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Black Star Media Group

House of Knowledge - Ifayomi
When We Ruled - Walker


Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Ancestral Religion Journal
Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan /
The Ancestral Jurisdiction (312) 371-0428

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Eden iin Jamaica
The Herb Sistah

Abibitumi Kasa / Afrikan Liberation Institute
Is hosting online Yoruba and Twi (Akan) classes
Contact Abibitumi Kasa at
(773) 696-5765 or

Nati Kamau-Nataki / Afrikan World Books Wholesale Distribution
2217 Pennsylvania Ave., Baltimore MD 21217-2823 ( 410) 383-2006

Justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Ashra & Meri Ra Kwesi (Kemet Nu Productions)

Speaksong Artist King David

* * * * *Runoko Rashidi / Global African Presence

Professor Walter Williams - The Historical Origins of Christianity;
The Historical Origins of Islam
(877) 991-5669 / PO Box 377655, Chicago, IL 60637

The W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center

Dr. Romeo Brooks / Body Intelligence
Roots Nutrition & Fitness Clinic
1120 No. La Brea, Inglewood, CA / 310.419.0835

Brother Dadisi Sanyika
(323) 757-0237

Tukufu Kalonji - Serudj Institute Prison Advocacy Group

Prisons: The Lockdown of Black - Keidi Obi Awadu / Buy the Book

(NABSIO) / 323.755.6024 / Dr. Donald Evans & Brother Nathanial Ali

Corey Johnson - The DC Sniper Shootings

Africa Within (Ancient Egyptian Resource Center)

Del Jones - The War Correspondent / 215.457.7102

AFIBA Center - Jabari Jumaane
5730 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles (at Slauson) / (323) 292-5550

NerCity Blues (Spoken Word Artistry)

Painful Questions - Inquiry into the 911 Attack

Dr. Manu Ampim Modern Fraud: Forged Artifacts
Exposing the Myth of the Willie Lynch Letter
Towards Black Community Development
PO Box 18623, Oakland CA 94619
Forged image of Tetisheri

Dr. Eva Holmes - The Crisis in Education

Cory Johnson

Chris Askew

Virgil Carter: Filmmaker, Actor & Stuntman

PlacesInTheCity.com / African Marketplace

Asha's Baba Jaliyaa Storytelling / Woven Web Productions
For bookings: (866) 525-4922

Tony Chin - Reggae Master

Irwin Schiff "Pay No Income Tax"

Mwalimu Baruti / The Sex Imperatives / Asafo: A Warrior's Call to Manhood

Li'l Joe & Connie White / NathanielTurner.com

Eric Hufschmidt / Unanswered 911 Questions

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Oyibo / The Grand Unified Field Theory

Teddy Hill / Syberquest Cafe Los Angeles

John Hill (Affirmative Action & Foster Child Advocate)

Denise Zaradia Baham / Metaphysical Consultant / Email

Michael Ellner - HEAL New York

J.R. Pru - Fit To Go

Dr. Charles Ssali / Mariandina Nutritional Health

Minister Tukufu Kalonji / The Serudj Institute

Prof. Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Mr. Wisdom Specialty Health Food Store
3526 W. Slauson AVe, Los Angeles

Ras Sabur Tafari c/o IRIEVISIONS / 404.373.5777/ toll free: 888.334.0164
E-mail: irievisions@yahoo.com

Dr. Ahmses Maat / Montu Univer of Afrikan Defense
No Freedom Without Financial Freedom at Sovereignity.com
909.932.0898 / 909.552.3923

Sister Iya Ademidemeji / Yoruba Priestess

Ernest Hamilton / Personal Care Technology (Disability Assistance)
(323) 293-3196 / fax (323) 293-1018

Brother Tarik / Tarik's Info Works

Salim Faraji / Ma'at Productions (Afrikan Martial Arts)

Jaquetta Parhams / Rhythm of the Drum Magazine

Dr. Chuck Ambers / Casa del Rey Moro African Museum

Eraka Rouzorondu / Ascension Productions

Rebecca Rex / Vaccine Information Network

California School Vaccination Exemption

Kola Boof / Long Train to the Redeeming Sin

Tim Morrow / University of Common Sense
(800) 527-5682

Harold Bell

L'dia Men-Na'a Muhammad / Numbers / Holistic Advocacy
( 770) 912-5800

Katrina Anderson / The Community Chest
(310) 330-0540

Etha Robinson / African American Food Association
4401 W. Slauson Ave # 375, Los Angeles 90043 / (323) 971-6184

Why Reparations? / Sister Ifama / Jewelry Creations

Dr. Berky Nelson / The Rise and Fall of Modern Black Leadership

The Sellout Diaries (Documentary) / Theron K. Cal

Counterattack against Euro Feminism / BlackTown.net

Dr. Sebi, The Healer / USHA Research Institute
(310) 838-2490

Asili Magazine / Damu Khamisi
PO Box 167445, Chicago, Il 60616

Stephanie Black / Life and Debt Documentary Film

Dr. Joyce Young / From Joyce's Kitchen
323) 777.6938

Jonathan Aduke / Unique Office Systems

Calvin Johnson / Exit To Freedom (Georgia Innocence Project)

