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Saturdays Tune into a Monster Marathon of LIBRadio Programs

Every Saturday we replay the new additions to our archives from the previous week.

Tell your friends about this dynamic web broadcast network. We are your voice - Community radio by the people, for the people. Living In Black!

Drop us a note at and let us know what you think about this type of cultural programming.

Most of our programs are available as archives.
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Sundays we feature The 7MAC University


  • The Falcon Forum 9 AM (PST), Noon (EST), 5 PM (GMT/Accra) - Keidi, Avery, Ben and Keith discuss a spectrum of hot topics for the week. We are joined with lots of listener calls and emails.

  • Sunday's 1-3 PM (PDT) Dr. Ahmses Maat and Brother Jeremy bring you Maat Productions with information on wealth creation and liberation through economic organization and other critical cultural issues.

  • Monday Mornings 7 AM (PST), 10 AM (EST) - We hit the books with our intensive study sessions. All of the previous sessions are in our archives as specially priced collections. Join us and stick with us over the extended sessions for best integration of this information.
  • Along with music from around the Afrikan world as well as listener input all day long.

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  • Monday August 14th - 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) We are continuing and preparing to conclude our extended study of the book A Way Out, which is an examination on the deceptions of dis-ease, nutrition and healing.

  • Monday August 14th - 6-7 PM (PDT), 9-10 PM (EDT) - Tune in weekly as we host a different guest, topic or perspective relative to maintaining our optimal physical and mental health.

  • Monday August 14th - 7-8 PM (PDT), 10 PM-11 PM(EDT) Money Systems Online features Eric Goodman and Avery Smith who focus on market trading strategies which develop longterm wealth and financial empowerment.

  • Monday August 14th - 8-9 PM (PDT), 11 PM-Midnight (EDT) Valerie Mitchell and Michael Norville discuss Mind, Booty and Soul, the shifting culture and social norms of sexuality in the U.S.

  • Tuesday August 15th - 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) We simulcast each Tuesday with Brother Jamaal of Inner Light Radio. Guest this morning is Brenda Stone Browder whose new book is entitled On the Up and Up: Survival Guide for Women Living with Men on the Down Low. Ms. Browder is former wife of J.L. King whom Oprah made famous for his queer activity.

  • Tuesday August 8th - 5 PM (PDT), 8 PM-Midnight (EDT) KhaazRa MaaRanu presents a dynamic new program each week with strong emphasis on health and empowerment. See for more information and archive purchases.

  • Tuesday August 8th - 7-9 PM (PDT), 10 PM-Midnight (EDT) Radio talk show host Lee Hall joins us to discuss an idea of reverse migration toward the same Mississippi Delta that our forefathers fled to get away from the same abuse that we are undergoing today in the urban concentrations.

  • Wednesday August 9th - 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) Research author Celia Farber published a scathing critique of the current state of HIV/AIDS agenda in the U.S. After a viscious counterattack our guest David Crowe has published the best response to the establishment's own attack.

  • Wednesday August 9th - 7-9 PM (PDT), 10-11 PM (EDT) Future Talk with The Conscious Rasta uses a broad interdisciplinary method to examine trends of today to forcaste social, economic, technical and political future possibilites and to define our place therein.

  • Thursday August 10th - 6-8 AM (PDT), 9-11 AM (EDT) Prof. Dr. Clinton Crawford joins us to wrap up our series of broadcasts centered around our two-week journey to the Nile Valley. We recount our awesome experiences and share voices from that trip.

  • Thursday August 10th - 7-8:30 PM (PDT), 10 PM-11 PM (EDT) Every week Nana Akosua Sechyabea I brings a new voice to themes of African spirituality with Finding Spirit.

  • Thursday August 10th - 8:30 PM (PDT), 11 PM (EDT) - Every week an interesting guest, perspective or topic is subject of our live and interactive gathering with our global audience.

  • Friday August 11th - 6-8 AM (PST, 9-11 AM (EDT) Dr. Sashisha Nzinga Hill joins us to discuss an upcoming conference Reclaiming Our Vision Through African Centered Education.

  • Friday August 11th - 7-10 PM (PDT), 9 PM (EDT) Friday Night Fights features the best of the week's broadcasts in a hard-hitting forum. You don't want to miss this best-of selection. How will we choose just the BEST of this past week?

  • Saturday August 12th - Beginning at 6 AM (PDT), 9 AM (EDT), for those of you who missed any part of the week, all day long we replay the week's new programs in our weekly Monster Broadcast Marathon.

  • Sunday August 13th - 9AM (PDT), Noon (EDT) Every Sunday we feature a 12 Hour stream of our best archives, lectures, biographies, documentaries and world music, The 7MAC University.

  • Sunday's begin with The Falcon Forum 9-11 AM (PDT), Noon-2 PM (EDT) Keidi, Brother Keith and Avery Jackson discuss the hottest topics of the week in a lively online debate. Your phone calls and emails make the program interactive and inclusive.

  • Sunday's 2-4 PM (PDT) Dr. Ahmses Maat brings you Maat Productions with information on wealth creation and liberation through economic organization and other critical cultural issues.


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