meat are vary diverse and, obviously, many of our family have never come to that determination. This is a very fair dialogue which adds valuable fact and information to the commitment to better health. (LIBCD2543)
Avandia Diabetes Drug and the FDA Failure - This is a very important conversation, so important that we had to have it THREE YEARS AGO when we exposed the failure of the medical establishment to properly deal with diabetes. Now a Senate report reminds us that various government agencies, along with the drug manufacturers are engaged in genocide for profit. We must save our families from this madness. (LIBCD2542)
The Falcon Forum Vol 267 - Haiti and the U.S. Military; social and economic Darwinism; assimilation vrs. nationalism; leadership, class and compromise; Rev. King together with Nkrumah; DeBois, Washington, Ida Wells & Garvey; population control in Haiti; Goldman Sachs vrs. Morgan Chase; Obama in the crush between warring oligarchy; austerity measures on the horizon; Israeli organ harvesting; warmongering in the 3rd World"; African arms; and more. (LIBCD2541)
Stolen Legacy Study Vol 4 - With the invasion of the Nile delta by Alexander the Great (the Greek), there is a deliberate effort to gather together all of the books of knowledge and wisdom that was in the conquered lands, along with the priests to serve as professors. Next, we begin to analyze in detail the pre-Socratic philosophers, the teachings attributed to them and their links to the Egyptian sources of this accumulated wisdom. (LIBCD2533D)
Unlimited Prosperity of the Mind - This discussion is aimed at developing usable tools with which we reach down into tour subconscious mind and charge it with the critical mission of leading us to prosperity, success, accessing our greatest talents and deploying creative force. Specific techniques have proven to excite parts of our deep mind so that our primary focus and energies are concentrated on producing desired results. Listen to this again and again. (LIBCD2540)
Stolen Legacy Study Vol 3 - We complete the third chapter describing the systematic destruction of both Egyptian and Greek philosophic systems by two Roman edicts As well, we examine the way that Africa gave civilization to the world. Next, we begin chapter 4 with the evidence that the Greek philosophers gained access to Egyptian storehouses of printed knowledge and esoteric wisdom. (LIBCD2533C)
Falcon Forum Vol 266 - Us press exposed in Haiti deception; resource war against Haiti?; Obama, the elite and the military; George Soro & Haitian sweatshops; cosmic correction of evil states; Bin Laden a new threat or false flag?; doom and gloom in the U.s.; a vision of African exodus; Going Rogue, a coup in 2016?; Kujichagulia Villages; protecting our progressive gains; the power of an African Global Order; Democrats shaking in their sandles; China defies Google; and more. (LIBCD2539)
Homeland Security Spies on the Nation of Islam - Newly declassified documents reveal that, under the Bush/Cheney administration, a number of peaceful, community activist organizations were target of intelligence gathering, including the Nation of Islam. We share some of these reports to reveal just how unjustified is the U.S. Justice Department. What else might they be concealing? (LIBCD2538)
Stolen Legacy Study Vol 2 - We go deeper into this critical study including information about the difference between the 4 critical ethics proposed by Plato and the Greeks and the 10 Cardinal Virtues of the originating Egyptian Mysteries system. Other aspects of the depth to which the Egyptians developed a critcal system are also exposed. The idea of Greek origins of philosophy is just a damned lie. (LIBCD2533B)
Falcon Forum Vol 265 - Catastrophic earthquake in Haiti; U.S. manipulation apparent in Haiti in excluding Caricom leaders; rebirth of the spirit of Pan Africanism; Senegal offers land for repatriation; western media's condemnations; Kujichagulia Villages and futurist development; green resources; rebuilding Port-o-Prince; Black Star Line rises again; and more. (LIBCD2537)
Tech and Future Talk - Technology and Natural Disasters - Our discussion tonight centers around how to better plan for the likelihood of natural disasters in the future. We talk about rebuilding whole cities in a new sustainability, getting off the grid, the need to de-urbanize, revolutionary new ideas in building materials and agricultual products that enhance our economies. Within these disasters lies the seed of a whole new vision of tomorrow. (LIBCD2536)
Dr. Joy DeGruy: A Path for Healing the Trauma / Dr. Baruch: The Race to Erace the Race - These are two tremendous shows today for our healing. First, the author of POST TRAUMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME, shares more of her research into the pathways for our collective and individual healing. Next, the health and wellness researcher shares wonderful insights into the ways that we have been trained to cooperate with our own systematic destruction. (LIBCD2535)
