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Greetings (Hotep / Ma'at)

I am often asked by a recipient of our email, "What are you guys about?" I welcome that question.

We are foremost dedicated to our African cultural inheritance and ancestry. There is a terrible crisis within the African (Black) communities all around the world with regards to independent media. All too often, the media we get our information from is not seriously taking on the critical issues that affect our lives.

Black radio should not be restricted to merely playing music, and even for those stations that do focus on music, their playlists rarely reflects the rich completeness of African music from around the planet. Thus we boldly play various music from across the African continent (drumming & chanting, soukous, makossa, highlife, Zulu jive, juju, kora, etc.), the Caribbean (reggae, soca, calypso, salsa, punta, samba) and from within the Western countries (jazz, rap, hip hop, spoken word, soul). Quite simply, we wish to restore an understanding of our completeness of creativity by showcasing what is, unarguably, the greatest music on the planet.

But the star of the show here at the LIBRadio Network is our talk radio. We proudly proclaim that our format permits us to produce the most comprehensive interviews with the most serious scholars and covering the most relevant issues of the day.

So, welcome to the LIBRadio Family. You have found your family in a peaceful place. Now that we are together, now that we are able to communicate in a serious and separate manner, it's time that we prepare ourselves as individuals and as a collective group to once again mount all 42 steps of our Negative Confessions and take our place, once again, on the Golden Throne. From this lofty location, for the third time in world history, we will teach the entire human family what true knowledge, grace and civilization are all about.

Keidi Obi Awadu
Founder of the LIBRadio Network

See us growing every day... It is a direct consequence of your telling 3 people a day that we have our own communication system. Keep spreading the word and let's build something that will transform the entire world for all time. Tell-3-a-Day is something that is easy to do and inexpensive to impliment. Let's keep these charst rising at the rapid rate.

Get Ready...
Get Set... Go!

You've waited patiently for long enough. The first of our newly produced video shows are up at LIBtv. Your support is what is allowing us to expand. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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