Jarette Fellows / Subscribe to: Beyond Urbia
PO Box 452526, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Dr. Nathan Rabb / Holistic Health Service
(Web Site) (310) 419-4372
429 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301

Dr. Bruce Twyman / The Black Seminole Legacy

Rev. Clarence Lumumba James, Sr.
(215) 924-4432

Peter Cooke, Jr. CPA / Plan E
(323) 653-3017

Vanessa Bailey's Matah Link / Black Cowboy History Preservation

Sec. Anna Swanston / Biography on Dr. John Henrick Clarke
Available for $24.00 (postage included) from:
Anna Swanston, 246 Hopkins St. SW., Atlanta, GA 30314

Professor Edmond Prodigy Davis / Univ. Arkansas Little Rock

Norma Hollis / Speakers Etcetera
(310) 671-7136

Chris Tucker (562) 434-6461

Forum Private Fitness Club
/ Kamaal Hasaan
(310) 337-1810

Amanda Lazar / The Only Bush I trust is My Own

Kenya Jordana / Black Girl Magazine
PO Box 90729, Atlanta, GA 30364

Eric Moore / Educate L.A.

I.M. Nur / The Meaning of Blackness

Chesley Playhouse / 5131 Chesley Ave.
Los Angeles, CA.90043 /
323-294-4805 / 323-595-7756

Ephren Taylor / Prosperity Ministries Business Development
(816) 753-1100

Omowale Ujamaa Shule / Council of Black Independent Institutions
1415 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, Ca. 91103 / Phone: (626) 798-5406

Khari Enaharo / Race Code War
(800) 552-1991

Kush The Black Unifier 202.207.7886 / 202.207.7892
Positive Kemetic Visions, PO Box 62861, Washington, DC 20029-2681

Jabulani Tafari / Rootz Magazine
PO Box 100547
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310-0547
Tel: 954.557.2683

Heru - African Mathematics / www.HeruSpeaks.com

Jonathan Aluko / Unique Business Systems
6824 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles 90045 / (310) 388-0057

John Erb / The Slow Poisoning of America

Wayne Perryman / Unfounded Loyalty: An Indepth Look into the Love Affair Between Blacks and the Democratic Party / PO Box 256, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Rom Wills Nice Guys and Players & Sexual Chemistry

Kyle Hence & John Judge / 9-11 Citizen's Watch

Omar Tyree / The Urban Griot / Hot Lava Entertainmnet

Dr. Jewel Pookrum / (978) 296-7651

Baba Koleoso Karade, aka Nasheed Fakhrid-Deen /
Reaching Black Males Through Spirituality

Aquil Basheer / Take Charge Inc. / Maximum Force Enterprises

Dr. Keith Richardson / New Body Nutrition
310.632.9756 / Pgr. 800.587.2907

Haitian American Ministries Relief Organization
Mawiyah Duperval (713) 522-5519 / Harold Green (323) 291-4114

Sister Nadira / Hapi Hair Care Products

Abdul Karim / Exposing the New World Order

Atty. Ruth Rose / Family Law, Entertainment Law & Criminal Law

Judy Carter - The Jesus Chronicles / Conquering Books (877) 509-2226

H.K. Khalifah / Melanin, Consciousness Attunement and the God in I

Sechaba Khoaba / Prof. Bennie Khoaba

Sister Ayo Handy-Kendi / African American Holiday Association

Dr. Delbert Blair (708) 422-6685

Ron Childs / Afrique Journal Online

Bridgett Hollingsworth / Publisher Editor of Bahiyah Woman Magazine

Astenu / African Youth Learning Skills & Mathematics

John V. Elmore, Esq./ African American Criminal Justice Survival Guide

Shingai Nyoka / AMARC Africa Community Radio Network

Leo Woodberry / Eastern Carolina Community Development Corporation
Woodberry & Associates

Jeremiah Camara / Holy Lockdown: Does the Church Limit Black Progress?

Tiffany Love / Do It Your Damn Self
Elliott Jones and Curtis Woods / Millennium Marketing Solutions
Micro-Light Laser Treatment (877) 280-0733

Rastafari Visions /
The Lamentations of Mother Video Documentary

Rick Knight / What Black Folks Should Really Know About Financial Planning!!!

One of the main reasons black people struggle financially is because we have spent the better part of our school years learning very little about money or money management. The end result is that Black Americans learn how to work for money but very seldom do we learn how to make our money work for us. Get the book.

Min. Clemson Brown / Trans-Atlantic Productions
631.274.5277 / 718.859.4046

Dr. Llaila Afrika / Holisitic Practitioner Certification Classes
(317) 216-8088 / www.AfricanHolisticHealthGroup.com

LIBSistahood Online Forum / By Invitation Only

Clarise Arnold: Survived Hurricane Katrina and still needs our support!
You can help her establish a support fund: 504.270.4707
5420 Riverdale Rd. # A-3, College Park, GA 30349

Emerson R. Terry

Artwork and CD/DVD Display Container


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Taiysha - Dance Where We Want: Hot New CD of spoken word mastery from this fresh new artist. Keidi highly recommends these tracks! (TB01)