Falcon Forum Vol 261 - Topics include: Copenhagen deception; Brazil goes into space; China and Khazikstan; African agricultural destiny; Franken-foods vrs organics; Avatar and African themes; live cyber attack on LIBRadio; going rural in 2010; coming era of scarcity; Brazil, Iran and China together; linguistic diversity; al-Quaida, Mali and Ghana; false flag operations; blowback from South America; wireless 4G; developing African communications; and more. 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2523)
Sasha Abramsky - Inside Obama's Brain: The author has done a wonderful job interview over a hundred people who have worked closely with the new president in order to give us all an inside glimpse of core values, characteristics and work ethic of the executive. Despite what you may think about his leadership, these are the qualities of a true leader. (LIBCD2534)
Stolen Legacy Study Vol 1 - In the first hour we have an introduction to this landmark book which is widely called one of the 10 must-read books on African centered scholarship. Through out the intro and the first chapter, subject of our second hour of study, the author lays out a set of criteria that makes it illogical and even impossible to accept that Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoreas could have brought this knowledge forward within the climate of Greek society at that time. (LIBCD2533A)
The Falcon Forum Vol 264 - Topics include: challenging global warming vrs real weather reports; Africa's 1 billion population; Angola prospects; Togo football team attacked; bringing new leadership; investment and development toward peace; Kiswahili as lengua Africana; blocking the Arabs; recovering our Stolen Legacy; education techniques; mankind's toxic footprint; a critical reading list; more economic bad news ahead; Obama and the African press; and more. (LIBCD2532)
Runoko Rashidi - Haiti, Benin and Dahomey: The esteemed travelling scholar shares his impressions and experiences from the most recent trip to Haiti (Ayiti). This Caribbean island nation is far more complex than many of us have come to understand. In addition, we engage in dialog about the comparisons between Haiti and its roots in Benin and the historic Dahomey Kingdom. (LIBCD2531)
Tom Juravich: Alter of the Bottom Line / Rich North vrs Poor South in Copenhagen - In the first hour the author takes us through four different industries to show how corporate enslavement and exploitation is rampant in the U.S. affecting us all. Next hour, the Conference on Climate Change has developed to become a rebellion of the developing nations against their former colonial exploiters. Is this a "clash of civilizations"? (LIBCD2530)
Sufia Giza: Documenting Reggae - Along with Brother Jamaal the subject explored today is a documentary film of a set of reggae artists, their roots in the foundation of the music, and the critical role that reggae music and Rasta culture played in moving the African centered community along its path at a critical time of the Black Power movement. (LIBCD2529)
Fear - Overcoming this Tool of Mind Control: This is a controversial and challenging dialog. All around us are waves of environmental and psychological corruption that is resulting in a huge segment of the population trapped in fear, anxiety and self-limiting mental processes. Even within our dialog today, we have to battle with each other about overcoming this trend to be paralyzed in fear. Yet the Truth cannot be suppressed. (LIBCD2528)
Dr, Delbert Blair: Ascension Forecasts for 2010 - Along with co-host Brother Jamaal, we explore the latest research and metaphysics concepts of the well know lecturer and groundbreaking researcher. We take a look at last year's predictions, which did or did not come to pass, and look at a broad spectrum of currents affecting us as individuals and collectives. This is a very intelligent yet controversial engagement today with a lot of telephone calls. (LIBCD2527)
From Mind to Market - S.M.A.R.T. Goals for 2010 - To begin the new year we emphasize and challenge our audience to step up their game to a whole new level. At this point, those of us who are prepared for leadership have already made ourselves known. Now we develop the proper tools and skills to lead in business. (LIBCD2526)
Falcon Forum Vol 263 - (LIBCD2525)
Falcon Forum Vol 262 - (LIBCD2524)
Falcon Forum Vol 261 - (LIBCD2523)
Tribes Study Vol 1-19 - (LIBCD2466-All)
Tribes Study Vol 19 - 3-CD's $15.00 (LIBCD2466S)
Tribes Study Vol 18 - (LIBCD2466R)
Tribes Study Vol 17 - Continuing our close look at India's rise, first we look at India of the 50's and 60's, pursuing a Soviet style economy and regarded as poor and backwards around the world. Next, the various clans, and religious groups of India come up with serious techologic and economic strategies to make them major players in the global ecnomy. In the end, the Indians have raised their nation and ethnic identity up to the point that they are no longer disrespected in the world. (LIBCD2466Q)
Gettings Us All to Follow Instruction / All the Elements Are Coming Together - During the middle of our December marathon, the focus shifts dramatically from reacting and responding to the chaotic world around us, to what we can do to bring our already existent resources to bear to change our destiny. First we must acknowledge that we have continue to fail in following our wisest counsel. Next, we access our strenths in order to change. (LIBCD2522)
Tribes Study Vol 16 - As India makes a very rapid rise from abject poverty and colonialism, we first examine the rich history that has buttressed the country's culture and self pride. Next, millions drew upon the very structures of their colonial masters to begin to build a world empire. The critical importance of family is one of their maing strengths internationally. (LIBCD2466P)
The Falcon Forum vol 260 - Spying uncovered at Climate Conference; the West's last stand; impact of motivation science; population growth and empowerment; Africans vulnerable to new colonialism; China and population control in Africa?; killing the enemy within; purchasing industries; accessing capital funds; new threates in the Congo; AFRICOM and the UN; African Union and the Diaspora; leveraging money; the new leadership challenge; and more. (LIBCD2521)
The Reflex Arc and Dominant Motivation / Intrusive Medical Testing and Drugging - Two great programs deal with 1) our mastery of the science of mind programming and the subconsciousmind; control your thoughts and responses with these techniques. 2) Learn how the new healthcare legislation will force the drug companies and medical industries to find new ways to impose their agenda on us in order to not see their profitability decline. (LIBCD2520)
Look How Far We've Come this Year - We recap the highlights of our accomplishments this year through the LIB Family to include great interviews, study sessions, travels, conferences, special broadcasts, fundraising, international travel, health advocacy, community gardening, wealth production, cultural education and much, much more. Can you believe we did all this in just one calendar year?!!! (LIBCD2519)
Study Groups and Black Literacy w/ Bro Jamaal / AFRICOM, Somalia and the Horn of Africa - In the first hour we talk about the evolution of many activists from the roots of local study groups and why this process must be re-initiated in order to overcome spreading functional illiteracy. Next hour, we go deeper into the growing military crisis in the Horn of Africa, Obama's machinations and the struggle to control these critical lands of the east. (LIBCD2518)
Giving Ourselves the Greatest Gift - We make a list of 30 rules that can assure that every one of us can rise to unlimited potential. From the time that we gift our parents with our birth, the Universe create points all along our journey where we can rise to master environment. There are specific events, routines, habits and techniques that will always produce positive growth and outcome. We can master this journey of life. (LIBCD2517)
UN Santions on Eritrea - As it is just announced that the UN Security has placed santions on the East African nation, we look deep behind the story and come to radically different conclusion of what this is really all about. The U.S. and its Euro allies are once again plotting on controlling strategic land in the horn of Africa. The true battle is over the ports of Eritrea and Djibouti and now China is positioning itself to be the victor once the U.S. inspired fighting is over. (LIBCD2516)
Tech and Future Talk - Obama and Google: Big Brother Has Arrived - Using research from the deceptive Fortune magazine, along with deep biographies of Google executives who have entered the Obama administration, and our own deep knowledge of Obama's finance and security connections, we build a case for permanently boycotting Google's various enterprises. Google IS Big Brother. (LIBCD2515)
Mbwebe Ishangi - New Trends in Wealth Creation - The guest is long time involved in top level media production, graphic art and web deployment. He has come up with a plan to use network marketing to develop a breakthrough in web communications toward the aim of wealth creation. We examine this strategy from various angles and this is a great exercise in master mind analysis. (LIBCD2514)
Dr. Kamau Kambon - The Last Black Man Standing / The Blacktrix - This is one dynamic brother and he covers so many critical areas of knowledge, research, information and advocacy that are all related to our imperative toward survival. Learn why he became one of the most notorious and dangerous Blacks in the U.S., according to our historic oppressors. Learn the details of what makes this man so loved by our own people. (LIBCD2513)
Obama Accepts Nobel Peace Prize: We Claim Hypocrisy - In the wake of the acceptance speech of the eloquent U.S. president from Oslo, Norway, we look at a specrtum of other news stories from the abused Native Americans, from the DR Congo, from Chicago's turbulent streets, the violence of Planned Parenthood and much more. No, we do not accept that Obama is a man of peace like Dr. Martin King Jr. Give the peace prize back, Mr. Obama. Give it back! (LIBCD2512)
Tribes Study Vol 15 - The Greater India and Indians Abroad - This new chapter of our study examines the beginning of the phenomenal rise of India in global commerce and political affairs that is all too apparent 17 years after the publication of our study book. The fundamental values of prudence, self-discipline, academic valuation and family run business all play a major part in this success. (LIBCD21466L)
The Falcon Forum Vol 259 - Topics include: High youth unemployment rates; failure of the Recovery Act funds to create jobs; China financing U.S. wars; the ceremonial president; Republicans and Afghanistan; ship of empire sinking and the African life raft; the broke revolutionary; climate change conference deception; REAL danger of environment for humans; futile infighting amongst our own; building for our youth. (LIBCD2511)
The Five Worst Cities for Urban Youth / Phillip Jackson: Solving the Youth Violence Crisis - In these two hours we use the research of the Black Str Project and other agencies to first look at the worst urban environments for our youth, and the factors which signify that status, and what is actually being done on the community level to serve as antidote to these social, political and economic assaults. (LIBCD2510)
Sara Suten Seti and Chairman Jabari - The Rise of Black Power Gangsterism - This is one hot conversation with a lot of tension between opposing ideas as well as powerful themes of commonality. There is a great void between many members of our urban youth community and our elders. What can we do to bridge these gaps and secure real gains to pass onto our children? (LIBCD2509)
Black Progress: The Road Ahead - In these two hours we take a positive look at the way that WE can be expected to develop our cultural nationalist movement over the coming years. Our vision is that WE are the primary agents of change and that our talents, resources and engagments are the primary engine changing the world for our global African family. (LIBCD2508)
Dr. Linda Nathan: Lessons from an Innovative Urban School / World AIDS Day: AIDS Fact Sheet - In the first hour we discuss one urban school that is bucking the great trends of failure and exclusion using children's own artistic creativity. Next, in contradiction to much of the mainstream propaganda, we present a different way of "rethinking AIDS" and HIV hysteria.(LIBCD2507)
10 Bootstrapping Fundamentals: We cover a number of areas that those who lift themselves up by their own resourcefullness utilize as foundation values systems. Some tips are bold and deliberate, while others are common sensical as well as much more discreet and subtle. The bottom line is that we need to develop our means of getting our will done in world of business and finance. (LIBCD2506)
Brazil Takes Off / Jamaica Burden of Debt and Crime - We examine two news stories from The Economics magazine which portray two completely different pictures of two countries of our concern. Brazil has firmed its position in the world economy and on track to pass Germany and France. Meanwhile, Jamaica has lost so much of the sense of hope that it would lead the Diaspora world in black governance. (LIBCD2505)
The Falcon Forum Vol 258 - Topics include: Policy debates among africans; Rwanda and the Commonwealth; China in Africa; Tiger Woods hot ghetto mess; Dubai's debt default; Jamaica's woes; race-based medicine; mission to Ghana; Iran defies nuclear fears; Houston mayoral politics; unemployed African youth; population declines; loving our own African children; and more. (LIBCD2504)
Dr. Rick Posner: Open Education Schooling / What Can WE Do About Education? - In the first hour, the author has written on a new dynamic in public education which incorporates a number of strategies as Open Education which are proving to be worth their merit. Next, we address the particular dilemma of educating black youth in public education and ask what will work to transform this mess. (LIBCD2502)
Jabari Natur - The Beast Vrs the African Paradigm: Our obsession with conspiracy, the "hate whitey complex", an addiction to drama as well as too much talk without enough action, have driven us to the point that only organic solutions, based upon our current resources and capability, have become imperative. Toward a new African Global Order, we can and will change these behavioral patterns. (LIBCD2501)
Hard Message to Black Women: Change or Die! - From a scientific analysis, we discuss economics, biology, sociology, psychology and demographics to show how African women around the world are having their power, health and future stolen from them with behaviors inherited from those who seek to destroy us! (LIBCD2500)

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Ras McPherson - Rastology and Pan-Ethiopianism: Our guest is author of dozens of books and numerous books on the role of African spirituality, culture and history. We have a deep and engaging discourse on the role of Rastafari religion, culture and political influence. As well, we discuss the critical role of Ethiopia in global affairs. (LIBCD2270)S